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Wednesday, 04/11/2012, 05:55 pm

Cheating in MMA: What’s an advantage?

By Edward Fernandez:
Many fight fans have been talking about PEDs in the past week. With you-know-who testing 14:1, but with he-who-shall-not-be-named testing higher in the past, yet still getting a shot at “The Spider” this summer, what is considered fair?

I like reading your comments, as a fight fan and a writer. It’s interesting to see what other opinions are out there, or if you guys even care at all. I’ve seen both types of responses lately. I see the “PEDs are cheating, horrible for the sport” remarks, while reading “they should have a PED league” right below. (By the way, I’m sure not all fight fans are serious in their opinions on the web and I take that into consideration).

However, I can’t help but notice that “clean” fighters are now coming out and saying that PEDs and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a form of cheating. I’m not here to point fingers, but there are other loop holes, for a lack of a better term, that could arguably be an advantage in sports as well.

Does Tiger Woods obtaining 20/15 vision post LASIK surgery count as an unfair advantage? Wasn’t it right after his surgery the era began where he started leaving players in the dust? Depth perception is key in any sport, golf and MMA especially. But not all athletes have perfect vision. Yes, they should get the same procedure as Tiger, it would probably improve their game. But that’s like saying women with imperfect mammaries should get surgery, and sadly not all choose to.
Is having a surgically repaired tendon or joint that is stronger than ever considered an advantage? Wouldn’t an athlete with such a body component be able to train longer and harder than others? And is weighing 15-25 pounds more than your opponent on fight-night a plausible advantage? Sure, the argument is your opponent should drop a weight class, but couldn’t you go up a weight class so all fighters are at the most even weight?

The point I’m trying to make is: let’s not draw the line with our eyes closed. Remember, we are in the cage fighting business. With so many new medical advances and skeptical training regiments making their way from the labs to the cage, who are we to blame? The fighter? The trainer? Technology? The UFC authorities and doctors? The commissions for allowing such hazy limits, illegal drugs, and questionable ranges?

Some may argue that a mixed martial artist should always know what is in their body. Well some of these MMA stars don’t fancy themselves martial artists. They fancy themselves fighters, their purpose is to hurt you. And a fighter can get egotistical, narrow minded, and caught up in the money, the fame, and the ability to dangle multiple foreign women from their biceps. I’m not saying all fighters are like this. But when you are constantly in the mind set of “I’m the best, and I’ll do whatever it takes to be the best,” you lose track of what got you where you are: your morals, values and heart.

Note: do not mistake this as an excuse for any fighters. This is simply an eye opener for what a fragile fighter’s mind set might be like. On the other hand, un-fragile minds might just say, “screw it, let’s knock someone out, pass me that bong with a side of needles.”

As you may have heard the California State Athletic Commission just voted to approve therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), with medical marijuana and TRT in mind. This sounds like a step in the wrong direction in light of recent events. The timing could not have been worse for UFC authorities trying to put an end to the drama and misuse of drugs. And the timing could not have been better for athletes that “have” or want to “apply” for a TUE.

The UFC needs to step in and set their own rules or accept the fact that every state’s commission is going to be different. Does that mean fighters with particular TUEs or certain “levels” not be eligible to fight in stricter states?

If Dana White had a hotline, I would be waiting in line to ask so many questions, his ears would fatigue. The UFC has a lot of decisions to make, not only about this upcoming heavyweight title fight, but about the future and safety of their athletes’ health and their opponent’s health as well. As a fight fan, I have so many questions for the future, and just not enough answers.


51 Responses to “Cheating in MMA: What’s an advantage?”

  1. xmmax says:

    LOL marraries. yah if u think about it theres a lot of things that r advantages in mma, roids for sure step over the line and commissions and the ufc need to work together to draw the line at a certain point. next people r gonna take caffeine injections b4 fights and go RAMBO

  2. Doug Diamond says:

    Dana needs to have control of who fighter doctors are. The docs need to know the expectations and rules of UFC and the local laws governing the fights. Should be part of the contract process.

