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Tuesday, 11/13/2012, 09:11 am

Chael Sonnen Says Rampage Jackson Can’t Beat Ronda Rousey | UFC NEWS

“I’d like to congratulate Ronda Rousey on becoming a pioneer in this sport. It’s well deserved and overdue. Looks like Mitt Romney has a new favorite fighter and Rampage Jackson has another opponent he can’t beat.”

(via TMZ)


24 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Says Rampage Jackson Can’t Beat Ronda Rousey | UFC NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF GET RID OF FITCH (forever) (forever) says:

    Chael Sonnen is at it again…FIRST!

  2. TheTude says:

    Its a shame we will never see Chael vs Rampage, that would be a fight! Kind of off the subject but Ronda is a one trick pony, one day she is going to get KTFO!

  3. Big Daddy says:

    I think if Rousey rematches Tate, she’ll get ko’ed. Cyborg would also rape her literally. Chael should of fought Jackson, makes better sense than fighting jones but I’m not mad he stepped up to the challenge.

  4. Fuck You says:

    Just because a magician only shows you his favorite trick does that mean he only has but one? I think Ronda is hot, can knock people out and submit! And even if she was a one trick pony I think that’s even sadder that she keeps doing it and people keep letting her do it? Sounds like everyone else’s fucking problem! War Rousey

  5. Trues says:

    Chael sucks balls. Why does he talk so much shit and lose. He’s a boring fighter and his ribs are gross to look at. He needs to be worried about Jones, not rampage. Jones is going to murder him!!

  6. Tido says:

    how can all of you say rousey is a one trick pony. she is a Olympic judo medalist! even if she does get damaged while going toe to toe, she can easily implement her grappling game because the other fighters grappling are so inferior…and yeah, it doesn’t hurt that she also hot.

    • B-rad says:

      IF you think Ronda Rousey isnt a one dimensional fighter than you need to get off the bandwagon fast. She has shown next to 0 willingness or ability to strike with her opponents. She will eventually come across a he/she man women that she cant throw, and she will get KO’d

      • FuktardsRU says:

        B-Dumb, you are a fucking idiot. She shows no willingness to trade? Really?? Then what about Ronda jabbing Kaufman’s face, and backing her into the cage so she could hiptoss her and work her “one trick”?!! Seriously you fucking morons are retarded with your “logic.” Just because a fighter has a favorite technique that no one can stop, doesn’t mean they don’t know other techniques. It is up to her opponents to learn how to avoid it. Until then, it is there problem NOT hers!

  7. Thom says:

    Rampage beat hendo’s ass i guess chaels still butthurt about that. or the fact that rampage would both physically and verbally own him one on one. sure chael sounds funny with these lines he spent all day coming up with.

  8. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    thom here again.. looks like we still log in as randoms. lol. fix it pedro u lazy fuck.

  9. Josiah says:

    hey Josiah…seriously? is that really your name or your trying to use mine, coz its not cool dude…are you new on this site? coz i was just surprised seeing my name all over the place that i haven’t even placed a comment.

  10. maurice says:

    @yousodumb, you so dumb. Fuk u mean rampage was knocked out at one point? He ate one huge hbom and rolled with it.

    Chael and ronda would get owned by page. Its interesting how chael somehow makes ppl believe he can beat page, andersom, jones….and bisping. Lol.

    The thought of ronda beating page in a fight is obviouly a joke. But i wouldnt be suprised if she tapped that sry ass chael sonnen.

  11. David says:

    Hahaha Classic Chael!

  12. Dick Diaz says:

    i think rampage jackson would beat ronda in a fight…

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