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Tuesday, 10/11/2011, 06:49 am

Chael Sonnen:The greatest fighters in the world are named Chael Sonnen

“I got tunnel vision. I’m after the belt. Period. I’m not making any apologies or qualms about it. And the rest of the cowards in the back that just want to get their faces on TV and don’t want to carry any heavy water, I’ve got no time for those guys. All of them. Every damn one of them that isn’t named Chael Sonnen is nothing but a coward…. When you’re the greatest fighter in the world the day they’ve got a name for you. They don’t call you a great fighter, they call you Chael Sonnen.”


47 Responses to “Chael Sonnen:The greatest fighters in the world are named Chael Sonnen”

  1. El Charlie says:

    He can be entertaining I must say.

  2. Justa Thought says:

    Sure…. OK. This is MMA’s version of Brett Favre, a legend in is own mind. Even if he were able to claim victory in a matchup with Silva, Silva will still be one of the Greatest in MMA History and Sonnen will be merely a footnote and fade into obscurity. “True wisdom is to know the limits of our own ignorance”

  3. Phil says:

    “I’m gonna take my aunt and I’m gonna get her a lobster tail.” lol chael is awesome.

  4. mike f says:

    Can’t deny Sonnen makes the mw division way more interesting.

    • Dan the Lobstertail says:

      Depends what you call interesting mate, i personally think he brings mma down with the insults he throws around like with the nog bros there no need, dont get me wrong he’s got self promotion down i mean look how many people are talkin about him i just wish he could rain it in a bit

      • Au Contraire... says:

        In what way does Chael bring MMA down? Financially? Popularity? Morally?
        If Chael affected the bottom line of MMA (and especially the UFC), Dana White and the Fertita brothers would be all over him! Those three rebuilt the UFC and took MMA from obscurity to its present state, passing boxing (and all other combat sports) along the way. If Chael’s behavior negatively affected the UFC, he wouldn’t have been resigned a couple of years ago. His contract is up (or should be up soon). Do you think the UFC is going to let him go?

  5. Al Callander says:

    Sonen….your a joke!!!!!! can anyone tell me of ANY fighter that dominated a fight for almost 5 rounds, ground and pound…everything right BUT…… Couldn’t even give a guy a bleeding nose, bloody lip,blackeye or even swolen anything….yeah just like I thought….Sonen your a joke and you’ll always be looked at as one…. I can only hope sylva take you up on your bet and he fights you healthy and destroys you in 2 rounds. Why don’t yu fight someone in top 5 first so you have so you have no excuses…..if you can beat one anyway.

    • Creature says:

      Did you even watch the sonnen/silva fight? must not have because silva def had marks all over his face walking out of the cage, his entire left side i believe it was, looked like he got hit by a baseball bat. You’re an idiot.

  6. Lex w says:

    Chael is gonna smash anderson

  7. SETH COLE says:

    Chale is the SHIT people. The guy backs up all his talk he is a great fighter. End of story. He will get that belt. NEXT !

  8. Ninjaman says:

    Sonen backs up everything he says, period……………….

    Sonen not only takes the trash talk to the curb but he picks it up and delivers it to the dump. Who cares if Silva was not bleeding, he got beat up just like Sonen said. Sonen’s new nick name should be “Prophecy”.

    • spalla says:

      prophecy would work good. mostly false and open to interpretation. he has 11 losses. just because he won a fight doesnt make him the best. nobody really gave stann much of a chance so its not really impressive. as far as saying silva is a chump for not fighting at lw is outrageous seeing as to silva has fought at it before and he hasnt.

  9. Dante says:

    maan ive never heard so many clowns ride a guy/juicer for “almost” winning a fight hahah ” like hey guys we ALMOST won the superbowl, we’re the best” ….smh
    chaels good, andersons..the best. chael would be great for the wwe haha “i win u leave, u win i leave” ……liiiike OK, u kiiddin me? haha i thought we were watchin monday raw for sec.. this is the same guy who lost to jeremy horn THREE times and forrest griff by triangle( dont act suprised)..
    second fight with anderson will have alot of hype… but will end with fail sucker unconscious within 3 rds

    • Mo says:

      wow, somebody on here actually sees the situation for what it is! Chael is good, I give him his props, but he isn’t close to Anderson Silva good. Even if he beats Anderson Silva in their rematch, Silva will still be the greatest that division has ever seen.

  10. Yup says:

    Chael is the greatest there is and ever will be! You can’t deny. If you want your kids to be great, name them Chael Sonnen. Wait you can’t, there’s only one great one!

  11. disguy says:

    this reporter is an idiot

  12. jaime lopez says:

    I have to give it to Chael, He is the best “entertainer” in his division. He might as well hang up the gloves and be a full time clown.

  13. Mike says:

    that interviewer sucked balls. Chael cracks me up, love him or hate him he is entertaining.

  14. Joegun says:

    Chael talks the talk and sure walks the always rooting for the guy thats focused on dethroning the best ever,his confidence is through the roof right now and i think that he will dominate anderson with the takedowns and gnp but this time come away with the strap.chael is the real deal love him or hate him,he brings it everytime.hes gonna mow down the spider like atumn wheat!!

  15. Joegun says:

    Epic and highly anticipated rematch.i cant wait for this one.i bet anderson was hoping for him to lose against stann.hope hes prepared to get taken down and pounded for 25 minutes.but no triangle this time!!

