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Wednesday, 10/05/2011, 12:59 pm

Chael Sonnen Wants A Steak From Anderson Silva's Wife

“You tell Anderson Silva I’m coming over and I’m kicking down his backdoor and patting his little lady on the ass and I’m telling her to make me a steak, medium-rare just how I like it.”

Although Chael Sonnen has been very quiet in the time leading up to his fight with Brian Stann at UFC 136, when speaking to the MMA Show, he still has no loss of words when it comes to middleweight champion Anderson Silva. If Sonnen can defeat Stann, he will be setting himself up for a rematch with the reigning pound for pound king. Will Sonnen’s trash talk be all for nothing, or are we headed towards a rematch of one of the best fights of 2010?


129 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Wants A Steak From Anderson Silva's Wife”

  1. Jim says:

    Uncalled for. That’s family. It’s not like Anderson is saying that he’s gonna bury Chael next to his dad. C’mon Chael….

    • Lex w says:

      I agree he did go 2 far

      • MMA All Day says:

        I think the world all knows that Sonnen is a full on douchebag. That people actually find this guy funny amazes me; he’s more annoying than anything. ne-who, the fucker’s going to get dropped by Stann and then he’ll be a whopping 3-3 in the UFC. while on ROIDS yet…woohoo, go Chael – your something special alright.

        • Quazzi says:

          lol stann drop chael? Not likely. Agree that this comment is a dick move by chael but most of is stuff is just funny

        • Josh says:

          Stann tko’d Leben and Leben is one of the toughest guys to beat with strikes. I won’t be surprised if Stann does k.o. Sonnen.

      • dyllan says:

        i think you are all overreacting. you are not anderson you have no right to offended by this because it isnt about you. grow up dude. he’s just shit talking. its what he does. let him do it because its mostly funny

        • dynomania says:

          I’ve never been so happy not to know someone on a forum.

        • Will says:

          Plain n simple, trash talking is ok but there is a line. You don’t involve another person’s family. Even more so, since he isn’t even speaking of you in the first place. He crossed that line and deserves what ever comes to him. If he manages to grind out another pussy fight as usual against Stann, I promise Anderson will destroy this a**hole. If you are a fan of this pussy, pray he is able to fight again after the beating he is gonna get from Anderson.

    • Mike McMack says:

      I hope Anderson KO’s him in the first 30 seconds of their rematch just for saying something like that.

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      Come on, if ur gonna trash talk seriously don’t involve any family during ur tirade of nonsense! If ur even half the man ur pretending to be, u wouldn’t have to try & bring in another man’s wife into all your BS talk! Oh wait correction, ur not a “real” man cause u need roids & TRT or whatever the freak ur shooting urself up with! Good luck this sat, hope u get ur “ass” thoroughly whooped!

    • Ryan says:

      Hell no that’s no uncalled for that’s funny

  2. Josue Esquivel says:

    That was uncalled for on Sonnen’s behalf. I know he has a score to settle with Anderson but, trying to get into his head isn’t right at all.

  3. steven horgan says:

    ha ha chael will come out with anything, some times uncalled for but always entertaining, if stann beats him hee might aswell retire because this is a must win

  4. CHART.. the Homosexual! says:

    Hope this guy is brutally curbed stomped one day….. Brian Stann please answer my dream

    • adrian says:

      immature reply much? Chael makes fun at Anderson’s wife and he deserves to be stomped?

      • Brian says:

        If someone talked about your wife/family i’d bet you want to beat them up…Any who karma will bite this guy in his ass it already has once when anderson slapped his legs around him when he was totally dominating anderson…You could say it was luck and skill but i believe it was also some karma

      • MolotovPlanCocktail says:

        cheal has said so much disrespectful and sometime racists shit against brazilians and Silvas, hes GOING to get stomped (or sinse were talking about brazilians, get his arm broke from a omoplata) very soon

  5. Mach00man says:

    And get his dumbass choked out again.

