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Tuesday, 10/16/2012, 12:53 pm

Chael Sonnen Set To Coach TUF 17 Opposite Jon Jones; Coaches Fight Slated For April | UFC NEWS

Former UFC middleweight title challenger and king of smack talk, Chael Sonnen, has talked his way into another premium slot with his promotional home, the UFC.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting and BJPENN.COM has since confirmed news that Sonnen is set to coach “The Ultimate Fighter” opposite UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

The Ultimate Fighter season 17 will begin taping on October 29 and the two fighters will face off on a yet to be named fight card on April 17th.

Sonnen’s previously scheduled bout with Forrest Griffin set for UFC 155 has been scratched.


88 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Set To Coach TUF 17 Opposite Jon Jones; Coaches Fight Slated For April | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jpeech says:


  2. Justen says:

    I think Chaell should leave the ufc like he said he would after Anderson beat him again. He has no chance against Jones. The only people who have a chance is Silva n Cormier. other then that, what’s the point of him fighting anybody.

    • Brother Sam says:

      He has as much of a chance as Vitor, Rampage, and Shogun had. Cut the bullshit. The guy is a great fighter who won 6 out of 7 rounds against the greatest fighter of alltime.

      • T.DADDY says:

        +100000000. I agree.. Jones never fought a fighter like Sonnen… Sonnen will get Lanky against the cage and take him down… Sonnen will be the 1st guy to whoop Bones azz.. American Gangster all day!

        • Keyboard Warriors *sigh* says:

          You don’t know what you are talking about (I seriously hope you are joking). Jones is a WRESTLER who is considerably larger than Sonnen. On top of that, in the first fight, Silva had a broken rib AND Chael was on steroids. With regards to the second fight, it is definitely possible that Anderson LET him take him down. Look at the second round and the Bonnar fight…

        • ricky says:

          dude you are a fucking retard. get silvas cock out of your mouth. there is absolutely 0 percent chance silva had a broken rib during the fight. If u have any type of medical background you would know that you can barely fucking move with a broken rib let alone fight. Maybe a bruised or slightly fractured rib but sure as hell did not have a broken rib.

        • Keyboard Warriors *sigh* says:

          I’ve had a broken rib before. Read a few articles talking about his condition during and just prior to the fight. The doctor told him NOT to fight but he did anyways. You should a) learn how to write b) do some research and c) learn a bit about the sport (Sonnen may be a better wrestler than Bonnar, but Bonnar is considerably larger and could not take Silva down – his takedown defense is much better than a lot of people, such as yourself, give him credit for)

      • ballsackface says:

        lol, you tripping
        you cant count the 1st fight, the guy was cheating and if he had won he would have been stripped off the title and belt returned

        so actually its 1.8 rounds like everyone else other than coté

        • Mike says:

          If you actually read anything and didn’t just go with things you hear, you would know Sonnen told the commission he was taking something and he had an exemption for it. The thing he got suspended for isn’t even a suspendable offense. Do some research next time. He worked Silva over good and will do very similar to Jones, only with a more favourable finish.

      • big dick don says:

        looks like phael has talked his way into another title shot…not saying he should “leave the ufc”…but he could at least earn it…maybe beat a top 5 contender (like gustufsson or glover teixeira) or something, instead of handing him title shot after title shot because he’s a good shit talker…title shots should be earned in the octogon not in front of a microphone.
        in the end it wont matter though…we all know jones is going to destroy him…just like he did shogun, rampage, and vitor…and everyone else he fought.TRT wont even save phael from the beating hes gonna take.

        • IDK says:

          First I don’t really like arguing on the internet but I don’t think Chael ever talked his way into a title shot both of his after his first Anderson Silva fight he was the obvious number 1 contender for two years before getting a rematch, second I definitely believe he deserves this more than Vitor did, Vitor’s last two fights were against not top tier opponents, and third I don’t think Chael can ever be counted out of a fight he is statistically the most dominating fighter in UFC history, he is in the dominant position for the highest percentage of his fights.

