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Saturday, 08/25/2012, 09:42 am

Chael Sonnen Takes Dig At Jones Once Again, This Time On Facebook | UFC NEWS

I am no longer permitted to speak ill of the former champion Jon Jones as we have come to an agreement. I will stop tearing him down verbally and in exchange he has relinquished his belt to me. I would like to
read a prepared statement from the former Champion.

Mr Sonnen,

In every mans life a choice must eventually be made. Run or fight. I said I wouldn’t duck any man as champion. But you are no ordinary man. You’ve spoken nothing but truth in your attempt to gain a title fight
with me. My last act of cowardness is to hand over what you would have beaten out of me 8 days from today. The UFC LHW Title. Now I must refocus my life. Good luck Champ.


Jon Bones Jones

P.S. I just ordered your best selling book, A Voice of Reason from amazon, I’ve been told by Greg Jackson that it will help me get through this tough time. Thanks

Do you think Brazil and Anderson Silva are happy that Sonnen finally found a new target?


111 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Takes Dig At Jones Once Again, This Time On Facebook | UFC NEWS”

  1. Rasrells says:

    Fucking sonnen he’s a fighter u love to hate but this guy is fucking comedy the shit he comes up with a marketing genius,he sure knows how to sell a fight !!!

    • Doc9 says:

      Win two-lose one, win two-lose one, win two-lose one….. Become #1 mandatory contender to the belt in multiple weight classes. -The Chael Sonnen guide to becoming a champion.

      • Rick James Bioch says:

        Um there is nothing wrong with losing if your not ducking fights. How many loses does BJ Penn, Randy Couture, Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell or any of the great have? You know guys who fought whomever in any weight class unlike today fights who hand pick their fights or claim they need more training time because they are bioches!!!

      • MikeyT says:

        when you are the fighting the best in the world one does not simply have a perfect record.

    • Bob says:

      I never in a million years thought I would say this but, I think I am starting to like Chael sonnen now… smdh.. hahaha

      • toneloc2424 says:

        I hate to say it but im starting to like him as well. As long as he keeps bashing Jones hes cool with me

        • BJ is KING says:

          lmao agreed. Ever since i saw him fight gusmao (?) i always thought something was off about Jones. Rashad pointed it out for me and i have hated him ever since. Good fighter, but he’s as fake as my baby sisters jewelry

      • Steampunk Samurai says:

        +1 to Bob above.

      • K2 says:

        Yeah, but he’s too WWE for me. I don’t need the drama to offset my estrogen levels. I’m waiting for him to come up with a finishing move and signal for it every time he goes to do it (a spinning backfist comes to mind). Or maybe a Flying Lariat…

  2. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    That was pretty funny.

  3. The559Kid says:

    Cheal can talk a lot of crap. He talked all that crap on Anderson, then got his ass handed to him. He needs to earn that title shot by fighting not by talking all this crap. 205s is a different world.

    • jesus korean says:

      fuck earning it. by all means let him fight jones we’ll probably see him get his ass beat.. shit, if chael wins then we get compensated for jones being a bitch. its a win win situation.

    • KIDD433 says:

      @559kid…You have 2 Middleweights that volunteered fight Jones gay ass on short notice.Something that nobody at 205 was willing to do.VITOR and SONNEN,have more heart and balls than the whole 205 division.And thats coming from someone who cant stand SONNEN

      • Q says:

        That’s because the middleweights have nothin to lose coming up but the LHW’s that have been working hard for a title shot don’t want to come in looking awful

    • ray says:

      If i were Jones, i would have done the same thing. Why does Sonnen get a shot at the champ when he just got handled by Silva? Sonnen reminds me of one of those WWE fake-wrestlers trying to stir the pot. Its all a marketing scheme, he’s shown he isnt the same fighter without using PEDs. So now Dana White blames the cancellation of the whole card on Jones? It just brings to light how Dana White can’t put together a decent card. If it were even half decent, they would have had 2 Main Events in which if one got cancelled, the show could still go on. But no he tries to squeeze every little penny out of UFC fans by spreading out the good fights into multiple fight cards. The only reason why no other fighter has declined a scrap-fight is because of the pay day.