  6. jason N says:

    guy is a jerk off. no class. And he wonders why americans root for a brazilian to beat his ass. Just shut your mouth Chael

  7. APR says:

    This is great, so when they fight Silva will kick his ass twice as hard :)

  8. Glynn says:

    I never wanted Sonnen to have the honor of fighting Silva again, but now I want to see Silva literally kill him inside the ring. Silva could have killed him last time, if he really wanted, Sonnen’s the biggest faggot in the UFC and has the second to worst record.

    • J C says:

      guy is a total douche but second to worst record. you dun goof’d

      • Mo says:

        He’s 3-2 in the UFC, all of his victories by the way of unanimous decision, both losses by way of triangle choke. And yet he still thinks he’s the greatest fighter of his time?? Hyping a fight shouldn’t require cheap shots at one’s family! I hope he Stann punches him so hard that Sonnen gets Alzheimer’s !!

        • The Dude says:


          He was also subbed by Horn and Babalu

          .500 record

          quits 50% of the time he sets foot in the octagon

        • Mo says:

          You are right sir. Jeremy Horn fought beat him 3 times! Brian Stann needs to get Jeremy Horn to train with him, or whoever else fights this chump next!

      • MolotovPlanCocktail says:

        all his losses ARE by triangle lol, not good for a pro ground and pounder

        • The Dude says:

          Jeremy Horn, Paulo Fihlo and Trevor Prangley all armbarred him and Horn also got him with a guillotine once and tko’ed him once.

          The only way he pat’s Anderson’s lady on the ass is if she subs him, which she probably could, everyone else has.

        • Nicky Francis says:

          Aaaaahhhh shit! Savage burn!

        • krafty11 says:

          you forgot to add Demian Maia.. Sonnen even got choked out by Babalu.. you would think Chael wouldve worked on his sub defense by now. lolz…

  9. J says:

    Really man? That’s too far talkin about Silva’s wife. He shouldn’t have brought family into it, that’s messed up.

  10. Ninjaman says:

    Come on folks, its only words and promotion! I am craving some steak now!

  11. Rusk says:

    I’m American and I think chael is the funniest thing since sliced bread

  12. Surfari says:

    Desperate people do desperate things

  13. RedBeard says:

    I can’t wait to see a rematch between those two, and regardless of the stupid remarks to the contrary, it was a great fight.

  14. 3ric says:

    Chael Sonnen is an American Legend. Respect to him and f^#@ all you haters.

  15. Nick says:

    Such a douche bag

  16. phenom101 says:

    He’s scared of vitor, that’s why he is trying to avoid belfort by picking on silva!!!

  17. Danny says:

    Totally uncalled for, I don’t know what I want more, Stann to win because I honestly think he deserves it or Chael to win so Anderson can beat him so bad he won’t be able to eat the Medium rare Steak his wife cooked for him.

  18. Robsta says:

    Keep ’em coming Chael. I love the talk!

  19. rayed says:

    Chael is a bad ass and y’all are going to see the same thing as the last fight with out chael tapping.
    The American Gangster bitches!!

  20. Devilock says:

    Does anyone still take what Chael says seriously? I’ll read his comments and watch his videos, but it’s mainly because I need a laugh.

  21. the dude says:

    chael makes me laugh…some of the stuff that comes from his mouth is funny and entertaining i think he is a good match up for anderson but i dont think he is in the spot to call out anderson he still has a heavy handed brian stann in his way

  22. Dudes... says:

    Cross the line? Uncalled for? Shouldn’t bring family into it? Dudes, what the heck was really offensive that Chael said in that particular comment? Offensive to Silva or his wife? If wife, what was offensive to the wife? If you turn it around, it’s complimentary, saying that his wife has a nice ass and cooks well ! Now if Chael said “Anderson’s wife’s ass is so fat that the DEA is investigating her for having so much crack,” then that would be crossing the line. But until then…

    • riga says:

      Then let’s talk about your wife and how she can bake a steak for me.
      and if it’s good ill give her a slap on that fine ass of her!!!!
      don’t be mad it’s just a compliment when i tap that ass!!

