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Monday, 09/26/2011, 04:13 pm

Chael Sonnen On Anderson Silva’s Injury Status

“I don’t think that treatment for Anderson’s problems is prohibited by the UFC, even right before a match. Some medications are limited, as you know, but Anderson is in a state of medical legitimacy because I don’t think that Midol is prohibited, nor are chocolate or Gerard Butler movies. I have never personally had to deal with his sort of condition, but I feel for him and I really want to see what his top fighting form actually is, since we apparently haven’t seen it yet. I can’t remember the last time that he didn’t say he was hurt for a match, and it’s starting to alienate the fight fans. So he should take care of himself when he’s suffering, or else the public will be stuck with the same unengaging fights and lackluster victories until he either dies or finally hits menopause.”

In a recent interview with former middleweight title challenger, Chael Sonnen goes on another anti-Anderson Silva rant, this time targeting the champs recent injuries.

With a fight against Brian Stann in Sonnen’s near future a win will give him the chance to actually face off with Silva once again.

Anyone think he can back up the hype?


105 Responses to “Chael Sonnen On Anderson Silva’s Injury Status”

  1. Tom Ryan says:

    I hope Brian Stann smashes this chump into irrelavency. What a f*ckin tool.

    • Ian Mearns says:

      No kidding! He acts like he’s better then Anderson or something Chael lost three times to Jeremy Horn and once to Damian Maia and Forrest Griffin two guys that Anderson SIlva literally destroyed. I hope he loses to Stann or Silva beats him for five rounds.

      • matt s says:

        what you mean like silva did last time to him? lmfao. na man chaels just trying to hype up a fight that he believes is gonna happen. he is tough man u gotta give him that. i love anderson and i also like sonnen. so im impartial. i just sit back and laugh at the quotes haha

      • BX81 says:

        Sonnen says some funny crap! Also you can’t compare who anderson silva beat (fighters who beat sonnen) because sonnen already proved against anderson silva that he lost the match but he damn sure won the fight. I personally don’t see the next fight between silva sonnen going any different in terms of game plans. Also Stann vs. sonnen is going to be a good fight. IMO.

        • Jmad says:

          Sonnen lost the match and he lost the fight, who cares if he got the better of silva at the beginning. Say there were no ref’s, he would’ve ended up sleeping. Now say you get in a fight and you’re doing real good but then you end up choked out. When you wake up, would you really believe that you won that fight? I don’t think so. He tapped, he lost. the fight and the match.

    • Neo says:

      Check out on YouTube UFC cribs featuring Anderson silva showing off his place and his supplements with diuretics,hgh in the background of his house.classic stuff,soars said that stuff was for his sister.

  2. get real says:

    Chael lost, his buddy lost, and now all that’s left is the rants.

  3. Jmad says:

    This guy sure does try his hardest to stay in the spotlight. Sh*t’s getting old. I hope Stann puts him to sleep.

    • 1 says:

      did you smoke a little crack this morning or quite a lot? just curious

      • Jmad says:

        I think so. WAR STANN

        • bobs yer uncle says:

          You also think Jessica Aguilar was paid to not fight….so your thoughts don’t ultimately mean dick to anyone.

        • Jmad says:

          @bobs yer uncle She might have been I don’t know about Bellator. I think they gave Zoila the decision because she’s better looking. And look at all of those gift decisions that Joe Warren got. I don’t know what they’re trying to do over there but they have some really questionable decisions. There is no way Zoila won that fight against Aguilar, it just seems kind of fishy that now she’s not fighting. I know injuries happen all of the time but it just seems kind of shady considering what happened in the past.

        • Jmad says:

          And I’ll admit that it’s kind of far-fetched that she was paid not to fight, I kind of just threw that out there, but it doesn’t seem right either way.

  4. Rolo says:

    lets see how he does without the roids

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      Popeye just isn’t popeye without his spinach…

    • Dheeraj says:

      he will be on PEDs performance enhancing drugs b4 the fight…. because he is on TRT testosterone replacement therapy…. and as long as he discloses that to the commision b4 the fight he is authorized to use it….. lol true stuff no lie…. look it up!….should the ufc diclose to the press and public (mmafanS)which fighters will be on PEDs TRT…for each of there fights?