      • Don Scott says:

        Mate you got it right they spread it too thin if they had 3 even better… Who wouldn’t feel satisfied having three mains and if one gets injured or stolen by Russian spies for the secret mañana recipe you d still be happy … Some prelims have more heart these days cause they want it …love UFC still tho… And as far as I can see Anderson and bones are a step up on the rest… Those two would be a fight…

      • kook says:

        i like you.
        u r gay like jbj.
        me and jbj r doing the human centipede, and jbj wants u to join.
        u know u want it.

      • Common Sense says:

        That argument is lame. Chael doesn’t deserve a shot? Whether he does or does not is up for debate, but what’s not up for debate is whether or not as a “Champion” you would defend your belt from whomever, whenever. Its not so much about a challenger that is stepping up to fight, but more so about the Champion who is unwilling.

        Jackson and Jones can say the reason is because Chael doesn’t deserve a title fight, but that makes no sense why Jones as a Champion won’t step up to defending it, especially given that he has been training for a fight…fight, thats what fighters do.

        • NO, you retard says:

          Champions win. Great champions win by destroying their opponent. Jones has accomplished that in EVERY fight he has had in his career. Silva is doing it. Aldo is doing it. St Pierre is doing it. All great champions. Jones is a great champion.

        • Not You says:

          Except those fighters don’t duck challengers. So no, Jones is an awful champion, and he’s become way too selfish. I knew it as soon as Malki said they wanted a Nike sponsorship. He just sign a contract with Nike. He didn’t need the money from the fight like every other fighter on the card.

          Jones isn’t a coward, but he’s got to be the most self centered and egotistical champ since Tito. At least Tito kept it real the whole time.

        • Pancho says:

          St Pierre destroys his opponent? LOL

        • FunkyMonkey says:

          It’s not the WWE hardcore belt! Shouldn’t be defend it anytime on any amount of preparation. That said I also don’t feel a champ should pick & choose opponents, especially when the champ had a full camp and his opponent didn’t. Jbj did bitch out IMO

      • Gabi says:

        I liked how Dana said he has a whole stabel of fighters but it only seems that one person got the call for the fight. Not a contender but a person who could bring in money by talking. The UFC did this not JBJ. Why fight someone he hasn’t prepared for. Everyone needs to see the truth. It’s not his fault. It’s the UFC. They could have created a different main event or cancelled that fight and kept the card. Not blame JBJ for them building a one fight card

        • Gabi says:

          Btw the injury occurred 3 weeks ago. Wtf hendo’s camp should have let the UFC know ASAP. It’s one big fuck up by everyone. Makes sense how Chael really stepped up the ahot talking about a month ago. 3 weeks ago the injury occurred. Idk sounds fishy.

  4. magoo says:

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Jones tells Dana he wants Chael not Belfort at 152.This ain’t AS your taunting, nope its a whole different beast,and I do believe he will hurt you badly!!

    • hahahaha says:

      hahahahahahahahahahaha he woulda taken the fight with him then dumb fuck.. but no the “Champ” turned it down because he’s a coward and a pussy.

      • magoo says:

        Will see it gives him a month to train Sonnens south paw stance, and polish up his wrestling.

        • Tossers says:

          hes fucking gay, i bet jones would bitch out from a fight with a homeless bum if it was on the spot. The guy doesn’t have the heart of a real fighter, hes athletic, hes gifted, hes smart, but he has no heart. He must get some serious sports psychology to get him ready for a fight.

  5. Rob says:

    Hey people not his fault Dana called him, Dana also called other fighters but they didn’t want to fight jones

  6. juggernaut says:

    yeah 205 is a different world….a much smaller world with significantly less depth than 185. There is currently not much of a ladder for him to climb up honestly.

