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Wednesday, 01/22/2014, 06:33 am

Chris Leben’s Message To His Fans

Two days ago we learned that nine-year UFC veteran, Chris Leben, was retiring from the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

‘The Crippler’ himself has now taken to his Facebook to address his fans on a more personal note.

Check it: (unedited)

Dear fans:
man, it’s been a long couple weeks pondering this real big decision. My career was one hell of a roller coaster ride. Highs and lows and everything in between, but I wouldn’t change anything. It’s made me who I am today. And without all of you, there’s no way I could have got through it. The facebook, tweets, emails, all the people that stood behind me through the ups and downs, you were my motivation and my drive. Thank you. But I gotta say, I’ve had the most fights in the middleweight division, I’ve landed the most strikes in the UFC, certainly don’t have the best record, but my opponents always knew they were getting in a fight! The UFC is the cream of the crop. The UFC athletes are getting better every year. I survived almost 10 years in the gauntlet that we call the UFC. It’s my time to bow out from competing, certainly not from this sport. Time for me to make the switch over to coaching, cornering, and helping younger fighters in any way I can. If you’re in San Diego, I’ll be coaching the team at Victory, please stop in and drop by to say hi. Yeah, I’m not going to make this a tear jerker, I’m gonna miss it, I’m going to miss you guys, thank you so much! Peace i’m out! LOL


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  1. Jess Jason LaRocque says:

    U had the chin of an immortal… always pressed forward and always through that nasty left bomb… u were my favorite
    fighter since TUF1.. and will remain my favorite fighter long after ur retired.. thanks for the epic wars and great memories!!

  2. chad says:

    you are by far my favorite fighter ever!
    i watched all of your fights and admire your chin and your heart!!!
    u my friend are and were amazing!

  3. jermaine thomas says:

    He deserves a HOF nod as well. If they use the same criteria as BONNER AND FORREST. They hooked people on to the sport by their fight, but he hooked people on by being that guy in the reality show. He had need hooked, Wills Ford did as well. What happened to her?? Lol

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