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Monday, 07/09/2012, 03:00 pm

Chael Sonnen’s Team Requesting Rematch "There’s Enough Doubt With All The Fouls To Warrant A Rematch." | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Chael Sonnen’s trainer Scott McQuarry comments to The MMA Show and MMA reporter Jonathan Snowden.

In the UFC 148 main event  Anderson Silva knocked out Chael Sonnen in the second round to retain his Middleweight Title. However the result may not be as cut and dry as you would expect.

Chael Sonnen’s coach Scott McQuarry got in contact with the  Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).  He discussed the knee that Silva threw while Sonnen was down against the cage and stated that it was thrown with bad intentions and did hit the face of Sonnen.

“We started the process of filing a complaint with the Nevada Athletic Commission. We believe the knee that Anderson Silva threw was illegal with the clear intent to strike the face. And it did in fact connect with the face. Chael bit his tongue and needed eight stitches.”

However Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer informed him the complaint would almost certainly not result in the fight being declared a no contest.

This forced McQuarry to take a different route and now plans to ask the fans and UFC president Dana White for a rematch.

“What I’m going to do is change my tactic,”

“We’re going to ask for a rematch. We deserve a rematch. If the only way Anderson Silva can win is by cheating, we need to keep a closer eye on Silva before and during a fight. And we need a rematch now. Legal knee or illegal knee, there’s enough doubt with all the fouls to warrant a rematch.”

In addition to the knee strike Silva was also caught rubbing Vaseline on his chest and arms at the start of the fight as well as being  warned for grabbing shorts twice.

In McQuarry’s opinion the grabbing of the shorts and Vaseline had an effect on the outcome of the bout.

“I think it did make a difference in the outcome,” McQuarry said. “I know that Chael grabbed Silva’s shorts briefly too in response, but not for 15 seconds and two punches.”

McQuarry hopes that the fans will make their voices heard.

“They need to call the UFC. We need a rematch. Chael is a great champion and deserves a fair fight.”

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191 Responses to “Chael Sonnen’s Team Requesting Rematch "There’s Enough Doubt With All The Fouls To Warrant A Rematch." | UFC News”

  1. kong says:

    Ain’t gonna happen. Be a man and admit you got your ass kicked and move on. You shouldn’t have been there in the first place because you lost the Bisbing fight.

    • bxer says:

      Agree! Plus are all the stupid people forgot Anderson Silva is one of the most accurate stickers on the planet? Chael sonnen will down the rest of his miserable and pathetic life finding excuses for why he lost,remember Rashad vs Tito Ortiz? Fuck you chael be a man not a bitch,like your fans

    • War says:

      first off daamn right Bisbing should have been there. second so are we going to skip the fact that chael cheated first? and Silva didnt cheat that was a knee to the body.

      • JSab says:

        Silva didnt cheat? lol He held shorts twice, and not to mention he rubbed vasoline on his fucking body dipshit. Its funny all you silva nut riders complain about sonnen useing roids but wont admit that silva cheated.. it makes me laugh. Get fucking real you twat

        • Enough Bitching says:

          How the fuck can you compare using roids to grabbing his shorts…first off him grabbing his shorts standing left himself completly open to getting punched in the face…Chael grabbed his shorts too big fuckn deal it’s a fight and the Vaseline was wiped off…it obviously didnt make a difference considering what happened in the 1st round!

        • kevin says:

          he didn’t use roids get your facts right.

    • the original steve says:

      it isnt sonnen pushing it. if u watched the post fight presser he was respectful and knew he lost. and didn’t care about the shorts grabbing. they wiped silva down so stop bitching at sonnen

    • blue says:

      Well you have to realize that Chael is a convicted criminal, proven liar, proven cheat, and the most unrealistic, classless troll in combat sports history. I knew the tiny shred of class he showed after the fight wouldn’t last all that long. Not only that but supporters of Chael are going to be just as bad of desperate attention whores as Chael is, so you have to expect is fans and his camp to behave like children the same way he always has.

      Chael only got a title shot for saying ridiculous shit over and over and over. He never actually earned it and is so one dimensional they had to give him favorable match making and a gift decision to pave the road to the title for him. Pretty fucked up that real fighters have to wait around while this classless douche bag gets a title shot simply for being a shitty human being and not ashamed to show it to the world.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        well said + 1

      • Moseswhite says:

        He didn’t earn it? How so? He beat all the top contenders and has been the only person that has given Silva any kind of problem. Who else is waiting in line that Silva hasn’t already beaten? Bisping? K… That’s one. And yes his match with Chael could’ve gone either way, but it didn’t. The 185 class isn’t waiting around or backed up. Its empty! At this point the UFC is having to wait for new talent to come up, old talent to look impressive or waiting for Silva to retire.

        And why isn’t anyone commenting on the right hand that “dropped” Chael? It didn’t even look like it hit him. In the replay Chael looked like he fake that fall. And I wanted Chael to win! So I’m not hating, but that just looked extremely suspect.

        As far as Silva grabbing the shorts so blatantly, I don’t think it warrants Chael getting a rematch, but it does show Silva’s character when things don’t so easily go his way. I was surprised he wasn’t warned or deducted for that. A champion of his level and skill knows exactly what he’s doing. Unacceptable. (not that I believe that had a high impact on the result of the fight)

        Chael crumbled and collapsed on a weak punch. That’s why he doesn’t deserve a rematch.

    • ryan says:

      If you look at the picture closely Actually, The knee didnt hit the chest but the top of the leg hit the throat

      So there was probably a good amount of force that was on the throat but owella loss ia loss, Shit talkin and losing like that i call that karma

    • You are a dumbass says:

      You are such a retard. On so many levels. Stay home loser.

  2. Xaninho says:

    Oh ffs! Let this fool shut the fuck up! Desperate attempts to get ANOTHER rematch. The knee was NOT on the fucking face. Does this fool not know where the rewind and pause button on his remote is?

    Then the NSAC tells him this won’t have the desired outcome so he makes up more bullshit!

    This part was hilarious! “If the only way Anderson Silva can win is by cheating, we need to keep a closer eye on Silva before and during a fight.”

    Cheating? Does he even dare to take the word cheating in his mouth being Sonnen’s coach? This chump probably injected Sonnen’s testosterone in his ass for the first fight!

  3. Thom says:

    sure if u want anderson to beat him for the 3rd time then by all means go ahead.

  4. kong says:

    And if anyone is the cheat it’s Chael and his camp for doping in the first fight.

  5. MIke says:

    I said the same thing after the fight. I was going for Anderson but it looked to me like the knee was aimed for the face and Chael deflected it to the chest, so I didn’t really know if the ‘intent’ would make it illegal or if it is only based on the result. If it is only based on the result then Chael should have just eaten the knee.