  5. Gil C. says:

    Chael Sonnen is hilarious!! Hope he can back it up when the time comes cuz he’s getting kinda personal

  6. Bob says:

    hahaha what a tool is right!

    I really hope Stann KO’s this f*cking guy.

  7. MichaeL says:

    So Silva’s last fight was lackluster? It looked like he made a fool of your boy, who YOU claimed would easily beat Anderson. I really can’t understand why people like this guy. He is just a bad person all around.

    • calvin says:

      Hes good at talking smack it makes people pay to see him get knocked out thats how hes good at his job as for his skills id like to see how good of a fighter he is without the roids because weve seen him beyond his best with peds he got choked out

    • chris says:

      agreed, he is honestly talking out his ass… nothin he says makes ANY sense, silvas finishes are some of the best in the sport of mma, or ANY combat sport… fuckin dumbass

  8. What the F is he talkin’ about, lackluster unengaging fights?? Is he talking about Anderson or himself? Hahahaha chump, i hope you get knocked the F out bye Stann…

  9. Justen says:

    I agree with all y’all. Hope Stann ko’s him!

  10. angel says:

    Even then Sonnen still lost :)

  11. dustin says:

    Sonnen talks so much. Stann will more than likely beat him and Sonnen will never get to fight Silva again. He just talks alot so people will remember him. Whats sad is thats the only thing we will remember him for. oh and the fact that he ALMOST beat Silva….. ALMOST. : )
    Silva’s tha Master.

    • Beau says:

      Silva adapts the first time he fought chael he took the fight very easy going. i was watching his blogs were he was doing half the training he normally does, then chael almost leg humped a vistory out and STILL lost while on you think silva will let that happen a second time? Fuck no. Silva will Destroy sonnen with ease if they ever have a rematch.

      • bobs yer uncle says:

        Libel. Sonnen has never tested positive for steroids. Comments like that put you and this site in an actionable position.

        • Ryan M says:

          Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are seen as basically the same in the mma world. They are both cheating. You are arguing semantics.

    • Chris says:

      Speaking of facts, it is absolutely impossible to “know” anything before it happens, regardless of how likely it is or how many times it has happened before. Dumbass.

    • warrior says:

      Don’t be shocked if Chael gets clipped early… and calm down with the hostility… there might be some midol for you too.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Hey polocksky its obvious you haven’t a clue how friggen jacked up out of his mind Sonnen was on STEROIDS. If they had randon testing Sonnen would be busted again because EVERYONE knows he is training with elevated levels of testosterone (JUST LIKE Marquardt does) as we speak which is CHEATING. your boy Sonnen is nothing but life long a cheat and a federal convicted felon who should have been banned from MMA for life. sonnen won’t be half the fighter he was last time even though he will be able to (LEGALLY) enter the cage with a testosterone level over 700 because of his fake ass doctors note that allows him to use TESTOSTERONE for enhancing. The only reason Sonnen had low T was from abusin g steroids his entire career. Brian Stann will K O Sonnen mark my words.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Polosky (FORMER or still a JUICER like Sonnen. Actually if you had a clue Sonnen was busted having a testosterone level of 3400 which is off the friggen charts. never in my life have i eevr seen anyone with more BACKNE than Sonnen had (which he never had before at the weigh ins) No the fact is Sonnen is twice the fighter all jacked up on STEROIDS. You and everyone else will see the difference after his next fight because they will be checking him out very closely. I swear to god after i read your first post Polocksky that you FOR SURE had the same CHEATERS (STEROID-JUICER) mentality as Sonnen and its obvious you just liek Sonnen have spent your entire life doing and getting anywhere taking SHORTCUTS. I have ZERO respect for JUICERS like YOU and Sonnen. All you have to do is watch Sonens fights PRE-JUICING TRT and after. NIGHT AND DAY are his performances. you and sonnen are 2 peas in a pod. i don’t even like Andersen Silva but anyway you look at it he has more class in his pinky finger than Sonnen will have in his entire cheating/ thieving existance. by the way i was rooting for hitler when he took Polands name off the map for 6 years. By the Polocksky there is a guy at my gym who names is something stansky and he is a JUICER just like you and Maruis and he acts and talks just like you and everyone hates his guts. Actually whats even funnier is the girls always make jokes about him having very very VERY small small balls something i’m sure you and your boy Sonnen have to deal with DAILY huh son

