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Tuesday, 10/18/2011, 01:25 pm

Chael Sonnen: "I'll Slap Anderson In The Face"

Chael Sonnen was a guest on Jim Rome’s radio show this afternoon and continued his campaign to book a rematch with Anderson Silva. The entire interview was exactly what we could have expected from Chael when you give him an open platform to express his views and run off at the mouth.

Check out the Audio clip embedded in this write up for the full archive of Chael Sonnen on the show.

“I’m trying to pick a fight with this guy. This is the most confusing thing I’ve ever been part of in this sport. You’ve got an alleged champion letting me talk to him that way while he sits fifteen feet away … with his head down. You’ve got a guy like me sticking his finger in his chest day after day, hour after hour, and he can’t say a word. The one time he finally speaks up is to say ‘I don’t want the rematch. I don’t want to fight you.’ I don’t understand how we can can this guy champion.

Last check he’s ducked every tough fight that’s come his way. Last check I’ve been calling him out for six years. I’ve beat every champion of every company there’s ever been. I’ve beaten more world champions than he’s ever even been in the ring with. And they’re calling him the king of the division?”

“People tell me it shouldn’t be personal, well Jim it is personal. Okay. I’m picking a fight. If he has a problem with it, come do something about it. What does he do? He called Dana White and tattled on me. Can you believe that? He told Uncle Dana that I went too far. Well, maybe I did. Guess what? Let’s get in the Octagon — the people’s forum — and settle this. I will answer for everything I’ve ever done or said. Hit my music — when it hits those speakers I’ll make that walk. Anderson, you do the same, and we will figure this out in front of the world.”


102 Responses to “Chael Sonnen: "I'll Slap Anderson In The Face"”

  1. Cagin says:

    this interviewer is a douche.

  2. Jeff says:

    I think Chael is the worst thing to happen to this sport. He’s bringing it down to wwe level. He’s worse than Rush Limbaugh! What a f!#$#ing baby. You lost, get over it.

    • Are u serious? The American people are glad to see a true American hero do his bidding..

      • Diego says:

        are you SERIOUS?!?!?! I respect Chael as a fighter but the peoples champion? he’s fucking retarded his record it 26-11-1 andersons is 31-4-0 with 12 title defenses in the UFC, and he dares says he fought the best and the toughest? and by that he insults all the people that fought anderson ( including Yushin and they are team mates) Chael in another interview said GSP is one of his most respected fighters in the UFC then he says he would rather fight air than GSP, dude Chael is fucking pissing fans off and is looking like a moron.

        • U and gene need to get out of the closet u homos been suckin face too long u lost all your oxygen. Chael is a beast and andersonnen knows not to step in the cage w him.. Period!

        • Daniel says:

          He already did remember? The American “Douche” Tapped.

        • The Gaychart says:

          chart stop sucking your own penis..come and ill teach how to dougie

        • Chael Sucks says:

          I agree with Chartmonster. He makes some valid points. and he always ends bold statements with Period! – this is also a good way to do it>>> .

          There’s a good bit in here about homos, sucken face, lack of oxygen. This guy must be a Doctor…for gays? (Question Mark!) Change your name to Dr. Gay! lol Period!

        • Sorry to offend your social class you homoz! Chael’s da man that’s why u suckholes are here repping! FOOLS..LOL

      • gene says:

        he aint no fucking american hero he lost now crying for a rematch he’s beat every other champ like who, he was giving it to silva for most of the fight and he takes drugs to jump him then what he taps aint like u lost a decision u tapped out if u were a real hero fighting for ur country forrest griffin would of broken his arm instaed of tappin what a fucking loser and a crybaby

      • JGrenke says:

        The only real American was Hulk Hogan.

        He was a real American . . . I believe he fought for the rights of every man. Yep, he was a real American. He fought for our rights and fought for our lives.

        When it came crashing down and it hurt inside. He had to take a stand because he knew it did not help to hide. When his friends were hurt, as well as his pride, he was a man, he didn’t let it slide.

        Just ask Rick Derringer. . .

        That’s a real American hero “ya’ll”!

