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Saturday, 01/04/2014, 09:40 am

Chris Weidman: I Would Feel Bad Fighting Anderson Silva Again

Chris Weidman has been high in-demand with the media ever since he defeated Anderson Silva at UFC 168. The UFC Middleweight Champion is doing a good job dealing with it however, and is responding to the tough questions with honest answers.

In a recent interview with Lance Pugmire from the LA Times, Chris Weidman shared his thoughts on how another fight with “The Spider” would go.

Weidman explained, “I honestly would feel bad to fight him again. I know he’s going to be a little hesitant to kick me. He has to worry about getting knocked out. I’ve dropped him twice, knocked him out once. And I don’t know if it’d even be a fair fight to take.”

Chris Weidman perfectly checked one of Anderson Silva’s leg kicks at UFC 168 and shattered “The Spider’s” leg in the process. Despite being the underdog walking into the fight, Weidman fought with the perfect gameplan and was well on his way to another dominant victory regardless of the freak accident. There will always be fans and media that ask their “What if?” questions, but Weidman is doing the right thing by addressing them with confidence.

Chris Weidman’s second defense of the UFC Middleweight Championship will be against Vitor Belfort. Details are scarce on when and where the fight will be taking place, but Lorenzo Fertitta mentioned he wants Las Vegas to play host to the bout.


0 Responses to “Chris Weidman: I Would Feel Bad Fighting Anderson Silva Again”

  1. swaxbagga says:

    Silva cant carry weidmans gym bag at this point in his career. He has absolutely no answer for this young talent. I will give anderson his due, he was the best middleweight ever. He now is the second best and a distant second at that. A third fight at this point would be a waste of time.

  2. swaxbagga says:

    Next time andeson gets in the cage with weideman in there, would only be to wake up belfort

  3. Cyberbodhi says:

    I think Weidman is better. Him having the belt tend to support that thought. I don’t believe Vitor is going to beat Weidman. What makes Weidman so good is that not only does he have great talent, but he is very smart, and has excellent coaches with great game plans.

  4. RosstheBasRutten says:

    Did h actually drop him ? Thought I watched the replay and as he hit him he lost balance and fell. Was a good shot no doubt but…

  5. jeff baylon says:

    So many brazilian nutcuppers on here its disgusting, all the silva nut lickers jumped on belforts tiny roided out ballsack, newsflash anderson couldnt beat weidman and he had 2 trys what makes you think belfort will acomplish what the “goat” couldnt?

    • latida says:

      so, you aren’t tongue juggling Weidman’s nut a little? I’m sorry, but thos two fights didn’t prove anything to me other than “shit happens”. Better than Silva, no (but that is a matter of opinion); luckier than Silva, I would agree to that. Just the fact he is claiming he was able to process the exact angle of the kick and perfectly line up the check in order to purposefully break the leg tells me he is full of shit. I guess if it happened to me, I wouldn’t want to say to the world I got luck twice.

    • Larry says:

      Pls look up Renata vs weidman and tell me he is going to have as many tittle defence fights as Anderson?

  6. Xaninho says:

    “and was well on his way to another dominant victory regardless of the freak accident.”

    That is an opinion and you say it like it’s a fact dude. The first round was obviously Weidman’s, but the second round Silva was game and up until the legbreak Silva was ahead in that round.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Dumbshit!!…Silva was one or two punches away from being KTFO and you know it! It was a COMPLETE domination and any competent judge should have scored that a 10-8!! Then Silva tries to bitch kick him in the second and Weidman end’s his career with his KNEE!!! HE TKO’s him with a KNEE!! WTF were you looking at??? Were you stoned out of your mind while watching that? Half-wit, you are the epitome of a delusional ball swallower. smh…

      • Xaninho says:

        You are such a dumbass!

        I said the first round was Weidman’s. i know very well he had the first round bagged. He didn’t tko him, Silva injured his leg on a very well executed check. Now I don’t know WTF YOU were looking at but that was what happened. Fucking troll!

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          You take the cake for stupidity dumbass…you make a case against the author that the fight was not a dominating performance by Weidman and then I challenge you on it and you then agree that it was!! You fucking dumbass brain dead pothead. Can’t take the pressure can you little girl? lmao…

        • Xaninho says:

          ONE ROUND isn’t a fight you dumb delusional mongoloid! I only said he had the first round and Silva was ahead in the second. Now before replying to me learn how to read.

          FFS I haven’t seen half the hallucinations after smoking weed that you’re seeing while being sober you crazy cockroach.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          So now you admit seeing hallucinations???!!. You are a schizophrenic dumbass that talks out of both sides of her mouth. What a little sensitive girl you are. You know it and everybody else knows that Weidman was DOMINATING that fight from the opening bell until Weidman TKO’d that old man with his knee. And before you go off on your little girl hissy fit about words, THAT WAS A TKO!!! This is why I call your sorry ass out, cuz you name drop and brag and act like you know something but really don’t know shit other than being an old man punching bag for A Class kb’s. And the most pathetic thing about it is that your are proud to be beat up by them!!! pathetic!!! grow some balls in the gym bitch.

