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Thursday, 08/09/2012, 02:53 pm

Chael Sonnen vs "Unnamed Rival" on a Grudge Weight Bout | UFC News

Chael Sonnen reveals an upcoming bout with an unnamed opponent on Wed in his twitter account.

Theories of Wanderlei Silva being the unnamed opponent come to play. Over the past few years, MMA fans witness jabs between Wanderlei and Chael exchanged through different media outlets.

Share your thoughts and theories PENN Nation.

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69 Responses to “Chael Sonnen vs "Unnamed Rival" on a Grudge Weight Bout | UFC News”

  1. Ryan Prieur says:

    You gotta hand it to the guy, love him or hate him, he creates situations that keep fans interested. I’m not a chael fan, but I’m dying to know who the mostest opponent is lol

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    It sounds like it might be rashad lol. Thats a great match-up. Lol rashad wanting to cut to 185 and then the stare down pic everythig seems to point at rashad vs chael.

  3. learntoread says:


    Or quite possibly Machida (being that they’ve had strong words for each other in the past), and the fact that Lyoto is now looking like a man working towards a cut down to 185 (weighed in at 201 last weekend). Lyoto also suggested that he would be more than willing to fight again before challenging the winner of Jones/ Hendo.

    • @GetEducatedMMA says:

      youre an idiot. Lyotas getting a title shot. He wouldnt risk losing it to Chael Sonnen. He came out looking to impress so he could get a title shot. He wouldnt have tried if he planned to blow it. No, the match up seems more likely to be rasahd or W. Silva .

      • @GetEducatedMMA says:


        • gouldx87 says:

          Your an idiot actually lyoto said he will fight again if they want him to before a title shot. Why would wanderlei and chael (2 middle weights) fight at a catch weight. it could be Rashad yeah but your still dumb

        • Michael says:


      • Blow Job Penn says:

        You’re a dick bro! for real, if you have to insult someone just to get your point across.

      • jrdenn1981 says:

        No, you’re the idiot. Anyone who can’t see that he is talking about Wandy is an idiot.

        In his Tweet, Chael says: I don’t care enough about him to cut to 185.

        #(1) Does Rashad or Lyoto fight at 185? No. Have they ever fought at catchweight? No.

        #(2) Does Chael have a grudge with Rashad? No. They are friends and co-host UFC On FUEL. Who does Chael have a grudge with? Wandy.

        Summary: Wandy just fought at catchweight (190 lbs) vs. Rich, Also, Wand is a MW whereas Lyoto and Rashad are not. Furthermore, Lyoto is booked to fight for the LHW title next. Finally, ever since their van ride, Chael and Wandy have wanted to fight.

        So, by process of elimination, the answer is Wandy.

  4. stephen riddle says:

    Im glad hes taking another fight!

  5. Chaelisdead says:

    Whoever it is sonnen will get his face smashed again and hopefully finally retire. Or go to wwe where he belongs.. Fuck i’d fight him if I could

  6. Magoo says:

    Sure you would,,dumb fuck!!!

  7. True MMA says:

    If it’s Machida, Chael’s gonna have nap in the first round.

  8. David says:

    Could be rampage

    • @GetEducatedMMA says:

      It wouldnt be rampage. He is already scheduled to fight Glover, a fight he’ll most likely lose then be released from the UFC afterward. He even said he didnt want to fight for the UFC anymore. EVeryone knows this is probably rampages last fight, including other fighters like chael. Chael wouldnt hint at a fight with rampage when theres potential that he will be released. No, the matchup is more likely Rashad or W.Silva

  9. Chael's syringe says:

    I will be used wisely.

  10. SinCe 2004 says:

    “i dont care about him enough to cut to 185″ … That means its a middleweight, so its not rashad, lyoto, or rampage u stupid fucks.

    • hazza says:

      why would you have a catch weight for two guys at their ‘natural’ fighting weight class?

      this site is dumber than youtube sometimes

      • Jc says:

        185 is not their natural weight class you dumb fuck what do you think cutting is? 200lbs is closer to Chaela natural weight as with any other middle weight . This site is full of retards if you cannot see that he is talking about wanderlie silva

    • you sir,are a moron says:

      Much respect to you vinny for being a professional mma fighter and taking time to get on a mma news site and talk to the fans..hopefully we’ll see you back in the ufc soon.and mad props for not caring what people think and helping train chael.

  11. Bob says:

    Is Wanderlie or Rampage!!

  12. Twopieceandabiscuit says:

    I don’t beleive anything this guy says.i just think he’s stirring shit up just to get some attention.if its wanderlei chael will fucking destroy him.

  13. Dee says:

    Chael can beat Wanderlie, he’ll probably spend the whole fight trying to take Rampage down, and he’ll never beat Rashad.

  14. Drew says:

    It’s Wandy because rich has always met him at like 190 or 195 so probably so… Yet it would interesting if u hear glover gets injured in practice and it’s chael vs rampage… Rampage was in an interview basicly saying be a man chael star by ur word and leave, fuck chael, he should go to professional wrestling where fans like all that shit taking

  15. Nick says:

    It’s probably Wandy. I want to see Chael win. I doubt he’s gonna lose. Lol it sounds like something he would say to fight him, I’m interested in this one.

  16. g00db0y says:

    its joe rogan

  17. Adam says:

    you’re all wrong, its steven seagal

  18. B-rad says:

    its prob either Shad or Wand.. either one is an awsome fight

  19. Alex says:

    Its Rashad Evans.

  20. Diezel says:

    Wandy makes sense , But I may be overlooking, but where’s the mention of Vitor?

