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Thursday, 01/31/2013, 10:33 am

Chris Weidman Media Scrum: Discusses Anderson Silva, Career Path & MOre (Video) | UFC NEWS

Rising UFC middleweight, Chris Weidman, held a scrum for the media recently and discussed the Anderson Silva fight that has been eluding him for the past several months.


2 Responses to “Chris Weidman Media Scrum: Discusses Anderson Silva, Career Path & MOre (Video) | UFC NEWS”

  1. lolweidman says:

    Why does he keep bringing up Cote and Leites? The reason he fought those guys back then is because there was NO ONE else, and his popularity was far from what it is now. Times have changed ALOT. There are several people who have just come into the middleweight division who he should be fighting to build his name before he get’s a shot at Anderson. He doesn’t deserve to share the cage with Anderson, and I look forward to the day that they put him in there and he get’s his entire face caved in by a knee and never fights again.

  2. steve says:

    make him fight Belfort just like Bisping had to. If the hype is justified he will win, if not then at least we will know. The guy needs to fight some big names in the UFC to deserve a title shot. Rockhold makes sense as a no 1 contender fight but what i’d want is Wiedman vs Belfort, thats the only way we will know if he really deserves Anderson or not, plus no way can Soares keep distancing the Silva camp if he beats Belfort. Make it happen!

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