        • Keyboard Warriors *sigh* says:

          I agree to a certain extent, but it is hard to say that someone deserves a title shot when they NEVER finish opponents. I’ll give you that he did manage to finish Stann (his 1st finish in the UFC) but won a very controversial decision against Bisping.

        • rh2117 says:

          Totally agree that he doesn’t deserve it, but you gotta admit, he does the best he can at bringing the intensity of his shit talk to the cage…I definitely wanna see this fight!!

        • baldy says:

          @he IDK… didnt really deserve his second shot at silva, imo, he lost/stole that fight with bisping, so no he wasnt the obvious number one he doesnt deserve this more the vitor did be cause vitorwas a last minute replacement, and vitor at has fought and beating fighters in the 205 division…phael has not.
          forrest griffen has even been quoted saying..”why fight when you can talk your way to the top.” even if he had fought and beatin griffen it shouldnt have earned him a title shot.
          phael is a very good fighter, he’s also a very borring fighter to watch, and he’s definately not champion material…he proved it several times in the wec (couldnt even win a title in the minors) and he’s provin it in the ufc…

  3. Jpeech says:

    Ahhh he took that away after Anderson didnt except the offer….. Other then that this will be great for TUF and ratings will sky rocket!!! not to mention anyone can win at anytime. MMA is like that.

  4. mmafan24 says:

    this is a joke that you can get a title shot just by talking shit smh

  5. Nunya says:

    If this is true. TUF ratings will hit an all time high. Jone’s haters will watch so they can talk more shit. If Chael wouldnt have slipped, i feel it wouldve been a repeat of the first Silva & Sonnen fight only Sonnen having better BJJ which he mightve pulled it off. Whether he deserves it or not. People will watch this.

  6. dante080 says:

    Wow, it is hard to imagine Chael beating Jones……hmm, well chael has a solid chin, and Jones isn’t known for ko power. I guess you can imagine chael out wrestling Jones. Chael does have a higher pedigree. But Jones is so damn big. Chael will have to try and work him to exhaustion.

  7. Me says:

    I love Chael & I hate Jones. As a Sonnen fan I’ll honestly you tell you that this is a easy fight for Jones, Chael earnt his way into another title fight by running his mouth which should NOT be the case. The champion(s) of the UFC should be defending their title against #2 guys in their weight class & not against someone who has NEVER fought in that weight class in the UFC. Its going to be a interesting build up to the fight + I will be watching TUF & I will be supporting my man Chael but commonn we have guys like Dan Henderson, Lyoto Machida, Alexender Gusstuffson, Shogun Rua who are more deserving of a title shot then Sonnen.

    • ballsackface says:

      you are not a chael fan, you are pretending to be a chael fan because you can hide behind the internet and act as if this can validate your point more than most.

      Im not a chael fan however i think on his day he can beat anyone as can jones and AS. is chael consistent? fuck no but hes got as much chance as anyone.

      you are no chael fan

    • Mike b says:

      It’s all about $$$$$ at the end of the day……so the UFC will do whatever it takes to get higher ratings for tuf to generate more interest and $$$.nowadays rankings don’t mean shit.whatever it takes to bring in more fans,$,ratings.

  8. Jpeech says:

    Chael is still fighting Forrest right???

  9. Jpeech says:

    Well in my opinion Henderson Machida and Shogun are not deserving. More than Chael sure, but still not deserving. Two of them have lost and the other two need one more fight. Winner of Hendo VS Machida should get the shot.

