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Monday, 10/10/2011, 11:59 am

Chael Sonnen: " I don't like Anderson Silva, but I don't wish anything bad for him"

“You know sometimes as athletes we get so close to the trees we can’t see the forest.You get so wrapped up in it you forget, no, wait a minute, this is a sport. We’re gonna compete and we’re gonna shake hands. I do not like Anderson Silva. But I do not wish anything bad in life for him. I want to beat him, I want to do everything I can to him in the ring but I hope he has a great life. I don’t have something against him on a level like that.”


32 Responses to “Chael Sonnen: " I don't like Anderson Silva, but I don't wish anything bad for him"”

  1. Jeff says:

    One somewhat nice comment soon to be followed up by two asshat comments!

  2. Riaz Ansary says:

    LOL Chale knows very well thar Anderson is the best that’s why he feels it requires him to go on trash talking deep and intense in order to get attention and sell the fight otherwise anyone Anderson fights at 185 ppl already know who will

  3. 3ric says:

    Chael Sonnen is the most respectful man in all of MMA.

    • joe says:

      your a bigger idiot than he is

      • jeff says:

        @joe, i think 3ric was being sarcastic with that comment of his.

      • jeff says:

        I retract my replies, but only to some extent. Although Chael DOES NOT do the “showboat” stuff that Anderson Silva does in the ring (which is actually quite entertaining to some degree), Chael DOES disrespect other people (a nation to be exact) through his words. Yeah sure, go say/do some disrespectful things against the guy you want to fight, either for the sake of selling the fight or just simply getting the fight, but leave the man’s country and its people alone. Disrespecting a man’s country and its people doesn’t exactly qualify Mr. Sonnen as the most respectful man in MMA in my book. Just saying, and I’m not even Brazilian.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Respect must be something your parents forgot to teach you about, because, apparently, you have no idea what it means

    • jeff says:

      Btw, I am a Chael Sonnen fan and I can’t wait for that rematch. I have mad respects for Anderson’s fighting skills (note: I said fighting skills, not his showboating), but I do hope that Chael does beat him up like last time but only this time, finish him (or at least don’t get caught with a submission or a punch).

  4. Nick says:

    Damn that wasn’t funny. Normal he always has something great to say. At least he was somewhat respectful. Either way I’m gonna cheer for him.

  5. rayed says:

    Bad comments good comments it doesn’t matter.. chael is going to beat his ass!

    But I’m glad he can give it up to him though.

    Because I don’t like Silva and think his record is over rated… not him, but his record.

  6. Chael... says:

    …makes sense, which pisses off many that are NOT fans of his. So they spew their hatred in forums like this to vent and be heard, which is a good thing. I rather have their hatred released here where it harms no one over having them take it out physically on someone in their lives.

    • MMA All Day says:

      OK, people don’t hate Chael so much that they’re going to go home and smack around their families. What are you an MMA psychologist? pfft!

      • Chael... says:

        Majored in Business, minored in Psychology. Apologies for having an education beyond the 9th grade. But just an observation. I know you’re not smacking around your family because you’re on BJ’s site doing your thing.

        Your community thanks you! Smile :)

  7. Josh says:

    Scared buddy? dont suck up to him now chael you said what you said you implied what you did now your going to pay the price dont try and lick his ass after all you have said dude.

  8. TeamHudightest guys says:

    Chael is one of the brightest guys in MMA and there’s nothing funnier than the way he lures all the knuckleheads into a frenzy when he speaks. The guy is genius and a helluva fighter. Good for him.

  9. BJPennRules says:

    Regarding Chael, he is just a salesman selling the fight trying to get a big paycheck…
    I dont know people take him seriously..he is just trying to get paid!
    nothing wrong with that..he will fight the spider or lose he wants the money..
    he has a big chance on betting the spyder but I really do think the spyder will knock him out this time.

    • The Dude says:

      You are correct, he would have a chance against The Spyder…. Kendall Grove. He’d even be a favorite.

      Against “The Spider”- he’s fucked.

      11 submissions are not a coincidence. Nor is the one Silva put on him last time. He’ll get paid, he just won’t get his 12 pounds of gold, instead he’ll get his 12th submission loss.

  10. RHendO says:

    Chael is very respectful… To those that he respect. If he has no respect and dislikes Anderson then why the hell say anything good about him when u have to fight him. He’s a smart man and uses his intelligence to his advantage. Also its part of the job, he just happens to do his job a lot better than every one else. And to say Chael is scared is ridiculous what man would put his career on the line if he is scared???

    If the fight happens, I got Chael buy decision

  11. mike says:

    he said if he loses he will leave the ufc forever so he must have a gig lined up at wwe haha

  12. Everybody knows Chael’s the man.. only a real man can admit it!

  13. james says:

    Chael using a samurai quote…heard from machida a while back

  14. canada2007 says:

    If that fight happen (Silva vs Sonnen), is going to be a bad fight, type of fight he put against Maia, when a fighter do not deserve the title Silva he just play around mocking them and start dancing in the octagon showing no respect for some one not in hes level
    this time Chael is going way to disrespectful in including Silva’s family in the process, so do not expect a big show.

  15. web katalog says:

    if google could read what i am typing he would say yeah bring him to spot number one!!!|

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