    There are still medical reasons for many PEDs and they will have to be considered on a case by case basis. I would imagine that “Bigfoot Silva” has naturally elevated human growth hormone levels based on his bone structure and “acromegally like” appearance. Should he be banned for pituitary dysfunction? I don’t think so. UFC will just have to make examples of the obvious cheats going forward.

    I just hope that no one gets seriously maimed in a fight and the victor turns out to be massively “enhanced.” UFC should have mandatory counseling and random drug tests to keep fighters safe from themselves and each other. I hear that 7 times normal test serum levels is passing!? Give me a break. How do you not pass that test?

    I love MMA, please don’t mess it up guys.

  3. jdog says:

    Amen brother! I am not for PED use or even TRT but those as you said are not the only ways to get an advantage, hell lets just do away with everything and have an outlaw class, let BJ come in at 160 and fight Big Foot at 280, lets allow led filled gloves the whole nine yards. Seriously though as you said there is much more to it than just TRT. Glad someone actually didn’t forget to mention that there was a more infamous fighter who got popped at 16-1 and is still going to fight for the belt…

  4. scuzalbutt says:

    the only thing that pops up in my mind with looking at that picture of Overeem is …wow he abducted those poor asian girls and hes going to rape and smash them…not in that order but you get what I’m saying.

  5. jdog says:

    I think the UFC needs to sink money into a test that can be fairly accurate but give results within minutes, like a diabetes machine, this way 1. random tests could happen within seconds (no more waiting for someone to pee) 2. up to the last second tests could be administered before they are allowed to walk to the ring 3. Such a test would be expensive to make but in the long run would be WAY cheaper than sending blood off.

  6. Randol says:

    Ok I can’t be against TRT since I have used it before because of a medical issue I have. But it can be easily regulated and monitored. I used it and competed in sports and my doctor was good he would have me go in every 2 days to check my levels. I think only once was my levels alittle out of control and i had a 4:1 level.

  7. DMAC says:

    Start testing for PEDs and say bye bye to the UFC. I really think the majority of these guy juice. I pay a shit load of money a year for these cards, as long as they pass the test I can give a shit what they put in their body. But to just randomly test a group of fighters and not do this with everyone is insane to me.

  8. Lucas says:

    The vision of Tiger Woods can´t hurt a collegue you moron. Ped´s in MMA are for pussies.

    • xmmax says:

      wat if u have shit depth perception and get ur ass knocked out cause u both threw punches at the same time. like condit vs hardy. no shit hardy blows but same concept. the fighter with the btter speed and agility, timing accuracy all based on vision gets the koo

  9. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I think all fighters like SONNEN and Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt who have already been busted should either be banned forever or tested every 2 weeks

  10. Dario says:

    Beat womens and do steroids, Overeem you can kick my ass but you are forever a bitch.

  11. slacker says:

    It’s a question of unfair advantage. Since when do you hear about protein shakes, supplements, or caffeine pills giving you the strength of 10 men!? Ban Roids and TRT, both.

  12. Nick says:

    Oh my God can we please shut up about this. There has yet to be one intelligent comment on here. The dude brings up such valid points but you all see in a strait path. You all are way too retarded to be typing behind a keyboard with no knowledge about anything that is actually going on.

  13. YEAH RIGHT says:

    There are a lot of advantages like lifting Asian women until you get caught… Then it’s just looking like a cartoon character 😀

  14. GRT 3000 says:

    or you could do it like in Pride; let everyone roid til’ they turn green and then turn em’ loose.

  15. JKDB0YX23 says:

    Come on UFC its bad alone your already critisized that everyone that fights MMA uses steroids and cheats…. now all this approval crap and applying for this crap!! Screw that!! Its like saying oh ok, lets let the olympic athletes thinkgs its ok to smoke marijuana and do steroids because they’re juss training and cuz marijuana won’t do crap…. its rules that been around for ages!!! Don’t make excuses and exceptions for these punks… if they are martial artist and respectful athletes that want to set a good example for the sport then let them show it with non of this stupid drugs crap…. they’re getting paid to fight and they wnna fight to make aliving then its like any job!! You want to freaken work they drug test your ass!! You don’t pass then you don’t get the job and you don’t work and get paid!! I don’t see any one else gettin away for aking steroids and marijuana in baseball, olympics, basketball, etc so why should these so alled athletes be allowed to? Anyone could g down to santa monica pier in cali and get legit papers saying I am medically subscribed… its bs!!

