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Monday, 02/27/2012, 03:14 pm

Chael Sonnen Won’t Find The Same Success In Anderson Silva Rematch, Says Teammate

“I believe that if he’s in good shape no one can beat him, especially Sonnen. Anderson has a black belt level at Jiu Jitsu. When he puts the gi on he does great. He can attack and defend himself well with no gi and, fighting MMA, no comments. But I believe that next time he won’t let Sonnen take him down. He has excellent takedown defense. Sonnen won’t even touch him.”

Longtime training partner to Anderson Silva, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, tells Brazilian media outlet that Chael Sonnen will not be able to take down Anderson in their pending rematch.

In the original matchup between Sonnen and Silva, Sonnen was able to use his superior wrestling skills to takedown the champion and almost grind out a decision victory. It wasn’t until the fifth and final round that Anderson Silva was able to comeback from near defeat to submit Sonnen and retain the title.

After the match it was revealed that Silva fought with a couple of broken ribs. Could this be the difference? Will a healthy Silva dominate Sonnen like he does all his other opponents or will Chael be able to back up the hype and take out his rival once and for all?


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82 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Won’t Find The Same Success In Anderson Silva Rematch, Says Teammate”

  1. kushites says:

    the only reasons he did well against Anderson was due to his “unnatural” strength advantage from his abuse of his TRT dosages, and because Andy fought with two broken ribs and a cold. Andersonʻs only intent during that fight was to submit Chael to prove his Jiu Jitsu superiority. Remember he came out in full gi, as Chael said getting a black belt from the Nogueiraʻs is like getting a prize out of a Cracker Jack box. I guess he proved that his Jiu Jitsu is no joke. This time around, Chael will be clowned and exposed for the unethical, cheating trash he really is. Probably get KTFO, after being humiliated ala Damian Maia. One thing Sonnen and the world should remember, donʻt diss Anderson and his family, he is a loyal soldier till the death. That is the REAL martial Arts spirit. ANDERSON ALL DAY

    • david says:

      thats funny i dont recall silva saying he was unaturally strong in their fight, guess you would know better than him

      • bobby grooms says:

        he is just a dumbass that knows nothing about fighting. they havent mentioned silva had pain pills in his system and failed his ua also but sd he had cracked ribs and dana was looking crazy but ofcourse it has bn removed from the internet

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        You arer an idiot and if you knew forst thing about TRT and what it does to you when you abuse it beyond 4 times the maximum aloud you would know that it bascially makes you into a a super athlete power house. CHEAT Sonnen fought so far over his head in thta fighta nd it was due to having atestosterone level of 3400. The steroid FREAKS in muscle magazines are onlya round 2500. Even when Sonnen uses TRT and stays right under the max allowed it is still so far and above what most natural athletes have naturally. All you have to do is look back at pictures of Sonnen before Maia fight and you will see how soft he was. Now he is ripped and has the ROID FREAK LOOK IN HIS EYES. The otehr thing that is such friggen bullshit cheating is Sonnen is allowed to pump as much testosterone thru his body during training where ther eis noone monitoring his his levels just liek Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt. they are training with massive amounts of testostertone which allows them to recover 10 times faster from workouts training, and inkuries which creates a huge advantge over natural fighters. Only way TRT should be allowed is if they arfe all randomally tested. TRT is LEGAL JUICING which is ILLEGAL in every pro sport except MMA. LOOPHOLE FOR CHEATERS. nATE AND SONNEN BOTH HAVBE BEEN USING STEROIDS TEHRE ENTIRE CAREERS AND that is why their bodies are are screwed up nopw. ALL TRT is doing is giving all the guys who were steroid cheaters their entire careers that have ruined their bodys a band aid which amounts awarding them for ILLEGAL steroid usuage earlier in their fighting careers.

        • K2 says:


        • jbeamazing says:

          sonnen still takes trt’s and it only makes your testosterone levels normal and doctors only give it to you if your testosterone level is low and monitor the effects to make sure your balance just like hendo
          so before you write a anti sonnen book know what your talking about
          but i do wish they would cut jon lay and pray fitch

    • bobby grooms says:

      do you know how stupid you sound ? he wore the guy because he is a paper champ and does dumb shit for attention, when did he even attempt to take sonnen down to use that superior jiu jitsu? he didnt he was too busy getting his face bashed in, and if you watched the fight then you know silva failed his drug test for pain killers and thats when they lied and sd he had broken ribs, he left with them broke tho lol cuz sonnen beat his ass for 5 rounds and then silva caught him but silva knows he got his ass handed to him. grow up my dude stop idolizen this fake paper champ who only fights once a yr when made to.