  7. HardcoreHollas says:

    Wtf? 185 is much more shallow than 205!! Brian Stann and Tim Boestch were nowhere near top 10 205ers and they’re both top ten at 185. Apart from Jones the rest of the top 10 at light heavy are interchangeable because it’s so sompetitive (apart from Jones)

  8. Dante Niro says:

    give me the belt – phael
    try winning it.. his act is getting so old

    • AFMMA says:

      This isn’t about Sonnen getting a cheap shot at the title…this is about Jones not being a champ. Cut the crap about him not being able to “plan” for Sonnen. That’s BS. Guys take fights on short notice all the time. These guys don’t work for themselves…they work for the UFC. If I was Dana, I would have put the belt up and Jones would have to get it back. Not that he wouldn’t get it (although I think Hendo can take him), but to prove a point. It’s a business decision and Jones made a bad one.

    • Majestyk says:

      He DID try to win it, dumbass. Jones’ refusal to fight made it impossible for Chael to do so. As far as his act “getting old”, the man is constantly coming up with new and improved material. Unlike you.

      • Dante Niro says:

        @Majestyk hahaha u mad? probably about something i said a while back huh.. its ok 😉
        @AFMMA : for the record let me say this my fav fighters are. anderson silva, bj penn and nick diaz .i could careless about jon jones and im shocked he said no to the fight.. i never said a thing about jj not being able to “plan” my only problem is if chael was offered the fight FIRST before machida or shogun .. and if he was then it leads to my point of his MOUTH getting him further than he fighting ! thats all

  9. Jujitsu Player says:

    He can come up with all the comedy he wants he’s never getting a shot at Jones. Jones would rag doll him and end it in the first rd.

    • magoo says:

      Nice to see there are intelligent fans on this site.

      • bizzle says:

        Like the intelligent fans who picked Chael over Silva? lol

        • Magoo says:

          Lol,what’s up bruddah bizzle? Just like every guy and his dog is rooting for Chael over Bones,what’s up with that? Any time you wanna bet another fitty against Jon I’m all in…oh I know how bout the Belfort fight!

        • Sal160 says:

          Alright 50 on BELFORT.
          Jones has a whole new thing coming for him. some one who isn’t afraid to strike once the bell rings. FORGET FEELING OUT.

        • Tossers says:

          We’re rooting for Sonnen because we all hate Jones, not because we think Sonnen will win. Its just that simple. I don’t believe people are this dumb (you), but evidently your inability to read these comments prove it.

  10. some dude says:

    The american ganster all the way he makes people want to see what haplens next jones days are numberd cause no one wants to see this guy hes a good fighter but hes bad for the sport sonnen all the way.

    • you're a dumb dude says:

      MMA isn’t about the politics–it’s about what happens in the arena/ring/Octagon. And Jones takes care of business in the Octagon. He hasn’t had one bad fight in his MMA career. No other fighter has accomplished as much as he has in such a short time. Jones is good for MMA. The people that hate are bad for MMA–hate just to hate. There is not one fighter I would treat as badly as Jones is treated. Not GSP, Bisping, Sonnen. Haters refuse to acknowledge any positives, no matter what they are hating on.

  11. Dave Perkins says:

    Chael the cheat should stick to cycling his steroids and leave the so-called comedy to professionals, the guy isn’t funny.

  12. blewjob says:

    Where’s your sense of humor? This guy is entertaining and funny.

    • kc says:

      when did mma become a laughing matter? and when did stipid, unearned arrogance become funny? sonnon is a nothing in the cage and knows it so he tries to talk himself up and i guess there are some simple minded ppl who believe him

      • Majestyk says:

        @kc…I find it interesting that someone who has poor spelling, and doesn’t know when to capitalize letters, is referring to others as “simple minded”. The person who you refer to as “a nothing in the cage” is the #2 Middleweight in the world, genius.

      • Bob'O says:

        Kc, I mean dumb dumb. Sonnen beat Silva 5 out of 6 rounds. Not only beat, but completely dominated him.

        Sure, Silva won both fights, but those are the facts. No other Man has accoplished that you foolish mortal.