      • Dude..YEAH, LET'S... says:

        Is the word “pat,” “slap,” or “tap????????????” THINK ! BE RATIONAL ! Tell me: why would YOU or your WIFE find that offensive? And where on earth are YOU from where steaks are BAKED????? Broiled, yes, fried, yes, barbequed, yes,…..BAKED? NO !!!

        (I bet you’re already distracted…)

        • riga says:

          I gues you have never been outside of your country.
          Cus then you would have much more knowledge about how to cook, bake food. And you may choose wich word you like slap or tap. I know that many options makes it a little blurry for you to choose. it all means the same.Lets do that to your wife or girlfriend and see if she and you don’t find it offensive. Your just beeing an a#@. Your probably up in chaels butt. How can you be rational.Chael has no respect. That the first teaching of Martial Arts. Be HUMBLE !!!! But that just shows your character. It’s probably the same as Chaels. Losers attitude!!! And believe me Chael knows exactly what losing is. He experienced it a few times.

  23. Heath says:

    Be careful Chael, the ref wont be there this time to keeping you from being choked to death.. I used to be a fan of this clown. I still respect his fighting skills but the things he has said about Brazil and its people, and now this.. I will no longer support this clown, I hope Anderson breaks him…

  24. jay says:

    your all senstive pussies.

    i hope chael beats him down again.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      the only sensitive pussyy was the guy who looked at the ref like a lost bitcch after he tapped the first time they fought.

      • Chael? says:

        You talkin’ ’bout Chael? you make no sense whatsoever….

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          yea thats what chael tried tellin the ref after he tapped too lol. dumbs minds dont understand things and is why u dont understand me and chael didnt understand the ref. watch the fight again to refresh ur dumb memory.

        • Chris says:

          He makes perfect sense actually…

      • Chael? says:

        Chael is sensitive because he looked at the ref “like a lost bitcch?” Huh?
        Explain yourself, if you can.

        Anyone can say, “look, if you don’t understand, YOU’RE STUPID !” If an explanation is too difficult for you, just say so. And “dumb” is not the adjective to describe “memory.” “Poor” would be the better descriptive term.

        God bless you.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          lol getting pretty technical there with your grammar. can i use pretty as an adjective there? i meant to use it as a replacement for words like slightly or other words which describe something inconsiderable. and yes when chael found out he had lost he became a sensitive whiny bitchh in the octagon, regardless if your poor memory remembers his actions immediately following his loss (see i changed dumb to poor for you because you can’t muster up an actual response besides correcting one’s grammar.)

        • Chael? says:

          how could I respond when you initially said nothing? like now, you’re still saying nothing. i still have nothing to respond to other than your ramblings. YOU ARE SAYING NOTHING ! Chael said he came up short and that Silva was tough after that fight “in the octagon.” (see how a point is continues…) So, you are asked again: what part of that makes Sonnen “a whiny bitchh?” Here, I’ll answer for you: “duhhhh…i don’t know. which way did he go???”
          mmaislandjunkie: you revealed that you’re just an idiot who works off of emotion, is riled easily, and unable to put simple thought into words. I’ll be watching your comments closer now just because……………A L O H A !

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          my first response was not even to you it was to the poster above me jay, which if you look at the sequence of posts it should be obvious. you then decided to question my response to him asking if i was speaking about chael and since what i said about chael was that he was a sensitive pusssy-again in response to jays intial post- i firgured i would elaborate on the sensitive pussyy statement. now you’re the one going off subject and pretending to be above me on some type of intellectual level when you’re just making yourself look like a sad loser failing at making any real point. i’ve stuck to and explained why i wrote what i wrote, what are you trying to do?

        • Chael? says:

          Roger that, junkie, (is that like in druggie?) .you still haven’t said anything. I’m fine with that. Have a good day, sir.

