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Tuesday, 04/10/2012, 05:08 pm

Are Chael Sonnen's Antics Growing Old?

By Jose Garcia:
I’ll be the first to admit; the first time I heard a Chael Sonnen interview I was like who the hell is this guy? And, where can I find another fireball interview from him at? I thought he was hilarious, I almost felt nostalgic. Like I was watching Mean Gene Okerlund grill my boy” Macho Man” Randy Savage. He was witty, quick on his feet, and somewhat believable. Sure he was a little over the top and stout with his comments but what self promoting republican candidate isn’t these days. He seemed honest and like a stand up guy we could all follow and grow fond of.

As we all know, if something looks and seems too good to be true, it usually is. Trust me, I’m not going on record and saying I will never order another Chael Sonnen fight but where do you draw the line. From money laundering, fraud cases, to his countless twitter wars. Not to mention his total disrespect for another country and his flamboyant excuse for a failed PED test, following his loss to Anderson Silva. Sonnen has grown tiresome and almost prescripted. No pun intended. Sure he is a damn good fighter who boasts an obstacle for anyone he steps in the ring with, but that is my exact point. Just fight, I know that this is all a part of his act but quite frankly, I’m bored with it. Yes, he practically catapulted himself into UFC super-stardom with it, but in some sense he has almost become vilified, hated.

As most of you know, one of his most recent outburst was directed at Alistar Overeem, commenting on his failed PED test. If I do recall following Chael’s first fight against Anderson Silva he tested at a 16:1 ratio on his testosterone levels, but claims he had a prescription to treat hypogonadism. Either way he failed, and this was his best opportunity to use the line we writers so vehemently despise, “no comment.”

He almost reminds me of a poorly written sequel to an originally hilarious movie i.e. Dumb and Dumber-er. You laugh at some parts because it’s so stupid but it will never be as good as the original. Everything from him now a day’s feels scripted and almost rehearsed. I don’t hate him per say but I’m sick of the “look at me” speeches and the constant garbage. Whatever it is he is doing I guess you can say it is working. I’m writing about him and he has a rematch for the belt against Anderson in June, his second in just two years. Let’s just say I hope he leaves Brazil alive, and I’m not talking about walking away from the octagon.


52 Responses to “Are Chael Sonnen's Antics Growing Old?”


    dident read nothing but the heading ,CHAEL IS A FUNNY MOFO love his shit

  2. stephen Riddle says:

    Hes playing his self out!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Anyone who thinks teh biggest CHEATING-SCUMBAG-FELON-ROIDER in UFC is funny has to just another FELON scumbag with same mentality. How anyone could ever root for such a pile of shit i will never understand.

      • Delta says:

        There are many things you don’t understand, nor will ever be able to.

      • Henry says:

        Chael is, far and away, the most articulate, well spoken, and quick-witted MMA fighter in the world. These are attributes that you don’t possess, and apparently have no appreciation for. It’s easy to root for someone who exemplifies higher learning, comic delivery, and mastery of the English language. Additionally, the guy backs up everything he says. He WILL be the new middleweight champion this summer. P.S. anti-Semetic, racist people like yourself are the true “scumbags”.

        • Xaninho says:

          So next to the ‘true champion’ Sonnen is a jew too?

        • Henry says:

          If I had the slightest idea of what your comment meant, I would respond.

        • Xaninho says:

          you’re calling get rid of an anti-semite? He was bashing Sonnen, so that made me draw the conclusion Sonnen is lying about that too…

        • primalmasher says:

          LOL sorry, but politicians are all dumb but seem smart with their veneer of an articulated guy persona. Politicians act out their speeches like phael rehearses his press conferences.

          In my opinion, he’s more annoying than anderson silva not knowing how to speak english in all of the years he had the belt.

        • TranceAngel says:


      • ChaelSonnenSucks says:

        couldnt have said it better. what a joke. can’t what to see him get the shit beat out of him. just hope he doesnt try to lay on silva the whole fight like he does every other fight

  3. Ronda Rousey's Camel Toe says:

    Its like Mayhem said, he is just a fight away from obscurity!Oh and btw, suck brazillian cock on your way out you fucken douche’

  4. the original steve says:

    not going to lie a little bit. like at first i hated the guy. then i realized he was a master troll then i loved the guy. now its just old.