      • bertram2323 says:

        lmao you completely embody the word ‘hater’. you dont know if silva had broken ribs before the fight or after, and you dont know that the reason they claimed afterwords that he had broken ribs was to avoid a suspension lol. stop acting like you know the ins and outs of the whole story. and getting his face bashed in? silva got punched like 300 times, and had not a mark on him to show. sonnen got tagged with maybe 30 shots and looked like the fight was reversed. not to mention he got trapped in yet another submission. and not to mention sonnen take’s trt, likely because he had previous steroid or some sort of hormonal abuse. a man who is not middle aged does not need testosterone replacement unless there is a previous reason why his testosterone was shut down. dan henderson is arguably the only acception because he’s 42, and even then, its arguable whether it should be allowed or not. but the trt is beside the point. my point is, sonnen lost, and got finished. and likely will get finished again. considering what bisping was able to do to him, what would you think a HIGHLY motivated, un-injured anderson silva would be able to do? and no im not a big silva fan, and no i’m not a sonnen hater, i’m a fan of both because of their skillset. that being said, anderson would destroy chael if both were uninjured, and at the top of their game. enough said, my friend.

      • Damion says:

        Bobby, you told this cat to “grow uP’ and then called Silva a “paper champ”? LMAO! Come on man, silva is a beast, he’s beaten teh best time after time…convincingly in most cases

      • jonsey says:

        hahah u idiot..who the hell told u silva was on pain killers…and if his ribs were not broke until after the fight why is that the first time he did pain killers??? loser

      • Xaninho says:

        Anderson Silva a paper champ? Really? Hahaha wow I don’t even have to write anything to make you look like the stupid dumbass you are..You did it right there all by yourself! Hahahahahah! PAPER CHAMP! You really wrote paper champ! Hahahahaha! WOW! I can’t stop laughing at your dumbass comment!

    • jonsey says:

      you are stupid…every fight andrrson has gi bro..i guess machida also wants to submit guys cuz he start in gi…u are an idiot my friend..but u only correct anderson was sick and cheal was in his best shape ever from his fake TRT shit…,if cheal had trouble with bisbitch and actually lost in a real fighters eyes anderson will killllllllllllllllll him this time around….i think anderson under estimated him last fight cuz he thought his big outh got him the fight…but this fight he will train hard cuz he is really scred from last fight,,,he s reallly trying avoid this fight…he is crying for gsp catch///he is the best but he is worried…

    • jacob lee says:

      wow some people will never shut up.

  2. Hightower says:

    Silvas wife called, she asked if uou could please remove her husbands nutsack from your mouth.

    • Pijan says:

      Still using that one? I mean, come on, even though Chaels one liners get dumber every time he opens his mouth, at least he has the courtesy of coming up with new material. I would assume this little joke of yours here could go both ways but I don’t think Chael’s boyfriend would approve of him sharing. So why don’t you put it back in your pants and stop beating off on the keyboard to Sonnen videos, because you may not have courtesy to the people on the internet but other people touch that man…just…disgusting.

    • not sure, HIV positive says:

      Fuck Pijan I thought it was funny and I don’t even like sonnen. Actually I don’t like sonnen or Silva.

      • Pijan says:

        Well I’m pretty sure you also thought it was probably funny the first thirty times you read it on here too didn’t you. I mean, I thought it was stupid the first twenty-nine times, but this time around it was just down right funny. I guess it was the way they worded it, you know, the exact same way. What better way to improve your rhetoric than just repeat the same thing until it catches on.

        • not sure, HIV positive says:

          Glad you see it my way.

        • Pijan says:

          Oh yeah, no, you’re absolutely right. You know I’ve been watching the same episode of Family Guy for 6 years now and it still makes me laugh my ass off every time. Great show that is, if only Seth McFarlane could come up with anything half as good as that joke though, American Dad wouldn’t suck.

    • Izzah Sports says:

      were talking facts not sacks! lol!

  3. Brad says:

    The 90s called they want their joke back

  4. phael sonnen says:

    i just finished your wife off…your turn…open wide…smile like a donut.