  16. kenneth says:

    i think overeem should fight for the tittle, they let him fight lesnar and he had high levels of testosterone, why does it matter now?

  17. Occy Balboa says:

    C’mon dudes… same old story everytime. If you wanna go on these kind of enhancements, just call Vince McMahon and join the WWE. If not… Just stay clean, do your suplements right, because everyone who’s in a sport NEEDS the help of some suplements… California SC aproves weed? That’s just gonna make difficult when the fighters have to cut weight ahahaha… But seriously, if you want to fight fair, it has to obey to some rules, and the rules say you can’t use freakin steroids. period. i just never got how everyone was so shocked about overeem gettin caught… what were u expecting? he was not eating Popeye’s spinaches i’ll tell ya that…

  18. Yoolo says:

    Bro caffeine or supplement shit (btw None of which is fda regulated) Can’t hurt your opponents? Imagine being in a war and your opponent has a slight burst of energy and kicks the living shit out of you when your completely gassed. That might not happen but fuk it culd with all this crazy supplement shit goin down

  19. Diazzzz says:

    FDA regulation doesn’t exist on supplements and commisions r fukin bowin down to big name fighters that like Mary Jane and roids allowing them to apply for permit shit just to bring revenue and publicity to their for state or vacations and hotels and taxes all that shit. He’s right wtf Dana where u at

  20. Herbbblifeee says:

    Dont get me wrong herb is my life but having a professional sport org allowing it just makes it look like crap. Like I lie to my doc to get a med card just for fun. They can do the same for Mary j and roids? This ain’t a snoop music video this is largest growing sport. Growing hahah no pun intended

  21. jdubx says:

    fixing your eyes doesn’t make your entire body be so much better than your opponent that its not fair, TRT makes your entire body better than someone without it. strength, speed, cardio, energy… comparing tiger woods getting eye surgery to TRT is like comparing the moon to earth, they’re not even in the same ballpark and anyone that even thinks they are needs to seriously think about what they write before actually writing it.

  22. bjjxtreme says:

    To be honest I think that if you have to guys that are going to go in the cage to fight why not have them try to be the best that they can be! And use trt or steroids to prepare for war and just beat the shit out of each other I think it would bring more exciting fights!! In the ufc!!! I mean look what ovreem did to Brock look at that cheal did to Anderson! Why not have more fights like that!

  23. GET RID OF TRT says:

    Gotta love Tito!

    Chael “16:9″ Sonnen

    Nate “Cheat” Marquardt

    Alisteroid “Testostereem” Overroid

    Sean “Shark Juice” Sherk

    Cris “Big Clit” Cyborg

    Josh “The Affliction Killer” Barnett

    Tim “The Steroid Maniac” Sylvia

  24. slacker says:

    So many people want to blur the lines of fairness through incremental arguments about what is an “advantage”, but the fact is, Steroids and TRT use are showing that they can provide a “supernatural advantage” that other training aids come nowhere close to.

  25. numbah1swag says:

    Okay so first of all to answer the first question.imo chael sonnen tested i think once in his career while in the other hand roidreem was tested twice(once before the lesnar fight).so my point is how did chael get get away with his second why r u bring tiger woods into this matter? Makes no sense at all….. No one watches golf now days. Lol and for the rest of the crap said after tiger woods. I didnt read!!! I gave up reading..point is mma has grown into a professional sport.why cheat? know your gonna get caught…damn it fight fair…and just fight or take a lose on your one is the perfect fight in world…i tell u..interviewers are trippin lol

  26. neversummer says:

    Bigger is not always better and in some instances they are worse. You are slower and fatigue much faster than a properly trained athlete. This isn’t baseball where you just swing a stick n crush a ball with a red bird on your jersey. Yes some guys may have a better shot in ufc with supplements but eventually they will get put down by a smarter more conditioned athlete.

