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Thursday, 04/18/2013, 05:50 pm

Chael Sonnen Says “My UFC contract expired about four months ago…”

In an odd turn of events, the headlining fight of UFC 159 is going to go on without any sort of contractual agreement, according to UFC Light Heavyweight Contender Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen has recently gone on former WWE Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “The Steve Austin Show” and stated that he has been without a UFC contract for several months now. He also told Austin how his fight with UFC Middle Weight Champ Anderson Silva, and his upcoming fight with UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones are both fights of which Sonnen has not signed nor seen bout agreements for.

“I never, to this day I don’t have a contract to fight Anderson Silva,” Sonnen stated in the interview. “I never signed an agreement that said I would fight him, we never picked a dollar amount, we never picked a weight class. Nothing. I told those guys I would show up and I did.

“They never had a contract with me, they said what they would do and they did. My UFC contract expired about four months ago, I don’t know if they just haven’t realized it because they’re so busy, or if they just know they don’t need one with me. But, I got a world title fight coming up, we’ve got a sold out venue — I don’t have a piece of paper with my name on it or Jon Jones’ or anything else, but I don’t need one either.”

“I will be there, I said I would be there, and that is how they do business,” said Sonnen. “If Dana White says something then that’s it.”

Should a situation like this leave fans believing that a fight with Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen may not happen on April 27th? Sonnen has not led anyone to believe that he wont show up to fight when he says he will. On the contrary, he was the one man to step up and call out Jon Jones when Jones’ opponent, Dan Henderson, fell pray to injury forcing him out of the bout; one that would be cancelled due to Jones’ unwillingness to fight Chael Sonnen on short notice.

Like Sonnen has stated, he said he will be there and fans will expect him to, contract or no contract. Chael Sonnen has proven to fans that when the song plays he will walk into the cage and put his life on the line whether he has signed it or not.

Chael Sonnen looks to dethrone the seemingly untouchable  Light Heavyweight Champion ‘Jon Bones’ Jones on April 27th at UFC 159 at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.



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  1. Joye says:

    He has to have a contract the UFC is not stupid if he no shows any events the whole promotion would be ruined. UFC doesn’t trust this jack ass that much.

    The guy is running out of crap to say and this is the worst thing that has come out his mouth.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      I think it’s highly probable that he really believes he is sans contract. Most people think a contract is this long, drawn out writing, but they take many forms. Sonnen could have easily made a binding, oral agreement with the UFC or one of its agent without even realizing the consequences. As long as both sides’ intent can be proven, it is enforceable.

  2. jbj vs sonnen is BS says:

    who cares if there’s a contract? this is the most ridiculous thing the UFC has done, giving a title fight to a guy with such a poor record. And please stop with dana bullsh*t about the fact that sonnen showed up a week before to fight jones. Of course he would, anybody I would. I’m not in the UFC and I would. I would just tap as soon as I ge tin danger, pretty much what sonnen has done his whole ‘career’ and go home with a million $ in my pocket. This guy is a fraud, liar, cheater and can’t fight for sh*t. Can’t wait until he retires his place is in a circus or in WWE

    • You're missing the whole point says:

      This fight is a reward for Sonnen for being the only fighter to step up to fight Jones in the UFC 151 fiasco. Prior to that, there were a LOT of fighters turning down last minute fights. There have been a few since, but now fighters actually prepare to be last minute replacements. And that’s what the UFC wants.
      Poor record? 27-12 with two losses two Anderson Silva and one to Demian Maia is by no means “poor.” Hate the man because he talks so much, but his record is very good. Very good fighter, very good MMA commentator, Chael Sonnen is good for MMA.

    • Will says:

      You do realize the legend, Randy Couture, had a 19-11 record. It’s not always about the win:loss ratio. But about the level of competition. And the people Chael has lost to are name opponents. Babalu, Trevor Prangley (a loss he avenged), Paulo Filho (#2 MW at the time, a loss he avenged), Terry Martin (top 10 MW at one time), Damien Maia (Title challenger, top 5 MW, now top 5 WW), Anderson Silva 2x (Top P4P fighter), Jeremy Horn 2x(A guy with over 110 fights to his credit and beaten top guys), and Keiichiro Yamamiya (a man who’s also beaten Chris Lytle, Nate Marquardt, and Denis Kang)

      Chael has beaten Michael Bisping, Dan Miller, Nate Marquardt, Yushin Okami, Trevor Prangley, Mayhem Miller, Paulo Filho. Top fighters at one point or another. Does all these top MW wins deserve him a shot at the LHW title after 2 failed attempts at the MW title? Absolutely not. But his record isn’t as spotty as you make it seem and he’s marketed himself so that he will be set for life. I hope that when he hangs it up, he teaches more fighters how to play to their strengths and be able to market themselves into big pay days.