  10. Mdog says:

    this is absolute bullshit why does chael get a chance to fight jon jones and forrest griffin doesn’t even get a chance to beat him? Just because you can fucking double leg anderson silva doesn’t mean you should get title shots handed to you by dana white on his fucking knees… bullshit

  11. ya herd says:

    this is bullshit, sonnen isnt deserving one bit its a joke.. glover makes more sense chael cheats in his first fight against silva hits him over 300 punches and loses the fight, then he fights him again gets destroyed, and then hes fighting the number 2 guy in the world without beating anyone in that weight class its not like he give silva a hard fight the second time he got dstroyed that would put u at the back of the line.. its crazy… like i said time and time again the ufc dosent care about the fans there all about making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • The MMA Story says:

      Dude, understand the business.. THEN understand MMA. I guarantee that TUF 17 will be the most watched season ever. And I guarantee that PPV fight with Jones vs Sonnen will be one of the highest PPV buyouts in UFC history. read that correctly… ONE OF… not THE highest. Hard to say that UFC doesn’t care what fans want when everyone will buy it. It’s called balance, If they didn’t care all we’d see are s*** fights and they’d fold. I, for one.. and many others who follow me… want to see this fight.

  12. The MMA Story says:

    Chael is a top contender. A proven top contender. That’s the only thing weight class can’t govern. That’s why Edgar got a shot when moving down in weight.. and when Rashad is ready to fight at 185, he’ll get a shot, or at the very least a fight for #1 contender. That’s why Hendo had his shot.. but then he got injured. THEN Chael stepped into the mix. Chael is just polarizing and its easier to be divided on the topic of whether he deserves it or not. So when someone has proven themselves to be able to contend with top contenders in another weight class.. they are going to be thrown into the mix with top contenders from another weight class. We ALL already know that Chael would trample lower contenders in the division. And he sells PPV’s. So In my HONEST opinion.. its just hard to reason why he should have to go through multiple fights when we already know how good he can be in the octagon. Now… will he BEAT Jones?? haha.. I doubt it.

  13. 2lowtoe says:

    how 2 get the people 2 tune (4 dummies)

  14. Rich says:

    Why give a tool like this a chance? Guy has a lame ass record, and he’s living off the scraps of Jones talent just to stay on top of the media, Chael if you you read this the WWE has openings you tool. Dana white bad call for sure! I really hope this blows up in their faces……

    • The MMA Story says:

      The only way this blows up in their faces is if no one buys it. But they will. And TUF will get more ratings than ever. Because of who’s coaching. It’s all in the stars, My friend. Its hard to say that “fans don’t want it” when fans will buy it.

      • Rich says:

        What does this say to the athletes that take the sport of MMA seriously…talk shit get a title shot and get embarrassed, like he did with Silva! Chael belongs in the WWE or some BS fight league not where guys like Silva, Jones, Penn, and many others made the sport a serious one! Just saying

        • The MMA Story says:

          You have a really good point! but you can’t say Chael doesn’t take it seriously, he just brings the WWE aspect to it. He’s at least backed up the talk to some degree. his overall record isn’t uber impressive but he hasn’t been horrible either. Silva makes everyone look bad lol.. But nonetheless.. Its a fight I want to see. And I HOPE that Sonnen does get embarressed by jones, never gets another title shot, and is made fun of so much he resorts to the WWE. I will loathe the day if were to actually be a champion.

  15. dan says:

    cant wait for sonnen to not only win the season and pick the better fighter but to also put jon jones on his ass and take the title he deserves

  16. 123 says:

    ufc is a joke now, chael sonnen looses fights but talks shit & gets title shots.. if you cant beat anderson silva (on drugs or whatever he was on).. not a chance of beating jon jones.. michael bisping beat chael sonnen in MY opinion & hes just beat brian stann, wheres his title shot ?

