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Sunday, 10/23/2011, 12:35 pm

Chael Sonnen: I Believe The Winner of Diaz-BJ Penn will get the next title shot over Condit

“I don’t think so, and I don’t think this fight’s going to come back for quite some time. Listen, if you’re the champion, you remain champion until you lose the title. If you’re the number one contender, you absolutely are not ingrained in any type of stone. As a matter of fact, not only do I believe he has lost this opportunity, I believe the winner of Diaz-BJ Penn will get the next opportunity against GSP.”

Chael Sonnen was recently on ESPN’s MMA Live and gave his thoughts on this Saturdays UFC 137 event between Nick Diaz and BJ Penn and the implications for the winner.

He also dove into some more details about what he thinks of the Diaz camp trying to pull a last minute switch on BJ for a 5-round fight…

“Let’s not miss what’s really happening here. If you’re a Diaz fan, you got to swallow real hard when he tries to change the parameters that have already been agreed to. What he really just did was he came out and said, ‘Look, I can’t get the job done in fifteen minutes. Let’s change the agreement’. BJ comes back and simply says, ‘Hey, I got no problem with it. I can put you away in fifteen minutes.’ The third side of this is as a fan. Listen, guys, I want to see you compete but you’re getting fifteen minutes of my life and that’s it. After three rounds, fade to black, roll the credits, I got other things to do…You don’t change a deal once a deal’s in place.”

Never short on words, “The People’s Champ” breaks it down with truth and honesty. If Penn was to get a title shot with a win over Jon Fitch this past February, and iF Diaz was already scheduled for a shot, and yet again confirmed by Dana White that if he wins against Penn he is next in-line, should this not be the true battle for a shot at GSP this weekend?

I think so, what say you BJPENN.COM?

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97 Responses to “Chael Sonnen: I Believe The Winner of Diaz-BJ Penn will get the next title shot over Condit”

  1. Night-Wind says:

    If Chael is speaking the truth, that god i hope he is – BJ is going to smash Nick and winning the title caus’ this time Georges ain’t gonna use grease.

    What goes around comes around!

  2. steven horgan says:

    if bj wins he deserves the shot against gsp..plain and simple bj is a legend and after everything he has done in the ufc, after accomplishing everything he has and how many times he fights a year its owed to him…bj vs gsp 3 the career defining legacy fight, the first fight in my opinion bj whooped that ass, the second was more contraverstial than who killed roger rabbit, the vaseline should of made it a no contest but because of gsp money drawing power and good boy image it was sweeped under the rug..the third would be epic and finaly settle the debate between bj and gsp fans….if bj wins he should forefit the title and make that last run at lightweight beat frankie and retire,,bj has nothing else to prove anyway but he and fans know bj is tien up the loose knots of his legacy and thats whats driving him to fight today..WARR BJ ‘THE BEST THERE IS ,THE BEST THERE WAS ,AND THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE;..thank you bret hart

    • Stefan says:

      Are you stupid or something? What BJ fan seriously wants him to face GSP again? He got his ass whooped in the 2nd fight because GSP wore him down first by exploiting his cardio issues, then proceeded to punch him in the face. A lot. If you think GSP not greasing(every fighter greases btw) would fix BJ’s cardio issues and make up for the size difference, then you my friend, should go back to WWE. I love BJ but GSP is just a terrible match up for him. He should go back down to lightweight and go for that title once Frankie loses, which should happen soon

      • Tom Ryan says:

        I do. But its not about St-Pierre; it’s about whoevers next.

        The next Big challenge, the next test, the next exciting fight. If it’s GSP, so be it. BJ’s a warrior. I’m even gonna state that nobody in UFC History has consistantly fought the depth and volume of high quality opponents as BJ has. That coupled with the fact that he has the highest UFC fight finish ratio.
        2 division championships. Numerous official and unofficial (check UFC Encyclopedia) Knockout, Submission and Fight of the Night awards.

        Yea, BJ can finish Georges. BJ can finish anybody. And I’d like to see Georges get what’s coming to him,but after BJ goes through Diaz.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I think sometime next year Frankie might drop down a weight class or else his chin will erode to be like Wanderlei’s if he keeps taking beatings like that. BJ should move back down to light weight unless he is successful. We need a Fitch vs BJ match to settle the score.

        • MMA-ster says:

          Please no! BJ vs. Fitch – I can barely type this I’m friggin’ yawning so hard. Fitch is sooo boring man. I don’t even care about his standings in the division.