        So with that being said, think next time before jumping onto the stupid wagon because you don’t know what you’re talking about bro. ~Bob’O

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Listen mate I agree he has some points but Sonnen was FINISHED in both fights owning anderson for 5 rounds?? where was the damage mate cos at the end of the day the person with the most damage or quits like Chael losses ANY fight real or sports wise enough with this “chael owned anderson” crap who got ktfo IMO I think Chael knew about hendersons injury it happened three weeks ago apparently funny it’s about the time Sonnen started mouthing off to jones it does nothing for jones to beat Chael he’s coming off 2 failed title challenges in any sport that means back of the line (rich franklin) and yet this bloke can not only start a new division but talk his way straight to a title fight are u kidding me

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          If Chael was to get past Forrest and maybe idk another fight with a contender maybe I haven’t got a problem with anyone getting their shot as long as they’ve earned it. He’s the best at hyping fights so why not start hyping the fight he’s booked in it’s easy to hype fights with jones and silva the UFC hires people for that and we seem to buy them. He did a good job hyping the fight with Bisping maybe because people don’t like Bisping. I want to see how good he is can he even hype a fight with Forrest?? Here’s an angle Forrest already beat him (with a triangle) this is the rematch fozza has got a fair fan base and so has Chael it shouldn’t be too hard

        • Bob'O says:

          Sounds like you didn’t watch either fights bro. Yes, Chael dominated Silva but did lose both in the end.

          I don’t shit a give if Sonnen knew about Hendo’s injury! So what?

          Bones did not want Machida after Hendo before all of this. Now he doesn’t want Chael. So he’s pressured into a Vitor match which could end bad for him.

          Jackson is a fool. Jones is the fool who follows the fool. Remember that. 😉

          Your Boy Bisping should be getting a title shot against Silva but Anderson only fights once a year and picks his fights like Floyd Mayweather.

          The UFC should force Silva to fight either Machida or Bones just to put an end to this refusing to fight your friend or Idols bull crap that alot of these guys are pulling.

          Nopey nope Dana. I am Not buying the Vitor vs Bones PPV. Only a sucker would.

          I will wait to pay and see Lyoto Machida knock Bones Jones out the second time around.

          That’s right, the PPV that Bones Jones wants the UFC to believe that nobody wants to pay to see, which is complete bullshit.

          Fact is, Most people want to see a Machida vs Bones rematch, other than Bones himself. = FRAUD.

          Oh and uh, If Sonnen can lose and get a title shot in an upper weight class, then why not Nick Diaz doing the same against Silva?

          Dana kind of put his hog in his own mouth with that hypocrisy. ~Bob’O

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          I did watch both fights mate and was thrilled both results he may have LnP’d in the first fight that’s not domination to me knocking someone out is domination and in the second fight he held on to silva for nearly the entire first round knowing he was gonna cop it. Jackson was looking out for his athlete sure it was a questionable if not stupid decision but unfortunately he’s the champ and it’s his decision not sticking up for anyone just callin it how I see it. Before you make a silva v machida fight put koscheck v Fitch seeing as their not even in the same gym anymore at least their in the same weight class and what’s nick Diaz got to do with this sure Sonnen comes to fight but Diaz comes to finish. Before you start bashing jones and silva ect blame the man who only had one fight on a PPV after all the fighters job is to train and fight not to organise fight cards. What makes you think i care about Bisping really he’s just a middleweight Frankie Edgar (joke mate). But if Sonnen knew about the injury then why didn’t they tell someone instead of trying to sneak Sonnen into a title fight wasn’t it Chael who said people always overlook Forrest and that he was going to earn a shot and not disrespect Forrest like that. What Sonnen did (if he knew about the injury and tried the sneako) was pretty disrespectful to not only Forrest but the whole division

        • Bob'O says:

          Plenty of shared disrespect going around this entire situation bro.

          My opinion is that Bones is showing the most though.

          The UFC needs needs to put it in every fighters contract that you fight who they say you will fight, period. ~Bob’O

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          I agree there’s too much opponent picking Bob’O unfortunately its my opinion that not only have fighters changed but the brass has also I believe that the last fighters that they really cared about was Liddell and Hughes maybe Franklin probably because they were real fighters but in a business that asks so much extra of its people (eg taking fights on short notice) you would want a bit of allowance from the boss. The tactics Sonnen used were like insider trading that sort of rubbish shouldn’t be rewarded by the boss and if dw isn’t going to have jones back then I understand his decision. As a fan of the sport I’m disappointed that a champion would act that way but realistically I understand. Too much corporate bs now for my liking

  13. JVD says:

    It’s all Dana’s fault….

