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Wednesday, 01/29/2014, 04:40 pm

Chris Weidman: Belfort could take whatever he wants and just cycle off without a TUE

Chris Weidman is set to defend his UFC Middleweight Championship against Vitor Belfort. Dana White recently announced that the match will take place on either the Memorial Day weekend card or the July 4th weekend card.

There is no doubt that Vitor Belfort has evolved immensely since his younger days. As a competitor who has fought in three different weight classes, the fluctuations in body-weight could do some serious damage to your health. Now, Belfort relies on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to even out the playing field against his opponents inside the octagon.

Some think TRT is good for the sport and some think it negatively effects it. Dana White has gone on record stating he thinks TRT should be banned from the sport altogether. Weidman recently called Belfort a ‘juice head’, and said it would be a privilege to beat him up.

Still, despite all the criticism, Vitor Belfort will apply a TRT use-exemption in his upcoming fight against Weidman in Nevada, a state that is notorious for being tough on performance enhancing drug users.

Amongst all this excitement, Chris Weidman was a recent guest on Sirius XM’s ‘Fight Club’ radio show and shared his thoughts on several topics, including the Belfort/TRT drama.

Weidman actually said that he would be fine with Belfort getting a TRT use-exemption. MMAMania’s Michael Stets transcribed the following:

“I don’t know how it works,” Weidman said. “I just asked Lorenzo (Fertitta) … and he said that [Belfort] is going to try to get the TRT. But whether he gets it or not, I was happy to hear that we will be tested and stuff like that. He (Fertitta) would be surprised if we didn’t get tested throughout the camp…”

“Because what I heard is… Someone else told me that if he doesn’t apply for the TRT — because I heard that he wasn’t going to apply at first — if he doesn’t apply, then he doesn’t get tested during the camp and stuff like that, so then he would be able to take whatever he wants and cycle off like these other guys do. If he gets the TRT then he has to get tested all the time. So, I was like ‘I wonder where he is going with this.’ So I don’t know… I’m just happy to hear that because he failed a drug test before, that he will get tested.”

Do you think Belfort should be approved for TRT usage by the NSAC? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Steve says:

    U cant just do whatever and cycle off. They test u throughout the entire training camp. And u can be tested at anytime. It takes atleast a month to properly cycle off. TRT is only used to level u out as u get older and it decreases. Like the guy above said. Its fair for the oldheads to use it to even out w the younger guys. As long as ur test levels arent over the allowed limit. All it does is give weidman an excuse. He will be on it when he is 40 as well

    • Ryan G says:

      Are you serious bro? Number one you are a moron because you clearly have no clue how this stuff is being abused. It is used for older guys who have a testosterone deficiency. Not for guys to get back to the testosterone levels of a 22 year old. Number 2, what these guys like Vitor do is known as blasting and cruising in the steroid community. They take extremely high amounts of testosterone (blast) for a cycle, and then go to the TRT dosage when the testing will begin (cruise.) The benefit here is 2 fold: 1 when you test positive for testosterone you are under “care of a physician” for so no flags are raised, 2nd during the blasting phase they will increase their strength levels beyond what would otherwise be their max potential. You should really educate yourself before you run your mouth about people making excuses.

  2. tommycannabis says:

    YEP Steve is right, and for your information, vitor belfort tested LOW testosterone last fight, LOL

    • ben says:

      You guys are right. Vitor is getting older, and that’s not fair! How dare we let this happen to people! Next thing you know people will start dying of old age and stuff! For shame! Let vitor juice! Also make sure not to notice his HGH gut! That also would be unfair!

    • Asa says:

      Its cheating, ever heard the saying youth vs expierence? Thats the adv for being older is the exp and more knowledge. Now they get all the yrs of exp and a young mans strength lol. And it doesnt even them out, they can test wiithin 6-1 lol thats still higher than normel. And its obvious in pic and perfotmance that it is def helping him.

      • ben says:

        Not to mention that it’s obviously not just testosterone. during his athletic peek, when his testosterone levels would be their highest, he was much smaller than now. 36 year olds don’t suddenly become rippling comic book characters. He’s been popped for roids before, and he’s clearly on some pretty intense stuff now. He’s a master cycler/cheater and I’ll never understand how anyone can root for him.

    • Ryan G says:

      Nope, Steve isn’t right and neither are you. The system is so easy to manipulate it is comical. The problem is many people are like you and just assume that “he had low test” so he couldn’t have an advantage. The truth is they (and you) know nothing about steroids and how they are used or better yet abused. Let me explain to you how easily I could generate a low test result for testing purposes. If I knew I was being tested for my fight 2-3 Saturdays from now here is what I would do that would cause the very result that Vitor had (low.) In a typical steroid cycle users will split their weekly shot into 2 doses. They will inject every 3.5 days. The reason for this is to reduce spikes in hormone levels (ie it keeps your levels stable.) In any case, I would know what my levels are on my cycle. This can easily be done by having yourself tested at any independent lab(quest diagnostics for example), and can be done anonymously. Now, NSAC will have the levels (or really the range) they require predetermined. In the 2-3 weeks leading up to the fight, all I need to do is begin reducing the dosage of my shot. The half life of longer ester steroids is 7-10 days. This means that after that time the levels would begin to come down. As they come down with my reduced dosage so would my test ratio. By the time I was tested on fight day I could be low. The great news for a steroid user is that it takes months for the gains(strength and otherwise) you made while using to begin to slip. Hopefully you are not just a blind of fan of Vitor or any other fighter who is abusing TRT, and you can have an informed opinion based off the info I just shared with you. Feel free to fact check my info, you will find I am right on point.

  3. magoo says:

    TRT or not Chris is gonna drop the hammer down on Belfort!

  4. Xaninho says:

    TRT is not just to even out the playing field. They can jack their T/E levels up to the maximum allowed 4:1. There are men who have those levels naturally but it’s very, very rare. Using TRT to get to the maximum 4:1 is by no means fair.

  5. Hector says:

    I use it… then again, I’m a 43 year old man that has it prescribed by my doctor. The stuff is amazing, however when used wrongly (Sports)… then it is most definitely cheating. At 43, it does not turn you into Superman, but it does make you feel 10-15 years younger/stronger/faster… I can imagine its effects on a fighter.

  6. Marky13 says:

    Yes he should be tested for trt so he can be tested throughout his camp training..

  7. dieautocorrect says:

    if weudman wuz as tuff as he thinks he is he should be like…ill beat his ass with or without him being on trt…thats being a real man

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