    The shorts thing doesn’t’ really matter in the scheme of things but the knee ended the fight.

  6. Andy2311 says:

    time to give it up now, I like both guys alot but whatever you say Anderson has won twice, and it’s not like chael did not have the chances to finish the fight does anyone think the outcome would be any different in a third fight? the knee was clearly aimed and landed to the body the thigh may of clipped his face but its fighting not darts

  7. BB says:

    Chael is a beast and anderson cheated ist just that simple

  8. Xaninho says:

    “Referee Yves Lavigne revealed to Telegraph Sport that by the trajectory of Silva’s knee to Sonnen’s chest, he could tell immediately that the blow was not illegal.”

    • Xaninho says:

      Yves is my favorite referee also. He is educated in Physics and Math and if he says the knee’s trajectory was good, it was good, dammit! I love Yves. He’s kinda old, but so am I. He is a great man.

    • learntoread says:

      What on earth would make you even remotely believe that any Referee would openly admit, after the fact, that he screwed up during the biggest title fight in UFC history?! I mean seriously pal. Think about it. /sigh.

      Of course he’s going to say he thought it was a legal strike. This is his career we’re talking about.

      Personally, I’d like to hear what he has to say about Anderson blatantly holding on to Chael’s shorts for 20 seconds, while striking him a number of times…if Yves is such a great ref, as you’ve stated, wouldn’t he have (at the VERY LEAST) have verbally warned Silva during such a huge fight?

      Also, why did Lorenzo even need to tell Yves that Anderson had just whipped a mound of Vaseline from his face all over his upper body and ask him to towel it off right before the fight? Truth is, Yves should NEVER need to have that suggested to him, especially a fight of this magnitude, it should have been blatantly clear to him, being that this is HIS JOB.

      • You Cant Be Serious says:

        He did warn him. He went as far as to smack Silvas hand while he was holding his shorts.and to say his career is on the line is far from the truth, dana white has publicy critiaized numerous refs and they still have jobs with all atheltic commssions

        • learntoread says:

          I never heard Yves give any verbal warning, and surely don’t recall him physically “removing” Silva’s hand from his opponents shorts.

          Tell me, when in recent memory do you recall a ref messing up this badly in a massive title fight, with such huge implications? I’m curious.

          Of course Dana has criticized refs in the past, but I can’t recall any incidents as questionable as this in such a huge title fight. Secondly, if you were not aware, it isn’t Dana White who hires/fires/reprimands referees, it’s the athletic commission. Dana has stated numerous times that his opinion “means jack shit” to the commissions.

  9. BJ Fan says:

    geez… lost twice to him already. face it, he’s not a champion, can’t beat the real champion, and never will be a champion……….. except maybe in the WWE.

  10. Wrestler66 says:

    I say rematch Rockhold was right it was a dirty win !!!!!

    • stevo the great says:

      Looks like it clearly hits the body to me…..I don’t see it hit his face…..maybe a grazing thigh. But come on people…..far from illegal.

      • ughhh... says:

        ur only looking at the bottom part of the knee dumbass, the top definitely hit his jaw.

        • lionstrangler says:

          @ughh. Your contention is moronic. Please sthu if you have nothing tangible to add. Intent is subjective, action isn’t. He kneed him in the midsection and finished him off. Chael Sonnen is a quality fighter but Anderson Silva is the best ever. period. He has finished him off twice. No one has the appetite for a 3rd fight. I doubt Sonnen beats either Munoz or Weidman, so I don’t see him ever dlimbing the title ladder again.

        • jlopeztx says:

          I’m no expert at anatomy but I’m pretty sure the whole knee hits his chest. His chin might have hit his thigh but thats collateral damage. Impact vs intent, the knee went to the chest though.

        • learntoread says:

          So…you’re basically stating that if a fighter attempted to kick a downed opponent (say, the opponent’s in the motion of getting up but both knees still on the mat) and randomly hit him in the face with his thigh instead of his shin, it would be a LEGAL strike?

          Hmm…I’m fairly certain that it’s illegal to strike a downed opponent with any part of your leg, not simply your knee cap or your foot. Am I wrong?

        • lolllll says:

          he didnt hit his face because he blocked if not it would have

        • John says:

          The lower thigh clearly hit him in the face = Illegal strike!

    • WrestlingRules says:

      That clearly hit him in the jaw. It was his thigh that hit the jaw, but that knee strike did hit him in the jaw. Boom….

      • Xaninho says:

        Put your glasses on and look again bro…

        Trajectory is downwards. Not at the face.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          No way brother that thigh hit him squarely on the jaw first then the knee. Just watch the thigh then the knee….Clear as day….Yuup illegal….

        • Rodriguez says:

          Thighs to the face are not illegal…

        • Nuitari X says:

          OMFG!! Shut your fucking dick warmer! T/E levels 16:1….Clear as day….Yuup illegal…That’s precision accuracy by the most accurate striker ever. They could catch you holding your I.D. up to a camera while robbing a store with no mask on and you would still deny it wouldn’t you? Fucktard.Set up the rematch, the spider ain’t scared.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I knew one of you zombies would reply like that. So what you are saying is that if I have you down on all fours and your head is sticking out and I clock the shit out of you with my thigh and completely miss you with the ‘knee; then that is perfectly legal??. No I would be dq’d for that!!! Do you actually hear what you are writing. If what you said was true we would be seeing thighs to face ALL the time. Damn you got to think dude!!!!

          This is clearly illegal and Silva knows it too!! But again Sonnen had time to get up and move and he just sat back and took it. That’s on him NOT Silva. Silva is a douchebag and douchebags do what douchebags do.

        • ThaiFighter says:

          Someone doesn’t know how a knee strike works. The thigh is not used to strike with, the… knee is.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          you guys are all wasting your time with with worst TROLL that has ever been on Fitch lover is at least as bad. You know reason with IDIOTS. Anyone that could root for a scumbag CHEATING ass ROID FREAK-FELON has to be no better. Probably both in jail as we speak. Sonnen will be back in prison within a few years. Once a criminal always a criminal

      • You Cant Be Serious says:

        Hit him in the jaw? His head would be flying back into the cage if he hit his jaw. GET OVER IT. He lost, for the 2nd time.

      • Scott says:

        Really, dude? Are you blind? For fuck’s sake, people.

