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Tuesday, 01/14/2014, 10:28 am

Chris Weidmans Coach Doesn’t Think Silva is in Touch With Reality – Meds Making Him Delirious

Although Ray Longo, UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman’s coach, hopes that former Middleweight King Anderson Silva recovers from his injuries quickly he hopes that he is able to go on with his career without any expectation to meet up with Weidman in the near future.

I just think he got dominated in both fights, and definitely doesn’t deserve anywhere near a third fight, in my opinion,” said Longo.

Longo was shocked by the comments made by the former champ after his fight with Weidman at UFC 168.

My initial feeling was, wow, this guy,” said Longo. “I always had a lot of respect for Anderson. But the first fight, he had his feet the wrong way, he was leaning too much, he knows what he did wrong. This time, Weidman didn’t do anything, and he got hurt.”

During the second round of their main event during UFC 168, Anderson threw a short, inside leg kick at Weidman, who checked it with perfect timing, shattering Anderson’s tibia and fibula.

This past weekend, Anderson sat down with Brazilian network, Globo and told them that his loss is the result of poor technique (not opening his hips when throwing a kick) and simply an accident, and if the injury didn’t happen, that he would have most likely won the fight.

I think these guys just aren’t in touch with reality,” said Longo. “They have to learn how to lose properly and grow from your losses, and move on – instead of making excuses… Earn your way back up, correct your mistakes. That’s what really being a champion is. One win or loss doesn’t make a champion, but certainly making excuses isn’t being a champion, either.

Weidman’s coach quested the mental state of the former champ since his injury suggesting that there might be a specific reason.

I would think it’s a lot of Oxycontins talking,” Longo said. “(Silva’s) on a lot of pain meds, and he’s delirious… that would be my first gut feeling. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Ed Soares, Anderson Silva’s co-manager, has decided not to respond to the comments made by Longo.

Silva is currently recovering at his home in Redonda Beach, California. Silva had a couple of visitors this past weekend as UFC big wigs Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White stopped in to check up on the former champ. Dana tweeted later that day that Silva was expected to be off of his crutches within 30 days. Anderson also made some bold claims as to returning to the Octagon.

The current UFC Middleweight Champ is living it up on the islands of Turks and Caicos, according to Longo. Chris plans on taking some time soaking in the rays with his family before heading back into the gym to focus on his next challenge, “The Phenom” Vitor Belfort. The matchup will most likely take place in Vegas this May.

Weidman supposedly had a knee injury heading into his bout with Anderson at UFC 168. Longo made no known updates on his condition. Weidman made comments after his bout with Anderson that he very well may need arthroscopic surgery on his knee to remove damaged tissue in the joints.

Longo stated that, although the two haven’t spoken since UFC 168, he knowns what Chris thinks about a third fight with Silva.

Me personally, (Silva is) going to have to earn his way back up, and maybe by the time he’s 45, we’ll be waiting for him,” he said.

I think the guy deserves a legacy. I really hope he takes a higher ground and just admits that the kid beat him, fair and square, twice, and go on and live with all your accolades. I think it’s going to diminish his legacy if he keeps making excuses, because I don’t think that’s what a champion should do.

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0 Responses to “Chris Weidmans Coach Doesn’t Think Silva is in Touch With Reality – Meds Making Him Delirious”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Well after reading his little ‘destruction’ knee techniques story I think it’s Longo who’s having too many fantasies.

    • Ddddddd says:

      Ya,that’s why Pedro has a win with breaking a leg the same way and so does Weidmans striking coach. Because there’s no technic behind it. Obviously if your going to claim you have a Muay Thai background you might not want to throw such a sh!tty kick. To anyone that watches kickboxing of any kind you guys are viewed as the naive groupies you are. Have fun chasing your gimped out rock star all the way back to Brazil.

      • Xaninho says:

        Those legbreaks are not recorded. They just claim it happened.

        It’s up to you if you want to believe them on their word, but I’ll stick to what I know and see thanks.

  2. Big Daddy says:

    Weidmouth still hasn’t proven a damn thing! Silva lost the first fight for being a clown not for lack of skills. The rematch was a freak accident. Idk how Weidmouth considers it a win.

    • Ddddddd says:

      You and your groupie buddies are the ones that have proved to be wrong. The proof is in the pudding. The funny thing is you guys have no idea what your watching. Quit giving yourself so much credit. Who are you besides someone that has no idea what your watching,to harass a champion that beat your supposed unstoppable champion twice?! You know what Weidman proved? That you and your groupie buddies have never had any idea what you’re talking about.
      So now,all of you go ahead and hope a cheater will beat Weidman,just because you didn’t want to be wrong. That’s why you’re an Anderson fan, because you could believe without knowing.

  3. Weidman Sucks ! says:


    This dude seriously needs to shut his mouth cause all he is doing is making his fighter seem like a jack ass…

    Weidman got LUCKY twice… 1st times Anderson barley fought, 2nd time Anderson broke his leg. There was no technique. Weidman checked it and Anderson got unlucky. Could happen to anyone…

    Vitor is gonna smash him anyway… /thread

  4. sonnen says:

    Fact:silva got knocked out in the first fight.(for whatever reason,it is his responsibility to fight in the best way he can to win).fact: in the second fight his leg was broken b/cause of the way weidman checked it.neither of these fights were lucky.Weidman is just the better man.stop making excuses. it’s a sign of a poor sport.

