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Tuesday, 01/07/2014, 05:53 am

Chris Weidman Calls Vitor Belfort a ‘Juice Head,’ Says He Takes Privilege in Beating Him Up

UFC middleweight champion of the world Chris Weidman (above) has wasted little time in setting his sights to his next opponent, Vitor Belfort.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

If Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva were a high-profile pair of opponents, the UFC middleweight champion and his next opponent, Vitor Belfort, are making out to be nothing to glance over.

Built into the hype for their fight – which has been confirmed, though a date and location is yet undetermined – is the drama over testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), an issue that has seen more and more press over the past year, and that continues to arise each time Belfort fights.

In a recent appearance on “The MMA Hour,” Weidman called out the top contender, saying he would best Belfort regardless of the challenger’s use of TRT.
I feel like I’m on another level,” said Weidman.  “I think it’s a great fight for me.  I think I can beat him no matter what he’s on.  I actually take more privilege if I’m beating up a juice head.  If that’s what you consider him.

This statement, like these two, undoubtedly show just how big a part the issue of Belfort’s TRT use will play in the build-up to this middleweight championship bout.




99 Responses to “Chris Weidman Calls Vitor Belfort a ‘Juice Head,’ Says He Takes Privilege in Beating Him Up”

  1. richard duncan says:

    don’t ask me why, but I have never cared for chris Weidman. I dont care about who he has beat, or how he has done it. good for him! I do hope vitor puts chris to sleep.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Weidman is the BEST. He has a great down to earth attitude and I look forward to having him send another dinosaur Brazilian to the tar pit. Need to get rid of all these little technique brawlers out. Barao is first. KHTFO.

  3. LCM☝✊ says:

    Weidman will Crush Him.

  4. Mike Magoo says:

    I hate seeing Weidman have to play bad guy to hype the fight but really has anyone LOOKED at Vitor lately?! I wonder how he passes any PED tests. His veins are popping. Looks like Stallone. He’s a brilliant fighter but I wonder about his complete resurgence physically. Also, Weidman seems to be very smart about staying active while maintaining distance which he did masterfully against Silva twice. Vitor has a punchers/kickers chance but the longer it goes, the more it goes to Weidman.

  5. magoo says:

    Weidman is the Jon Jones of the MW division a legend killer! I’ve lost all respect for Belfort and neither god or TRT is gonna save him from the dirty lickin Chris is gonna lay on him!

  6. keith says:

    honestly its pathetic how people accuse those on TRT as being ‘juice heads’. Its obvious that these people are either looking for excuses if Chris looses, or they have no understanding of the condition. I am certain that Vitor will be tested either before or after the fight so let those results be the judge as to whether he is a cheat or not.

  7. Bob Ratliff says:

    Something is up with Vitor! He hasn’t fought in the U.S. in his last 3 fights! Clean up your act Belfort, this Championship fight must be in the states! Can you pass the drug test?

  8. Fckrizzo says:

    Chris weidman is a cock if he thinks just amuse for some reason he won anderson silva because first fight was a fluke and second the fuckin guys leg broke that now he’s some awesome fighter that everybody should be afraid of I guarantee you vitor is going to ko him in the second round trt or not my man ain’t fought no one before anderson kno one even knew ho thefukkk he was he’s an arrogant tosserr. And everybody know broken bones after surgery heal and are stronger than before. Lyoto machida will ko him he an ass first fight was fixed on anderson behalf nothing to do with the ufc because look at odds you put a mill on yourself to loose on what round and how you can make easily 20 million. He knows career coming to an end. Ok second fight he knew he was going to win cause first fight he knew he lost on purpose that punch that knocked him down did not even land flush he was fuking around so that would happen. Second fight god punished him for a cheat and an arrogant cuunt .so fukk silva vitor has fought everyone who did anderson fight no body’s bums little boys. So when vitor takes his belt and goes bak to brazil and trt himself to hulk and never fight out of brazil who gonna take that belt from him no ne except silva. Who fluke kicked him try that on him now vitor will roundhouse jean Claude van damme him.

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