      Whether you love him or hate him, Chael Sonnen brings in viewers which increases awareness to this sport we all love. We are trying to grow a sport, and sometimes fans forget that this sport is still growing. The more mainstream media that the UFC gets, the better it is for ALL MMA promotions. I agree with “You’re missing the whole point.” Chael Sonnen is good for MMA

      • Antwan says:

        I agree with you Will. Actually I respect what you have said, but even with you breaking down Chael fights, he is no where near ready for Jon Jones. The key word you said is “marketed himself, so that he will be set for life.” Which is absolutely true. I love him and hate him, lmao truly I do. Me and you both know that he will lose this fight, but he lose this fight, but at the same time he has given so much of his time to this sport, whether he believes it or not. +1 Will. Just giving my 2 cents.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    Sonnen is the best bullshitter there is. No one knows if this guy is tellin the truth ever, not even Dana. He has a pretty thought out angle in general and utilizes it well. He’s provoking thoughts rite now in our heads and we don’t even know it. Politics at their best. Where you at Lights Out?Chael needs a running mate.

  4. 123 says:

    I love Chael Sonnen but he shouldnt be fighting for another title its wrong.. There is people like.. Glover Texiera, Alexander Gusstafson, Jimi Manuwa & Lyoto Machida who are all being ignored.. TUF 17 was good but Jon Jones should have waited untill his arm healed then fought a real contender & not Dana Whites money making machine Chael Sonnen lol.. I will watch the fight but im more excited about Alan Belcher vs Michael Bisping to be honest.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      WTF??? Who has Glover faught yet that deserves a title shot? Rampage???! Gus, he needs more wins too against top fighters and Rua IS NOT ONE. Manuwa the real WTF and WhoTF has he faught. Most people have no idea who this dude is. And that pussy Machida turned downed a fight with Jones and who wants to see that again?? Nobody. The only thing I liked about that fight was when he was choked to a limp noodle state. Your picks suck. Sonnen is the ONLY fighter to beat the fuck out of Silva for 5.75 rounds out of 7. Plus he is ready to fight at the drop of the hat. It makes perfect sense. These other dudes need to fight world champions. Losing to Silva is a little more prestigious than beating Kyle Kingdbury!!. WTFFFFF?

      • 123 says:

        WTF…WTF.. shut the fuck up lol.. well known or not Jimi Manuwa is a great fighter.. Chael Sonnen is a joke to be honest..

        • Gargoyle Wrestling. says:

          I over use WTF don’t I?! Yah Manuwa is awesome but he needs to fight a top 5 UFC first and if he does to them what he did to Kingsbury and Diabate, then I will be right there with you calling for that shot. But until then, WTFFFF? and I will NEVER stfffffu lol.

      • Antwan says:

        Rua is not????????????? wtf lmao… He has only had held the belt right??. Chael has never won the belt, he has only been defeated twice for it, your dumb ass. You know what, you are probably 15, and you will see, when Jon Jones wipe the floor with that ass.

  5. Drew says:

    Doing as ploy to Vince to possibly pay chael without a contract to show up to raw or even a PPV. Basicly hey Vince if I tell u I’m going to show up ill show up, just make sure u got a check for me

  6. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Hahah this guy….He makes shit up on the spot. UFC does not let fighters fight without contracts.

  7. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Boys can’t anybody read between the lines on here? This is character stuff he’s talking about. Of course he has a contract, even if it is verbal. That is just as binding as a written one. But this is about honoring your word. It’s about character, if I say I will be there, then I will be there and NOT puss out because I have some hang nail and strategically think, I shouldn’t make this fight cuz it might not go good for me!!! This is a jab to all the possssies in the lhw division who constantly are pooosing out. ( Machida, Rua, etc. and Jones too). He is jabbing ALL the weasels in mma and the UFC has shown to reward warriors. Chael is these poooosssies wake up call.

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