  21. Damon Upton-greer says:

    ahh how about vitor belfort? since belfort fights at middleweight and chael has said he can’t be bothered cutting to 185 to fight him that’d make sense? and belfort has a history of fighting above 185. Not to mention he’s brazilian and we all know how much chael loves them

  22. yup says:

    it could be Vitor they don’t like each other. it would make sense

  23. SATCH says:

    it’s gonna be THE UNDERTAKER!!!

  24. I hope its rampage..I dont think its Wanderlei, Chael has even said in past interviews that he doesn’t want to see him hurt. I would love to see Chael and Rampage go at it.

  25. scouser says:

    R.I.P again sonnen you joke.

    • jmfnw says:

      Sonnen beat the shit outta Silva didn’t he? For almost 5 straight rounds. RIGHT??? The only joke is that Silva is still the champ. Sonnen beat him like a fifth grader the whole fight!!!! I saw it, you saw it, everyone saw it. There’s no disputin’ that fact.

  26. maurice says:

    as far as i know wanderlei isnt scheduled for a fight, and we all know he’s one of the few ppl who fight multiple times at catch weights. as bad as wanderlei chin is, i wouldnt be shocked if he fucked chael up. i dont wanna see it tho. if wandy wins he gets the glory. if he loses, he doesnt want to be retired by chael sonnen of all ppl…a loss to chael would hurt wandy deep!

  27. jmfnw says:

    All you Chael haters…. you can say what you want, but fact be known he’s one of the best pound for pound and I dare any of you to step in the ring with’im. He’s bad and he knows it. He’s no different than Rashad in the shit talk game other than he’s better. You gotta love the guy. He’s hilarious and he’s a man’s man. A true bad ass. I mean you seen what he did to Silva in the first fight he demolished him. Even Dana White said he refused to put the belt around his waiste, cause he didn’t deserve it. He smashed Silva for right at 5 straight rounds, busted his face open in every orifica and made a laughing stock outa the man. He’s the best middle weight fighter out there.

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      Seriously pound 4 pound that’s going a bit far he’s more than likely still in the top five or ten MIDDLEWEIGHTS I’ll give him that (maybe) but not pound 4 pound chief that’s just silly anyone who get submitted more than 5 times to the same submission and really isn’t in the top tier of strikers with next to no submission skills of his own cant possibly be in the talks for pound 4 pound can he? His wrestling is pretty awesome and i don’t like Chael (hate is a stoing word) but that is about it and that’s before we even touch on trt don’t know too much bout it do just gonna leave that there. Don’t know about the rest of you blokes but martial arts to me is about respect discipline and being confident in yourself to the point where you don’t have to act like a tool which to me is what Chael is all about just my opinion doesn’t mean it’s right

  28. mj says:

    IMO cant be rashad, prep and promo for a fight with Chael would put off his title run at 185 if he really does go. Rahsad will fight a top 5 guy at 185 but the UFC wants to milk the USA vs Brazil thing for all its worth. With all the video(van) history of trash talk and camps… Selling this fight would be easy. Sonnen vs Evans is a lose lose for them, If sonnen wins then what? and if Evans does then They send a guy up to LHW on 2 losses? Nope, last fight for V. Silva, he proabably said ok I will retire just give me Chael. Vitor wont take a catch while he is top 3 and Chael told Rampage that he wasnt on his level… true Jackson is done. So feed Silva to Sonnen, all of brazil will buy the PPV and Chael get a semi tune up fight before moving full time to 205. Just how I see it, but Im not Joe S

  29. Justen says:

    I agree probably Wand. Wand wants to kill him! lol, donno if he can though. That’s actually Kind of interesting match up now that I think about it.

  30. HypeMonkey says:

    I would kill to see him fight Rampage. I would love to see Chael smack the crap out of him verbally and physically, lol.

  31. tristanpt27 says:

    Did something happen to Rampage? I’m wondering why none of you guys think it’s him? Wanderlei. Really??? He got his ass pounded by Leben who’s not even a top 10 guy. Chael’s been bickering with Rampage lately and Rampage has a couple fights left in him (so he thinks…). Why not Rampage?

  32. Bob'O says:

    It’s Wandy braddahs, and Chael will beat him. Chael would also smash the no longer any heart Rampage, who I always loved to watch fight. Just doesn’t seem to care anymore.

    Chael vs Rashad would be a Fitch hump-Fest.

    Machida will knock them all out just like he’s gonna do to Bones Jones this time around. 😉 ~Bob’O

  33. Keep up you suck fucks says:

    It’s rampage he talked shit about chale and calked him a bitch in an interview after ufc 148

  34. MMAniak says:

    He’s fighting BJ Penn

  35. Your Mother says:

    LOL so much for saying he beat Silva 5 rounds LOL he had to juice up just to maintain 5 rounds and the second fight he was so out of it he tried to do a back spinning fist that put his ass on the floor. He is good at what he does but come on the man was so scared he juiced up to say that he beat him then gets torn apart in the second fight reason why he barely said anything in the interview except give him respect for once. Quit the bickering he’ll fight because he wants to and trash talking makes it more Appealing look what happened to Bisping when talk Shit about Hendo he got his mouth locked up for 30sec. Trash talking makes the fight that more exciting. Josh is another trash talking and Hsu face lumped up by GSP.

  36. Kingron84 says:

    Wand has good TdD his only weakness is his chin but everyone knows Sonen punches like a bitch so he has a good chance

    • mj says:

      Who has tried to take Silva down? Chael can get anyone down and even though he lost to Anderson, he did a lot better than any other fighter till now. He might even get the next KO via slam.

  37. birdcitybutcher says:

    it could be wandy or possibly rampage. i think theyve exchanged heated words not too long ago and rampage is prolly looking for a good payday before his exit

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