        • Xaninho says:

          The thing is you are delusional without smoking anything dumbass. You ahve absolutely no sense of what is really going on in the world around you.

          In your own little world you think you have brains and you think that what you’re saying makes any sense. I have news for you nobody understands you because you are a walking pile of nonsense.

          Even your parents don’t know what the fuck they gave birth to. You look like a character from some cartoon, you don’t have any intellect and on top of that you would love to understand what martial arts is all about but the sad thing is you DON’T!

          You are calling me out on actual facts that make sense and to counter my statements you make up all sorts of shit I never said. Congratulations troll, you are the biggest bag of nonsense I’ve encountered on the internet til now. It’s sad world where retards like you can just get on the internet to spread your crazy fantasies.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          I know EXACTLY what is going in the world…..its funny how an arrogant douchebag like you who thinks his little pathetic world is THE REAL world is what is comical. You are so delusional, it is like a greek tragedy with you. You are a narcissistic arrogant POS in need of a good beating to wake you up. You think that because you know alot of your friends are drug addicts that is normal to be a drug addict? You don’t even know you are taking poison do you? Talking about an imbalanced delusional.

          You name drop. brag act like you are some authority that KNOWS what is going on everywhere, when in fact you are a drug using loser that has deluded himself.

          Your proud to make mistakes against A class fighters and instead of being pissed, you pat yourself on the back and say well at least I got punched out and missed openings to better fighters than me and then I challenge you and you think that maybe you are an A class fighter!! WTF? so what is it? braggart.

          BTW: its future Hybrid Vigor genetics superiority …not mongoloid….

        • Xaninho says:

          “proud to make mistakes against an A class fighter?”, “think that I maybe am A class fighter?? Who the fuck said that? I said I WAS an A class fighter when I was still active in competition and I said it’s not a shame to lose against younger worldclass fighters you insane troll!

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          Don’t worry I won’t reply anymore you’re done.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          I exposed you for what you are: a poison taking arrogant narcissistic loser that can’t fight worth a shit. Quit acting like you know something. You are weak minded and pathetic to try and use grade school insults and you are what 38??!! That;s pathetic.

        • Xaninho says:

          So basically you’re jealous because I outclass you in every possible way.

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        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

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        • Xaninho says:

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        • Xaninho says:

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        • Xaninho says:

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  7. Sasquatch says:

    I’m thinking Anderson doesn’t want to fight him a third time, sh!t he didn’t even want to the second time.. big bald head Dana pretty much made him.

  8. swaxbagga says:

    Two fluke wins? 1st fight summary : if you wake up in the cage, not a good sign of victory. 2nd fight : if you walk in on 2 legs and are carried out with 1 also not a good sign. Face it daddy lost. Weidman is the best middleweight right now case closed.

  9. swaxbagga says:

    Im not too sure what weidmans record is but i know it ends with “and 0″ silvas starts with “0” against weidman.

  10. Thesire says:

    Super silva fan, was rooting for him both fight. I’m sad he lost the way he did, but I can appreciate a good fighters skills. I hope weidman is here to bring it to the next level, he’s young, fast and smart. Vitor, jacare and machida are all good match ups. If he can beat those guys decisively not like bendo wins but how he has, we could possibly maybe a a super fight between him and jbj OR Hendricks who would give him a lot of trouble! Hendricks is getting that belt and dominating the we division, I’m excited for that.

  11. WalnutCreekScott says:

    Belfort will never beat Weidman without his TRT.

  12. Rachel MacLean says:

    Weidman has won 4 round in a row against silva. 1st one he almost tapped him, 2nd one anderson woke up in the cage, 3rd one, very close to being stopped by dominating punches, 4th one ended in near amputation. Silva wets the bed in fear of weidman

  13. Kenny Powers says:

    What’s with all the disrespect? Weidman is the champ now, and Anderson is the GOAT. They’re both great fighters, and yeah both fights ended strangely, but thats MMA, anything can happen. You can’t take away the fact that Weidman won both fights fair and square, just like you can’t take away the fact that Anderson clowned in the first fight, had a freak accident in the second, and the guys almost 40 years old! Have some respect for the ppl that fight to entertain you.

  14. moro says:

    Its wss a good punch could happen to anyone

  15. Larry says:

    Look up Renata vs Wiedman pls, and see how wiedman was treated like a bitch by Renata! Lol.

  16. SlipSlap says:

    2003 I broke my tib and fib in exactly the same place as Silva (same leg as well – rugby accident). They undertook the same operation, inserting a titanium rod in my leg. 18 months later – I was using my titanium re-enforced leg, kicking harder in fights and more frequently than ever before….knowing it wouldn’t break….just saying.

    Weidman is legit. Skilled, but above all else intelligent. A lethal combination.

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