  17. ya herd says:

    sonnen shouldnt be there its that simple dana white and the rest of them are just thinking about$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ what about the hardcore fans who want to she good match ups and deserving talent… this is a miss match anyone who knows mma knows that styles make fights 99.9% of the time and jones is a very bad match up for sonnen if he struggled to get bisping down there isnt much of a chance of sonnen geting jones down! and even if he does its as dangerous as them standing jones has good submissions and sonnen sucks at sub defence

  18. DMAC says:

    You clowns really think pillow hands can do anything to bones Lmfao! I say bones goes the vada route in this one cuz we all know regulated trt level Sonnen can’t go a round w/o gassing. And it’ll be interesting to see Chael talk that shit when bones is in the building. He talked all that shit vs Anderson but was scared as hell in the weight ins and even more so in the walk out. But I guess this gives the idiots something to cling onto for months..

  19. Team Buffalo says:

    Everyone who says chael cant fight are idiots. You may not like him but dude can scrap. I would have rather had Cormier be coach but Mr. Nike is a bitch and wouldn’t coach against him. All UFC fighters have serious skills and could win on any given saturday. Fact is you can talk all the shit you want about chael but your bitchass would get F**ked up

  20. jbizzle says:

    I think this was suppose to be reported on April 1st….

  21. Shawn says:

    About f’n time!

  22. 123 says:

    @DMAC… im talking about michael bisping deserving a title fight with anderson silva.. & chael sonnen cant just talk shit to get an instant title shot at light heavyweight.. but he has because the ufc is a joke, in MY opinion.

    • DMAC says:

      I was calling Sonnen pillow hands. I agree with you though Bisping needs a shot. This is no longer a sport it’s entertainment on some WWE shit. What’s even worse are all these so called MMA fans hyped about this circus. Vada vada vada. Dana wants Jones to lose so bad I wouldn’t doubt he lets Chael gear up then hide the results from everyone like he’s been doing we recently found out. So with that in mind have a completely seperate entity test so no cheat shit can happen.

  23. Unknown says:

    If cheal loses, will all his “fans” still be on his jock? I think he should fight machida or texiera first, at least. But then again I don’t care…. I’d lay 5k on jones. Only a heavy wait will stop him at this point.

  24. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen doesn’t deserve it, but TUF needs a couple of smacktalking coaches. The last really good season was with Rampage-Evans.

  25. Haha says:

    Pound this fucker Chael!!

  26. Sasquatch says:

    I can see why Joe Silva tried to set this fight up last time because they desperately needed an opponent for Jones to save 151, but offering Chael a shot now is just wacked!!. Losing two title shots at MW apparently earns you a title shot in a higher weight class… if he loses to Jones I guess they’ll give him a shot at JDS next.

    I just don’t understand what’s going on with these circus act fights the UFC’s putting on these day’s… Bonner had no business being in the octagon with Silva. I know it was supposed to be a “fun fight” and everything but we all knew what was going to happen. I’d rather see relevant fights with contenders who have earned their shot at gold… I honestly could care less about this twilight zone twist the UFC seems to be on these days.

  27. learntoread says:

    This is big business for Zuffa, they couldn’t have had a better coaching square off to revive the dying TUF franchise.

    This fight, if it actually materializes, will also be HUGE business, and most likely one of the two biggest ppv events of 2013 (behind GSP/Silva or GSP/Diaz if they actually happen).

    Love or hate Sonnen, the man is the ratings king right now. He also brings the fight every time out.

    Looking forward to the lead up, haha. Jones attempting to match trash talk is going to be entertaining.

  28. B-rad says:

    Gotta do what you gotta do to bring the ratings out of the toilet.. “GET ME CHAEL!”

  29. David says:

    this is some class A bullshit. like really he didnt even fight anyone to get a title shot, why cant chael fight rampage, or machida, or hey belfort? it could be anyone at 205 but he does not deserve a title shot after he got his last ass whoopin. if anything daniel cormier deserves a fucking title shot fuck everyone else silva and gsp can fight each other.

  30. Dick Diaz says:

    Chael Sonnen should bring the TUF numbers up…

  31. Kong says:

    It’s funny everyone forgets Anderson fought the first fight with a broken rib. Seriously if u think Chael has a chance at jones ur dreaming. It’s going to take a top bjj black belt to beat Jon jones.

