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Saturday, 05/04/2013, 10:50 am

Chael Sonnen’s UFC Legacy

By Evan Stoumbelis (@MMAEvan)

Sonnen has been called “The most legendary talker in UFC history” with a quick tongue and the ability to hype a fight that hasn’t been seen since the likes of Muhammad Ali, lets face it, Chael Sonnen is the best promoter in the world.

When you hear the name Chael Sonnen what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Unfortunately, for most people it’s his trash talk and prefight antics. With Chael Sonnen’s career winding down and a match with Wanderlai Silva on the horizon, at some point we have to ask the question: How will Chael Sonnen be remembered?

Chael has put together a 27-13 record over the course of his MMA career and a 6-6 record inside the Octagon. Given the fact that 3 of those losses came at the hands of arguably the two greatest fighters in the history of the sport, it would be fair to say Sonnen is better than his UFC record gives him credit for. To this day Sonnen remains the only man on planet Earth to ever pose a serious challenge to Anderson Silva.

An alternate on the 2000 Olympic wrestling team, Sonnen holds a 59% takedown success rating and 44 total takedowns landing him in the top 10 for total takedowns landed in UFC history, with many of the fighters higher than him having more fights under the UFC banner. Whether you like him or not Sonnen is widely considered to be the greatest wrestler in the history of the UFC, and that is by no means a small accomplishment, but his wrestling talent in the UFC has been somewhat overshadowed by his controversial comments and trash talking. Sonnen’s insults against the country of Brazil warranted Dana White hiring private security, and a decoy limo for Sonnen during the UFC 148 press conference in Brazil.

Let’s face it, whether you want to see him win or lose, you watch Chael Sonnen fight. His prefight trash talk is unparalleled. UFC 148: Sonnen vs. Silva II is tied for 6th for most PPV buys in UFC history, drawing in 1 million buys. In 2012 Sonnen ranked in the top 50 out of 381 for 2012 salaries, not including his cut of PPV buys, and putting him at 6th on the top 10 UFC PPV draws list.

When most people think of Chael Sonnen they think of the fighter that insulted a nation, abused TRT, and came up short in 3 title fights. However Chael Sonnen should be remembered as the greatest wrestler in Mixed Martial Arts history, the only man to come close to defeating Anderson Silva, and the greatest fight promoter in the history of professional sports.


30 Responses to “Chael Sonnen’s UFC Legacy”

  1. The natural says:

    Hate to say it u almost gotta be a champion to have a legacy or I would say at least two title runs or at least beat everyone but the champion he didn’t beat anyone great Belfort,Munoz,Weidmann, rockhold these still guys out there and more. Ill only remember u as a wrestler who talked allotta shit with wwe personality who went fought got his ass kicked unless he humped them

  2. The natural says:

    Oh yeah and the only reason that anderson fight was Lil competitive was cause he juiced his ass off. Wen he was clean he got destroyed and yes Chael cheated back as far through college days the record specks for its self. Also, it’s not like he was som special or unique personality just wen ur a prof fighter there’s supposed to be some kind of class or safisticated to seperate u from the guy on the str or the savages that used to do it. wwe we’re ur a dime a dozen.

    • Adam says:

      I like how you are saying Chael Sonnen is not sophisticated when you can’t even spell the word. & it’s spelled speaks, not specks you fucking idiot.

      • K2 says:

        I agree with ya Adam. Let’s not dis someone unless you can do it without looking like a fucking retard yourself. Do none of you fuckers know how to proofread?

  3. smh says:

    How on earth can you justify remembering him as the only guy who gave silva any serious trouble, when he was busted for cheating right after….. This shouldnt be praised at all… The only fight between him and silva that should be taken seriously is the second, which was a much more accurate showing of sonnens “great wrestling” and “skill”.

  4. doc says:

    I will remember Chael also as a person who will always answer for his shit talk. He shows up and does his job every time. He is a guy who takes his work seriously and takes things seriously when he is getting paid to do them. This includes being a fantastic coach.

    Love him or hate him there are not enough people with his work ethic. Its a damn shame.