  27. Sean Anders says:

    I think if an athlete chooses to use PED the. That’s their rite!! It does have its draw back like getting winded easier. But that’s something THEY as an individual choose to risk. Some need testosterone shots cuz they suffer from low test levels. By getting their shots that makes even playing field.

  28. Yeah son says:

    I assumed the writer watched Bigger Stronger Faster.. A steroid documentary viewing the ethical issues of using steroids in competition; he also compares it to Tiger Woods 20/15 vision. It’s interesting to see where certain individuals draw the line. However, I believe rules are rules.(When it comes to such a professional level of competition) If Lasik eye surgery is not against the rules, then I wouldn’t view it as cheating. Supplementing your body with testosterone, no matter what justification you use, would be cheating. It would be unfair for other fighters that have gotten to such a high level with natural talent, dedication, and the desire, to be faced against some ungodly machine of a man that has an obvious strength advantage due to PED’s.

  29. Hilo Mike says:

    Lame, these guys are starting to look like WWE crap, it’s becoming a farce. Who wants to see that shit? I swear, once BJ retired, the fights have started to suck and so have the fighters. Time to start watching bowling….

  30. XjawzXx says:

    Can u guys read? Yah bigger stronger fastwr totally knows wats up. Guys do their hw without taking a side. He brings up some questions I think he’s trying to say wtf r the commissions doing letting this fighters do all these things for advantages ON TOp of saying yah u can take roids basically as long as ur in this limits by test day. That’s fukin retarded This ain’t no rodeo Dana u can’t juice ur animals for a show. Sure some u fuks might not care but watch when someone either has intestinal problems or heart fails and dies or breaks someone’s nek cause there 2 huge hahahh that’d be sick but they’d prob suk the fun out of UFC kiss it in ny good goodye

  31. Mach00man says:

    Dana is too worried about PPV pirating to be concerned with fighter safety. He’d rather try and prosecute a fan who watches a stream, then to prosecute the same PED-amped up fighter who that fan is watching on that same stream. How about this Dana, as long as your fighters are cheating, I will continue to watch free streams! No one wants to pay for a cheater.

  32. Miguel says:

    Overeem has been under the PED accusations for some time now, so why was it such a surprise. The fighters know what they are doing to themselves by ingesting the drugs. But at the same time Overeem is on the chopping block people still want Pacquiao vs Mayweather and Charles gets another title shot. As far as the “cheating” aspect, shouldn’t weight cuts to fight up to 2 classes lighter be considered unfair, or how about a hometown hero fighting to decision in his own backyard to have that extra leverage to secure a win.

  33. Skyler Broussard says:

    I look at it like this!! Overeem is a natural athlete and a great fighter, get him off the steroids and let him prove himself, atleast give him the chance. If he fails fine, but wut if he’s still the biggest badass in the cage!!! Not giving him the chance in my opinion wouldn’t be right, then the question would always be lingering “what if”!!! And like you said theres been others that were givin the chance and there’s one “no names mentioned as you said” gonna get a title shot anyway

  34. Lo says:

    Legalize it all. There isn’t any sense in trying to legalize morality or ethics. People will always cheat anyway.

  35. Taylor says:

    OK Sonnen takes TRT for survival reasons and Overeem does pure F****** steroids and you want to kinda compare them. Sure I do want Overeem to fight anyway cause I want to see him get knocked out, but there is a big difference. The only reason Chael got in trouble was because he didn’t sign some paper like all the other fights stating he is on TRT, but Rampage Jackson does it and everything is OK. Want my opinion, punish Overeem in some way and then make him work for a title shot again like Chael and Silva (Thiago people, not 2-face Anderson) or make him fight a non-title fight against Santos. If it is such a huge problem then just FIRE him.

  36. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Just remember whats ok for Sonnen to Dana is not ok for anyone else. OK FOR SONNEN TO CHEAT and get rewarded another title shot after CHEATING in a title fight

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