  14. Pango says:

    Jones’ Trainer is the one that adamantly instructed Jones to NOT grant Phael a title shot. I totally agree with that! Why reward this guy a title shot and money for doing nothing but talk? Ef that! EARN a title shot Phael!

    • Jenks says:

      Earn a LHW title shot? Like Vitor did?

      Jones is a bitch and cost the UFC, fighters and fans a ton of money. Bottom line.

      • Right says:

        Vitor didn’t earn it either. Bottom line is that DANA WHITE CANCELLED UFC 151. That’s the bottom line. Did Jones cancel the card? If you say yes, you are a retard. DANA WHITE CANCELLED IT. He was the one that held the conference to make the announcement. Jones wasn’t within 1000 miles of that circus.

        And Jones lost money from the fight too that didn’t happen because Hendo got hurt, if you want to talk about fighters who lost money. Just because Jones has big sponsors doesn’t have anything to do with the other fighters who don’t. If they want big sponsors, they gotta earn it. Bottom line.

  15. Doc9 says:

    So this is modern MMA. You can get a title shot 2 different ways… One, earn it by achieving a string of wins against notable contenders… or Two, you can have a losing record and be coming off of a loss and still make yourself a top contender and get a title fight by pretending that you’re one. That way, when you get finished by the champion, you’ll get an automatic rematch with him. In the rematch, even if you get knocked out in the 1st round after tripping over yourself while in the process of closing your eyes and throwing a spinning back fist, you automatically become the #1 contender in a different weight class and get an immediate shot at another belt with a pound for pound elite champion who has only fought and finished former champion/legends in his last 4 fights. It’s not until you get killed in the ring or lose your vocal chords that you lose your #1 contenter status. What a joke.

  16. mike maydon says:

    Everyone saying chael needs to earn a title shot
    He just fought the p4p best fighter and now has moved up
    In weight, he accepted the fight on 8 days notice. He probably would of lost or not,fact is the guy will fight anyone and is a true fighter love him or hate him he fights! And for all you people saying he needs to earn a title shot what has vitor done to earn it? And why is a middleweight fighting jones? If machida turned down the fight offer it to shogun,if not shogun how bout gustafasson .

    • Mike: So? says:

      Chael didn’t just fight the P4P best fighter, HE WAS EMBARRASSED TWICE. So, you’re saying because of it, he deserves a title shot at LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT???? Logic or idiotic?

      Belfort did nothing to earn the title shot, but he’s gettting it. Totally disagree with that fight too.

      Machida turned down a fight with Jones because he wants it in Brazil. Since when does the challenger get to choose the place to fight? Retarded, but people are accepting of Machida’s decision.

      And if Jones had lost to Sonnen by some freak miracle, all the haters would’ve been laughing and saying ” he shouldn’t have taken the fight.”

      Jones/Jackson/Winklejohn did the right thing by not taking the circus fight with Chael. Has nothing to do with what a champion you are. Jones will continue to be champion for awhile, destroying his opponents one by one. And you what? He still won’t get the respect he has ALREADY EARNED.

  17. Nuthugger says:

    Chael is a star. A deluded star, yes, but he brightens my day up. What a man. He knows how to build up to a big earner.

  18. Mike Beltran is The Sh@$iest ref ever says:

    Shogun was offered also, he turned it down. Said several fighters were offered and ALL turned it down. As Belfort said, the fighters are becoming divas. The “business” aspect has once again taken something and corrupted it. There have been real fighters take fights on no notice. Remember The downfall of elite xc?? That was a lt hvy taking on a heavy with a few hours notice…

    • Jenks says:

      The downfall of EliteXC was banking their company on Kimbo Slice

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      Shoguns still in medical suspension of course he turned it down Dana white looking for someone to blame cause he and joe silva messed up on this one seriously if they didnt cancel it we’d all be here saying how bad ellenberger and herion is as a main event blame the bloke running the show same as when condit v Gsp got scrapped they were lucky they had penn v Diaz where was the backup for this one

  19. wayne says:

    you fucks are idiots this isnt just a fight this is for the title. this is his career this is what will make him one of the best fighters to hold the belt for that long. 8 days notice to a champion is ridiculous when he dont have his coaches by him. nd dana white being a hyprocrite saying that wouldnt get a shot at the belt anytime soon, but all of a sudden he gets a chance noo sorry. sonnen doesnt deserve it. if he can get through forrest griffin then maybe the loser of shogun rua and gustaffson then he can get the shot.