      • Joe says:

        haha you take roids.. how pathetic

      • Wh0 KiD says:

        listen man your man sonnen is a JUICERRR and still could not win get over it

      • Warrior says:

        It might not help with the technique, but it helps with the speed and explosiveness of being able to take someone down even after 5 grueling rounds. I’m not accusing Chael, just responding to your theory and giving my opinion on the influence roids have on takedowns.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Typical eastern euro trash having to take steroids just like every olympian that has ever come out of Ukrane. steroids are for LOSERS and CHEATS just like your boy Sonnen

    • Mitko says:

      Ditto, Agreed with everything. Is Sonnen is ready nand in shape, there is no way Stann will beat him. and yes he is dying for that rematch with overrated Silva. I hope we get to see it

  12. spiDerfan says:

    Seriously sonnen, if you could fight as good as you talk trash then maybe you could beat the champ but untill hell freezes over.. keep smackin them gums and hyping up the media because clearly thats what your good at. Accecpt the fact that silva(who clearlys been through way more battles than you) is better than you. What i would absolutely love to see is to stand up against anderson and try saying all of this to him in the center of the octagon IF you get the chance.

    the fan that watches the round where you tapped like a little bitch 5 times a day.

  13. Marvin says:

    This dude is a joke. I have never seen a guy who loses still talk as much crap as he does. He lost and its time to move on with life. Its getting pretty pathetic and sad.

  14. ferney says:

    I hope brian stann knocks his ass out….all he does is talk shit unable to back it up.

  15. Xaninho says:

    “…or else the public will be stuck with the same unengaging fights and lackluster victories..”??? WTF the nerve of that cheating bitch!

    Yeah Anderson Silva should lay on his opponent and dry rape him while trying to slap his way to victory for 5 rounds, just like Cheat Sonnen does…..

    When will UFC finally cut this fool?

  16. deeznuts says:

    i cant believe u guys want stann to beat him, he was the last (and only) person to give anderson trouble and even knocked him down the rematch would be SICK! plus he talks shit has a personality and is funny

    • Rusk says:

      yeah hes seems to be the only dude thats stepped into the octagon with the spider and wasnt already pissing himself, the only way the spider will ever lose will be a 1 in a million punchers chance or someone is going to have to actually bring the fight to silva and not be a scared little bitch. Silvas good but hes far from unbeatable sonnen proved that

      • Clifford says:

        Haha how exactly did sonnen prove silva was unbeatable if silva beat him?

        • Mitko says:

          Proved that is beatable;) actually very human and beatable. You guys should watch that fight again… Silva was completely outclassed for 4 and a half rounds. So giev this guys a little break. he deserves a rematch

  17. joseph says:

    Silva is awesome Chael did the best against him so far (steroid enhanced) but still lost trash talk has no place in MMA, it’s one thing to say you’ll win but Sonnen, Mir and that type have gone too far like all above I hope Stann takes him out

  18. Xaninho says:

    He fights boring grinder fights and didn’t really give Silva trouble, add to that he cheated, got choked the fook out and STILL lost.

    That’s why we wanna see him get beat up by Stann…

    • B_Lum says:

      youre going to say that he didnt Silva trouble? were you watching the same fight as everyone else? Silva got his ass beat for 24 minutes..

    • Billdo says:

      Silva only hit Chael 34 times…but how did his face look? His 300 punches gave Anderson a mouse on his cheek. Sonnen got beat up and submitted, whether he was on top for 24 minutes or not. Be real.

    • Chris says:

      I’d call slapping on a triangle at the very least “some resistance”. You should probably watch your own credibility while you’re at it.

    • Xaninho says:

      @henry Kobasky,

      You call that strikes???? He was dry raping Silva and trying to fool the judges by slapping himself to victory with those mosquitobites you call strikes……Silva almost didn’t have a mark on him and Sonnen looked like he got ran over by a truck….Silva got into that fight injured so he adjusted his tactics..Kinda like how Ali let Foreman gass out before knocking him out..

      Now please shut up and let the people with sense talk, you’re only embarrassing yourself more and more.

