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Friday, 05/30/2014, 05:07 am

Champ Dillashaw Emulated Dominick Cruz for Barao Fight

Despite the rivalry between Urijah Faber and former UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz, new champ T.J. Dillashaw looked to emulate the former champ in his fight with Barao. One could certainly see the similarities on Saturday night when Dillashaw unleashed a wide array of punches and kicks at a high pace with a significant amount of footwork. When asked on UFC Tonight if the similarities came from an emulation of Cruz, Dillashaw said:

“I tried telling Urijah when I was cornering him the first time he fought Barao that he needed Dominick Cruz footwork to beat the champ…I thought that Cruz could beat Renan Barao if they were to fight. It’d be a tough fight, but if he was going to beat him, it was going to be because of his footwork…So by telling Urijah what I wanted him to do, I just kind of copycatted it and used that movement and that footwork to get out of the way and create my angles to keep myself elusive.”

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