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Wednesday, 07/10/2013, 10:10 am

Chuck Liddell Responds to Gripes About Fighter Pay

By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

Former UFC light heavyweight champion and current VP of Business Development recently responded to growing complaints about fighter pay.

On SiriusXM Fight Club, Liddell talked about his own past with the UFC, explaining that monetary compensation in any sport is based on performance.

“Those guys have got ot understand, this is a performance based sport, like all sports.  You fight good, you win, you get paid.  Alright?  You’re starting out, no one knows who you are, no one cares, you don’t get paid.  Period.  It’s simple.

“I mean, my first contract I was offered by the UFC, or my second contract, it was 1-and-1, 2-and-2, and 3-and-3.  That’s 12 grand for the year… Don’t complain to me about fighter pay.  It was $12,000 for a year, and it was exclusive.”

While complaints about pay have been commonplace in the UFC, fighters have become more vocal about issues like job security and a fighters’ union.  Former UFC fighters Jon Fitch and Jacob Volkmann recently spoke together about the formation of a fighters’ union.  Even Mark Hunt recently spoke out disgruntled about his pay for his recent UFC 160 fight with Junior Dos Santos.

Again, Chuck Liddell points to performance as the basis for pay.

“People got to understand, the fighters at the top are the fighters that are supposed to get paid, because they’re the guys that are bringing people in, bringing eyes to the TV, getting pay-per-view buys, and putting people in the seats.  I mean, that’s what it comes down to.  You want to get that?  Beat everybody.  Be good enough.  If you’re not good enough to get there- sorry.  It’s not a welfare state.

“You picked the wrong profession.  I saw a guy who said, ‘Hey, I won eight fights in a row and I can’t make a living.’  I looked at your record.  Yeah, you won eight fights in a row on these small shows.  You went and you fought in the UFC twice.  You lost, both times.  You picked the wrong sport.  Hey, you made a good run at it.  You tried.  Hey, try another sport because this one doesn’t work for you.  Sorry.”

Strong words from the former champion, who embraces the ‘only the tough survive’ mentality when it comes to the UFC’s handling of business.


66 Responses to “Chuck Liddell Responds to Gripes About Fighter Pay”

  1. GRT 3000 says:

    I agree with Chuck on this – who would be a plumber if EVERY fighter got paid +60?

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Liddell couldn’t have said it better. Give your all and win and make the bucks or go on Obummer welfare. This is what happens when you have socialist that think they have the answer, tax the successful and give it to the losers!!! Then call them unions!!

  3. Dan Jenkins says:

    Chuck Liddell and BJ Penn are the reasons why I started watching mma . But I think he’s wrong on this one, for example Anderson was guaranteed 600k for his fight at 162 Weidman was guaranteed 24k, even tho I think Anderson is the better fighter I think if he’s good enough to be in the cage with Silva than his pay should reflect that, with his win over Silva Weidman has opened up the ufc for a sh*t load of money in rematches etc and he only got 48k for it, that’s my point. Chuck Liddell was also managed by none other than Dana White and was good friends with him prior to going to the ufc so I doubt Dana left him short changed. His current job is vp of of business development so of course he’s going to say what he said its bad “business development” to admit your under paying your employees

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I couldn’t disagree with you more STRONGLY on what you just fukcin posted. First, who the fuck is Weidman too get Silva money or anything close to it before 162????? NO Fuckin Anybody, That’s who!! He hasn’t EARNED a fuckin’ thing prior to 162 other than the opportunity to be in the ring with Silva. Your mental thoughts must come from a fuckin liberal commie bullshit. You must be fuckin Canadian and have eaten the liberal shit they have fed you.You DON’T make Silva money UNTIL YOU FUKCIN earn it!!!. Got it asswipe? Your liberal cocksucking mental disorder MAKES fukcin wimps outta men and women!! Now that he beat Silva, he has earned more money assuming he can bring more money into the UFC so he can get a bigger piece. You got it yet?? The only thing I agree with is that Fukcin YES, the VP of Business Development IS SUPPOSED too promote the company he works for. What kind of work do you do? You a government wimp or on welfare?? FU for posting that shit.

      • Dan Jenkins says:

        First of all you little piss ant you don’t know me I’m a fully qualified Sheetmetal worker I train 6 days out of the week I work hard in everything I do. There no need to get personal and tough over the Internet using a fake name, the problem you have with your government is YOUR problem. I’m quite confident I would crush you f*ck face but besides that. All the hype around Weidman counted toward the PPV sales and gate for that fight he trained every day maybe three times a day for 6 months. He put his name and reputation on the line and although I agree with blah that he walked out with more than 48k, compared to what the ufc made it’s peanuts. If he was good enough to be in there with him than he should have got more you dumb f*ck that’s my point.

        • K2 says:

          Don’t worry about Gargoyle Wrasslin, he’s just an ignorant troll who doesn’t know any better. Tell him, “You get back under your bridge you Troll!” and just be on your way. You can’t fix stupid.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @Danny Boy…Thanks for your fukced up resume. I’ll take you on ANYTIME bitch. I see now you are soo fukced up from the liberal brain washing you’ve had, it’s pathetic. So let’s see if I got your point. You say you are a Qualified Sheetmetal worker, right? Does that mean you are experienced and good at what you do? Let’s just say yes. Then if your bosses were to put a brand new grunt next to you to work and that little know nothing grunt should be able to make as much as you because the bosses decided he was good enough to work with you? Is that what you are saying?? Do you even realize how stupid you are? You have become such as weasel with no balls that you don’t even realize you should be completely disgusted by such a fukced up government in Canada. You boy are weak minded and that makes anything that comes out of it impotent. Weidman has earned more money NOW that he defeated Silva NOT BEFORE. Liberals = mental disorder.

