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Tuesday, 03/05/2013, 09:30 am

Chris Leben Thinks Diego Sanchez Has Had Too Much Greg Jackson | UFC NEWS

Diego Sanchez made his return to lightweight last weekend with a disappointing performance and split decision win over Takanori Gomi. In the fight, he was certainly not the Diego we’ve all come to enjoy watching. After winning three consecutive Fight Of The Night honors, Diego’s ultra-aggressive style seemed to be missing.

UFC middleweight veteran Chris Leben took to Twitter to blame Diego’s performance on his training with Greg Jackson. He tweeted to Diego: “what happened? You used to move straight forward and crush guys. Too much Greg Jackson i think”. Clearly, Leben believes that training with Greg Jackson has had a negative effect on the fighting abilities of Diego Sanchez.

However, this is not Diego’s first fight as a member of Jackson’s camp. In fact, Jackson cornered him for his previous three FOTN efforts. Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense that Chris Leben would criticize Jackson’s training methods.

What do you think BJ Penn fans? Do you agree that Jackson is to blame?


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  1. Big Daddy says:

    I think it’s still Jackson to blame. Diego prob just didn’t listen completely before. But Jackson does take away from ultimate fighting with his safe boring style. If you want to be safe then don’t fight!

  2. Ronda Shite says:

    hell yes!

  3. Seanzky says:

    I think Leben is right. Jackson is all about points now. He’s all about playing it safe just to win. The fighter would have to be extra special just to make Greg Jackson look good.

    Also, when he’s cornering someone, all he tells you to do is breathe, “give me 3 deep breaths… good… good… *(so-so)* do you have anything to add?” I don’t know what happened but I think even Greg Jackson has had too much Greg Jackson.

  4. allmightysandman says:

    LMAO…coming from a guy that has lost 3 of 4 of his last fights!!

    The fact taht GJ was cornering Diego makes his post even less relevant than he is…

    IMHO…most of the GJ bashing is still based on hatred for a few of his fighters (cough…gsp…cough) and not on reality.

    Jackson has some pretty exciting fighters too.


    • allmightysandman says:

      …i meant the Jackson was cornering sanchez for his previous ‘exciting’ fights makes the comment ridiculous.

      if you do a little research into GJ’s camp they have won a lot of FOTN bonus’s, KO of the night and have several current and past champs (exciting ones likes JBJ for example) in their stable.


    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I agree, Jackson, Firas and WinkleJohn are the top of the food chain. You might not like GSP, but that dude beats the shit out of everybody!!

  5. danielrchargers says:

    i 100 ONE HUNDRED % AGREE.

  6. GRT 3000 says:

    I would agree with Jackson that he needs to mature a bit and pick SOME of his shots…but not the whole fight. He still needs to be himself and come in for the kill. That’s what made Diego so exciting to watch.

  7. GOT RID OF FITCH (finally) says:

    I just wish Dana and UFC would ban Greg Jackson from cageside as all he does is intentionally scream lies and bullshit and exaggerate ever single move by his fighters by screaming in the judges wars NONSTOP throughout the fight which is total BULLSH’T and shows how much of a TRUE scumbag greg jackson really is and the lengths that man will go to sway the judges decisions. Greg Jackson needs to be run out of MMA

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