      • jones says:


      • Jamie Rowe says:

        dude look ima make this as short as possible and to the point: if chaels head had been struck by a knee,then his head would’ve snapped back but as u can clearly see in the gif,it doesn’t,his whole body goes back his neck/head stays even with his body and also he would’ve had major damage to his face so scotts lie about the 8 stitches is just that a lie b/c he had perfect speech afterward and if he had needed stitches for his tongue he would’ve been bleeding everywhere and as for ur pitiful example of a strike to a downed opponent? yes dummy u would be dq’d cuz if sum 1 is on all fours with their head sticking out and you strike at them then u would be aiming for their head stupid ass,anderson was aiming FOR THE BODY!!! chaels body was an available target (unlike the person in ur example) so under those circumstances a thigh is ok as long as the intended knee hits the body so go back and after ur done jerking off to chaels posters u have hung all over ur room watch some mma and for goodness sake learn the fucking rules

        • Champion not Cheater says:

          Awesome comment lol. Silva is the best for a reason he is diligent in his training and a smart fighter. He wouldn’t risk losing via illegal hit again in his career, especially to trollman Chael

    • Mike cannon jr. says:

      Look at chael turtling up in the unfair safezone.. Chael got what he had coming to him… Sorta… I only wish he had pretended to be a man a little longer… So silva coulda really hurt him… But as soon as a soft not even clean blow landed… He went into wrestler bitch mode.. Sittin down so silva couldn’t hit him… Lmfao… Ahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa..the rules need to be changed.. So bitches can’t hide in the cage…

      • Jason says:

        The rules need to be changed so bitches can hold shorts while the other fighter utilizes footwork. Oh wait, we have rules for that but they weren’t enforced when Silva was doing it. I mean, if Silva is that good, why does he need to hold Sonnen’s shorts for THAT LONG? And while hes holding them landing solid rights to the face mere seconds prior to the TKO? Plain and simple he illegally grabbed shorts right in front of the ref and controlled movement, rocked Sonnen then finished him off. The knee looked clean to me though.

        • lolololol says:

          #1 sonnen could have kept his hands up to stop the fists to face, #2 sonnen dont give a shit bout the short grabbing he did it to
          #3 the short grabbing had nothing to do with the final outcome of the fight

    • Daddy of u says:

      Kneecap did hit his knee but if you look close his thigh which is the biggest built muscle in his body struck him in the jaw at the same time double whammy…. automatic dq it was illegal…. thank you for posting a clip with resounding proof

    • Nuitari X says:

      Ever play street fighter? That is a Tiger Knee to the chest plate if I ever saw one. Marvelous Muay Thai accuracy.

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      As Anderson is throwing the knee it first hit the jaw then looks like it hit him on the body. This is clearly an illegal knee. He also grabbed Chaels shorts and punched him twice as chael was trying to move away. Anderson Cheated in this fight, I think Chael deserves a rematch.

      • Jay says:

        Call me crazy but I thought it was ‘knees strikes to to the head of a downed are illegal. So his knee connects with the body, the thigh is irrelevant.

    • Bob says:

      This is a fight, anything should go. So you guys are saying silva should of loss that fight for knocking chael the fuck out if he really hit his face? So bones jones got his ass beat and loss to matt hamill for smashing hamils face in. Look at the picture this way if this was pride rulea silva would only have two losses and jones would be undefeated. Chael used roids and couldnt beat silva what makes tou guts think he can do it with trt which are lower doses. Chael came in on trt so if silva was greased and did connect to the face its even. Grabbing shorts had nothing to do with silvas wins. Most chael fans are sore losers

    • Alex says:

      The animated GIF shows first point of contact was knee to chest. Chaels chin made contact with Andersons middle thigh. McQuarrys claim that it was made with bad intentions is a joke.

    • RhendO says:

      Damn to me it looks like the upper portion of the knee (thigh area) makes contact first and i know we have chael haters and anderson haters but be a real mma fan and remember how the fight was going before Chael slipped and anderson did cheat with the vaseline and shorts and all that stuff. I honestly think if chael wouldnt have slipped it would have been a different outcome

    • John says:

      Thanks for the evidence……This GIF clearly shows Silva’s lower thigh clearly landing flush on Sonnen’s jaw…..Illegal strike beyond a shadow of a doubt!

    • hauts says:


  11. BB says:

    wrestler 66 is right , but chael lost twiche now he needs to get some more fights before rematch , and when time for rematch anderson wil chicken out

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      Chicken out? Are you stupid? When has Silva ever chickened out? And why would he chicken out v an opponent hes finished 2x? Stop trolling dumbass

      • learntoread says:

        I take it you missed where Silva and his management were attempting to avoid the rematch with Sonnen in the first place (after UFC 117). It was Zuffa who basically told them what’s what, even after they utilized numerous ‘convenient’ explanations as to why Silva/Sonnen II shouldn’t happen.

      • You Cant Be Serious but Silva will chicken out.Wow Silva won twice.First match Anderson Silva chocked Sonnen and Sonnen didn`t tap but Silva won.Second match Sonnen started to beat him but Silva with Cheats won via TKO.So if Sonnen goes to fight Silva Again. Silva will not Chicken out he will get in to the octagon and try to attack Sonnen. But Sonnen will Hit Silva In His Bald Head And Silva will cry 23515461554126345 years.Sonnen will laugh his ass off.And you will be a BLOB!!!

  12. Xaninho says:

    Rockhold wouldn’t recognize a legal knee if it hit him in the face….

  13. Diego Millan says:

    That knee was obviously legal so cut the bullshit Sonnen lost fair and square although I was hoping sonnen cut pull off this, damn you sonnen why did you have to throw that spinin back fist.

  14. Hey is says I’m Diego Millan as my log in…who is that?

  15. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Seriously?! You’ve got to be fucking joking! Fucking pathetic.

  16. bdizz says:

    my interest in seeing these two fight again is pretty much over.

  17. Blue Watermelon says:

    not a rematch, a rubbermatch thats first
    second, im a big chael fan but the fact is that he got tko in the second
    and there might be no excuses for that
    chael sonnen still a great warrior, he start winning again and maybe fight
    for the title once more

  18. Bob says:

    WOW.. Asking for a rematch? Chael is not the champ who the fuck does his management think they are? Sore fucking losers.. Silva wont signed the contract because Chaels not worth his time.. Shouldn’t Chael the Fail be retired by now?? The shorts grabbing made no difference in the fight. That knee hit chaels body and Chael loss for the 2nd time that big mouth crying criminal.. I remember Chael use to say that Anderson makes excuses look at his own management. Chaels done, dont even spend time posting what he or his management has to say. Hes a big mouth “has Never been” who has loss twice to the champ. No More Chael the FAIL.. hahah oh and fuck his dumb ass fans.