    • learntoread says:

      It’s also funny that Silva fans forget that Chael worked him again during the entire 1st round of the second fight too, and that Anderson did some boarderline sketchy moves in the 2nd to win that fight (and what the heck was up with the personal greasing pre-fight, I mean seriously). I suppose that’s a lot to be proud of there. Gloat on man, gloat on.

  32. jeremiah says:

    I don’t see why everyone is pissed at chael for getting the fight he went after what he wanted and got it and everyone knows a closed mouth don’t get fed so he was open about what he wanted rather people thinks he deserves it or not he got itand you have to respect the fact he’s going after what he wants can’t hate on a guy for that cause if everyone sat back and waited on people to make decisions for you we all know you may never get it so win or lose he’s going after what he wants

  33. Jeremiah says:

    Can’t blame the man for going after what he wants cause everyone knows a closed mouth don’t get fed and if you wait for someone else to fed you you may starve so rather or not he deserves it you have to respect the man for taking it into his own hands and he got it

  34. Bobby says:

    lol i like how when vitor got a title shot nobody freaked out now that Sonnen got it everyone says he doesn’t deserve it, who cares he just jumped 1 year of work i bet he is celebrating right now

  35. GRT 3000 says:

    who cares; TUF is for drama queen MMA fruits and noobs. could give a shit that the biggest farce is out reeling in the zombie hords for the UFC. more interested in contenders and top competition.

    • Clay says:

      True MMA fans like to watch all contenders of all styles (not just championship bouts and boxing) you just don’t know any other names in the sport. Maybe if you watched tuf you could learn that there is more than just 4 fighters in the UFC and see some new and upcoming talent. Just record and fast forward to the fights like everyone else.

  36. Clay says:

    I Support this marketing bout

  37. ThaGreenBandit says:

    This guy talks his way into yet another championship fight, coming off a loss this time?! I’m not sure who’s pitching and who’s catching, but Dana and Phael are definitely playing ball with each other. un-fucking-believable!

  38. Nuthugger says:

    It’s simple really. The two coaches have neen chosen to get the viewers. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and don’t buy the eventual fight. But, having said that, I would hazard a guess that 99% of the people who say they won;t watch it, either will watch it or be looking for the result. I think it’s crazy really, but it will be entertaining and Chael will be hammered come fight night. But at least we’ll have a few laughs along the way.

  39. TheTude says:

    All you Chael fans will eat these words, it just makes me laugh, bones is really going to hurt sonnen, like end his career hurt him!

  40. ya herd says:

    sonnen dosent deserve it its that simple anyone who thinks he does needs to go to a doctor.. he isnt a real fighter how can u call a guy a real fighter when all he trys to do every single fight is lay and pray with pillow ground and pound hes a amazing wrestler yes but a garbge fighter.. when has chael sonnen ever kod anyone or ever when is the last time he tkod anyone?????? im sick of the ufc now its getting to much hype shit and to much people getting fights they shouldnt get!!! i would be very angry if i was a guy doing well in the lighheavy weight division, and a guys comes up a weight after getting to title shots and getting beat without winning another fight… yea people will say oh it will do TUF so much.. there is alot of other fighters sonnen could of fought and made big ppv numbers why give a idot 3 title fights in a row.. seriously

  41. Drew says:

    Make this happen

  42. Drew says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaa fuck Forrest griffin ex cop

  43. Drew says:

    Jon jones definitely looks up to Anderson of course. Anderson has won his last two fights via viscous murder esc knee to the chest. Jones will use a knee or two to Chaels chest to beat him. Finally bringing some real fucking slick street fighting moves to the cage is good to see . People go head or chin hunting when breaking down the body is more key to success . Especially if the guy is much smaller guy , fuck looking for a tiny chin that can be tucked, vitor for stopped sidekick to the ribs/ chest area. Jones stoppage round 2 or 3.

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