  5. baldy says:

    some of what phael says is funny…but most of it has a “hey everybody look at me” vibe to it. very needy and pathetic if ya ask me…

  6. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Author, did you have anything to do with that “poorly written sequel” you mentioned? Your language skills are atrocious.

  7. ZC says:

    Well, It sucks to think that some dude with the ability to make a write-up would write it completely from his own perspective. Though I’m sure that some agree with you, where’s the fact behind all this?

    I like Chael Sonnen because he talks all the shit he wants and backs it up entirely. Not many people can do that.

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      lol he talks shit and backs it up entirely. bit of a contradiction.
      facts about what exactly?

      fact that he tested positive for mamoth amounts of test?
      fact that he trash talks constantly to get attention.
      missing belt stolen by chael is backed up by chaels truth?

      what planet are you on mate.

      chael “was” funny, hes a troll and everyone knows hes taking the piss.
      its a little long in the tooth and boring now

  8. Pijan says:

    I think ‘entirely’ may be stretching it. 8 of his 11 losses are from tapping out.

  9. lol says:

    lol jose umadbro?

  10. Donnybrook says:

    I agree 100% with this Jose Garcia fellow, Chael’s shit is getting old… maybe he’ll join Brock in the WWE (he’d fit right in) after Anderson embarrass’s him in front of millions of people.

    Karma’s a bitch!

  11. mike says:

    Fuck you..

  12. moc.nnepjb says:

    The writer of this article is a baby. His opinion is a long whine about how he has grown tired of a fighter he used to like. Sonnen is who he is, so get over it.

  13. The "White Man" says:

    how he is even still allowed to fight is a wonder to me. Money laundering, failed PED test with a testosterone level of 16, which is MORE then OVEREEM! (but i guess its okay to talk shit on the reem right ?)

    He has had ONE finish in the UFC. congratu fucking lations. Anybody who is a scumbag in his personal life, is a scumbag in every other area. Try finishing some fights so you can get a possible win bonus, and not have to money launder on the side.

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      it was 14:1, reem was 16:1

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      The PED test I get, but what the hell does the money laundering scandal have to do with anything? The guy’s job is to get punched in the face. He’s not trying to re-enter corporate America and manage people’s portfolios or invest their money. If he applies for another realty job, then yea, that’s highly relevant information. But that’s not the case.

      Lee Murray was involved in one of the biggest heists of all time, but if he got out and put together a solid run on the regional circuit, we’d see him again in the UFC. Tyson’s another prime example. Jailed for three years Gets out in March ’95. Fights Peter McNeeley in August ’95. Grosses $95 million worldwide in PPV revenue.

  14. wut says:

    Chael’s motto.. Trollin’ ain’t easy..

  15. mark says:

    Sonnet is funny and there is nothing wrong with trash talking to hype a fight but there are times when its boring and over the top. He doesn’t know when to take things serious. I hope Silva puts a beating on him like never before just to see if he can actually man up and give respect where its due. Or see if he continues with the bullshit we’ve been hearing for the last 3 years. Either way ill never be a Fan !

  16. kaydan says:

    lol love this guy! no matter what it will never get old i been fallowin him since the w.e.c.

  17. byebyesilva says:

    this is funny to me because the writer of this article is doing exactly what chael has been doing to anderson. Using someone elses fame to increase their own. chael has discredited anderson for years and getting attention for it. its exactly what the writer of this article chose to do and it worked. people need to stop creating this idea that chael will be lucky to get out of brazil alive and lets enjoy a long awaited rematch.

  18. chance says:

    Maybe he’s getting old to you but hes been winning, he lost to Silva after 4 dominant rounds he has all the right to talk. It doesn’t get old.

  19. wes says:

    The author is a prime example of somebody who thinks they’re in on the joke, but they aren’t. Chael is great BECAUSE he doesn’t use the “no comment” line when asked a question. He is so ridiculously absurd that you would have to be retarded to take almost anything he says seriously. The fact that the author started out loving the guy, and then slowly got turned off shows that he wasn’t a fan for the reasons he thought he was. Chael is a breath of fresh air when it comes to fighters churning out the same, boring stuff like “so-and-so is a tough fight, I’m going to train my best, I’ve been waiting for this my whole life” etc etc, yadda yadda.

