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Friday, 11/02/2012, 03:04 pm

Chael Sonnen Selects Dan Henderson as Assistant Coach on TUF

By Evan Stoumbelis
Chael Sonnen announced today that longtime training partner Dan Henderson will be his assistant coach on season 17 of The Ultimate Fighter. Sonnen will be coaching against light-heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones; The two are set to square off next April.

Sonnen said: “We’re on great terms, and we’ve always been on great terms. You’ve got to understand, what Dan and I have got is like the military. Our gym has got an order, and Dan is one of the coaches. He’s above me. I don’t talk back to Dan, and if Dan wants to say something, that would be the way it is.”


12 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Selects Dan Henderson as Assistant Coach on TUF”

  1. magpo says:

    GTFO Hendos already stated this fight takes away the integrity of the sport, I mean its already a circus that Sonnen gets a title shot, but please Dan don’t be his clown!

  2. The natural says:

    You can line up all the bums in the world jbj will knock them down one at a time

  3. LOL@you! says:

    You think maybe Henderson actually wants to be part of the growth process for some more up and coming fighters? Or perhaps, even with his opinion of the fight, he still wants the best for a fellow training partner?

    And really, did Belfort deserve a shot? Sure, for the same reason Chael does. They want the fight, and quite frankly Jones said he wants the money and wants to get paid. This fight will make him more money than any other options.

  4. George says:

    Everybody go to it’ll let you you make a 5 dollar donation if you want.

  5. 123 says:

    Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen is like Anderson Silva vs Jon Fitch… pointless.

  6. Drew says:

    If I was Dan I’d tell chael to go fuck himself

  7. thatguybreyzen says:

    Haha look at this nobody call UFC fighters bums go fall out of a tree you dumb bitch you’d get ko’d by a flyweight.

    • Shadleigh says:

      +1 yep only an ignorant couch potato, UFC wannabe would call UFC fighters bums. The truth is if u make it to the UFC u are one tough sonofabitch. So @thenatural u should shut your mouth because any one of those “bums” would whoop your ass with ease! These fighters are giving everything to MMA and all of them are warriors. So why don’t u take your condescending ass off this website.

  8. learntoread says:

    It’ll be interesting to see who ol’ “Bonesie” chooses as his assistant coach, now that things have gotten a little more interesting…

  9. TheLegend says:

    To call any ufc fighter a bum is the dumbest fucking statement I’ve ever heard. Get off this website buttboy

  10. Know your shit. says:

    Haha I was gonna comment about that morone up there calling UFC fighters bums, but ou guys got it covered lol.. It’s funny, it’s always the none fighters that have the most shit to say! Yea vitor didn’t deserve the shot either but him and chael are the only ones who wanna fight jones right now.

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