  3. JOHN says:

    If BJ fights GSP while he still has a gut and man boobs, he’s gonna get owned again. BJ is more talented than GSP but GSP’s work ethic will put BJ away.

    • Is JOHN... says:

      …Canadian? That ‘splains a lot !!! dick.

    • Mircfsc says:

      I agree with you john. BJ is the most talented..but GSP is just too athletic, and too big for him. But Imma still go for BJ of course haha

    • The Dude says:

      Well said Henry. Plenty of us feel like this:

      BJ Penn is the shit. He is a bad mofo who puts on great fights, finishes fights and fights the best fighters out there, including fighting up at WW, MW and yes even facing Machida- at HW

      GSP is bigger than BJ and is able to use his size and wrestling to defeat BJ and would likely do so with or without grease.

      So what?

      I don’t really give a fuck if BJ is champ, he’s won two belts and defended the LW belt what 3x, right? That is amazing, if he ever gets another belt, great, if not, bring on the superfights. I could give a fuck about BJ vs 170 pound top control wrestlers. Its a bad matchup for him, but he’s so damn talented that he still does pretty good. Everyone else (besides GSP) Loses to FItch, not BJ. Prime Hughes got smoked by BJ in 1 round, split decision vs Lyoto at HEAVYWEIGHT.. and BJ isn’t even a big LW.

      There’s even some MWs I’d love to see him fight- Maia, Bisping I think he has a pretty good shot in either of those, plus loads of great fights at WW and 155. I think he beats Diaz, aftert hat if GSP retains against Condit, how about have him welcome Melendez to the octagon- that would spice up 155 a little. BJ vs Aldo at 155, BJ vs any top 155er except Frankie…. he’s only 32 and hasn’t taken much damage in his career, he is one of the few, along with Anderson who was ranked top five TEN YEARS AGO that is still on top:

      (From sherdog july 2001 rankings)

      WELTERWEIGHT 155 – 169.9 lbs. (70.3 – 77.1 kg)
      1. Sakurai, Hayato 158
      2. Newton, Carlos 144
      3. Miletich, Pat 126
      4. Trigg, Frank 108
      5. Hughes, Matt 90
      6. Carter, Shonie 63
      7. Silva, Anderson 56
      8. Kato, Tetsuji 50
      9. Marquardt, Nathan 35
      10. Sherk, Sean 22

      LIGHTWEIGHT up to 154.9 lbs. ( up to 70.3 kg.)
      1. Pulver, Jens 158
      2. Uno, Kauro 141
      3. Penn, B.J. 112
      4. Sato, Rumina 94
      5. Nogueira, Alexandre 81
      6. Thomas, Din 74
      6. Gomi, Takanori 74
      8. Hallman, Dennis 47
      9. Iha, Fabiano 36
      10. Mishima, D. 32

    • King says:

      I also agree. Although GSP greased the 1st time, he is too much of a perfectionist and will beat BJ. GSP is the also the strongest by far even though it’s hard tell by watching him.

  4. James Mason says:

    seriously?? BJ can’t even beat Jersey Shore midget Edgar. also Jon Fitch clearly beat the crap out of him, the judges decided its a draw. You guys are delusional if you think he has a chance on GSP. GSP vs BJP 3 will be the same result. it will be GSP via UD – 5 boring rounds of one sided beating .

  5. I agree with Chael. I’ve said this all along.

  6. Guido says:

    James Mason, do you do METH? Did you see the BJ/Fitch fight? Did you see BJ dominate the bigger, stronger guy the first two rounds? Or just like every Penn hater, just look at one round where Fitch did no damage but lay on him and throw a few mediocre ground shots. GSP is a cheat, BJ is a man that does not depend on PED’s, Vaseline, or having the rules tilted his way. He takes any fight. Penn is fighting in a weight class where he is outweighed by 20 pounds night of the fight. Its sad man, you come here on BJ’s site and talk smack. Dude but a clue, learn something about the low life cheats you root for.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      anyone who doesn’t realize why GSP only fights once or twice ayear is just stupid. GSP is the biggest JUCER/HGH monkey in MMA and he has no heart and is afraid to fight since Matt Serra destroyed him. GSP knew he was going to lose to Condit and he faked an injury now we all know Condit will no longer get his title shot gainst GSP. I just wish Fitch and his boring ass twin lay n prayer GSP would retire forever

    • calvin says:

      Why is this fight so controversial like seriously its like machida vs rampage bj just like rampage won the first two rounds due to the lack of action their opponent brought and the agressiveness they came with then the third their opponent finally puts action and because the earlier rounds seemed super slow compared to the 3rd everyone thinks that machida and fitch won when its clearly rampage and penn im biased towards penn tho so i cant say its a valid point but i am also biased towards machida but i felt he lost that

    • Bobby Larson says:

      I wish u retired from this website.