  19. pc says:

    Sonnens 15 mins are officially over

  20. Bob'O says:

    Glad to see that Chael’s camp is using commonsense. That was an illegal strike. He greased up just like GSP did against BJ. It should be illegal to rub vaseline all over your body. Enough gets on it during the fight from the oponents face. Repeatingly grabbing shorts is illegal as well. Too many reasons to have a rematch. Chael did not complain so I didn’t. However, realizations come to light the next morning with a clear head. Dana White owes the fans a rematch! LMAO!!! ~Bob’O

    • learntoread says:


      It’s quite amazing how far Anderson Silva fans will go in giving him a “Free Pass” in terms of dirty antics / breaking rules & regulations simply because it was Sonnen as the victim.

  21. ballsackface says:

    how the fuck can people base intent, he wanted to hurt chael. he did so
    ive watched it over and over. that knee did not touch his face
    chael bit his tongue when he got hammer fisted

    they chat some shit

    as for shorts for 15seconds? were we watching the same fight? it was like 2-3 seconds at the most while chael was running sideways. its not like he got him to the floor with it.

    what a douche bag. trying to go on some kind of name dirtying campaign when his guy has hypergonasism from a life of steroid abuse and got caught pissing hot last fight!!!!!!

    as for the vas. didnt help anderson did it???? he was laid on for a whole round and chael did nothing with it. vas didnt do that, chael failed.

    • learntoread says:

      “it was like 2-3 seconds at the most”…

      Ahh, yeah, you definitely must have been watching a different fight than the rest of the MMA planet big guy.

      Everyone in the pub I was watching were yelling foul over and over again while Sliva held his opponents trunks continually for over 10 seconds while striking Sonnen. Being that he was fighting a wrestler who obviously was looking to take him down again, holding on to the shorts is a blatant violation and a calculated dirty tactic. There’s no denying it.

      • dogfart says:

        ive just watched it again and counted. no more than 3 seconds.
        you must have a fucked up clock in your head.

        also when he was holding them, chael was runnign away from being punched in the face.
        chael held AS shorts 1st round for quite some time trying to advance a position

        ill let you off, you were in the pub, time goes slower when you are drunk. however you are also a buthurt american just looking for an excuse to slander anderson against someone who nearly got beat by “the count”

        even if it was an issue, if you cant beat em join em. he didnt gain advantage by what he did, you can clearly see that as he had to let go and chael bailed. if he did i wouldnt care cos chael is a lying cheating scumbag himsef. how you can excuse testosterone ABUSE is beyond me

  22. mahs says:

    Gonna have to suck it up man.

    They wiped off the grease. They pulled each others shorts. The knee was legal.

    He just lost.

    He won the first round. And lost the second. No excuses.

    Honestly, I’m more interested in seeing who can step up next in the MW division to fight the champ before he retires.

    Munoz. Bisping. Stann. Belcher. Lombard. Vitor. and Palhares is a loooooong way out.

    • Bob'O says:

      Or, Silva should just man up and fight Bones Jones. That’s the fight everyone wants to see. He won’t though because he’s not the p4p best, otherwise he would. ~Bob’O

      • ballsackface says:

        same way jones should fight heavy weight

        jones is too big for AS

        • Bob'O says:

          He will eventually bro. Silva had no problem moving up to fight Griffin and The Sandman at 205, so he should have no issue with fighting Jones at the same weight. I would like to see Evan’s drop to 185, even though I probably would give the win to Silva. ~Bob’O

        • Nuitari X says:

          The man has 14 years on bones jones. Go out and fight someone who’s a good fighter that is that much younger that you and see what happens. This is a young mans game. Anderson is still the best even if he doesn’t fight jones. A young man in his prime beating an aging champion proves nothing. It would be like telling a young mike tyson to go fight an old ali.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          and he’s got 17 years on Hendo…and your point genius???

        • Rodriguez says:

          Jones said he doesn’t want to fight Silva either!

        • Bob'O says:

          Hey Nuitari X, Older men fighting younger bucks is not what it’s all about? Did you bump your head bro? BJ is fighting a kid in Rory! That’s what champions do, only you don’t comprehend that.

          And don’t get all butt hurt either, Let us all just have a discussion here while showing respect because that is what we are gonna do here at the New BJ We gotta unite and remove the filth from BJ’s website. Think about the young kids.

          Listen bro, We are gonna rid this place of the profanity and junk talk and make this website respectable in the overall MMA community and even more so for the kids who visit this website and follow this great sport. We have to, we have no choice if we want to show honour for Martial Arts.

          Back to the subject of the thread. Champions don’t make excuses. You attempt to make an excuse for Silva that because Jones is young that he should not fight him? Come on man, what kind of talk is that? I have read some of your prior posts, and you’re better than that. Silva should fight Jones, and well before GSP who he will destroy.

          Go talk to BJ Penn. Go talk to Randy Couture ect, ect, ect. If you’re the champion, there are no excuses to not face a younger man. That’s what I respect so much about BJ. ~Bob’O

        • Nuitari X says:

          Yeah I see your point, I just don’t think that Anderson’s decision on whether or not he wants to fight Jones should take away from his status as p4p king. I’m not gonna lie, I would like nothing more than to see Silva vs. Jones. I meant no disrespect to you Bob’O. I agree that this site should be cleaned up. I’m not gonna deny that I’ve said my share of obscenities on here but I am better than that as you said. Thanks for the compliment, that was some real talk right there. Let’s all agree it’s ok to disagree.

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          point is that JJ is more a natural heavyweight than a 205er
          the 205ers he faught before were closer to that weight without too much cutting etc.

          so were not really talking 1 weight class but 2

        • Bob'O says:

          Nuitari X, All good bro. He’s still the best until someone beats him. 😉 ~Bob’O

  23. GET RID OF GUIDA (forever) says:

    this is stupid! They both were cheating and fought dirty. Anderson rubbed vaseline on and grabbed sonnen’s shorts. In the first round, Sonnen was hitting the back of the head and grabbing anderson silva’s shorts as well! No more rematches!

  24. Artex says:

    this shit is pathetic…….. fuck you team quest…. team TRT

  25. WrestlingRules says:

    That was questionable knee. It looked like his upper knee thigh is what hit him in the face. But of course Silva had bad intent. So did Bisping to Jorge. These guys aren’t gentlemen, they beat the shitoutta each other for a living!! Everybody knows that you can knee somebody in the sternum and bang in the face with your upper knee/thigh. Silva is a scumbag and will do whatever he thinks he can get away with to win. Crap he’s been a douchebag since the Maia fight (actually he has always been a douchebag, he just revealed it to the world then). I believe the shoulder punch the day before warrants more sensor than the fight. Sonnen put himself in that position and had time to get up or move and he took it. He saw it and took it. It’s more his fault than Silva. Silva is slimey and slimey people do what slimey people do. Sonnen knows that and so does everybody on this site. Shit his new sensei is an egotistical adulterous wife beater. What do you expect.