  5. NickDiazwas here says:

    Of course a brazilian who happens to be Silvas teammate would say this

  6. GRAMMAR NAZI says:


  7. Nick says:

    Why wouldn’t his teammate say something like this? let alone any Brazilian. Personally I like Chael, mainly because I have a sense of humor. I hope Chael wins. I want to see the crowds reaction.

  8. dubs says:

    ohhhh…so the first time Silva “let” Sonnen take him down over and over and over again? ok, that makes perfect sense.

  9. Jb says:

    I’m just tired of silva being a cocky ass. Everyone needs their ass kicked to give themselves a dose of reality

    • It’s especially annoying because of the fucking cans Silva fights.

      I guess Boestch is a top contender now, cause he KTFO Okami quicker and easier than Silva did.

      • Edd says:

        Actually Silva knocked out Okami in the 2nd round with less punches than it took Boestch in the 3rd round. So, yeah your statement couldnt be any more incorrect.

      • Joe Bidden says:

        LOL. Cans?

        He gets b-rated fighters now because he’s smashed every other one. Leben? Franklin (twice), Maia, Sonnen, Griffin, Hendo, Belfort? Since when are they cans? They were all top fighters (At the time, at least) and the only ones that went to decision were Leites and Maia. At least Silva finishes his fights, unlike Mr. Lay-and-Pray Sonnen who grinds out half-assed victories with his TRT-monkey strength.

        Cocky or not, any man that blows through top contenders like they’re trash deserve a little credit for being good. Sonnen? He deserves credit for hyping fights and having a solid wrestling base. If he dedicated half the time to training that he does for shit-talking, he might actually do well.

  10. bobby grooms says:

    what a bunch of tools you all are. if sonnen wasnt one tenth over on his testosterone anderson would have killed him huh? give me a break,anderson silva was taking pain pills during that fight did you tools know that? thats right your paper champ failed the drug test too, but it was hardly mentioned and then swept under the rug. give sonnen his due he took the paper champ down and beat his ass for 5 rounds and yes he then got submitted but bet your ass silva wasnt setting around telln anyone how badd he kicked sonnens ass cuz he didnt. you all should go out and get in a fight and then come back with your comments.

  11. Pijan says:

    All I see is a bunch of hating. That’s understandable, you mop the floor with the middle weight division, set who knows how many UFC records, go undefeated in the UFC (paper champ my ass), have one bad fight and everyone thinks ‘that’s the guy that’s going to beat you.’ Lol, if only MMA worked that way, given the circumstances, Silva still won that night, it doesn’t quite matter what you say because the fact is a fact. Silva has the real belt, while Sonnen rocks his replica. What is also a fact is had Sonnen even won, he would have been stripped and Silva would have won it right back anyways and we’d be stuck in the same predicament. I mean, Silva may be cocky, but he can back it up. What does Sonnen have to back up his arrogance? I’m pretty sure everyone here knows who I’ll be voting for when this fight rolls around. We’ll all see what happens when fight night comes around, but one thing I can guarantee; this won’t be the same fight, win or lose for Silva.

    • cody says:

      i know right all these haters hang on to the fact sonnen did well against him i mean guys he got choked out where does this hate come from silva is the best ever and hes only dick if the person hes fighting has said r done something disrespectful towards him sonnen lost and hes going to again it is what it is

      • Pijan says:

        All that is really left to say is, we’ll see.

        • Nick P says:

          Its funny, I see all these haters talk about PAPER champion.. yet no one in the division can beat Anderson, I was wondering what it would take to convince them otherwise. WHo has Chael beaten to deserve his recognition ? hes good at trash talk thats about it, maybe he should move to the WWE where theres room for things like that. I agree Chael has a good skill set but like it or not Anderson is a more complete fighter. What I hate about Chael is he talks so much trash about Jiu Jitsu over and over, yet almost EVERY fight he has lost was due to a Jiu Jitsu submission, Includng one of the quickest from Damian Maia. A smart fighter would think hhhmm, there are flaws in my wrestling !!!!!! maybe I should make the effort to learn some

    • Matt says:

      His fight against Maia wasnt too great either… lately he’s been unexciting minus the belfort kick… he’s cocky and its during a time where he can really prove what kind of person he is… used to like him until he started to just dance around like an idiot and try to win a points battle… would love to see sonnen destroy him

    • JT says:

      You all can say whatever, but Sonnen without a high testosterone levels wouldn’t even have a chance.. Let see here hight testosterone makes you more agressive and stronger. Pain pills leave you groggy and mellow? WTF are people talking about? You think pain pills helped Silva? As oppose to Sonnens testosterone levels? Gimmie a break and learn chemistry folks… That’s like say’ing Silva was on herroine and Sonnen was on cocaine… Any Silva won while in his dreary intoxicated state? lol… Sonnen is a cheat and this time, I hope Silva doesn’t let go of the choke… KIll the dirty FK….