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        A-fucking-men to that!

      • CockFighter says:

        Are you f*%king serious… It has NOTHING to do with nationality and everything to do with who is a true Mixed Martial Artist. Sonnen is a jumped up losing prick. Silva is a legend and will remain a legend. Let’s see the rematch and let’s watch Anderson win in the first round this time instead of letting Sonnen get a few rounds in to make up for his bad performance with Maia.

        • I dunno man. Chael smashed Silva. Silva stole that victory. I don’t think Silva has an answer for chaels takedowns. If he is to beat Chael again… its going to be a similar method..or he’s probably going to lose.

    • RCS says:

      WORST THING? Why? because he wants a rematch and he is willing work for it. Diaz could take some notes. He wants a rematch, he wants to be champ, he probably wants the pay day. Don’t hate on him for working for it. at least he isn’t down on his hands and knees begging brass like GSP for a title fight.

      You hate the antics? I’d rather listen to Chael talk then Anderson dance during a fight (which is more WWE ).

      Is he #2 in the division after beating Stann, probably not but judging on the last fight he has a legit reason for asking for a rematch.

  3. I didn’t like that douchebag’s tone he had w the Chaelmonster! Yes Dana the boss will make this happen or he’ll snatch that belt from andersonnen!

  4. Jmad says:

    Chael needs to calm down, the fight will happen.

  5. eli3 says:

    Im seriously tired of chael thinking hes the real champ ok he dominated the first fight thanks to help of the steriods hello dumbass if you beat silva and won the belt you would of had it stripped away from you for testing positive!

  6. Bobby Larson says:

    Chael, I’ll slap u in the face.

  7. Brad says:

    I dunno why anyone takes him seriously anymore. If it isn’t obvious enough already that he’s just hyping like he normally does to make the company money and get in the good graces of the UFC then listening from 840 will help you out a little bit. “Well just like any other deal the deal to me leave the UFC has expired” Bullshit bro obviously you know you have more of a chance of losing this fight then winning so to save face if you lose you gotta come out with that crap.

  8. JGrenke says:

    How to sell fights – 101.

    Somewhere in the world, Dana White is smiling from ear to ear.

  9. Action says:

    He’s gunna do something about Chael he’s gunna knock you OUT!

  10. King Gareth says:

    The problem with incredible shit talking, is you have to back it up. If he does back it up and beats Anderson…. god help us.

  11. Joe says:

    So check it out. Chael talks a lot of smack. He does a lot of self-promotion, but he is actually very good for the sport. He is part owner in a local MMA Promotion, that helps get new fighters into the sport. He actually talked to my son after his first fight. (Which he lost, primarily because he was fighting out of his weight-class) Chael call my son out my his name, talked to him for several minutes and gave him really sound advice. Chael really does care about the sport. Yeah he talks more smack that he can keep track of, but it is obvious he is doing it to help hype things up, and personally I don’t think that is a bad thing.

  12. Tru says:

    He dominated but still he tapped like lil bi*ch. He was bloody and Anderson look like he hadn’t been through anything.

  13. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha he says he’ll slap Anderson Silva in the face ! That’s what he did in their fight 300 times. Didn’t do much damage….

    Dana White himself said Silva never said no to a fight…Fictional loss? Weird scoring system? HE tapped! HE gave up! HE quit!

    Oh he’s not keeping his word now! What a surprise! He’s not leaving when he loses…Figures. What if he actually gets lucky and wins? He won’t give Silva the rubber match I’m sure, cause he is clearly not a man of his word. He will be ducking Silva and come crawling back talking shit after Silva retires.

  14. Flair says:

    Im looking fwd to this fight. I rooted for Anderson in their last fight but now I’m kind of partial to Chael. I met him in Philly a few months ago out in the parking lot after the UFC & he was a very nice guy… And his shyte talking is epic… LOL

  15. Badmunk says:

    I think chael wins the fight hands down look how stann was dominating everybody and then looked like a bitch against sonnen. As ar as the steroids go something like .03 above average isn’t gonna do much against a world class athlete like silva, don’t get me wrong silva is a champ but he is ducking fights left and right. Why do you think he left the light heavyweight division, two words Jon jones nuff said. Being the champ means fighting the best in the world and right now thats chael sonnen, all you silva cocksuckers get ready for heart break

  16. Ricardo says:

    Why cant people understand that Chael cheated?
    If Chael wouldnt of tapped he would be champ, but then later get belt taken away for the shit he tested positive for.
    He beat an overrated Stann, get in line, nobody is convinced that you are #1 contender. Munoz should be next.