  20. Yo says:

    Hahahaha this guy is too muchhh,nothing like a good laugh before you start the day.

  21. tiny atom says:

    this turd needs flushing down the pan….drugs cheat, fraudster and a tongue window cleaner……
    lost to anderson not once but twice….runs his mouth crawls up whites turd pipe gets offered another shot…..
    keep running your mouth and when the spoilt little brat does catch up with youbecause dana will make sure his lap dog gets a shot then we’ll see how much of a fraud you are…

  22. Jeremy says:

    Sonnen was the only one who accepted the fight. He didn’t just get handed the opportunity, but he will take it because the guy’s got balls. The guy had visions of winning the championship against Silva in Brazil, then getting killed by a mauling at the hands of an angry Brazillian crowd, but he was willing to do it anyway. Now the guy is willing to move up to fight the most dominant fighter I’ve ever seen; yes even more than Silva. Silva lost four rounds to some dude then got off an amazing guillotine to retain his title proving he’s the best of all time in the best fight ever. That dude was Sonnen, and he deserves the shot and he’s the only one with the balls to take it. I think Jones would manhandle him because he’s so much bigger. Gameplans are huge; especially in Jacksons camp. They’ve preparing for 1 thing for months; a right hand. Now a southpaw with dominating wrestling is too much of a risk to lose the belt with nothing to gain. The guy that has not been tested by the best LHW beats up on a dude in a lower weight class. Not a huge notch in the “belt”. Even so Jones shouldve accepted the fight, beat him up, and moved on.

  23. Antics says:

    I think you will find if Jones continues to refuse this fight, and then loses the title soon, he will fall out of favor real quick with Dana as he does not like or keep people around that pick and choose their fights. He puts the fight in front of them, and if they do not take it, they get moved on. However he has the title for now, but when he loses it he should watch out.

  24. marcus d says:

    God Im tired of hearing this fucking guy. Just shut the hell up man. That would just be ignorant to take a fight on that short of notice with ANYONE even though he knows he would have manhandled your ass like Anderson did after hearing your bullshit for months on end. Your pathetic attempts at staying relevant and having media attention are becoming just annoying. It was funny for a couple months but now I think the majority of people just want you to stop speaking… forever. So do that until you earn a shot to get your ass kicked and get sent to yet another weight class to troll the champion and act like a fool, you phoney bum.

  25. Dee says:

    Somehow this guy has became a national hero. I still don’t care. i don’t like Chael and I don’t find him funny. I think people are idiots for listening to this guy.

  26. learntoread says:

    Can’t wait for the post fight Rogan interview after Sonnen smashes Forrest, should be another classic !!

    I do hope Bones in in the crowd when that goes down, just to see the reaction.

    Hate him or love him, Sonnen is one of the top draws in the UFC at the moment in terms of non-title-holder fighters. A fight with Jones would be huge $$$ for Zuffa, the seeds are already set and growing rapidly. He’ll probably start walking around with his own LHW belt very soon, LOL.

    (As much as A. Sliva despises him, I bet he’s secretly loving this right now, haha).

  27. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Deserving or not, this man was willing to throw down. I personally like Mr. Sonnen’s character and how he let’s his charisma shine in the UFC. It seems a little WWF with his rants, but he is just too funny. I can hear him asking Dana for the triple cage. I’ll watch because he’s that entertaining and since he is vulnerable in some aspects of fighting it makes me want to root for him even more. If no one will and he is willing and the champ refuses…enough said. My respect goes out to Mr. Sonnen…one love from the city of “NO” in central cali.