    Sonnen did it to himself. He had plenty of time to move away from that knee but just sat back and took it. That’s on him not Silva.

    • Xaninho says:

      Silva annihilated him. Sonnen was too gassed to get up.

      The trajectory of the knee was downwards, so your little thigh to the face theory can be thrown in the trashcan, next to Sonnen’s championship aspirations.

      At least Silva isn’t slimey enough to juice up like Sonnen.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        I know you like this guy and will defend him, but you have to agree that Silva has been the worst clown champion at times and is slimey. Can’t you be honest and admit that he has a slimey character and that you like his fighting abilites??? I think he has good fighting abilities, but he is slimey. Why is that so hard for you Silva zombies to admit. Does that burst your fantasy bubble about him?? Why is it that you can’t see his shitty character???

        • Xaninho says:

          Because his character is not as bad as you are trying to portray it.

          He doesn’t talk shit and the Maia fight was more Maia’s fault than Silva’s. For a good fight there are two good fighters needed. Maia was talking down on Silva before the fight and didn’t bring it in the cage.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          So Silva doesn’t talk shit?? Can’t say that anymore..lmao…So Maia talking prefight smack and Silva does what he did. (is Silva that much of a baby?? Maybe that’s it, he’s just sensitive.) Shit he’s the one that ran like a bitch once Maia smacked him in the face. Come on, how can you defend his character. He is a thug and he acts like a thug. I am totally good with that, but you Silva zombies want to see him as someone he is NOT. He’s a Great Fighter but a loser as a human being!!! It is so obvious. I can expect that from some of these prepubescent kids on here, but shit your an entrepreneur that employs people!!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Sonnen will always be known as the biggest CHEATER to ever fightm in MMA. How can the all time biggest scumbag -CHEATING-ROIDING- FELON call Silva a cheat. Sonnen shows up to a TITLE fight with enough JUICE to jump over the moon while having the JUICE levels of 17 men combined. Some nerve after fighting 10 miles over his head because he was JUICED which if would have been anyone else could have killed someone. Thank god Sonnen has pillow slappers for hands. There is a very good reason ROIDS are illegal because it gives you freakish power and endurance. Th e difference was obvious with CHEAT only having the JUICE levels of 6 men this time he gassed in 2nd round. No commission will ever listen to that SCUMBAG ROID CHEAT. Sonnen needs to keepp his word for first tim ein his sorry ass life and LEAVE the UFC as he PROMISED

  26. Yes there has to be a rematch. Anderson clearly cheated and in America cheats don’t win. We are a nation of laws so anderson should be stripped off his belt ASAP

  27. Me says:

    I love Chael and i wished he won but he lost, he got need to the body, the vaseline was cleaned from his face and body and for the shorts grabbing, he got KO’d after this happened, a rematch is not necessary & we all know that Anderson will still come out the champion if they did have a rematch it will just slow down the middleweight division even more then it already is. Unlucky Chael :( But lets give the likes of Belcher, Bisping,Munoz,Weidman,Hector,Stann,Rashad a chance at the greatest fighter off all time.

    • Daddy of u says:

      Lol doubt you even had the funds to watch that fight it was silva who rubbed vaseline on himself and right before the match started it got wiped off of him… if you were not poor as fuck tapping into your neighbours wifi then you would not have commented like a new fag silva nut hugging bi sexual. If big John Mccarthy was the ref for that fight anderson would have been dq’d there and then it does not matter if the knee trajectory was at his chest the top of his knee landed off of his jaw! still a strike to the face… instant dq! But of course silva can strike illegally and still take the advantage can you imagine dana whites reputation if silva lost, especially after sayin he is the pound for pound best in the world…. fuck off, pound for pound means you can win everythin jumping from different weight classes what did silva do? fought 2 people at lhw and jumped down to middleweight again because he knew he would dominate that division.

      • Everything you said was wrong says:

        1- You don’t know what p4p means.

        2- Pretty much everything else you said was wrong too.

        Example- Knee to head of grounded opponent- not an ‘instant dq’ it has happened many times- usually a warning, maybe a point deduction. So basically, you are wrong.

        Chael lost, stop being a bitch about it and admit it.

      • dogfart says:

        crack pipe smoker?

        watch the replays. the most the leg cause was a bit of the cheat with the top of his though which litterally only just touched is face
        the impact of the knee was at the chest, it was clearly intended for there as it was a good 5-6 inches lower than the head.
        this is legal and would not quantify a DQ at all. you clearly do not know wtf you are talking about.

        As for AS vas rubbing antics that wouldnt of warranted a DQ either. it was wiped off and as you could see from the 1st round it didnt help him one bit

        so basically you dont know wtf you are talking about

        you also mention lhw. he did that to prove a point as at the time the MW devision was stagnent and the only contended was Rich franklin who he had fought twice.
        MW devision is full of opponents now. most fighters hang in there devision. hts p4p as hes the most accurate and consistent finisher in the history of MMA regardless of weight class

  28. Bob'O says:

    Dana White is already seeing $ signs in his head. He know’s all to well that there are plenty of dumb shits who will pay again to see the rematch. I give it 1 month before they announce it. Most likely this time the event will be held in Brazil. LMAO! Let the circus side show continue braddahs. Can’t wait for Sonnen’s response to the news released by his camp. ~Bob’O

  29. You Cant Be Serious says:

    LMAO. Rematch? What a joke. Sonnen lost twice. Hell never get another shot at Anderson Silva, quite frankly he doesnt deserve one. No matter who he beats, hell never get another shot. You dipshit Sonnen fans need to move on. His best option would be to change weight classes. He has no shot at MW as long as the GOAT holds the belt

  30. Max says:

    Silva wanted to cheat from the get go. He was gettin greased in front of everyone before the fight started. Everyone saw, even Joe st8 up pointed it out.

  31. Bob'O says:

    After watching the strike in question over and over in slow motion, it does look as if it was Silva’s thigh that grazed Sonnen’s chin, not his knee. Hard to tell for sure though. Still, There is certainly the potential for this to be GreaseGate 2 and GrabbingGate 1. LMAO! ~Bob’O

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Grazed!!!?? It knocked his head into the fence, then the knee-cap hit the sternum. Where else in the fight did he get hit that caused stitches to his tongue?

