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Wednesday, 11/21/2012, 10:31 am

Chris Weidman Injured, Out Of UFC 155 Bout Against Tim Boetsch, Philippou In | UFC NEWS

In a report first released by Long Island’s “”, UFC middleweight contender Chris Weidman has been reported as injured and out of his scheduled UFC 155 bout against Tim Boetsch.

UFC officials later confirmed the news through their official twitter channel.

The report reads:

Long Island’s Chris Weidman, one of the top UFC middleweight fighters, is out of UFC 155 next month with an undisclosed injury, Newsday has learned.

He was scheduled to fight Tim Boetsch on Dec. 29 in Las Vegas.

“It’s awful,” trainer Ray Longo said.

Instead, Boetsch will fight Costa Philippou, a teammate of Weidman’s with Longo and Matt Serra. Philippou was supposed to fight this past Saturday against Nick Ring at UFC 154 in Montreal, but the bout was canceled that morning when Ring fell ill.


15 Responses to “Chris Weidman Injured, Out Of UFC 155 Bout Against Tim Boetsch, Philippou In | UFC NEWS”

  1. SinCe 2004 says:

    Good. Now they can put him against someone who is actually a contender, Weidman should EARN his title shot by beating a top 5 ufc MW fighter, then the words title shot can come out of his mouth.

  2. ya herd says:

    weidman never deserved to be mentioned up in the mix anyway your a tiny fish in a big pond, beat bisping or vitor then maybe then u get my respect

  3. Know your shit. says:

    Haha yea so knockin out the #3 mw in the world doesn’t make you a contender? That’s funny, weidman is a beast and deserves everything he’s getting.. His fights that were boring he took on 10 days notice or less and cut 23 pound in 14 days! He will beat bisping or vitor.

    • SinCe 2004 says:

      Do you realize Munoz’ biggest wins come against A braindead Leben and a Maia who had to go down a weight class to stay relevent.. Who the fu(k is Munoz!?! And who the fu(k is Weidman for beating him!?! And a crappy version of him at that.

  4. ballsackface says:

    and that #3 was a CAN anyway

  5. mean170 says:

    I don’t care about the Chris Weidman hype train one bit. Saying Anderson Silva is ducking him…Come On man..

  6. 123 says:

    chris weidman is a monster & has a good chance at beating anderson silva in my opinion, but then again i honestly think michael bisping has a good chance at anderson silva too.. anderson silva should be fighting top contenders in his own division, instead of fighting the champion in the lower weight class.. if anything fight jon jones if not fight top contenders in ur own division.. hes trying to bully gsp into fighting him, because every1 wants him to fight jon jones.

  7. confucius says:

    silva is the G.O.A.T and has nothing left to prove so who gives a fuck about a weidman or a bisping. He has 2 fights left on his UFC contract and they should be superfights in my opinion. He should be fighting others who are G.O.A.T in other divisions. Which leaves only two, jones & GSP. No matter how you want to cry about it either fight is going to be a size difference. Jones should really be a heavyweight in all reality and GSP has a better shot at making LW. GSP and Silva have the same reach so thats much more fair. A 4 inch height different between them as well. If you want to cry about how much bigger silva is then GSP why dont you ask Royce Gracie how he felt during every UFC he fought. Anybody recall Royce & Shamrock? Royce & Kimo?