  28. Jerry Semar says:

    Chael is 100% correct. Since when is it okay for a professional fighter, to fight only who they want? He should lose his title, and be forced to work his way back to the top.

  29. Kirk says:

    Marketing genius. The best 2 things about it, is that he really believes what he says. And he goes out there and fights. Gotta love’em

  30. Shawn says:

    Lol! I’m glad he found a new target. The Anderson bit got old n stale after the first year. He’s got new material. Probably enough for the next 8 months. Lol

  31. stretch38 says:

    All jones would have had to do was say “sure i will fight him…..but not for my belt.” Then he would have still been in everyones good graces and it would have been on chael to decide if he still wanted the fight.

  32. maurice says:

    hahaha jones haters r so fucking funny. he beat all our lhw heroes and u guys are still butt hurt about it? funny how ppl really believe the 2 p4p fighters in the sport are scared of sonnen? jones turned down sonnen so that makes him a coward? i guess that makes shogun and machida cowards for turning down the jones fight. i guess that makes bj penn a coward for turning down fitch, kos and siyar fights. u guys serious??

  33. KIDD433 says:

    Maurice,im surprised your saying that.You usually have good points.You don’t think Jones pulled a bitch move?He was already gonna fight that day and coming off a full training camp

  34. Jason says:

    It doesnt matter if chael deserved to fight jones,the UFC needed someone to step up and save the card,chael even admitted that jones would probably beat him.But yet jones declines the fight even though he wants more money,a fight with chael would bring him more money then a fight with machida or belfort. He doesn’t deserve that Nike sponsor,he is fake and selfish. I can’t wait to see him get his face punched by belfort.

  35. Chael Sonnen… didn’t you say you were going to retire if you couldn’t beat the last champ you were talking $h!t too… Well unless I was dreaming, you lost that fight, and yet instead of moving to Florida and hanging out at the retirement facility you are talking crap to another champ… Most likely with the same result coming.

    • Shadleigh says:

      What the fuck r u talking about? Chael is a bad ass. There is no shame in losing to Anderson Silva. Chael is also one of a couple people who has the balls to step up and face Jones on 8 days notice. So ur comments about a retirement home are fucking retarded just like u

  36. Phantom weight says:

    Are we still talking about this?nate diaz,benson henderson,bj penn,rory mcdonald,cowboy,& petis are all about to put fights on that are gonna be better than any fight in the lhw division.lets give them our attention,and put this bs in the rearview.just sayin

  37. Mark says:

    The People’s Champ Chael Sonnen

  38. chael's son says:

    unless u shmucks make sense i suggest you dont talk, You say chael got handled by silva but you know silva cheated. Make no remarks about vitor, but he got 1 kick ko’d by that bum…Plain and simple if i walk into a restaraunt and I ordered a steak, and they tell me “we ran out” and a guy says I got one for you… Ill take that steak, not cry about it.

  39. HelpMeRhonda says:

    Give up his purse but cash in on the biggest PPV atraction since Lesnar and GSP, yeah nice try. Bones is a profesisonal athelete, Dana is an amateur promotor, this guy is gangster on steriods. Bones can start his own company, and fight whoever he wants, he’s that marketable. Too bad Don King has retired.

  40. DennisAVI says:

    Good to see the changes, will possibly lay to rest what we all know. Now get back to business and make things happen. Best wishes all. D.

  41. saiasaka says:

    I’m going to laugh hard if Vitor get injured during his little training camp !

  42. Clintoris says:

    Jones should’ve taken the fight with Chael, if he’s a business man like he claims he would’ve made a lot more money in a fight with someone who can actually sell a fight like Chael. Instead he’s fighting someone who can’t put a sentence together without sounding like a complete fool. Has vitor heard of Rosetta Stone? How long has he been in the f ucking states? Good lord.

  43. Tossers says:

    Chael Sonnen earned the fight when he was brave enough to fight the greatest LHW of all time with 8 days notice. I don’t understand why everyone is ragging on Sonnen (other than his crude WWE style of slandering) when Vitor Belfort is going to fight JBJ. And you cannot suggest that Vitor has ‘earned’ the right to fight JBJ more than Sonnen now can you? No you can’t because you are all hypocrites attacking Sonnen (funnily enough I don’t like Sonnen, but I respect him for being ballsy enough to take a fight with JBJ in 8 days, which would potentially be a career ending fight if he lost).