      • Bobby Larson says:

        GET RID OF FITCH has no knowledge in mma and only complains about lay nd pray lay nd pray. Your a clown, go wack ur weener off at some more fitch videos since that’s all you talk about.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          I know more about MMA in my pinky finger than you will ever know in 10 lifetimes. GSP is a JUICER and has been on HGH for over 7 years. Jon Fitch and GSP are the most boring fighters in MMA.

          Bobby Larson is just a little pitiful bitch who lives in his mommas basement with no job. don’t forget to thank your momma for buying you your $200 used computer

        • Bobby Larson says:

          Is that the best that you could come up with? Whether GSP is a juicer or not he’d still lay nd pray all over you. Shit by the time you woke up from that beat down you’d realize you went unconscious three times after he dry humps you. “I know more about MMA in my pinky finger than you will ever know in 10 lifetimes.” That’s an insult I’d expect to here from my little brother. I already know u don’t know anything about mma since all u complain about is lay and pray. There’s no such thing it’s called wrestling dumbass. Try laying on top of me and I’ll snap your arm in half faster than the ufc get’s rid of fitch. Your nothing but a useless wasted pathetic excuse of space. Learn a little about the sport before complaining idiot. You sound more like my niece in these forums than an actual fan of the sport who knows what they’re talking about. I don’t disagree that GSP and Fitch are boring fighters but if all you do is complain about it than that juss makes u one sad little bitch. Learn to insult me before you speak to me again you babbling fuck.

  7. steven horgan says:

    shut the fuck up ye bunch of loosers, exploited his cardio ya right, every fighter greases, so that dont make them much of a fighter that need to use greasse as an edge, if ya like grease that much leave it for your ass hole for when ya get one of these other bitches to fuck you, then wipe your mouth because ya would be wipen your ass at the same time with those comments, how stupid are ye that the videos bj put up with him training are a month out prior to this fight, what are ye doing on this site, go back to wwe ya right id rather support bj through the good and bad times not like ye fans that just jump on board when he wins its pathetic..mason you were obviously asleep the first two rounds of the fitch fight, bj hammered gsp in their first fight ,why do ya think gsp needed the vaseline the second time you about you love bj ya right fake fans, and with the edgar bj also won the 1st fight in my opinion props to edgar the second time..if ye were fans of b ye would support him, why you think hes back at welterweight, to face gsp….bj deserves the chance to redeem himself who the fuck are ye to say he doesent or will get smashed, rampage won the wand trilogy, after loosen the first two, bj redeemed himself against pulver and hughes anything can happen in a fight even bj beating the steroid usen vaseline gsp…and then here all ye would come praisin bj after doubting him

    • The Dude says:

      Regarding GSp/BJ 1, since you mention it…

      The ten point must system is what it is (gay, not the right system for MMA, subject to shit judges, etc)

      But GSP went to the hospital after that fight and BJ didn’t have a scratch on him….. GSP may have won the decision, but BJ FUCKED HIM UP!!

  8. Jpeech says:


    You are an idiot wow

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Go fuck your momma again jpeech, anytime anywhere bitch and i will smash your fucking faggot face in

    • Bobby Larson says:

      GET RID OF FITCH … Again learn to insult someone before you type. He’s only speaking the truth. You needa come to grips with reality cause you seem a bit lost. Oh wait no, your just fucking stupid! lol

  9. P R O D I G Y says:

    This is nice too hear. Chael is always telling the truth maybe he knows something. war chael and BJ!

  10. Jpeech says:

    Holy shit please some one show me proof of gsp and steroids the greasing shit is true but Roids? i dont know about that lol

    • Uhh says:

      Go look at natural BODYBUILDERS then look at GSP..
      GSP does 100% more cardio then them and he still has
      BIGGER MUSCLES then them..
      With the cardio he’s doing he shouldn’t have the muscles he has..
      Also the back acne..

      • MMA-ster says:

        Having muscles doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a juicer. My whole friggin’ town was on roids at one point and I never did any of that shit. But b/c I was having similar results in the gym (that lasted by the way – that’s key) everyone was accusing me of doing roids. That’s bullshit man…sometimes it comes down to body dynamics and work ethic. GSP has both.