  12. magoo says:

    Chael will do just fine against Silva, he doesn’t respect or fear him. Andy this aint gonna be a cake walk you will have your work cut out for you!

  13. Chartmonster says:

    Im a diehard Abderson fan from the beginning of time, and I’ll have to say that FKN CHAEL SONNEN GUY kicked the living shitt fuk out of the spida. I was amazed that a one dimensional wrestling white guy could do something like that. Anderson is the greatest and that was the first Time that I saw silva scared shittless. I don’t think what Chael did was a fluke, so Anderson better bring his witch doctor and Souza so they can convince Anderson that he’s going to win. Besides his ribs he also has an injured should .. God help him bc Chael will help him retire. I pray that Anderson shows up for this fight..

    A true Anderson fan:


  14. Mark Petrie says:

    I would love to see Chael win and that first fight was an amazing effort. That said, he looking horrible the last outing IMHO despite coming away with a W. He looked nowhere near championship form.

  15. Silva has a fire within that no one can quench, as of yet, and all of us have witnessed that for ourselves. That being said, even with that incredible heart, he is not marketable. It’s not his fault though, he has bigger priorities than sensationalizing a fight. For example his family, a priority we should all admire but no we want to be entertained, not grounded in reality with things much greater than the UFC. Chael is one of my favorite fighters because he knows how to be grounded that same way and still put on a show with mere political fallacy. He doesn’t really believe the bullshit he feeds but all of us do, which is why he keeps feeding the dumb horses, out there, carrots. Sonnen will beat Silva the second time, if and only if it goes the same way as the first fight. Silva barely kept his head above water, and luckily caught Chael with that triangle. Statistically the most unlikely result would be another submission by Silva. Chael will take Anderson down with ease and either get a decision or a knock out. If the fight doesn’t follow the previous schematic, then Anderson will have a chance to finish with a knock out.

  16. Santos says:

    @ Bobby grooms. ur a moron. if Silva failed the test they would have stripped him of his title. so ur an ignorance is offensive. and to say Silva is a paper champ. now i know ur a lame ass. he owns almost every record in the ufc. including ko’s. please do us all a favor and never reproduce. infact go hang ur self.

  17. Santos says:

    oh and by the way I’ve been in my share of 1on 1s. hell even 2 on 1. so bite me.

  18. G says:

    I just want to remind everyone: Sonnen fans are fucking morons. Talking to them is completely and utterly useless. Trust me when I say this: We will win no matter what, because when Silva wins (which he already has and will again), we will feel happy knowing how right we were. When Sonnen loses, the Sonnen fans don’t even care (because deep down they already know he’s going to lose again anyway). So, ultimately, Sonnen fans are just homosexual men who like loud-talking rednecks.

  19. jaagr says:

    silva will submit him again 😀 just watch 😀

  20. JP says:

    ”Almost win” and ”lose” are the same thing. Even more if the ”almost loser” didn’t get any hurt on his face, while the ”almost winner” went home covered with his own blood.

    • Mindaugas says:

      Please, open your eyes or put glasses on. Silva’s face was swallowed, bus he had no cut. So his face was busted up. Because he’s black, it’s harder to see, but look that fight again and you will see. And for those who say Silva silva took painkillers… He took them to say, that he had his ribs injured and fought Chael injured. He started to suck. Someone wrote that he humiliated Maia? Anderson almost got KTFO in the last round when he was running in the ring like Natural born runner Carlos Condit. In the beggining, he was great, he finished the fights, but now he absolutely suck. Even the fight with Belfort, he got lucky with that kick. So shut your mouth and start to think new excuses, because Anderson gonna have a hard night in Brasil.