        • e says:

          gtfo grammar fag

        • Chael? says:

          tough talk from a dumbass who can’t spell his name and could only get the first letter correct…
          and who is bringing up grammar besides you, Ethel?

        • Chris says:

          He shouldn’t have to explain himself. It is entirely clear who he is talking about.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Plain and simple, Phael tapped so stop with the “again” shit. He lost, and when he tapped, he basically said, “I don’t want you to choke the life out of me, Mr. Silva, so I submit to you. Please let me stay conscious.”

  25. bizzle says:

    It is obvious he doesn’t come from a martial arts background due to his lack of respect and common decency.. Like Silva said he is a born loser..

  26. Adrian Hemmer says:

    Let’s see if Sonnen can fight without his steroids for the rest of his fights like he did against Silva.

  27. ol raz says:

    I know that some people think this is entertainment and promotion for the fight but Sonnen is turning this into WWE and that really takes away the true essence of the sport. Anderson the Spider Silva is Always gracious in victory and humble as a champion. I never hear him talking bad about his challenger only talking about himself and his training. Silva is a Master in the martial arts, a sensei. He is respected and loved. These traites will never go away and his UFC record will ensure his MMA legend. Silva is the kind of warrior that can and will be recognized along side Bruce Lee, they are interested in combat. that is not a battle between two people. it is a battle for you to be the best you on that given day. Sonnen is slowly turning into an MMA joke. his record speaks for itself no matter what hype or spin he tries to put on it. He will be out of the ufc and the spotlight very soon, training new fighters with lindland….and the only way he’ll be remembered is for dominating a fight while on steroids and then LOSING by tapout meaning he LOST, he gave it to the Champion by saying I QUIT. I got Edgar, Aldo and Stann winning on Saturday

  28. mmaislandjunkie says:

    chael deserves to be murdered for this type of comment. hes playing w fire, next time anderson may take a suspension to make sure he gets to break chaels arm and leave him unconscious in the ring twitching like the piece of shitt he is.

  29. jon doe says:

    lets see, during his fight with silva he pillow fisted him for 4 and a half rounds which would have taken the decision. took silva only 8 seconds of jiu jitsu to potentially break sonnens arm and choke him to death. I wish the self proclaimed peoples champ (wait thats not a weight class!) would do more talking in the octagon.

  30. JL2002 says:

    Silva’s actions speak louder than Sonnen’s words. Silva defeated the master and the student (Okami). That’s gotta knock Chael’s confidence. Probably explains his recent lack of verbal rubbish leading up to his match against Stann.

  31. pat his lady on the ass LMAO Chael you dog. you

  32. The Dude says:

    He should ask her to cut it for him too, since he won’t have any teeth left once Anderson is done with him.

    Wrong dude to piss off. He already lost to him once and Anderson was nice and let go of that armbar….

  33. Mike Diaz says:

    There’s a line and it was just crossed! I still got Chael to beat Stann. Stann will find out what it takes to be the #2 MW come Saturday night. PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  34. true fan says:

    if you are a true chael sonnen you would know he would never say such a thing. for one he doesnt cus and he is to family arienated to go and say something like that.

  35. The natural says:

    I think if u think this guys funny or whatsoever entertaining or even the littlest way a fan of this guy u deserve to be curb stomped out this isn’t even whit trash funny. This guys such a douche this shld be end of anymore attention goin towards this delusional no class moron that’s nothing with out a needle and shld be kicked out of sport for all the other immature dumb shit you’ve done looks like Freddy crugers brother too how can u support a guy with at best a 500 avrg could even be a champ Don’t be scared homie way to show up in brazil pussy fart hope Stan knocks your teeth out Loser

  36. jj says:

    i agree with all of u, his shit talking has gone to far but i hate silva too and hate to say it but sonnen will beat stann then beat silva and will become mw champion guaranteed

  37. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Pathetic. Seriously, no class whatsoever.