  44. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Chaels a lil bitch would get smackd against the p4p king jones every1 else stfu stop nut hugging chael you dumb bitches… And greg is obviously right worse move of his career to take chael on 8 days notice he don’t even deserve a shot.

  45. David Sun says:

    Imagine Sonnen is the one who tore Henderson’s MCL, imagine he did it on purpose. Imagine Chael works a deal with Henderson so if he fights, win loose or draw, he gives his purse to Hendo. He mentioned he hasn’t spent a single day training. But I don’t buy that, Henderson’s biggest fight of his life is coming up and he doesn’t help his training partner out? Sonnen is probably in great shape and tore Henderson’s knee to get that title shot. Ask yourself doesn’t Chael seem shady enough to do such a thing. Were talking about a crook here who had multiple run ins with the law and runs to be a politician. C’mon!

  46. Ddddd says:

    Wow it’s funny to hear talk about a guy that wants to hype fights with creative verbal attacks in a sport that is about creative attacks
    When I hear Jon talk and hype himself it sounds twice as fake as Chael and I know Chaels just acting
    I really liked Jon when he didn’t have the opportunity to talk He’s way more creative as an athlete than an ambassador for the sport
    Shut up and fight John your Not Bruce Lee

  47. Newb says:

    There is plenty of blame to go around here. We can talk all day about how Bones should have accepted the fight. This would have been a dream scenario for Dana and the UFC as it would have likely been on of the most highly purchased events of all time. Why? Chael sales fights, because he is such a polarizing figure.

    In this scenario the positives are, we get to see a card next weekend. Dana gets more money, Bones probably makes more money, and everyone gets paid.

    The cons, those who book the fights can continue to put together weak cards, I mean no disrespect in the statement, I just mean “weak on paper” with no name recognition and still maximize profits.

    The UFC is in a bad place right now, personal opinion, although they are still doing numbers.

    I do not mind fighters refusing to fight one another, that is their decision. If Machida does not want to fight Anderson and vice versa that is cool, there are PLENTY other fighters out there.

    So, I know I just said a lot of BS in my statement. The point is, the canceling of UFC 151 should make Dana take a step back. Realize that he is spreading his roster too thin and to ALWAYS have a back-up plan for every fight on the card. Have it in the contracts. “Hey Jon if Dan gets hurt, you will be fighting ____ for the title.” Hey Dan, if Jon gets hurt, you will be fighting ____ for the Interim title.” Seems easy enough, and we dont have this problem again.


  48. Irie nation says:

    Jon “boned by greg Jackson” jones is a little snatch for not fighting on 8 days notice…the UFC belt means your the best in the world…well prove it…you were training for a fight with someone, opponent changed oh well the objective is still to fight…seriously you are the champion and you back down when someone calls you out? All you faggots that have jones penis in your mouth I hope you realize your idol does not have the heart of a champion

  49. Can't STand RETARDS says:

    if you guys think you’re so bad ass why don’t you get in the ring with him, so he can bash your face in. Maybe then that’ll shut all your retards up, Sonnen like most said doesn’t deserve to fight just because he went up in weight, there are many other fighters that should be given the chance. Just because this loud mouth love to talk and all the shit that comes out of his mouth. I’m not saying that I like Jones either because of how once he’s gotten the tittle his whole attitude changed. I was hoping to see Hendo put his lights one more time before Hendo retires. Sonnen juiced up the first time against Silva and you dumb fucks LOVED him for that? even though the fucker lost and was banned for a year? get your minds right for once. I am not taking away his ability to bullshit his way into anything but come on there are way better fighters who won’t juice up to take a fight. I am sure that is probably why he’s saying oh i’ll take the fight with 8 days notice, don’t worry Dana gave me the green light to juice up again. Only this time i’ll make sure i don’t get caught and if i do who cares because i was going to retire ANYWAYS!!!!!

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