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Are you stupid? GSP is a 200lb man that watch’s his diet to the teaspoon of food. GSP would be 215lbs with all that muscle if he didn’t stay ripped. Please don’t say stupid sh’it like GSP could make 155. He would have to go off PED’s and cut off a leg. Damn people i can’t belive you are crying over a 10 lb weight differncel. Noone was crying for BJ penn, Sherk, Serra, Menjavar when GSP walked into cage on fight day with 25-30 lbs weight advantage. GROW UP man did you see Hendo crying when Fedor had 30 lbs on him or A. Silva when Forrest and Bonnar had 30-40 lbs on him at fight time. If GSP haf any ba’lls he would try and show world that martial arts isn’t about weight but technique. A. Silva is getting old at 38 yrs old and he looks soft compared to GSP who is chizled and prob got the very best of all the designer undetectable steroids and HGH, EPO’s in world pumping thru his body. Compare GSP to Silva and i would bet my house that GSP would not pass a surprise VADA test. Face teh fact Silva is the best p4p fighter in world and GSP is only man enough to fight 155lbers but not 185lbers when he walks around chizeled at 195-200lbs. GSP fans are the biggest cry babies ever. Was Cain at 240lbs crying the blues about getting in cage with 280 lb Brock? You GSP nuthiggers are the worst ever. Even worse is that towel head manager of his farazzzzi habababiiii. he says why doesn;t silva drop to 170lbs. Why didn’t GSP drop to 155 against BJ or Sherk,Sera or 135lbs to fight Menjevar. Because GSP walks around at 200 lbs and it kills him to make 170lbs. You could see it on his face at weihgh ins he was miserable so quit acting like GSP would be walking in cage at 170lbs against 205lbs andersen Silva. Both of them walking into cage at 178lbs would be 100% fair as GSP would feel better ha he has in years not hvaing to kill himself to amke 170lbs then he would be at least 8 lbs heavier at fight time than he normally is so right there they both would be righta round 205 lbs and you idiots say thats not fair. why don’t you just admit Silva is the GOAT and GSP is afraid to fight him even though he has a very good chance of EEEEEEEEEEEEKING out a 5 round “FITCHING” of Silva

  8. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I could name 15-20 fighters in UFC, strikeforce, bellator that would beat Bispings a’ss so please stop trying to say stupid ass things like Bisping would beat Silva. On a scale of 1-10 and 10 beaing best fighter obviously Silva is a 10 Bisping is about a 2. just in UFC/strikeforce MW division there are at least 10-15 fighters that would school Bisping. Silva, Vitor, Weidman, Belcher, Lombard, Rockhold, Jacare, Okami, Boetch, Philipou, Palharis, W. Silva, Ronny Markes, (healthy Mark Munoz) Bellator Middleweights that would school Bisping Miquel Falcao, Slemenko. Then move down to UFC welterweights that would beat Bispings a’ss without needing to pack on an ounce of weight, GSP, Diaz Condit, Ellenberger, Hendricks, Koscheck, Fitch, Siyar, erick Silva, Rory ROIDER, Kampmann, Strikeforce Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt, Bellator Askren, Lima and that nasty Russian thats tearing thru everyone and i would even be willing to bet Douglas Lima who is a totall baddass would also school Bisping’s back peddling pillow fisted overrated a’ss

  9. 123 says:

    shutup, i said i think chris weidman & michael bisping have a good chance at anderson silva.. you must really hate michael bisping too write a whole story about him.. go & argue with yourself you idiot.

  10. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    You are such a dipshit to say Bisping could beat A Silva. Bisping couldn’t even beat Wandy Silva and you say he’s goimng to beat A Silva. Most of UFC welterweights would beat Bisping on their worst day. GSP, Condit, hendricks, Rory, Ellenberger, would all KO Bisping inside 2 rounds. I predict Bisping finds a way out of the Vitor fight. I just pray UFC makes Bisping fight Belcher or Lombard one of these days because we will see Bisping get Hendo’d again. Bisping is the most overrated fighter in all MMA and has been spoon fed mostly cans and lost to all the top quality fighters he has faced. I would love to see Hamill kick Bispings ass again to. that was a classic beating where hamill layed down 15 minutes of non-stop beating on Bisping. there was 10 seconds in that fight when Bisping wasn’t runninga way and getting his ass handed to him.

  11. 123 says:

    you always go on about the dan henderson knockout which was 3 and a half years ago, people from the uk dont brag about the time paul daley knocked out scott smith which was just as devastating, michael bisping is a good fighter & is getting better, you only see the negative because youre 1 of theese haters.. what you going too say when he beats vitor belfort?.. oh & every american too face anderson silva gets their “ass handed too them”.. half american mma fighters lie on top of people the whole fight soo be quiet.

  12. Dana Caffrey says:

    With the way an MMA fight is done, no doubt there will be an injury at bay. I;m not really an MMA fan, I just don’t like the way fighters get blood in an octagon ring.

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