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Friday, 08/16/2013, 10:54 am

Chael Sonnen Says He’s the Biggest Draw in the UFC as he Plans Title Run

Former top contender, Chael Sonnen returns to the Octagon this weekend at the inaugural  UFC on FOX Sports 1 show, after being defeated by Jon Jones in his latest attempt to capture UFC gold. Sonnen seemed to be stepping away from the sport citing a lack of desire to participate in a sport in which he can’t capture a title.

Now, with a big fight looming just days away, Sonnen reiterates to fans why he is so valuable to the UFC (via The Daily Mail):

I’m the biggest draw in the business. It’s a revolving door; I was the highest-paid fighter in the business and that’s a compliment. Then Georges [St. Pierre] came back and now I’m not, but I hang on to those things. They’re small titles but they’re titles all the same. I haven’t reached my goals, any of them. I’m chasing the same thing I always was. This isn’t a top contender fight but we’re both ranked in the top 10. He’s a former world champion, I’ve never been a UFC champion before. It’s a big deal to me, I can tell you that much. I still feel I can win the championship. I can’t think of a fighter who doesn’t think they can win the championship.”

Sonnen blames welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre for his drop down the earnings ladder but is more than likely still compensated well, as he does remain a beacon of MMA news as his fight approaches or pretty much whenever he opens his mouth.

Sonnen knows that he must make his way through a very game Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua as well. Sonnen has always known (whether pre- or post-fight) that the title of champion comes with a talent level that supersedes others in the division:

Could he have done more? Yeah, probably but I think that can be said about all of us.

‘He’s a champion, there’s a no way around it, he’s a bad dude. He’s as tough as they come, he hangs in there if he’s hurt or not and he’s fought everyone and that’s rare.’

UFC on FOX Sports 1 takes place this Saturday at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. will have live coverage of the event.


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7 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Says He’s the Biggest Draw in the UFC as he Plans Title Run”

  1. 757 says:

    Somebody tell bozo the clown that in order to make a run at a title you have to win some fights, and when you manage to talk your way into a contender fight you have to win!

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Once Weidman beats up Silva again, he’ll be begging for a fight with Sonnen in order to make some money. Sonnen needs to beat Rua though and if not he needs to retire. Rua is on his way out and not going to be champion again. Sonnen is most likely done too. This fight will give life to one and send the other to the retirement home.

  3. 757 says:

    +1 on Weidman beating Silva

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      You know, I have never been somebody who was an idol worshipper like most of these Silva supporters are on this site. I’ve always looked at people’s weaknesses and how to win, so I’ve always seen Silva in this light. It’s quite amazing to read people’s posts about Silva and what they saw in that fight with Weidman and how they spin it. If Silva actually acted and thought like these rabid fans have been posting, Silva would have been completely insane in his preparations and fight psychology. It’s quite amazing. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on their part. I read a guy like the Dutchman and he tries so hard to come across educated and experienced and some of the shit he says is incredible. It shows he has zero experience in analyzing what is going on in a fight probably due to his bias. But Weidman will devastate Silva this time. Perhaps Silva can catch him and win, but if that happens, it will be the real fluke.

  4. Renato Laranja says:

    Listen up everbody pay attench tchiangle shael sonnen makes less sense then datch edgie bravo after smoking da heefer. Anybody who trains with datch vinny fagalhaes is just as stupid as ju gahgoyle hestling ju thinks ju know how to fightch.. Caralho Ju don’t know how to fightch ju think da hestling is bestch is cos ju don’t know da heal jiu jits wiv da gi. Coz ju hestlers walk ahound with TRT and jour little tightch ju know the ones I’m talking aboutch the ones datch go over da shoulders dey look likes one you know the people way back in the olden days use to wears. Dey walk ahounds in da UFC because dey know dey get choke outch in da heal grappling dey fightch for da pointch datch not heal fightch. Dey think TRT is how ju stay a fitch and a health when really all you need are da friutch and vegs. Gahgoyle hestling take dis from da 27 time world jiu jits champion have some hespetch and pay attench to da fightch Anderson gonna win coz he knows da heal capohiera……ahh caralho!!

  5. 757 says:

    Fuck you stupid Renato Vagina or whatever you call yourself. Not funny and just plain stupid.

  6. That guy says:

    Firstly, look at how much that gargoyle guy wrote and didn’t actually say anything.. Major douche ball bagass..
    Secondly, silva will kill weedman.. He beat chael twice and chael is a better wrestler than weedman, weedman got lucky, besides silva, who’s he beat, oh yeah munoz and Maia..
    His resumes about as good as the one gargoyle used to get his job selling hot dogs in public toilets.

  7. 757 says:

    That guy. Dumb comment. Even dumber joke at the end. Go away

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