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Wednesday, 11/02/2011, 08:04 am


Chris Leben UFC 138 Video Blog


6 Comments to Chris Leben UFC 138 Video Blog

  1. Brandon says:


  2. Hostile hunter says:

    Hope hes workin on gettin back to his feet becuz theres no way hes stuffin Those Munoz takedowns. I predict first round tko of Leban do to that nasty ground n pound.

  3. Jimmy says:

    He stopped Aaron Simpsons takedowns fairly easily.

  4. John M says:

    Much love for brotha Leben DO WORK SON!!!!!!

  5. dana W says:

    i hope munoz wins and then bisping beats mayhem munoz vs bisping will be good and the winner of that should get silva fuk sonnen he still needs 1 or 2 more fights before he gets silva again

  6. MMA Scholar says:

    If I said it once I said it a million times. Big fuckin T has got this in the bag. You haters out there, tell me I’m wrong!!!! >:(

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