    • Jon Reality says:

      You Wiedman nut huggers make me laugh. No one is making excuses. The leg break, no matter how bad you want it to be, was not because of Weidman’s great ability, lol. It was a freak accident. Stop acting like it was this great domination on Weidman’s part. Also, everytime Weidman or someone from his camp opens their mouth, they lose more respect from the MMA Community.

      • Ddddddd says:

        Ooooooh, your the MMA community huh? Why not learn something about this community that you speak of. Maybe it’s because your a part of Andersons’ community and that’s it.

    • Diamondoug says:

      “Weidman has not yet lost a single
      round to any of his opponents in his UFC career thus far. That is 12
      near perfect fights. Even Silva before his sudden and uncontrollable
      need to lose to Weidman 2x in a row had rounds go to his opponents. ”

      “Weidman is better than Silva in every way that counts like; strikes
      landed, take downs, knockdowns and of course defense. Fighters get old
      rather suddenly and Anderson’s time is waning. He was the best and now
      he is not.”

  5. Dee says:

    I watched that highlight a million times. Weidman flinched more than actually checking the kick. It appeared to me that he was bracing himself to be kicked. He checked one of Anderson’s kicked before (the conventional way may I add) and it didn’t do any harm to Anderson. The second “check” didn’t appear to be intentional, it was more of a knee jerk reaction. If Weidman had his way, he would have checked the kick the way did previously. Second, the top part of Silva’s shin landed and the bottom part broke. That’s what makes it such a freak accident to my opinion. But it doesn’t matter Anderson is entitled to his opinion.

    A win is a win I don’t take anything away from anyone, but this GUY Ray and Weidman’s entire camp has been completely disrespectful to Anderson from day one.

  6. Diamondoug says:

    Weidman has not yet lost a single round to any of his opponents in his UFC career thus far. That is 12 near perfect fights. Even Silva before his sudden and uncontrollable need to lose to Weidman 2x in a row had rounds go to his opponents.

    Weidman is better than Silva in every way that counts like; strikes landed, take downs, knockdowns and of course defense. Fighters get old rather suddenly and Anderson’s time is waning. He was the best and now he is not.

  7. Kila Vare-Nixon says:

    So every time wiedman checks a kick he’s trying to break the guy’s leg? It’s simply instinct to block or check a kick. If the guy throwing the strike gets injured doing it it’s an accident. If I try to punch a guy & he blocks it & I break my hand or dislocated my shoulder was it an accident or was he trying to break my hand or cause me to dislocated my shoulder? Everyone knows checking a kick with your knee or blocking a punch with your forearm or elbow can hurt a guy to cause soreness. But no one is trying to break anyone’s leg or hand with a check or block. If you say that’s your intent you are either not a fighter or a lyer. I saw almost everyone Silva has fought check that same kick the same way Wiedman did and nothing happened but I’m sure his leg was probably a little sore after the fight. The intent of a check or block is a defensive move to protect yourself not an offensive move to intentionally cause injury. It’s like wacking a baseball bat against a firehydrant and the bat breaks after hitting it a few times. Like wiedman, The hydrant didn’t do anything.

  8. jiroprinz8 says:

    How many times am I gonna read the word check?? The term is BLOCKED. He BLOCKED the kick.

  9. Dustin Hehmann says:

    Weidman, his camp, and fans are delusional, now his corner is talking about waiting 5+ years to give Silva a rematch cause Silva is making a hasty recovery? Laughable.
    After Vitor, there is Machida, and that’s about it. Then you got Silva, and that’s IF you can get through Vitor and possibly Machida. Way I see it, either way Brasil is taking their belt back (I’m american FYI).
    Vitor is notorious for being laid on and not being able to stop it, but he’s looked amazing as of late, and really isn’t comparable to old school Vitor, its a real challenge.
    Machida looks 19 again at MW, and just seems like a bad match up for Chris, he has excellent TD defense, and can end a fight suddenly, or out point you.
    Who else is there? Souza maybe, then guys like Rockhold and Munoz who already took L’s in their climb.
    Like it or not, Silva is still rated #1 contender on UFC official rankings, and is going to get a title shot after a successful return, and warm up fight. Worst case he has to face one of these others, 2 of which (Souza, and Machida) are not likely to fight him. So either a Belfort rematch, which I don’t see happening without the strap involved, or maybe Munoz, or someone like Rockhold. Very real possibility Silva will get another shot at the belt, Chris and his team won’t be able to hide if Dana wants it to happen, it’ll happen.

  10. Daniel says:

    silva lost both fights, but weidman didn’t win the second fight. Sure he dominated the first round with that powerful short punch that he’s able to throw within a strong anderson silva muay thai clinch, but a freak accident is not a win. And even if the fight were to go on had the leg break not happened who knows where the fight may have gone? Have we not learned anything from 2007 that ANYTHING can happen in MMA and there really is no favorable spot/person in a fight? The logic that weidman was the underdog, but won in the first fight should follow the result of the second fight is inconclusive and Anderson silva, although he was in a seemingly unfavorable position, could’ve won the fight went on without a leg break accident. yes, he could’ve lost too but that one of few reasons why this is so tragic.. because, we’ll never know whether he would’ve lost or not and whether the first fight was a fluke.

  11. Ddddddd says:

    Here we are,back to super groupie status. Ya know,I heard Gene Simmons was looking for some new groupies. Anderson Silva fans are void enough of any sense of anything to fill these spots.
    You guys really should find a new gig considering Anderson has been exposed. I actually started to feel a little pitty for Anderson until he started giving his groupies herpies. How’s that taste?

  12. robdogg says:


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