  19. tysonn phillips says:

    i think anderson should be forced to move up in class and fight top fighters,,if hes as great as he thinks he is then there shouldnt be a propblem right? hes to fuckn chicken shit to move up thats all.and sonnen will beat him again!

  20. 3ric says:

    Chael Sonnen is a Role Model.

  21. OldSoul says:

    He does realize that he has a 4-4 record in the UFC & Silva is 14-0? The fact he got a first title shot is sad enough, please Dana no rematch.

  22. Chocolate or Gerard Butler movies HAHAHAHAHA LMAO!!!

  23. mmaislandjunkie says:

    someone really hoping sonnen has some kind of miracle come back story huh? too bad kobasky, cheering for douchebag losers will always leave you the way u r, a bitter lil bitchh.

  24. henry kobasky is a nuthugger says:

    Henry please read your first sentence in the last post. Yes Sonnen lost so no matter how dominating his performance was, he did not achieve his goal. Its like the Patriots dominating and going undeafeated only to lose in the last game. It probably makes that losing that much worse. Btw have you ever luckily landed a triangle/armbar, and about his undominating submission, lets think about it this way, if there were no refs to stop the fight while sonnen is being submitted, Silva can either choke out sonnen or break his arm and then proceed to smash his face and end his career. So to me that submission was pretty dominating. I love good fights and Sonnen vs Silva was a great fight, but please take Sonnen’s dick out of your ass when you are commenting. And tell him to prepare some fake urine so he wouldn’t fail his piss test after his fight.

    • Jmad says:

      exactly if there were no ref’s he would’ve been put to sleep or had one of his arms disabled. i replied to one of this doucher’s comments up at the top with somthing very similar to this.

  25. bizzle says:

    LOL at all the could of should of would of’s in this postings.. Never have I seen a fighter benefit so much from what he could have done if only he didn’t

  26. Chris says:

    Once again you embrace some facts while blatantly ignoring others, making whether or not I agree with you irrelevant. Rich Franklin was given a rematch after Silva clearly demolished him in less than a round.

  27. Shayne says:

    Go suck on Anderson silvas cock some more you lil bitches. I was at UFC 126 listening to him get booed like crazy as he was walking to the octagon. Now you are on his nuts again. Stay the fuck away from mma u bandwaggoners

  28. Robsta says:

    I love Chael. It’s funny how Chael’s interviews are more entertaining than most of Anderson’s current fights.

  29. Chael v Stann is going to be a decent fight, but Chael will dominate and win. Hopefully there will be a rematch v Andys bc there is only one person that can take Anderson out of his game..the Chaelmonster! Love or hate Chael.. He comes to fight and brings unstoppable will and heart and that’s why I’m a fan. Chael will fight anyone at any time bc he’s a warrior! When your in the top 5 best in the world and fight top contenders anything can happen.. I GOT CHAEL FTW!

  30. Enzo says:

    piece of shit Chael, you act as if u won against Silva… shut the fuck up u big troll. I am not saying this as a Anderson Silva fan I am saying this as a fan of MMA, in my opinion you don’t have the right to talk like this after you lost to a guy. Besides, Chael is what he is today thanks to Anderson Silva.

  31. qwerty says:

    Chael grinds out a win against Stann. He wont stay standing much with him, and his ground game is better than Stann’s. I think if Stann can put a combo on Chael he can take this.

  32. mick says:

    by far the smartest and deadliest mouth in mma, this dude rips people with his words haha, and he relentlessly batterred silva for 4 1/2 rounds, straight mauled him, hes legit, but doesnt respect jiu-jitsu enough, gonna be nice fight with stann, and its pretty obvious hes already in hype-mode for his rematch with silva if that ever happens. gotta love the tough american fighters

  33. Xaninho says:

    UFC gives him a rematch because fools like yourself seem to like roïd-raged crackers like Sonnen. And because the rest of the fans want to see his faced smashed in…

    You’re actually stating Sonnen is the better fighter? Hahahahah ok that does it! I won’t be bitchslapping you with facts anymore, I’m not the kind of person to make fun of retarded people, which clearly you are…I’m sorry for my previous posts in which I ridiculed you. I thought you were just a dumbass…

  34. Xaninho says:

    Silva will make him eat his words…

  35. jjski says:

    Man, after reading the comments of SOME of the people on HERE, they should just fight each other. Lol. We will see what happens when the fight happens, if it ever does. Id rather see Silva fight Jones in the 205 class than him stay at 185. That would be a fight.