  32. Patrick says:

    Talk about clutching at straws. Sonnen took Silva down in the first round… Or did we all dream that? So the complaint about Vaseline is void.
    If fights were taken on what the fighters ‘intent’ was, most fighters would be in jail. If the knee didn’t do significant damage and was a graze and deflected it was accidental – Silva wouldn’t risk losing his title with a main event knee to the face with 30 odd cameras etc all around.
    Saying things like ‘all of the fouls’ when there was 1 is deliberately misleading.

    The fighters shook hands after the fight, praised each other and got praise from all the MMA fans in the stadium and around the world. Time to move on…

  33. Kjtrlt says:

    Wow, really? A rematch? After the first round, I hardly think the Vaseline was an issue, and the shorts, come on. You took a beating. That’s it. No big deal, Silva just did his thing. This time he wasn’t surprised by Sonnen’s aggression and did what he can do. I don’t want to see a rematch, I think this saga is complete. But we’ll see, stranger things have happened, and given the money made, the UFC brass will probably be receptive.

    Funny Sonnen’s crew is so quick to call cheating.

  34. Fail Sonnen says:

    Get fucking real. Nobody even mentioned the glaring fact that had he bit his tongue cause of this “illegal knee” and required 8 stitches, how the fuck did he do the post fight press conference answering all kinds of questions? Go watch the post fight conference and tell me he sounds like a man who needed 8 stitches in his tongue. Why wasn’t this disclosed in the medical suspensions? The only thing that might have hit his face was the thigh and only cause Chael moved back to avoid impact and sorry to tell you guys a thigh to the face of a downed opponent is not illegal. The hypocrisy of a man that was TRT the fuck out during the first fight to call Silva a cheat is mind blowing. Not only is it mind blowing but where was this sentiment post fight? Once again listen to Chael in the post fight in his own words talk about the fight. This guy is a fucking douche canoe and should hold his promise to retire.

  35. Troy boy says:

    The series of silva n sonnen is over, id like to see hector lombard kick his ass next.

  36. maniac says:

    Sore losers! If the referee didn’t stop the fight theres nothing to do bitches! Remember Erick silvas’s fight, the referee desqualified him even without nothing wrong and it didn’t change as well as this result won’t change! Acept it! No more whining!!!

  37. Yoo Focker says:

    I agree a 100%. That was the knee Sensai taught Silva. Silva meant to hit the face, but barely missed and hit his chest/chin. Silva quoted that he was going to knock out his teeth. He tried and missed.

  38. jones says:


  39. Will King says:

    You know I don’t care much for Chael Sonnen but I was shocked when Silva kneed Sonnen in the face while he was down and the fight was still allowed to go on. There should definitly be a rematch.

    • dogfart says:

      you didnt watch the fight.
      if you did you would have watched the 10-15 slow mo’s afterwards clearly showing he didnt knee him in the fact and infact there was minimal contact with head with thigh

  40. B-rad says:

    i was hoping Chael was gonna go to Andersons BBQ….How funny would it be if she made him a steak??? medium rare of course

  41. Skeemz says:

    Really? Really???? Look at the way Silva shifted his leg when making that knee, he was clearly aiming for his chest and it did. The guy is an accurate striker…and I’m not even 100% postive that his thigh even touched his chin. Chaels body didnt even budge until you see that knee hit his chest. If Silva’s thigh wacked his face first, you would have seen a little movement from his head.

    PPL need to get over it. It was clearly legal and Chael is a great athlete, he will get his rematch most likely soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next fight is for #1 contender.

  42. mean170 says:

    Please stop trying to argue with this delusional Chael fans. Especially WrestlingRules, that dude is Sonnen’s personal ball washer. Chael didn’t make excuses, neither should you little bitches.

  43. john says:

    How can he get a rematch when he stated that he would leave the UFC? The only thing he needs to “watch closer” is the promises he won’t keep.

  44. Nick says:

    Anyone else think it’s weird that Chael has admitted defeat but his camp is still trying?

  45. TurkeyBacon says:

    Does Not i repeat Does Not deserve rematch

  46. Gordo says:

    Child Please!

  47. K-MAC says:

    THATS FUCKING STOOPID. “He got hit in the face because he bit his tongue” No matter where it hit him, if it jarred and moved him enough it’s possible he bit his tongue.

  48. the original steve says:

    notice chael said none of this. chael knows he lost. all the comedic/hyping quotes aside he was very humble afterwards just like he was last time they fought. if silva doesnt take the jones or gsp fight and doesn’t retire and sonnen works his way back up that is the only way we will see a rematch. personally i would love it. chael made the dumbest mistake each time. lets hope if he works his way back up he wont be a retard. yves wiped the vaseline off silva WHICH I HAVE BEEN POINTING OUT FOR YEARS THAT HE WIPED IT OFF HIS FACE AND WIPED IT ON HIS BODY. the knee was legal. he did grab his shorts but really who cares. a fight is a fight is a fight. these rules are stupid the spinning backfist was stupid. the card was stupid(it sucked except the main event)

  49. keyboardkungfu says:

    Please, Chael got his ass kicked, watch the fight again and in slow motion, freeze frame where he throws the knee, it is clearly planted in the middle of Chael’s chest. Yes, he grabbed his shorts briefly a couple times and was warned, but I hardly think that would have dictated any other outcome in the fight. IMHO, he deserved the first rematch, but after this, he doesn’t deserve shit. He got owned, plain and simple, racist arrogant prick that he is deserved it too.

  50. David Schreiner says:

    Anderson Silva won the fight fair and square, period. Chal Sonnen’s trainer, Scott McQuarry, needs to stop being a whining little bitch and accept the fact that his student lost the fight. Even Chal Sonnen acknowledged, with his own words, that the better man won the fight that night.

  51. Kody Flores says:

    Chael is my favorite fighter. he does not deserve a re match. move on to a weight class you can win

  52. LASEK says:

    Just when I thought Chael Sonnen was going to stand up and be a man, he does something like this. This pretty much solidifies his career is a never was. Its way more classy and far more people will care about your legacy if you stop rying about pussy shit, and accept the fact like he did the first night. This is a whole new level for him and this is going to be the end of his career. Anderson beat him, TWICE.

  53. Sonnen didnt get his ass kicked…. something very rare is going on…. Sonen has received more punishment, real punishment before and never fade like that. The spinning back fist, come on, is he an amateur?? no…. and he actually waits for Anderson to hit him? This all was arrange…even a week before he received a call from Enzo and he changed his attitude, Anderson “talking trash”… this all thing smells very bad… If the tip of the knee at the end (just at the end) touches the chest of Chael, the entire Thigh impacts the face….

  54. jon says:

    for those who said anderson silva cheat and robbed.dont forget chael is the one who cheated,he has roids issue.and it was tested postive that’s why he was banned for 1year.

