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Monday, 08/27/2012, 10:55 am

Chael Sonnen Owns A Pizza Joint And He Has A New Special Just For Jon Jones! | UFC NEWS

UFC middleweight turned light-heavyweight fighter, Chael Sonnen, has come up with his very own “Jon Jones Special” that customers of his “MEan Streets Pizza” can pick up.

And what a deal, check it out!


59 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Owns A Pizza Joint And He Has A New Special Just For Jon Jones! | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dandy says:

    That’s how you do it! Chael, you might not be the greatest fighter, but man are you the most entertaining fighter in the whole MMA-history..

    • amber trichome says:

      dear bj penn
      you need a better editor.
      even the ‘director’, Pedro Carrasco, seems to miss basic errors in his own writing.
      step it up.
      “MEan Streets Pizza”
      should read:
      Mean Street Pizza
      like i said, basic.
      Pedro, i congratulate you on getting a ‘director’ position without finishing high school. Please take a night class or two, knowledge is something that can never be taken away from you.

      • Shadleigh says:

        who gives a sh*t if the spelling, grammar etc isn’t perfect……

        • Maybe not you says:

          But many do.

          Did typing your statement make you feel like a man? I bet you’re the toughest guy in your school.

        • chanman says:

          Maybe not you do you feel like a tough guy typing that. Fucking internet tough guy be your nothing but a bitch inrl anytime you wanna prove me wrong come down to the gym i train at in NY

      • james says:

        Seriously Amber? the f outa here! your negativity isn’t wanted here. If your such “the editor” why don’t you focus your time elsewhere instead of an MMA site….. It cracks me up how people like you feel entitled to make negative comments on a site that they “choose” to be on for what’s supposed to be for your entertainment. Who are you to edit or criticize.

      • Yo says:

        Ima just agree with you Amber cuz I dont give a shit about Pedro. :)

      • Amber is dumb says:

        Dear Amber, I fixed your post since you you think being a grammatical and spelling Nazi on a MMA Blog is cool.

        Dear B.J. Penn,

        You need a better editor. Even the ‘director’, Pedro Carrasco, seems to miss basic errors in his own writing. Step it up.

        “MEan Streets Pizza” should read “Mean Street Pizza”. Like I said: basic. Pedro, I congratulate you on getting a ‘director’ position without finishing high school. Please take a night class or two, knowledge is something that can never be taken away from you.

        P.S. Amber, take your own advice and take a night class or two, knowledge is something that can never be taken away from you!!

        • Brett says:

          Who gives a shit? Seriously! BJ has a fight to get ready for you asshole!! Support him or fuck off!! Show that to your English teacher you fucking dickface!!!!

        • Just sayin says:

          I think the quotation goes on the outside of the period :)
          “Mean Street Pizza.” cuz it’s at the end..

        • mouf says:

          nope, he used quotations correctly

          (I dont care about grammar etc on a blog, but thought I would chime in)

      • T Dawg says:

        He quoted the ad. Look at the spelling in the ad.

      • Victor Zsasz says:

        no one gives a damn what you think right now!

      • Nate says:

        Amber is right, she wasn’t being cruel. There are constant grammatical errors on this page. I assume they get paid to post articles on the site right? Which means typing and good grammar are part of their jobs. I get my balls busted by my boss if an email from me goes out with bad grammar and i’m not a writer. Makes you and the company look bad.

      • Get out with that whining PMS spelling crap you incompetent internet troll. Jealousy is written all over that crybaby note.

      • garcia says:

        you are my hero. tough guys on computers should hear how it is

    • Josh says:

      Agreed lol!

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Lol Chael really wants that title bad…

  3. magoo says:

    Thats freakin hillarious.

  4. Snake Charmer says:

    Hahahahaha…Gotta love the sh*t this dude comes up with!

  5. Sting says:

    I hated this guy when he was talking all that trash against silva and then losing but i’m actually starting to like what he’s doing with his free time right now, getting on bones’ nerves. Keep ’em coming chael!

  6. Victor Zsasz says:

    really? your going that far as to use his name on a flyer? lol good one! lol i wanna eat it now! lol

  7. Mayor of Deviance says:

    Man, I don’t like the guy and his big mouth.. but sometimes he really comes up with some funny things.

    Get it before the chicken runs out and we have to cancel rofl.

  8. Shadleigh says:

    That’s good sh*t!!! Hahahaha

  9. chaeltheman says:

    OHaha delivery available avoid dui

  10. ElbowsAndKnees says:

    Everytime Chael comes up with this kind of stuff, he makes me a bigger fan! Total ownage on this one!

  11. T.DADDY says:


  12. marcus d says:

    Too bad this pizza came out right after the “Spinning Backfist Special” which tasted bad and looked stupid as hell causing him to get dropped and lose all credibility in the restaurant biz.

  13. Gefco says:

    Amber gtfoh dumb ass

  14. Gil says:

    What ever happened to just saying “LMFAO!!!” lol

  15. Macc says:

    Lol I live in Oregon I am going there tonight!!

  16. Shadleigh says:

    Chanman, really? Yeah come to the gym I train at, blah blah blah. Did I say one thing about being tough? Then look at your response! Everyone can see what type of person u r. GTFOH!!!!!

    • Shadleigh says:

      Oops. Nevermind that Chanman. My bad, I read that wrong. That amber bitch and maybe not u should stay off this website if those r the only type of comments they r gonna make

  17. 123 says:

    i reckon that chael sonnen vs jon jones would be like chael sonnen vs anderson silva 1, but without the triangle. jon jones would get tired FAST if chael sonnen was on top of him.

  18. slacker says:

    Man, he is damn hilarious!

  19. Brend0magic says:

    Avoid a dui! HAHAHA

  20. Jaime says:

    This is funny.

    Even though I don’t like Chael at times…I gotta hand it to him, man has a sense of humor.

  21. Dick Diaz says:

    does anyone know if Pedro is hawaiian? and attend hawaiian public schools? i’ve heard that the education in hawaii is terrible.

  22. Kingsforge says:

    Still don’t like the guy as he talks too much, but every now and again he does say or do something genuinely funny.

  23. GetRidOFLayNPrayFighters(Forever) says:


  24. CombatRusse says:

    Smart and funny idea, that gave me a smile.
    But I’m so tired of Chael Sonnen’s manipulations.
    I don’t know what the Sonnne meal should be.. maybe horse meat (like his roid friend Ovrereem lol)

  25. Kirk says:

    Hahahahahaha hahhahaha. That’s why I love Sonnen. Always picking fights.

  26. B-rad says:

    That is awsome, if im ever in West Linn in know where im goin for lunch XD

  27. Jason Szabo says:

    Its not about the skill anymore, it seems fans are starting to make MMA look like WWE type soap opera bullshit. And “fighters” like Sonnen cannot compete so they bring dramatic jersey shore drama for the idiot fans to eat up. Congratulations, douche bags, you are all successfully dumbing down a great sport.

  28. randy says:

    lol your so wrong.

  29. Houston says:

    I actually thought the MEan was a reference to Jon Jones being selfish.

  30. Brad says:

    I’m not the biggest Sonnen fan but this is awesome! Kudos sir, kudos…

  31. MMA Mike says:

    Chael is the man you fucking nerds !

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