  17. Ricardo says:

    people dont support Chael , they just want to see him get ktfo. Silva via KO rnd1

  18. bruts says:

    AWWW BOOO EFFIN HOO, man this is all hype, dana’s part of it, KID YOU NOT, HES SITTIN BACK WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE CAUSE HE CAN ONLY SEE THE DOLLAR SIGNS, THE LONGER THIS FIGHT DOESNT HAPPEN, THE MORE MONEY DANA IS MAKING, BECAUSE EVERYONE IS WAITING FOR IT, even if you dont like it, its going to happen. chael deserves it, he did beat him for 4 and 3/4ths round and anderson did land 11 strikes, so stop crying and let chael hype this fight up so it will hopefully be the world best MMA fight ever. i dont even care who wins, because all i know is that its going to be an amazing fight, if chael taps anderson or if anderson knocks chael the fuck out either way, millions and hopefully millions of people will watch it. and if that happens, it will just happen to be the worlds biggest mma fight. this hype is perfect its a perfect concoction to make maybe the worlds most watched MMA fight, chael is not only doing this to prove hes the best, but ALSO to make alot and i mean ALOT of money, because if chael wins… hes now the highest payed MMA’ist… sonnens a smart guy, to who dont think so, thats why hes walking around with millions and you’re still working 9-5…

  19. gene says:

    This motherfucker said he alledgedly lost it was controversal he hit him 3oo times and he really didnt lose that fight he says it was a fictional loss drug test he still talkin like hes on drugs wow this bum would never get another title shot.

  20. Dylan O says:

    i just want to say that chael sonnen is probably the top contender for the middle weight title, but if he really does want to call himself the best person in mma, i would like to see him move up one weight class and take jon jones, if he wins then i will say go for it but untill then shove it up your ass. later

  21. TheDude says:

    You guys don’t get it….Phael Sonnen is loved by the UFC because he is bringing over all of the WWE fans, and that means money. He’s not going anywhere, and he will fight Anderson soon (as much as I hate this guy).

    • Chael Sucks says:

      Maybe that’s true, but if it turns into an ass clown show, UFC will lose allot of credibility. This is suppose to be a professional sport. Now it’s drudging up the agro-retard crowd.

  22. Darik says:

    Wow Chael needs to be in a mental hospital.. maybe its all the steroids messin with his brain??? How does he figure he wins the fight when he taps out? Saying he gives up a.k.a you win Anderson Silva!! Yeah, his head was down when you talked shit he was embarrassed to be in the same organization as you. Why would he be scared of you? In my opinion the only reason you beat him up for 4 rounds is because he wanted to submit you. Chael said getting a black belt from the nogueira brothers was like getting a toy in his happy meal.. So what did silva do? Came out in a gi first time ever and submitted you!! Beaten everybody huh?? So you didn’t lose to Forrest Griffin by triangle choke, who Silva also KTFO, or lost to Jeremy horn 2 times who Silva also beat, or lost by TKO to Terry martin who lost to Vetor Belfort, Chris Leben and James Irvin when all three of them also got KTFO by Silva, hell you even lost to Babalow who lost two times to Dan Henderson and hey guess what Silva beat Hendo by submission as well.. and then there’s Demain Maia who beat you as well by triangle choke and who also lost to Anderson Silva when he didn’t even deserve to be in the octagon with him.. Now for who you have really beat, Nate Marquart by decision Nate was also beat my Silva by KO and you beat Yushan Okami once again Yushan got KO’d by Silva.. Chael you are delusional and YOU ABSOLUTELY SUCK!!!