      • Chugu says:

        Haha your an idiot… You have no idea what your talking about I bet you don’t even train… Typical nub fan with no idea what your talking about… He couldn’t even finish Bisping and u think he has a chance… Haha go back to watching WWE

  21. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Sonnen fans are the worst the guy only has wrestling he’s boring and wack as fuck

  22. Judge_Dreadz says:

    and he couldnt finish a sandwich Bising got robbed

  23. dlo' says:

    I still don’t understand why Sonnen is even fighting for the title. Shouldn’t he had fought Vitor for number one contendership. It amazes me how people get title shots without ever fighting people who are in line for the title. Anderson has shown nothing but respect his entire career to all his opponents including chael after submitting him. He had one bad moment with Maia and bo one has forgotten it, yet Chael has failed a drug test and convicted of fraud and no one remembers any of that, plus he’s fighting for the title again! I swear some of ya are biased.

  24. jason says:

    i hate that the UFC is forcing this fight so soon.
    anderson has stated on several recent occasions that both his shoulder and back are still very injured. he just had another surgery. he’ll be lucky if he’s able to fully train anywhere near 100% by May. so he’ll have maybe 4 weeks of camp. and we all know that no matter how hurt he is, there’s no chance he’ll back out…especially in Brazil. i just hope he’s at least 75% come fight night.
    and i also hope they actually perform a few random drug tests this time, like they are supposed to do. judhing by how much bacne chael had against bisping, i’d say he’s still abusing his “therapy”. it’s just not natural for a 30+ year old man to have that much acne on his body, unless he’s taking steroids. it’s sick, really.

  25. Thetude says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, this shit is hilarious, WARandy

  26. Me says:

    in the 1st fight Sonnen started his dominance with a punch that hurt Silva, it showed that silva was not in good shape cuz a healthy Silva wouldnt be caught with that. This time Sonnench will be finished soon!

  27. Chugu says:

    Chael barely beat Bisping what makes anyone think this fool has a chance…

  28. imatapherout says:

    after reading all this bullshhhit Im going upstairs and im going to take my wife to ground in her guard and ground pound and take her back then tapp that ass that for real.
    whos beating off to sonnen videos should be taken out back of the shed and shot the flea bitten varmint

  29. Bla DeBla says:

    Thats a bullshit article .

    Lets just say that its true .

    Even if Sonnen cant take Silva down Silva cant sustain any kinda tempo beyond 1 round .

    He can put in one good round then he goes into survival mode .

    Sonnen has too much going on for Silva .

    Sonnen out struck him in the stand up in the first fight & that is where his take downs came from , they came from his striking not his wrestling .

    Unless Silva can drive Sonnen backwards for 5 rounds he is going to lose .

    Silva cant even push the pace for one full round so he has no chance of pushing Sonnen back for 5 rounds .

  30. Dan Donofrio says:

    Oh my goodness! Too many people here are in Anderson’s pants looking for a crum. He did NOT fight with two broken ribs and a cold. That is ridiculous! I would agree he fought injured, but all fighters do. I had two broken ribs a few years ago and I could barely function. If his ribs were broken, I want the x-rays. Fighting with fractured/broken ribs would hinder most humans by 75-85% unless they were on pain meds. Speaking of which, since there is NO regulating body in Brazil, Silva DID end up taking pain meds before the Okami fight. He had a bad shoulder. Poor guy always seems to be fighting injured. Maybe the best question here would be this…What’s worse? Fighting on too much TRT, or fighting on pain meds? Anyone ever taken percocet or vicodin? Not only does it fight the pain, it makes you super happy as well. That would seem like a GREAT advantage. There have been a handful of fighters suspended for using pain meds before a fight. I believe Leben was the last big name to get a year’s suspension for that…I wonder how he feels about The UFC regulating itself in Brazil, allowing Silva to dose up on pain meds before a title fight and NOT get suspended for a year…Pretty shitty if you ask me, though Leben is NO Silva…Anderson Silva may be a hypocrite, but he is no idiot. He knows that pain meds are forbidden in the states prior to a fight, but he also knows they are not forbidden in Brazil before a fight…Makes one wonder why Silva would call Sonnen a cheat when facts would state Silva is a cheater too! Again, ask yourself this…Would you rather fight a beast all dosed up on pain meds or all dosed up on TRT? It’s a toss up to be honest. You rarely hear Chael complaining about injuries, but you ALWAYS hear Silva complaining about injuries…At least his meds are acceptable in his mind…Peace out to all, and to all a good fight!

  31. belgarath says:

    what u mean wont have the same success I thought the deal with the first fight was that silva wanted to sub him an not strike, so if he supposedly let sonnen take him down which I dont think he did. he got his ass handed to him an sonnen made the mistake of laying there I bet that wont happen again

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