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Wednesday, 10/17/2012, 04:08 pm

Chael Sonnen-Jon Jones Conference Call Replay (Full Audio) | UFC NEWS

Earlier today the UFC and FX held a special tele-conference with Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen and Dana White to discuss the next season of the UFC’s reality series, “The Ultimate Fighter.”

If you missed our live broadcast of the event, have no fear, you can find the archived audio in the player above.


10 Responses to “Chael Sonnen-Jon Jones Conference Call Replay (Full Audio) | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Dana keeps saying that Chael is the only one who would step up and fight Jones on 8 days notice. Well yeah that makes perfect sense. Because Chael had nothing to loose he wasn’t a contender! Machida is a legitimate right now @ 205. If he takes that fight on 8 days notice and looses then when does he get his next shot. Chael had absolutely nothing to loose and those other guys are are actually relevantent in the division and have everything to loose. Thats the point that i don’t think Dana see’s or wants to admit. The fight doesn’t make sense and Dana is simply lying Chael the fight because he stepped up. thats it. oh, and on a side note Chael Sonnen whole demeanor and self confidence started to fade in the conversation once Jones said that he really had no good quality’s as a person or in fighting and that he would be better suited using his verbal skills after he beats him. sounded like that bothered him a little bit. Jones your good bro but please make the move to HW where you belong and really challenge your self. your fighting out of your weight class. Nobody other than Machida has a chance to beat him @ LHW. but good conference call..

  2. Brah what says:

    Is this the UFC being desperate for ratings and PPV sales?WWE,sorry I mean UFC is not in it to find who the best fighter is anymore.Sad day for UFC.I thought Silva vs Bonner was a joke.Thanks FOX…..

    • Jay says:

      Machida even turned down the fight with Jon for Toronto. Chael stepped up and was willing to fight. Yea he might have not had anything to lose but that is how a fighter is supposed to take on a challenge. Fighting for what they can win not what they can lose. 8 days rejecting the fight I can understand, not enough time to train or get in shape. The Toronto card though is kind of their own fault.

  3. yeahrightman says:

    Jones is a coward. I could go around beating up people half my size too, but where’s the fun in that?

  4. undereem says:

    Why don’t ppl know the difference between lose and loose. Under educated ppl shouldn’t be allowed to use these forums. Loose: is what ur mother is. Lose: is the result of everything you do in ur life. Please understand this ppls…it is very simple.

    • Philly says:

      Agree 100%. Always amazes me that people (like Jeremy) don’t know the meaning and/or spelling of words that they should have learned in the 4th grade.

      • Jeremy says:

        Really bro! The only thing missing is and apostrophe at the end of the word. i’m sure your one of the the clowns that on here that miss spell fighter names and use incorrect grammar all the time. The purpose of making a statement on this site is to comment on what going on. obviously your not smart enough to realize that. On a side note don’t try and discuss MMA with me buddie you wont win that battle trust me. # clown

    • Jeremy says:

      Sounds like your the one that is uneducated. Thats why you and the other clown forgot that the comment section is to post about the ” conference call”. Maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to post any more! either you don’t have much to say because your uneducated on the sport. or, your bored at home and have nothing better to do. or, both! Smart guy. #keyboardwarrior#clown

  5. maurice says:

    poor chael. he doenst have the energy, heart or pride to keep up his wwe role. chael knows right away now that jones will bring up chael trt usage, criminal background and sorry ass mma career every single episode of TUF if chael says anything negative to him. the ppl who think they will see the wwe version of chael every week on TUF are in for a rude awakening. this is like when the ufc got brock to coach tuf, they figured his big mouth would bring in ratings, when in reality being a coach and a genuine person was the main focus on brock minds. chael will be a great coach, and say some slick things behind the scenes, but he will not save tuf. i cant believe the things chael is gettin thrown at him for his big mouth. the thing that bothers me the most about this is the fact that so many ppl accept this.

    i find it hard to believe, machida, shogun, gus, page, hendo, glover etc all would turn down a TUF coaching spot and april fight with jones. dana keeps talkin about how no one stepped up on 8 days notice but chael, well im sure those same fighters werent even called for this TUF opportunity.

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