  16. Jason says:

    First off chael cheated in fight 1. With that being said, he is a joke. His mouth makes lots of people not like mma. The constant attack to braziians and to the nog bros and anderson personally. Chael does get credit for kickin silvas ass for 23 minutes, but even after loosing he still talks shit. who wins a fight, beats stann in a huge one sided fight and says anderson you suck? Very childish and rude, kick his ass out

  17. Alan says:

    wow i dont think ive ever seen a more confused man in mma. He’s the best in the world for almost beating the champ. Hes been traingles like 7 times youd think he’d learn. In a street fight if you punch a guy 300 times ad he wraps his legs around you and you say uncle obviosly you lost. I think the blood hasnt gotten back to Chaels haid after the choke. He’s very marketable and sometimes funny and yes this guy can fight but he is racist and in my opinion bad for the sport.

  18. All hail Chael and all his faithful fans! The belt will be ours.. Ha ha

  19. Yeah.. Like his rib.. Shoulder ha ha! Damn.. Chael looked like he was on some good shitt against Stann, Chael’s motivation and drive is stronger then any TRT! It’s going to be a replay of the part 1 without the bs last sec hail mary sub to save his ass! Chael has one special ops mission take out Osama bin silva!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      even with AALLLLL of his excuses he still manages to walk away with the w. yet the guy on trt treatment which helped boost his endurance and performance he ended up the loser. man that one must be hard to swallow for sonnen fans, not sonnen though cuz hes use to sucking, and swallowing since it usually goes hand in hand.

    • Chael Guru says:

      I’ve studied Chael now for years. I’m what you would call a Chael Guru; I can honestly say that the guy is a douchebag in the highest regard. He has no class, and a sub-par MMA record. Jeremy Horn has a painting of him on his wall entitled – Little Tapping Bitch. It’s a beauty. People who follow Chael are also douchebags. That is all…

  20. Jpeech says:


    oh sorry i didnt know testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) gives you better endurance and performance holy shit your are most likely the biggest idiot on this site lol just from everything i have read wow go read up on TRT and MMA in general cause you my friend are lost

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      lol jpeech you are such an idiot.

      what is testosterone? (thats the first t in trt, r t stands for replacement therapy- just in case your dumb asss needed further clarification):

      “Testosterone is the hormone produced by the testicles. It is responsible for the proper development of male sexual characteristics. It helps promote the circulation of blood, and is responsible for the maintenance of muscle bulk.”

      Pretty much it’s the bodies natural way of helping a man build muscle and have better cardio. If one adds more testosterone to his body what will it do to his body? That’s right dumb dumb, it makes it easier for the guy to gain muscle and have better cardio. Class is out of session, you can go back to masturbating to Chael Sonnen videos.

  21. Jpeech says:

    HAHAAHAHAHA fucking idiot the reason he does it is cause he has low testosterone ever wonder why they cut his suspension hmmmmm oh wait its cause he had all documents about his problem go back and learn up on chael sonnen and trt cause your simply an ignorant FOOL

    and nice to see that your copy and paste works lol loser

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      yeah i did copy and paste hence the quotations dipshitt. u finished masturbating that quickly? you must know how you like it by now.

      why didnt the commission remove his suspension completely then? what proof do you have that his levels are in fact lower than normal? how do you know that andersons testosterone levels aren’t lower than chaels? i mean he is older than the guy. so many questions for an idiot to answer, or do you always believe what a liar says to you through mainstream media?

      nice to see you follow the words of a liar so closely, too bad the rest of the thinking world doesn’t eat shit from a loser and believe his bullshitt like you.

  22. Jpeech says:

    Wow you know how i know you are a loser because only a loser make masturbation jokes on an MMA site what are you 12? that being said he was punished for not having the paperwork for that fight and the suspension was cut in half because he showed proper paper work after he needs TRT cause he has hypogonadism (go ahead and look that one up cause i cant dumb it down for you) its all in the hearing for his appeal to the athletic commission look it up and learn something before you spew more shit out onto this site

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      lol sonnen got his sentencing reduced on a technicality in the csac’s hearing. due to the fat that there was personnel changes and that chael may have submitted information that former staff may have lost the csac reduced his sentence but still upheld the fine of $2500 and six months suspension.

      now thinking on level of a criminally minded person such as chael sonnen. would it not be possible for a guy with sonnen’s reputation to find some joe shmo doctor to say he has your wonderful explanation of hypogonadism in order to legally take trt treatments to enhance his performances in the octagon? i know using your brain must hurt, but for a guy who numerous ppl at csac and nsac not to mention the rest of the world has called a liar, and this same guy who committed fraud against banks in order to collect money on real estate transactions, this same criminally minded guy….is it not possible for him to use trt under the disguise as a valid medical treatment? you can say no all u want but everyone already knows you’re idiot so it doesn’t matter.

  23. MarkIsTheMan says:

    mmaislandjunkie You are a faggit

  24. MarkIsTheMan says:

    …..That makes no sense you fucking douche

  25. mmaislandjunkie says:

    JPEECH YOU DUMMY why dont you explain to me again why sonnen was still suspended you flippin idiot! hahahaha

  26. Jpeech says:

    There is no point in talking to an idiot like you cause you do not say anything worth of a reply any more its all shit lol

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      really? you never answered why chael was still suspended even though his appeal said that they would decrease his suspension time due to paperwork error. do you know why he was still suspended??? cuz even with the paperwork his levels were ABOVE THE ALLOWED LEVELS you friggin idiot. just like marquardt was not allowed to fight because his trt levels were not balanced. keep suckin on chaels hypogonads you dumb loser.

  27. mmaislandjunkie says:

    JPEECH u idiot i am waiting to hear wat bullshitt excuse you have lol!

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