    • JGrenke says:

      For a guy who is throwing out a lot of historic fight facts . . . you sure can’t spell their names worth a #$%&!

      Check this out:





      I gotta deduct a point for the lack of capital “h” oh Horn too. Sorry.

      In all fairness though, this girl was so close with “Demain” Maia., you’re almost there. Thank goodness he spelt Dan Henderson right, phew…

      Keep fighting it, sister!

      • JGrenke says:

        Wait . . wait . . . after a booth review. The ruling on the board is overturned on “nogueira”.

        Still . . . use your cApiTals.

        • HAYN says:

          Who cares whether or not this guy can spell… The point was very clear and that is Chael Sonnen is nothing but hot air. Think about it. He’s figured out a way to get Dana’s attention using the classic trash talking with the true intent of just making more money. He knows full well he can’t beat Anderson. And I do believe Anderson’s intent in that fight was to simply submit him to prove a point. The guy IS that good. Anderson could’ve followed up on a few strikes and finished him but was clearly looking to submit/embarrass him. If you were to compare side by side pictures of the two after the fight, you’d see who deserved to win. Anderson looked like he came back from a job while Chael was bloodied to a pulp… Chael IS bad for the sport because of his steroid use and criminal background. Why in the world would the UFC ever entertain having a scum bag like this is beyond reason. Anderson needs to move on to whoever is next in line or move to LHW.

        • HAYN says:

          BTW, I meant “jog” not “job”, lol!

        • JGrenke says:

          If this was actually a reply to the comment I just made on spelling, I have to revert you to one of the greatest lines in movie history.

          “what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

          Why (you ask)?

          Because I said nothing about either fighter. Genius on, genius.

        • Chael Sucks says:

          I agree man. Why won’t he take a fight with Vitor while Anderson is healing up. He’s being called out there – who’s ducking fights? Anderson is injured it’s that simple. If Chael is all he claims to be, he’d fight anyone. The truth is he’s not – he’s hot air, and dragging a professional sport down to the shitter. Clowns like Chael are why MMA had such a hard time being accepted. Now that states and provinces have opened their doors to MMA, the UFC should be careful to ensure that the sport remains everything they claimed it was; a professional combative sport. If it starts exciting the agro-neanderthal crowd too much, people with brains will be like fuck this.

  23. tevez says:

    MMA FIGHTER? Sonnen is a wrestler, JUST IT.
    learn some bjj chael, and then MAYBE you gonna be respected as a fighter!

  24. i hate yanks says:

    i dont get how hes the no 2 middleweight in the world when hes got a 5 – 4 record in the ufc and as only ever finished 1 fight and tapped out like a bitch in every defeat hes had cant fuckin wait for silva to kill him

  25. Xaninho says:

    After making that bitch tap? yeah ofcourse I would sit there and laugh at him…Just as Silva did, he didn’t look scared to me. Embarrassed maybe, he didn’t know how to react to something as vulgar as Sonnen.

    Don’t mistake Class for Cowardness.

    • Class..yeah right! Andersonnen is a fkn COWARD or he would take the biggest fight to ever come his way. Think about it u stupid ass..

      • SaberTooth says:

        That’s right Sonnen sells PPV. Whereas limp dick Silva is one of the worst PPV ticket headliners, because he fights like a clown and real fans see him for the douchebag he is. The dude wears pink shirts, diamond earrings and a crooked hat. What is he 14!

      • Xaninho says:

        Why isn´t Sonnen fighting Vitor then? If he’s such a big man that doesn’t duck fights?

        Silva has NEVER ducked a fight. He NEVER said NO to a fight, according to DW.

        And who is he ducking anyway? Sonnen? I believe they already fought at UFC117?

        Sonnen and all of Sonnen’s fans should realize he’s a passed station. He had his chance, time to move on. NEXT!

  26. KingGareth says:

    If you take all the talk out of it and all the bullshit.
    Anderson seemed to be unstoppable, destroying everyone in his path. Chael faught him and was winning the fight, even made Anderson look human. Near the end of the fight, he got caught and lost.
    Everyone would want to see that rematch. Anderson’s only challenge in the division is Chael. If Chael needs another win in order to fight Anderson, let him fight Belfort.