  36. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Phael, it’s starting to become very clear and obvious that you are bitter. Bitter that Silva has achieved a status that you will never see in the sport of MMA, or any other sport. He’s a champion, an you yourself have never been one, by your own admittance, and will never be one. Get over it

  37. Nick says:

    Love him or hate him, the guy is a genius. He’s extremely talented, and did to Anderson what nobody has ever done, whether he was injured or not.

    On a side note, I truly believe Anderson to be the best in the world, and I’ll admit he didn’t look himself in that fight. Either way, this Chael knows how to get attention. He’s not stupid, he’s not just talking out of his ass for no reason, he’s very smart. Think of it this way, with how much shit he’s talking, how fast do you think their next fight (if it happens) is going to sell out? How many do you think are going to order the PPV? Instantly, and a lot.

  38. “Lackluster fights”?Hmmm bit of a head scratcher that one.Silva has finished his last 3 opponents.The fact that Chael hit Anderson with over 300 shots and did’nt finish him speaks volumns.Chael dominated for 23 minutes and still could’nt finish his opponent.Then tried to quick-tap his way out of a submission(same thing he tried against Filho, first time round.).When Anderson ko’s Chael in the 1st round of the rematch,Chael will fall off the mma map and be forgotten forever.

  39. Ninjaman says:

    Chael lost the fight but he beat Anderson Silva.

  40. jacob lee says:

    All u guys arguing about steroids need to get off….Sonnen will beat stann….just like you guys said rampage would k.o. jones, u guys are saying stann will k.o. sonnen…..u are sadly mistaken. Sonnen knnows he will get knocked out if he stands just like he did with silva….so he will take him down…and i personally believe chael has so much self pride he will prove to himself he can win with out any performance enhancers….sonnen is a jerk sometimes outside of the cage but silva is a jerk inside of the cage….so its not like they are different….i can guarantee stann will lose and then dana will give chael the rematch…and then silva will get “injured’ and use that as an excuse as to why he got spanked.

  41. CL0 says:

    I have a feeling this Henry guy jerks his lil roided wang to Sonnen’s fights every night before he goes to sleep. What are u tryin to prove? That Sonnen’s a better fighter? I don’t think so, he is a better wrestler, that’s his only asset and his toughness I’ll give you that. Has good ground control and managed to keep Silva down, but at the end of the day there’s no point for you to prove. Who tapped after beating a guy for 23 minutes? If he’d known any better he would’ve done better to defend the damn submission. I mean, its only the 6th loss he’s had by triangle. As for him beating Stann your out of your mind if you think that’s Sonnen’s fight for the taking. Sonnen respects him too much to even think about trash talking, let alone beat him. If you knew any better he has a history in wrestling and if Chael manages to take him down, he’ll have no problem ttesting those waters against Chael. You seem to have trouble accepting reality cause u dream a little too big in that juiced up head of yours. Hope you enjoyed those 23 minutes of glory, cause it’ll never happen again. I KNOW it won’t!

    • MZ says:

      Talking to you is like talking to a walking blur. A complete waste of breath. I already know you don’t know what your talking about by comparing mma to boxing. Anyone can land a lucky punch by letting there fists fly, but it takes skill to set up and execute a submission. Same could be said for boxing but there’s more room for error. That’s y when Chael attempted to defend the triangle Anderson adjusted the arm and nearly snapped it. Why? Skill. Something Chael lacks in doing when getting tied up like he has his whole career. If Chaels a better fighter than Anderson, then the same could be said for Forrest Griffin and we all know how ugly that turned out. Seems like ur muscles are way too far up your ass to understand what mma really is. I credited Sonnen for what he’s good at but that’s all there is to it. Anderson’s the better striker, better kicker, better Jiu Jitsu than Chael will ever have wrestling. He’s the more complete fighter.That’s why he defeated him that night and will reign over him again in devastating fashion. I just wish I could see your face in disappointment when it does happen. It’ll be priceless. And sure Some of my “feeble” points may have lacked logic but your comparisons alone are some of the worst. You can’t compare striking to jiu jitsu in the sense that you did. You just can’t do it.