  38. north jersey says:

    the best guy silva beat was hendo and the rest were werent shit. i mean lets be honest here, hendos great but to have that as the best guy u beat and ur supposed to be the greatest mma artist of all time is a fuckin joke lol. his titles defenses against lutter ,laetis, cotai. and maei or however u spell there names, come one what a fuckin joke no wonder why he looks so dominate fighting a bunch of shitters like that in the worst division in ufc history. the best he beat hendo sonnen griffen marquart and an overrated rich franklin and hes supposed to be the best ever seriously. fuckin sad. fedors run was way better and at least he was fighting guys alot bigger than him not fighting guys way smaller with less talent. just think about the facts, not how domianate he looks against smaller guys with no talent

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      You angry because your momma got a crush on Silva?

    • Josh says:

      Silva has made pretty much everyone that they throw at him look like they’re trash fighters by dodging their attacks and making them look silly. Also you forgot to mention how Silva defeated Vitor Belfort.I honestly don’t know why you try to say Hendo isn’t that good and saying Fedor is better than Silva when you know Silva beat Hendo and Hendo knocked out Fedor in the first round. Hendo was the much smaller guy in his fight against Fedor. A lot of people that Fedor fought weren’t that great and a lot of them were one dimensional. At least you don’t see Silva fighting sumo wrestlers that have absolutely no striking skills also Fedor did fight a few guys that were much smaller than he was and the only big guys he fought were one dimensional guys that everyone knew he could beat. Matt Lindland is a middle weight boxer and he fought Fedor and lost by submission. Anytime Fedor went up against a decent fighter he’d win by decision. Silva actually fights guys that weigh as much as he does and has never had a 50 pound weight advantage like Fedor or 16 pounds on a guy and still get knocked out. If Silva’s opponents aren’t that good then name some fighters that he should be fighting

      • nick says:

        well f–king said. I say give sonnen two steaks for his swollen eyes after the fight. and for good measure shove the rest of the cow down his throat till he taps out again

  39. Tasha & John says:

    lol more miss than hit… nowhere near as good as as the carrot joke.

  40. THupp says:

    Anyone who didn’t expect this out of chael is dumb. He’s by far the biggest trash talker in mixed martial arts.

    But he backs every bit of it up.
    He’s the only person to win 4 rounds against silva since silva entered the UFC.

    My prediction, chael is gonna hold staan on the canvas for the whole fight, or ground and pound him out in the second round.
    Then if chael doesn’t get caught in a triangle this rematch, silvas wife will be serving him a nice steak dinner.

  41. GodGaveMeStyle55 says:

    Is it just me or is chael trying to bait anderson into trash talking back? The obvious counter-diss is to say after the fight he won’t be able to chew that steak by himself..


    Junkie im tired of u replying to everything.. Can you go and die?

    BTW Chael is hilarious but he’s barking up the wrong tree. Anderson is not to be messed with son.

  43. Jeez..everybody all fired up about a pat on the ass comment. W/E more important shit going on in this world then to worry about bs. George the mma news writer got u guys all fired up. I got Chael FTW!

  44. qwerty says:

    The comments here are funny. I want to see pictures of Andersons wife now. And taste her cooking.

  45. Big T says:

    Why don’t Chael is a WWE wrestler..nothing more at this point. Why dosn’t any of the MMA Web Pages Rags press him on the Roids? Or stealing money? Oh thats right..they need to stay in Daddy Dana happy land so they can get into a UFC event.

  46. zack says:

    Wow that’s so disrespectful. We all know what happens when you do that to anderson tho.. flash KO. Chael just lost the rematch with that comment if he even gets it

  47. Jmad says:

    A.S. is going to clown this fool if they get a rematch. I think he’s really gonna make Sonnen look stupid, in the ring. He already looks stupid out of it, is he that desperate? What is he trying to do? At first some of the stuff was funny but now he just looks like a joke.

  48. oyston says:

    This guy aint kicking no back door in he’s to scared to even go to brazil suck your dead dad sonnen prick

  49. Josh says:

    Stann has submitted someone with a triangle before so it’s not exactly safe for him to try to just out wrestle him

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