  5. 757 says:

    Remembered for being a great talker. Wow that’s cool. In the fight game you should try to be remembered as a great fighter. How about that? Ha ha you were not that at all. The dude who said Silva cheated is an idiot….dick

  6. GET RID OF NATE "THE Cheat" (forever) says:

    The fact is Sonnen is half the fighter without ROIDS ie: The testosterone of 17 men. NOONE has ever been busted with more ROIDS in their system in history of MMA. If you want to see the TRUE caliber of fighter Sonnen is go u-tube and watch Sonnen vs Maia and also compare his physique in that fight to his physique in the first Silva fight. I will remember Sonnen as a man who was known throughout his life as a person who always chose to take the SHORTCUTS in life whether it was using an illegal move in the D 1 nationals where he tried to HEEL HOOK Mark Munoz because he was getting OWNED or when he was struggling as a real estate agent in POVERTY Oregon and he conspired with his own mother and a few other criminals to DEFRAUD a bank out of $100,000 cash and he again showed his TRUE character by having his mother tell the Feds it wasn’t their idea so they blamed it on someone who didn’t even end up with any of the money. Sonnen is a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON OF FRAUD. The man can never work for anyone handling any money or be in position of trust where money is involved and he can never have any kind of occupational license in any state ever again. Yes he should have served at least 5 years EASY but with the help of UFC/Fertita’s attorneys as well as a FULL restitution check being cut by the UFC the Feds decided to basically turn his criminal a’s over to the Fertitas with the promise that if he commits anymore felonys they will throw the book at him. Well be it as it may Sonnen didn’t go but a month before he committed his first felony since being convicted of FRAUD by buying Synthetic testosterone which is a prescription drug that is monitored by the DEA. Not only did he purchase testosterone via internet he did so in large quanity. Whether you believe it or not Sonnen showing up to a title fight which is sanctioned by the state of California with enough testosterone in his system to jump over the damn moon is a FELONY because he should have had to show where he obtained the massive amounts needed to have 17 times the legal amount that had been prescribed to him by his family doctor in Oregon. ASk your doctor if that is a felony because my doctor said she would have called the DEA and had him arrested and he would have been cutoff for life for every being able to obtain testosterone legally again. Bottom line the man is FRAUD, lifetime CHEAT, FELON, Compulsive liar of epic proportions. Where I come from that is nothing to be proud of.

  7. 123 says:

    i like chael sonnen but hes become a complete joke.

  8. MMA Expert says:

    Dude, seriously, Anderson has been defeated. You keep on saying Chael is the guy who got closest to beating Anderson while, actually, he’s been defeated (for real) 3 times before. If you mean it for the UFC alone, then specify.
    Besides: Jon Jones is great, fact, but listing (alongside Silva) as the GOAT is absurd.
    You are being truly unfair to guys like GSP and Fedor, who have been there for longer beating, arguably, tougher guys.

  9. GRT 3000 says:

    who is this queer-bait writing this shit? Sonnen is a juiced up cheat – and only posed a threat to Anderson because he had a Kentucky Derby Racehorse up his ass (& he still lost)

    lets just say he has a good double leg, hits like a bitch, and talks like a WWE cheeseball. he’s cheated his entire fighting career, and was on probation for major real estate fraud (straight douche). the man is no gem and will as such be remembered.

  10. KIDD433 says:

    Theirs nothing “Legendary”about being a “talker”.Whoever the idiot is that wrote this,should be bussing tables,not writing articles.And yes Chael Sonnen is a lying,cheating scumbag

  11. the axe says:

    Haha the guy who wrote this should just go to his knees and start sucking sonnen’s tiny steroid balls. Sonnen will only be remembered as a clown, cheater, way way overrated wrestler. I’m not even calling him a mixed martial artist as all he does is wrestling and hump people. Can’t wait for wanderlei to knock him out and then sonnen should really retire and let real mma fighters get their title shot

  12. tim says:

    at first i thought this TBA guy was a tough dude but then i see he always gets replaced last min in all of his fights

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