  42. desmond says:

    if they fight again. sonnen will win. he got sloppy in the last fight and got this caught. he won’t make that mistake again.

  43. jacob lee says:

    I think sonnen realizes as long as he is careful…his hands are better than silva’s…argue all u want but the proof is in the footage. He knocked down silva multiple times..and ate any strike silva threw when typically guys just fall down. I hav a inside piece of info that was told to me n comlpete confidence two days before the fight that if silva rocked okami….okami’s gameplan was two act hurt and back up…and when silva came in for the finish to explode with a 5 or 6 punch combo then go for a double under hook outside leg trip……haha just kidding but that would have been cool.

  44. Xaninho says:

    Silva was ok with Sonnen on top of him. Sonnen didn’t do any substantial damage anyway, he hits like a cheerleader….

    Silva knew he would get the opportunity to choke him out eventually. Silva is a smart fighter.

  45. Robin says:

    Losing doesn’t mean you’ve backed up your smack talk. Sonnen hasn’t proved anything other than being a sore loser.

  46. bobs yer uncle says:

    You’re an idiot.

    Neither Emilianenko was ever any good. Just be ecause you have the best teeth in the trailer park, it doesn’t mean you need to go around smiling.

  47. dubmatic808 says:

    sonnen sucks… he had an injured silva on his back for over 20mins and still couldnt finish… sonnen cant finish a sandwich

  48. Tall Glass of Haterade says:

    Silva is a beast, that being said; I am sick of bandwagon fans. Dominates every sport in the world, now including MMA. You have no clue what a real fan is. What about Silva inspires you? He is a fake nice guy. Proof is in the pudding. As long as they are winning they have all these fans. lol. Sad really. Jones, Lesnar, Silva etc its popular to be their fans. Sucks, I have been a Frank Mir fan from the beginning and still am and always will be. BJ Penn got it worst than everyone, all his “fans” disappeared after the Edgar matches. Penn will have another shot at GSP. Good luck.

  49. thenamesodee says:

    Wow people are saying that catching a submission proves nothing?? Isn’t that the whole point of mma? Different styles combining!!! Sonnen wrestled Spider fair enough and hit him alot but so what, Anderson didn’t quit and bided his time then took the win!! So is every one punch ko lucky? Every choke from their backs lucky? Get a grip you clowns! Anderson will make an example of Sonnen if they fight again, the Spider is AWESOME

  50. kale sonnen says:

    since when does beating Brian Stann give somebody a title shot?

  51. zack says:

    Anderson is not gunna messwith him this time. He already subd him this time its gunna be ugly for chael IF he beats stann

  52. Johnny says:

    I can’t believe how many people think that Chael is better than anderson. He got choked out. lol. It’s not that hard to understand. He calls Brazillian jiu jitsu gay and then he lays on top of his opponent for 23 minutes. Then he got caught in a triangle.

    Think about it for a second….he landed 300 strikes??? 300 of the weakest strikes ever. He’s a good wrestler but with that kind of a stat he should have been able to finish the fight.

    He’s just a fighter with a big mouth. I personally see Chael beating Stann, but we’ll see in the octagon if this guy is all talk or he can back it up.

    It seems everyone has already forgotten that this idiot said that his training partner Okami was going to beat Anderson….and no….Okami got his ass worked.

  53. zack says:

    Ok let’s be real. Sonnen has good wrestling andbeat anderson up for 4 rounds! Thatbeing said he still lost bitch

  54. Jpeech says:

    @jacob lee. Chael is an extremely nice person outside of the cage i have met the guy at a sports bar really cool person and it was right after his fight with silva.

  55. Jpeech says:

    I hope Sonnen wins against Stann and i think he will. Stann trained with Sonnen and Team Quest before and said “They used my back as a mop” Sonnen most likely has this fight. Anderson Silva is very talented that being said i just hope he loses.I think Chael can win against him if he just gave BJJ some more god damn respect…. if he trains some sub defense(Especially Triangle choke ) I think he can be a win.

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