    Chael is only one dimensional fighter(a wrestler) and nothing special,a big mouth gangster with a glass jaw.maybe now he just thinking all the bad and insult things to SILVA.being disrespectful aint good.don’t know why there are some people yelling sonnen’s name.

  55. Alex says:

    Anderson cheated? Says the fighter who was caught with godly amounts of testosterone….

    • David Schreiner says:

      The video very clearly shows that Silva’s knee, did in fact, hit Sonnen’s chest, not his face. But it’s iIrrelevant to the fact that Anderson Silva is simply a better fighter than Chal Sonnen.

    • David Schreiner says:

      The video very clearly shows that Silva’s knee, did in fact, hit Sonnen’s chest, NOT his face. But it’s completely Irrelevant to the fact that Anderson Silva IS simply a better fighter than Chal Sonnen.

  56. jbroce says:

    yeah went back to see the vasoline stuff after I heard rumors. I already couldnt believe how much shorts grabbing he was doing. We were all screaming at the ref durign the scond round. It felt like an old WWF match where the ref completely ignores the heel cheating behind his back. And yes it does matter. when youre holding his hips away from you so you cant shoot, it has an effect. Google images of silva shorts grabbing and youll see how bad it is. he had a handful when he caught the one punch that made sonnen loopy. So pissed. I wish if he was going to win, that he had done it without all that crap. I would love to see another rematch but it isnt going to happen. I thought I couldnt dislike silva any more that I did before but I was wrong. Heres to hoping Vitor gets his second shot.

  57. SlyBlackDragon says:

    I’m admittedly one of the biggest Anderson Silva haters there is, but Chael Sonnen in no way, shape, or form deserves a rematch. He can drop three to five spots and work his way back to number one contender just like anyone else would have to. Give Bisping his chance, though I hate him even more…lol

  58. ac says:

    Everyone, the indignation over TRT is absolutely ridiculous. Your favorite athlete, regardless of the sport, is on Testosterone or HGH. All of them. You can’t play in the NFL if you’re not on steroids, college football, same thing, high school football, same thing. Same thing with other sports too. If being stronger will help you, steroids are there. Would you ever fight Brock Lesnar, Overeem, Rampage, Tito, Randy Couture without it? You’d be insane to try. You can’t DQ everyone on TRT, you might as well just stop watching all sports. Get over it, it’s the new reality, it’s the new level playing field and the people without it will simply have a decreased probability of winning.

    • dogfart says:

      however he wasnt just on trt last fight he was 16:1

      this is the whole reason he needs trt is because of hypergonadism from test/sted abuse in his career

  59. marvin209 says:

    Funny how they say we need to watch Silva. I forgot who got caught using roids that’s right .rematch would be pointless.

  60. dalton says:

    it looks like that guy needs to look at the replay because it didnt hit his face and plus chael was talking fine 3o mins after the fight

  61. Joe says:

    Hey, have any of you guys watched Entourage? Google it. It just sounds like Chael Sonnen’s manager is trying to do his job, is all…

  62. fuck says:

    plz someone slap that bitch

  63. Dorothy Margaret Willis says:

    For heavens sake! Why, if Anderson Silva is such a terrible cheater, would Chael’s manager want to take a chance on having Chael further injured and humiliated in a third fight? Am I the only one to whom this makes absolutely NO SENSE?

  64. Secludedly says:

    So I rewatched the fight. I’ve actually encoded, capped, and released the PPV online. If you watched it, it was most likely my copy(Notice Name). I literally counted the seconds Silva held Sonnen’s shorts and got 18 seconds. It does seem a bit excessive. And there was the vaseline incident. I mean, I agree Silva won no matter what or how you look at it, but I think it deserves a rematch just due to Silva’s behavior. The knee though is not an issue. I watched it from all angles, and it was a clean hit to the sternum. Upper thigh didn’t even graze the face, although after the knee impacted Chael’s sternum, his head bounded forward on to Silva’s upper thigh. That may be where Sonnen bit his tongue, but I question that and believe it was the shot to the chin that dropped him. We’ll have to wait for Chael to make a statement about that tongue issue.

    • learntoread says:

      “I literally counted the seconds Silva held Sonnen’s shorts and got 18 seconds”

      Cheers, thanks for clearing that up. I agree, that is a ridiculous amount of time to be holding on to an opponents shorts, (especially one who you KNOW wants to take you down again)…for Yves to just disregard that during the fight without a verbal warning is inexcusable IMO, especially seeing as that 18 seconds of rule violations was what led to Silva hurting / wobbling Chael.

      Truth of the matter is, only Anderson knows where his knee was directed. Personally, with everything else leading up to the dirty shot at the weigh ins and violations before & during the fight, I question the mans motives.

  65. Victor Rodriguez says:

    Sonnen’s needs to tell his trainer to shut the hell up already. Let’s also give an automatic rematch to chad mendes because Aldo clearly grab the fence before Aldo knocked him out, let’s give a rematch to any fighter that loses and somehow got fouled during the fight!!!!! If this is the case then after every foul or every time someone grabs the shorts just stop the fight, there’s no reason to keep going if they are going to cry afterwards… It’s ridiculous this happens in MMA and this had nothing to do with the outcome…. And to call the knee illegal because they THINK that Silva wanted to hit him in the face it’s the most crazy thing I have ever heard… Stop it and move on and take him to WWE if all you are looking for it’s another payday..

  66. TheMaster says:

    All you Chael nuts hugging crybabies shut the fuck up! He hit him in the face with the thigh so what! It’s a knee to a downed opponent that’s illegal not a fucking thigh. hahahhaha stupid cry baby nut huggery will find any excuse. No where in MMA rules a thigh to a downed opponent is illegal so your stupid arguments aren’t relevant! Hahahhaha! Get over he got thighed!!!!!! Hahahhaha!

  67. Come on guys.... says:

    Any shot from a leg to a downed opponent is illegal, whether it be from knee or thigh…Anderson’s knee clearly hit Chael’s body, but his thigh came through with the same force and hit Chael’s jaw…in this case, both sides are right and wrong…END OF STORY!!! Now stop complaining and get back to your daily lives.

  68. REMATCH PLEASE says:

    I want to see a rematch. I thought the stoppage was way too soon! Remember Brock Lesner getting his ass beat but still defended himself in a similar way Chael was, then Brock came back to win? This was a TERRIBLE call Yves!

