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Tuesday, 07/24/2012, 03:05 pm

Chris Weidman Wants to Finish Anderson Silva | UFC News

Chris Weidman believes after three finishes, and two wins over top ten opponents,  he has the resume to make the case for a middleweight title shot.

“I feel like I really deserve it. I beat two top five guys and I think I’m a stylistic nightmare for Anderson Silva.  I would love to get that shot.  No one else is on a five fight win streak and beat the quality of guys I’ve beaten.  I’m ready to speak up a little bit, just be confident in my abilities and respectfully call out Anderson Silva.” Weidman declared on mmaweeklyreadio.

“If I’m fighting Anderson Silva, I’m going in there knowing I belong in there.

I’m not going in there to beat him, I’m actually going in there I’m going to try to make a statement.

I’m going to try to finish him.  I know a lot of people who can’t imagine that happening and think I might be crazy, but as a competitor that’s the way I compete, that’s the way I train to really be the best, and I think I am,”

“On paper, I’m definitely a stylistic nightmare and he’s going to be going against a guy who’s in there to beat him, and not like some of these other guys that he’s fought that just want to share the cage with him.”

“I’m the only guy on a five fight win streak.  I’m undefeated.  I’m young.  I want to be a young champion.  I want to have this belt for a long time,” said Weidman.  “You have to build names, you have to take risks as far as a company, as far as a promotion. You have to take risks with guys and I’m a good guy to do that with.”

Will Chris Weidman’s 5 stellar win streak be enough to earn him a shot at the middlewieight title opposite 185lbs Kingpin Anderson “The Spider” Silva?

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