  27. i hate yanks says:

    because silva knows cheal is a fucking pussy who loves to tap like a bitch

  28. Dot808 says:

    Still at the end of the day Anderson got the W and Chael walks with a big fat L. And the only way to make himself feel better is rant about Anderson Silva. Because he and everyone else knows that he tapped. And to forcibly make someone give up is way worse then getting knocked out.

  29. The Man says:

    I love seeing Anderson fans trash Sonnen just because Sonnen tossed him around like a bag of baby carrots.

  30. bizzle says:

    That is what his gnp amounts to slaps in the face so I guess he is telling the truth.. To bad for him Silva is knocking him out this time, in the 1st round..

  31. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Another steaming pile of horse shit, straight from the horse’s ass, which is Phael Sonnen’s mouth.

  32. Greyhm says:

    I think Silva is the more skilled fighter obviously and since they have fought once now Silva has Chael’s number and will have a much better chance of finishing it faster. Silva should just take the fight, this shit is bananas.

  33. P R O D I G Y says:

    Anderson dosent deserve a rematch with Chael. he needs to prove he can beat Daiju Takase first. we all know who the real champ is thats why hes the peoples champ.

    war sonnen!

  34. respectexpected says:
    Check out the picture of Chael on top of Anderson, all that blood is Chaels. He must have received brain damage and forgotten that Anderson did more damage from the bottom than Chael did from the top. Chael landed a lot more shots, but Andersons shots from his back fucked Chael up. “In what parallel universe” does laying on top a guy bleeding all over him make you the winner of a fight?

  35. kyle benton says:

    I like him. He’s funny, crazy and willing to work. Silva and Sonnen are gonna be the brad and angelina of ass kicking. AnderSonnen! Quit cryin you armchair quarterbacks. Have all the opinions you want but you gotta admit the guys entertaining.

    • Chael Sucks says:

      In a juvenile sorta douche-baggy WWE kinda way. yeah he is entertaining. But I don’t watch that shit. He’s bringing the sport down man. Up goes the agro-idiot fan base, up goes the money, down goes the credibility as a professional sport, down goes all of the good fighters that don’t want to be apart that.

  36. bizzle says:

    Chael needs to beat horn 3 times (lol), maia, filho,babalu,terry martin (lol),yamamiya (lol),forrest,and prangley before he dreams of another title shot.. lol.. Damn look at that list of bad asses.. hahaha

  37. 8boll says:

    Talk about a severe case of “I must spill Anderson’s name out of my mouth to be relevant”. When Chael isn’t going on about Anderson nobody listens, hence all the attention grabbing antics that has all u WWE fans eating out the palm of his hands! B4 the Silva fight, nobody knew who Sonnen was and now he has become famous thanks to Silva and you can’t really blame him for running with it as it is his only claim to fame, “I fought Silva and lost, but I really won even though I tapped out I’m the peoples champ!” What a friggin joke! The champ never taps out, he gets tapped on by bitchasses like Sonnen!

  38. Ian Mearns says:

    I bet if dana said he has to fight jeremy horn for the fourth time he would shut his mouth.

  39. Xaninho says:

    The real fans who want to keep this sport clean and real should BOYCOT a Silva-Sonnen rematch.

    If DW goes for the money and forces Silva to fight, the real fans should make a statement and make him feel where it hurts..His wallet.

    I’d hate to see this turning into the WWF…Next thing you know fighters jump in the octagon with folding chairs in their hands..C’mon man!

  40. ThaGreenBandit says:

    A legend in his own damn mind…

  41. zack says:

    Honestly chael is a complete waste of life. The world is too crowded and resources to scare to let fucks like chael walk around. Martial arts is all about respect, Its a way of life. Chael has zero resect and zero class and anderson will put him in his place

  42. zack says:

    And all you idiots oh anderson got dominated for 5 rounds. Anderson said im gunna submit chael. He let chael think he had it in the bag and then submited his bitchass. Chaels gunna catch the worst 5 round ass whopping the world has ever seen or he’s gettin ktfo in 30 seconds.

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