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Saturday, 07/20/2013, 11:15 am

Chael Sonnen: Mike Tyson’s Opponents Threw Their Fights, Not Anderson Silva

The self-proclaimed ‘Oregon Gangster’ is at it again with another ludicrous statement about the world of combat sports.

This time, Chael Sonnen took to a radio show at 98.5FM to discuss the conspiracy theories surrounding the UFC 162 Anderson Silva loss. While doing so he made an odd comparison to the opponents of ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson during his reign as the Heavyweight champion of the world.

Check it out.

“Here’s what you gotta understand, he got knocked out cold. You don’t throw a fight by getting knocked out cold. You do what the guys did against Mike Tyson, you just pretend you’re knocked out cold. You stay down until the ref says 10 and then you pop back up to your feet and act like, ‘Where am I?’ Here’s the deal, he could of either fought serious and got beat up or clowned around and got beat up. But if he clowns around, he could also go, ‘Oh, I was just clowning around.’ So, they’re going to rematch and he’s going to get beat up again. This is not me speaking out against Anderson Silva, he’s excellent and he’s had an amazing career, but he’s no Chris Weidman and he’s never going to be.”


0 Responses to “Chael Sonnen: Mike Tyson’s Opponents Threw Their Fights, Not Anderson Silva”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Sonnen is right. He talks a good game and he really knows what he is talking about.

  2. dfrmtr says:

    sonnen is just mad that he will never fight for the title again because he was so close but yet so far like always…

  3. Chael Sonnen Killer says:

    Chael Sonnen has to be the most retarded person to touch a microphone HOW DO U TALK SHIT ABOUT SOMEBODY THAT WHOOPED U SO EASILY!!!

    • Sasquatch says:

      Did you even read the article?.. “This is not me speaking out against Anderson Silva, he’s excellent and he’s had an amazing career, but he’s no Chris Weidman”. Chaels just voicing his opinion.. but I guess you can’t do that here on unless you’re juggling Anderson’s nuts in your mouth and your opinion is pro-Silva.

  4. KIDD433 says:

    There goes Chaels mouth again.

  5. Sasquatch says:

    Can’t help but agree with Chael.. Silva’s going to lose again, this time by GnP with no circus show from Silva.

  6. Dddddddd says:

    That’s funny. I’m gonna go back and watch.

  7. punchkick says:

    sonnen hyping the fight, silva wins the rematch, then weidman vs silva III in brazil. money money money

  8. jbeamazing says:

    I don’t know if any real boxing fans are in this chat but Tyson was a bum killer and when he fought real fighters he folded ever time,but there were many questionable fights were people went down from barley getting hit

  9. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Silva is definitely no Chris Weidman. Chris Weidman isn’t even worthy enough to take a sniff where Silva took a dump.
    He won fair and square, but he needs to be punished for the ‘I’m better and stronger’ bullshit that came out of his mouth after the fluke KO….The dude can’t even deliver one technically correct straight punch. The flurry he threw at Silva was as ridiculous as a drunk bar brawler acting up. It was painfully obvious his striking isn’t even near the same level as Silva’s striking is.

  10. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Weidman is and will be known as more complete fighter than Silva ever was. Silva has always been a joke. All he really had was great timing, speed and some power. Skills wise, he has always been mediocre. He’s your typical over-achiever who got more out of very mediocre skill-set. Good for him. But those days are gone and the new younger, hungrier, highly skilled days are here and Silva is a joke in this era. He should have retired a champ and fought super-fights. He obviously is not too intelligent either. Sonnen is spot on.

    • Sasquatch says:

      With out a doubt Weiman is the more well rounded fighter.. the only things Silva are better at is striking and clowning. BJJ, wrestling and power all go to Weiman.. I’d even add confidence to that list now.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        I actually believe Weidman had the confidence before the fight. When Silva “kissed” him at weigh-ins, showed that he was insecure and trying to get the edge. Silva clowned becasue that;s all he had. It will be an embarrassment next fight for Silva. It will be a bit of like watching BJ on his last few fights.

        • squid says:

          everytime i read one of your moronic posts, i can’t help but think that you have the reasoning and intelligence of a hateful 5 year old child

        • Sasquatch says:

          Yeah I agree.. Silva was more cocky then confident.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      Look at these two buttdraggers. You are both delusional lol

  11. GRT 3000 says:

    these guys live in a world of hate for black athletes & more specifically black Brazilian athletes. let them have their little cross-burn, it won’t last.

    • squid says:

      i agree man. it must suck to be a hater. it must be even worse to be a hater, obese, and extremely stupid. what a combination, eh? i guess they don’t make em like they used to right, GRT? what a horrible way to live…

    • Sasquatch says:

      Still a racist little piece of sh!t I see..

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Ur a joke dude…I’m Black …and yes dislike the POS Silva and yes he is a Brazillian. So what’s ur point race-baiter Obama?? WFT

      • KIDD433 says:

        GAYgoyle, your a lying lil shit bag. you know damn well your ass ain’t black. Your just trying to justify being a troll. Even the wrestlers on here know your full of shit

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @KUNT433….you don’t know shit…you are as good as knowing people as you are about fighting…zilch!!. lmao…

  12. 757 says:

    What does the color of any anyone have to do with anything. Because someone has a different opinion than yours why do you have to bring the race into it. Actually GRT we are all commenting on a computer. You sound like the racist idiot talking about color and ace. You can have your opinion, and you can disagree with whoever you want. Leave the race card out. By doing that you take away from every point you try to make, and indeed show that you are the racist. You two (GRT and Squid) sound like two little punks who have to bring the race card up because you have no confidence in your arguments

    • squid says:

      ok, you got me about the race card. but, i’m not taking back what i said that gargoyle and sasquatch still live in a world of hate. it may not be hate against color, but it’s still hate. anderson is the greatest ever and these guys are so biased against his success and for wrestling that they literally are blind. i hated anderson before, too and wished he got knocked out during that rich franklin, marquardt-henderson stretch but then i realized how truly great he is. i appreciate his exciting, playing with fire fighting style and prefer watching it over chael’s wrestling anyday.

      • Sasquatch says:

        You know f**k all about me so don’t presume you do.. I don’t hate AS you bone head (don’t care for his antics sometimes), never have. Sounds to me like you sure hate Weidman though.. you and that little sh!t kid STD3000 keep shooting blanks at that Anderson poster pinned up above your bed fruit cake.. your hearts are going to be crushed again!

        • squid says:

          i dont even have an anderson poster moron. and i think weidman is an excellent fighter. so dont presume you know shit about me either. right back at u bonehead.

        • Sasquatch says:

          Yeah whatever.. you’re still shooting blanks squirt.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Dude don’t you realize it yet?? I fukcin HATE everybody equally, except of course myself, which I am in love with, lol. How can you like Silva with the shit he pulls? He is NOT a sportsman, he’s a prima donna!! (I’m sure squid really knows me now, who bets he does???) Squid you seem like you might have a chance but that GRT I believe is a lost cause.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      +10,000 you da man 757

    • Sasquatch says:

      I’ll add another 10,000 to that 757!

  13. Callie says:

    The bottom line is every champion will eventually lose. For those who struggle with perfectionism or lack of skill recovery is not an option. True champions recover from their losses and move forward. That doesn’t necessarily constitute a rematch but it must entail a clear understanding of what went well, not so well, and the implementation of
    necessary changes. It should be viewed as an opportunity to grow despite the permanent abrasion to our pride.

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