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Monday, 09/26/2011, 04:13 pm

Chael Sonnen On Anderson Silva’s Injury Status

“I don’t think that treatment for Anderson’s problems is prohibited by the UFC, even right before a match. Some medications are limited, as you know, but Anderson is in a state of medical legitimacy because I don’t think that Midol is prohibited, nor are chocolate or Gerard Butler movies. I have never personally had to deal with his sort of condition, but I feel for him and I really want to see what his top fighting form actually is, since we apparently haven’t seen it yet. I can’t remember the last time that he didn’t say he was hurt for a match, and it’s starting to alienate the fight fans. So he should take care of himself when he’s suffering, or else the public will be stuck with the same unengaging fights and lackluster victories until he either dies or finally hits menopause.”

In a recent interview with former middleweight title challenger, Chael Sonnen goes on another anti-Anderson Silva rant, this time targeting the champs recent injuries.

With a fight against Brian Stann in Sonnen’s near future a win will give him the chance to actually face off with Silva once again.

Anyone think he can back up the hype?


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