    • learntoread says:

      I was thinking the same exact thing (Lesnar/Carwin) as Yves was calling the fight over…but I guess if you’re the Champ (as Lesnar was at the time) certain refs might give you more of the benefit of the doubt if you’re still defending yourself (which Chael was). I guess since Sonnen was the challenger he wasn’t given that same level of respect. /shrug. ‘Cause, let’s face it, Lesnar was hit ten times more than Sonnen was (plus by a man of Carwins power) and the ref let it go.

      It’s too bad it wasn’t Josh Rosenthal who got the call for Silva/Sonnen II. As much as I like Yves, I don’t feel he was on his A game this past Saturday night.

  69. Jpeech says:

    I have to agree with SlyBlackDragon

    I hate Silva and Really like Sonnen. Although their was some bs with the greasing and short grabbing or if he was hit with a knee( and i am not so sure he was). He still lost and will have to put three or more fights together before he earns his shot again. Who knows by that time Silva might be retired……. hell maybe even Chael

  70. L Hock says:

    Chael def deserves a rematch. If Anderson is such an amazing fighter, I’m sure he wouldn’t be worried about giving it to him…

  71. Joel Vincent Ibona says:

    both of you…go to WWE!!! you losers..

  72. Anton Bosnjak says:

    Is sonnens corner bli

  73. Anton Bosnjak says:

    Is sonnens corner blind. There’s photos of the shot and it’s clearly legal. And for all the anderson haters stop making excuses, Anderson clearly won. Have a look at the last fight with rashad and Tito. Rashed used a knee to the body of Tito and won and no controversy. Anderson GOAT. I like sonnen but this is ridiculous, just cop it on the chin.

    PS if you wanna talk about cheating have a look at your first fight when you juiced.

  74. DanTheMMAn says:

    Chael Sonnen fans are just butt hurt. anyone who knows anything about MMA knew exactly what was gonna happen in the rematch and knew chael didnt stand a chance. it was blatant that silva was injured in their first fight when you compare his performance in their last fight to the hendo and recent chael fight. anderson could rematch chael 100x in a row and anderson would win everytime. chael is too far out anderson’s league he had the mount position, the most dominant position for a wrestler and he couldnt do shit with it. for the entire first round he was in the top position and he hardly made a scratch on anderson.

    please im so fed up with people underestimating silva and thinking chael will beat him even after anderson beat him twice, once injured and when chael was doped up and once on equal terms. and last thing anderson only got one or two punches in when he was holding shorts anddd chael grabbed his shorts also. and the knee hit chaels chest. whether or not the thigh hit chaels chin, the impact from his thigh wouldnt have done much damage to his head it was the knee to the body that really hurt chael.

    so please chael fans and anderson haters. ANDERSON WON! CHAEL LOST! AGAIN! GET OVER IT!

    Anderson is the G.O.A.T.

  75. Diablo says:

    Chael’s ride it’s over, he tried twice, he lost twice. This a a fucking combat sport, so deal with it, you may win or you may loose. The only thing that’s Chael’s corner is looking for, is for the big checks to keep on coming and without a another clear chance at the middle weight division’s belt the light heavy weight div. looks very spooky.

  76. Pat dham says:

    Uh sonnen definitely does not deserve a rematch seeing as he’s already lost twice, you dont get three tries at the belt! He’s a loser and should respect what he said back in ufc 117 when he first lost ‘ if he beats me, i will leave the UFC forever’ The kid can talk the talk but obviously never learned to back it up

  77. Mason says:

    Quit crying like a little girl. Chael took the high road. Sounds like Mcquarry thinks he would be champion too if the match had gone the other way. Chael was %100 correct that this is a fight not dancing with the stars. Too many people waiting for their shot and little time left on Andersons career. I doubt Sonnen agrees with his cry baby manager. That whole camp should stfu about cheating.

  78. 11thhour says:

    Well i’m glad that’s finaly over, fuckin suck shit to Chael douchebag Sonnen you’re never ever ever going to beat Anderson and you didn’t even beat Bisping, quit mma and get your annoying fucking face out of the game and stick to fucking real estate or whatever the fuck it is that you do because you sure as hell can’t fight anymore. YOU SUCK! HAHAHA!

  79. Kyle says:

    I have spent years wanting somebody to beat Silva just because he is so dominant but I’ll tell you what, I have never wanted somebody to win as much as did Silva in that fight.

    There was a fair amount of short holding from Silva which I am surprised the ref didn’t see and stop but thats just the sport. I must admit when I saw that knee I stood up in surprise because it looked like a knee to the head but watch the replay and it just isn’t, there may be a bit of head contact but it didn’t look intentional.

    I said as soon as the fight finished that Sonnen’s camp would argue a rematch because of that knee. He is a good fighter but maybe time to let somebody else have a shot?

  80. john mckean says:

    What a joke! So Sonnen admitted he got his ass kicked right after the fight,now all of a sudden his ‘people’ are demanding a rematch because it wasnt clear cut and its what the fans want? id prefer it if those douch bags didnt try to speak for me.The last thing i want to see is another drawn out confrontation between Silva and Sonnen.Hes beat him twice now,what more does he need to do? I gained alot of respect for Sonnen when he held his hands up and admitted Silva beat him,hes just lost all that respect with these whiny bitch tactics hes now trying. So what happens if Sonnen does win another rematch? Surely then Silva has the right to another 2 rematches just like chael has been given.Bore off man,give Bisping the title shot he rightly deserves!

  81. B says:

    I’d say 17 men worth of testosterone was cheating far more than briefly grabbing shorts. Chael never deserved the rematch in the first place. LOL blame it on under developed testicles!! What a joke, He needed to have 17 men worth of aggression and what not to even compete. People are just mad that their boy talks so much shit and still gets beat down. Chael Sonnen belongs in the WWE with Brock. They both talk too much.

  82. Steve Maro says:

    Just stop it you pathetic little sore pussies. Chael Sonnen will NEVER be a champion.

  83. dude you got your ass beat let someone else get his ass beat now and step out of the way!~!!!!!!!!

  84. Chase B. says:

    Yall keep talking about the KNEE not hitting his face and yall are right for saying that….but thats not the illegal part about it..his THIGH(cause its pretty hard to knee someone in the chest and not hit the face…seeing as how the face sticks out more than the chest…..DERP)…which if I remember right, the THIGH is APART of the LEG….sooooooo you CAN NOT hit a downed opponent in the head with LEG and/or KNEE….its pretty fucking simple actually, but you Silva nuthuggers cant even grasp simple common knowledge and rules. The “knee” was illegal, bottom line.

  85. Jeff Myers says:

    I think all this should have been put to bed after the post-fight press conference when Chael accepted the knee and said he wasn’t the type of competitor that dwells on these kind of things. Now it just looks like the only way he knows he’ll ever see that belt is by raising flags and being a cry baby.

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