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Alright you sad little mental midget here how it goes if my boss decided that he wanted to put another Sheetmetal worker next to me then yes he deserves the same pay as me because he’s doing the same work that’s how it goes, this is the last time I’m going to try to explain it to you kiddo both Silva and Weidman are professional fighters if Weidman is good enough to fight in the main event for a title then he should be getting more base pay than 24k when his opponent (regardless of who it is) is guaranteed 600k it is a title fight, Weidman was ranked #1 contender so your saying a number 1 contender is worth 24k, even you can’t be that stupid tough guy

        • Stanley Bucasas says:

          Wow! 24k base is A LOT of money for one night. FACT is, they were BOTH worth what they got paid. Such a dumbass liberal response saying you’d expect any sheetmetal worker working along side you to get paid the same. Really? On liberal commie paper it looks good, but you can’t convince me for a SECOND that if the person next to you wasn’t as proven, wasn’t as experienced, wasn’t as committed to do a good job as you are that you’d still be fine making as much as he did. Your so fool of baloney. People like you who actually believe that garbage is the reason the country is going to hell.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @Dan Jenkins. Are you proud of your work? Do you go in every day and give your all at work or do you hold back to put it to the company? I already know the answer you weasel. If you think somebody less qualified than you should make the same money as you, then you are sick and need help before it’s too late. Pathetic. Now you complaining about Weidman making 24/24 plus a fukcin bonus for KOTN. So making over 100K for 7 minutes of work is too little?? Plus any PPV buy deal he had and sponsorship money??? What the hell is wrong with you. You think you deserve more money for being a tin bender don’t you? You think cuz you are qualified that you should make more don’t you? You think the people who risked their money and expertise to make a job for you don’t deserve as much as they make do you? You make me sick, you little puche.

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          @ Stanley, I’m not saying Weidman should have got Silva money but 600k to 24k is ridiculous it’s a title fight for the biggest promotion in the world and the #1 contender is only worth 24k. Your a deadset moron if that makes sense to you. The problem you have with your country isn’t the liberals it’s the fact that most of you are a bunch of GREEDY people that have no time for anyone else, the only care is that you get what you want at anyone’s expense, instead of investing time and effort into people you invest time and effort into money you sad little drone, grow up buddy the world isnt that bad.

      • Bill Underwood says:

        I was just wondering if you can carry on a discussion without all of the filthy language you have posted on this comment board? Gutter talk does not make anyone tougher, meaner or better than there peers.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Yah I can. I just can’t stand liberal bullshit and I call it out like I see it. I was expressing my anger over this dudes bullshit thinking, and went a little over board which I am not proud of BUT my intent and determination is intact. To answer your question again, I can discuss without the fukcs but with all the passion for potency intact. Now can you debate a point?

        • Bill Underwood says:

          I can respect your passion for your feelings about this subject but I believe a debate consists of a different type of language than an argument does. See, I didn’t use any gutter talk to reply. I honestly believe you can too.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Fair enough Bill. I look forward to a debate with you very soon. I will look to keep it out of the gutter out of respect for you. BTW: Bill Underwood is not the alter ego of Danny Boy is it??

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Nah it’s not me chief, Bill’s far more articulate than I

        • KIDD433 says:

          What’s more annoying than the insulting or shit talking is the politic talk. And it’s always GAYgoyle who brings up politics.this is a MMA website.Not a fucken Larry King Live website. So lets stick to the topics

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @KUNT433 – listen up dipshit. You would get more respect and people would listen more to you if you actually DIDN’T DO exactly what you are whining about. dumbass. Your whines hold ZERO weight dufus when you DO what you cry about. There I said it twice can you actually understand this time??? Clear your mind you might see the world differently.

    • blah says:

      I can 100% guaruntee you weidman didn’t leave that night with 48K. UFC pays bonus performance “partnership” cheques all the time. Nick diaz made over a million for his GSP fight even for losing. There are all kinds of $ numbers besides the base show and win/lose base pay that the public sees.

      I think the issue with fighter pay now is that the company has being growing too fast. All the champs from chuck’s era made shit when they were starting out. I think chael talked about once how he made a few hundred for one of his early fights. The low tier fighters of the UFC are FAR better off than what you made back in the day. The UFC is still very young compared to other major sports. Gotta give it a few years for the pay outs to start synching up with the money that is coming in.

    • RICK MARTEL says:

      Let’s be honest, your job and an MMA fighter in the UFC are not the same thing. It’s like saying you should be paid the same amount of money your boss is because you both work for the same company. And to be honest, if you worked at your job for 5-10 years and someone comes in and starts out with the same pay as you, then you’re an idiot in a shitty job lol.

      • Dan Jenkins says:

        I understand that my job and fighting are different stupid, if I wanted a f*ckwits opinion I would of asked you. Keep quiet while grown ups are talking

  4. Drew says:

    Hey man chuck is just being completely honest about te profession , if u want to pursue a career u need the facts

  5. Patrick Jenkins says:

    As an aspiring mixed martial artist myself i understand you have to be a winner to get a payday but the UFC pays their fighters less than 10% of total income I think that number is a little one sided when taking into account the fans buy tickets and PPV to see fighters fight not to see Dana White, Joe Rogan or any other personality that thinks they are more important than the fighters. All these people that say it was 24k for one nights work are not taking into account that he didn’t fight for months on end but still had train just as if not harder than anyone that has posted on this thread. No doubt that Silva should of got the lions share but the scraps they are giving them is chump change. How many times has Dana bleed in the cage for us fans. Many fighters have families that they have to support I hope to have one soon. I hope I can support them on a fighters income or like many professionals have suggested get a day job to support my family and passion. As a professional it makes more sense to be a boxer but the fighters do it for the love of the sport and Zuffa take advantage of that.

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