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Sunday, 03/25/2012, 12:09 pm

Check Out This WMMA Countdown Featuring Karo Parisyan As A 14 Year Old Beating Grown Men

WMMA Sports holds it’s inaugural “Fighting For A Better World” charity event at the Don Haskins in El Paso TX 3/31/12 live on PPV. The event will be supporting wounded warriors by donating a large portion of revenue.

The card features 6’7 Sean “Big Sexy” McCorkle vs Brian Heden and former top contender Karo “the heat” Parisyan vs Thomas “Wildman Denny”

McCorkle vs. Heden: Fighting For A Better World

Main Card:
1. Sean McCorkle vs. Brian Heden (Super Heavyweight)
2. Thomas Denny vs. Karo Parisyan (170lbs)
3. Lyle Beerbohm vs. Derrick Noble (170lbs)
4. Drew Fickett vs. Kevin Knabjian (155lbs)
5. Jamaine Facey vs. Willie Parks (170lbs)
6. Rodney Wallace vs. Derrick Mehmen (205lbs)

Under Card:
7. Darrill Schoonover vs. Paul Buentello (265lbs)
8. Frank Gomez vs. Chris Gruetzemacher (145lbs)
9. Deutsch Pu’u vs. Esteves Jones (265lbs)
10. Lionel Lanham vs. Brad Peterson (185lbs)

Event will be LIVE on PPV

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14 Responses to “Check Out This WMMA Countdown Featuring Karo Parisyan As A 14 Year Old Beating Grown Men”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I read a funny story about a year or so ago about how Paul Buentello left AKA because he was tired of being Cain’s human punching bag.

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Why did they choose WMMA as the name of their organization? I think of Women’s Mix Martial Arts when I see WMMA.

  3. K2 says:

    I looked at the title and was like “Karo is fighting in WMMA? Bitches beware!”

  4. Ruben says:

    Titties is on the undercard

  5. Bla DeBla says:

    Tell ya what boys ,

    Karo lost his way a bit but if he gets it together & finds his true level he could give GSP serious trouble over a triology , he would need to win the 1’st obviously & he would need to get back on track obviously but he is a very talented fighter , an old school fearless brawler with some excellent moves .

    I like Karos style & I hope he can get back on top of his game & stay there for 5 years or so .

    I think for whatever reason ? the UFC has treated him badly over the pain killers , they have treated Leban fairly for the exact same thing .

    I wish Karo all the luck his talent & dedication deserves .

    • Dick Niaz says:


      Karo takes GSP 2 out of 3 because GSP apparently got lucky

      Karo then puts out 5 years of dominance

      It is very unfair that the UFC cut Karo for PULLING OUT OF A MAIN CARD FIGHT THE DAY BEFORE WEIGH INS & the fact that he failed a post fight drug test also shouldn’t count against him, because other fighters who are way more popular have done that too

      Go Karo!!!

      Now I’ll add some of my own.

      So what if Karo only has 1 win since 2007? He’d still ruin GSP and Condit at the same time bro!!

      That Freddie Mercury mustache/goatee is a sign…. Karo is back for real now!!!

      Ok, now I’ll be serious. Karo had real deal talent, and he probably got into the game too early before he had the emotional stability to handle being a high profile fighter, he also peaked in his very early 20’s and has had a very public, somewhat tragic fall from grace. It’ s too bad, he could have been a great fighter, instead he will be a “where are they now type guy”, his skill set will not take him far against modern fighters.

      If he was ever to be on top it would have been back when he was promised a shot at hughes, but didn’t get it after putting on decision after decision in his prime.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Yer twisting my words .

        I stand by what I said that Karo has the talent to put GSP under pressure & if he got on top of his game & stayed there for 5 years or so could be one half of a fantastic trilogy with GSP , I think they are very evenly matched fighters & wouldn’t expect either to beat the other more than 2 times in a row .

        Kara burned out , simple as that , it was too much too soon for far too long .

        By the time Karo was 22 he had as much fighting experience as Couture had at 42 .

        That took its tool on his nervous system , his emotions & his body all of which were still developing & growing .

        He has lived & learned & has gotten himself back on track .

        I wish him all the best & would love to see how a mature dedicated Karo can do if he gets the luck his talent & dedication deserves .

        The boy is a damn fine fighter & a good fighter no matter his skill set is always going to have an outstanding chance .

        Karo has the best judo in MMA , has an excellent ground game & can stand toe to toe with anyone in the 170 division & bang it out .

        The boy is an old school Soviet Tank , not brought brought up the hard way , he was dragged up the hard way .

        Fighting in is his blood & he is a long way from finished yet .

        I hope it works out for him .

        • Shawn says:

          Your over looking something very significant. GSP’s first fight in the UFC was with Parisyan. And he pretty much beat Karo up for 3 rounds. Yes, it was decision, but GSP still beat him up. Much like his last few decision bouts. Except his win over Nick Thompson, Karo hasn’t been the same fighter since. Especially in his last 4 fights (all losses). Where as St.Pierre, has just gotten better and better. If they were to fight again, I think it would go towards GSP’s first fight he’d finish in a while. lol With the exception of Diaz and Lytle, Parisyan hasn’t fought anyone significant. Compared to GSP’s resume of who’s who and won, in dominating fashion. However, being an old fan of Karo (before he became a douche bag), I’d like to see him make his way back. I may not likehim as a person, but as a fighter, I do respect him and what he’s done in the past. Denny will be a good test for him.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          I have no idea of his personality , there is a whole lifetime to find out about that once he retires .

          Fighters only become normal human beings after retirement anyway .

          I wish him luck based upon his talent , dedication & commitment , I hope he gets the success he deserves , nothing more .

          As I already said , Karo was burned out young , his fall from grace is either going to be the makings of him as a Champion or its the the beginning of the end of him as a fighter .

          He is still only 29 or so therefore I hope it is the making of him & I stand by what I said , a fit + healthy matured Karo on top of his game for a few years & having achieved the success that would naturally bring would be more than a handful for GSP even on GSP’s best night , because even though GSP is not just well rounded but is also well polished in all areas Karo has more than enough in all areas to damage anyone & he has more than enough heart to compete in all areas .

          It depends on Karo getting it together & for the 1’st time in his adult life truly finding his stride without distractions or the pressure of expectation within his community away from the sport getting to him this time around .

          He should be a stronger man for his experiences & if so I expect big things from him .

        • Shawn says:

          One of his downfalls, he lacks conditioning. He tires out easily. He needs to work on that against Denny. Even though Denny isn’t exactly a cardio freak like Guida, Diaz or GSP.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Time will tell & show us Karo the man after we have seen Karo the boy .

          If he doesnt know what he needs to do by now he is never going to know .

          He looks like a very slimmed down professional version of his former self to me tho .

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