    The author then goes on to say “just fight,” as if Chael never fights and just sits back to talk trash. The fact that Chael is interesting on top of actually fighting is a plus. Imagine if Anderson Silva was actually interesting on top of being a great fighter. That’s a double-threat, any way you look at it.

    When you see the smile, and glimmer in his eye whenever Chael is trolling people is great. He knows what he’s doing, and it’s a silent nod to the people who actually get him. The Overeem comment was proof enough for this, and all the real Chael fans laughed over it. That’s what you do when you’ve been caught doing shitty stuff –make a joke out of it.

  20. Shawn says:

    That’s what I’ve been saying for a while now. He’s over done it, to the point that he’s run out of material and keeps recycling the same bit. And when he loses to Silva a second time, 80% of his material becomes irrelevant. He should have paced himself. He was such a likable, blue collar guy. But out of the spotlight. His verbal antics have brought him directly under it. But its also has given him a ‘douche bag’ persona. What will we be left with when he has nothing left to say. Or when no one cares to listen to him anymore. For a smart guy, he sure hasn’t thought much about that. Lol

  21. James says:

    Chael is the Andy Kaufman of mma

  22. Nick says:

    Nope. Not at all. I find it entertaining. You’re clearly too serious of a person to think it’s getting old and need to deal with it. Plus does this really deserve a post? It’s a person’s opinion. Honestly who gives a rats ass about my or his opinion unless it’s what you think. Pointless.

  23. slacker says:

    Sonnen is a very funny guy. But he really turned me off with his initial appearance on “Off the Record.” Since then, he has re – appeared and redeemed himself. I hope he continues on this still very funny, but humbler path.

  24. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I’m torn, Chael is a dirty cheater. But, he’s too entertaining to hate. You can’t take anything he says seriously unless he actually cares about the subject like MMA in NY.

    If he beats Anderson I hope he’s clean.

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, he is very entertaining – extremely clever and sharp – witted

      As for beating Anderson, I really don’t think he has a chance off the TRT and against a healthy Silva. He looked pretty strong physically against Stann and then much weaker against Bisping, so I don’t know what is going on with the guy. Silva knows he is just going to try and run through him, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he just KO’s him with a kick in the face, AKA the “Vitor special.” But if he feels early he is in no danger of losing, I hope Silva let’s it go a few rounds and gives us some of his own style of entertainment.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I think Chael is going to catch knees to the face, Rich Franklin style. Or TKO by cut (I know that’s specific) that’s only because he’s a bleeder and has a strong chin.

        Chael is kind of a one trick pony. Some people on here have said the reason he did so mediocre against Bisping is because of his TDD. Stann gas no TDD and Anderson is a black belt in BJJ. I can assume because of Werdum vs Overeem that Anderson would want Chael to take him down to use his BJJ.

        But, I remember Chael making Anderson stumble a couple times so who knows what’s going to happen.

  25. Chael Sonnen medium rare steak says:

    Chael Rulez

  26. Tyler says:

    Growing old? His antics have long since grown old. Dude is an assclown.

  27. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    get rid of fitch take a chill pill kidd………some of us have a sense of humour

  28. Xaninho says:

    It was already old before he started it…It’s just machoman randy savage antics…

  29. John C. says:

    Well written.

  30. greatest harry potter wizard says:

    Well written commentary Jose. These idiots who can’t see past the polished repertoire of that a phony politician spits out deserve to be banned from watching MMA. They are the mindless knuckledragging sect of who seem to think the US is the only country in the world. Hence the stupid USA chants vs fighters from other nations. These are the same idiots, who apparently like to overlook blatant cheating. 16:1 PED CHEATING, via Fael Sonnen and who I always suspected Failster Overeem. These are morons who should go back to watching WWE where this is rampant, and they can enjoy their fake fights and their fake staged angry talks. Do us a favor and gouge your eyes out please. Leave MMA to the people who can appreciate all factors of the sport, except cheating.

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