  11. James Mason says:

    ok Guido, you should layoff on BJ’s dick.
    maybe your right on Fitch.
    but GSP is a cheat??? EXCUSES, just like Stefan said GSP is too much for BJ.
    FYI I like BJ, I lose 100 bux betting on him against Edgar.
    I have 100 bux on him predicting he’ll KO Diaz.
    But I’m not bias like most of the you on this site. Plus its my opinion so I think I am entitled to it.
    Out of curiosity, what’s your excuse on Edgar?

    • Stevo the great says:

      Your about to lose $100. Diaz is gonna hit BJ all over his body. Peppered with punches. Bj’s arms are too short…..Diaz reach will define the fight. Bj’s only chance of beating Diaz is a submission, Diaz has the stand up, ground game and cardio to win.

  12. Anthony says:

    GSP 2 – BJ 0.

    Whether you like it or not.

    • Anthony says:

      As for the comments about GSP not being a fighter since losing to Serra:

      – Finished Hughes via Armbar
      – Finished BJ because BJ quit (that really hurts you guys doesn’t it)
      – Finished Serra by TKO

      Get over yourselves.

      • Brandon Wheaton says:

        His brother wisely threw in the towel; I wouldn’t jeopardize the health and safety of a loved one in a situation like that either. (In hindsight, maybe he should have stayed in the fight against ‘ol Pillowhands.)

        If there’s anything I’ve learned as an MMA fan, it’s that a record doesn’t mean squat. It could be all fluff opponents like Anderson Silva gets, or it could be backasswards decisions (like half of Jake Shields fights during his “win streak”).

        GSP has proven he can’t strike anymore, unable to finish an injured Josh Koscheck or Jake Shields (who’s striking is widely accepted as the worst in the WW division). I’d be scared to stand with someone like Thiago Alves too.

        • Brandon Wheaton says:

          Forgot to mention GSP’s bodyguard, Dana White. I’d do everything in my power to avoid the Diaz fight too.

          I love Greasy’s excuse about not fighting Silva too: “I don’t wanna gain the weight (despite the fact that I walk around at 190+ and by fight night weigh at least 185 cause of my weight cut)”.

        • JD says:


          cmon you can’t think otherwise than that.

          Silva is 225-230 so if you guys want to see a fight for the best p4p on this planet you’ll just have to wait untill GSP gains 35-40 pounds of muscle.

          Don’t even try, u can’t argue

        • Donnybrook says:

          Those pillow’s must have rocks in them because they gave BJ a cranial concussion, not to mention those “pillowhands” also busted Koscheck’s orbital bone… with a JAB!. BJ’s corner did the right thing by throwing in the towel… don’t kid yourself.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          JD are you serious? GSP has mountain of muscle compared to Andersen Silva. The fact of the matter is GSP is scared to death of Andersen Silva nd WE fans may as well give up on that fight ever happening. GSP has lost all his heart and balls and he is STRICTLY a jab and run point fighter and we all know he will never stand toe to toe with nayone ever again. IMO Greg Jackson RUINED GSP forever. last time i saw GSP actuaaly fight was when he put one of the worst 5 round beatings in UFC history on Jon Fitch. TOTAL destruction of Fitch and that is why Dana and the UFC will NEVER give Fitch another rematch besides the FACT Fitch is the most boring un-marketable fighter in all MMA history. NOONE and I mean NOONE wants to see Fitch ever step foot in the cage again. fitch isn’t even worsth puting on facebook let alone pre-lims. Fitch may as well retire but we all know he will continue to get matchups like Alves, Ben Saunders. Why doesn’t the UFC make Fitch fight Koscheck or Ellenberger or Condit or Rory Mcdonald. Its because those asshole managers at AKA always get Fitch perfect matchups or make sure he outweighs his opponents by 25-30 poundsa at fight time so he can lay on them. Fitch wouldn’t even be in the rankings under Pride rules

        • El Charlie says:

          boo hoo go blow fitch some more.

      • Me says:

        Anthony, you pathetic little punk, going to a fighter’s website and talking shit. Thats just disrespectful. And don’t say dumb comebacks like “oh I’m new to the site and I’m hanging on BJ’s nuts. Its cliche, and quite sad. Sure, BJ has losses, all the greatest and most experienced fighters do. So do what your mother told you to do when you were five and think before you speak. And if you want fight, whenever brah, I’m always ready for scrap.

      • Chris says:

        Actually if the refs didnt blow it, it should be:
        GSP-1 BJ-1
        and BJ didn’t quit, his corner threw in the towel. BJ wanted to continue.

        Get over yourself.

  13. SanClemente says:

    That’s the whole reason why Bj penn is in this weight class again, He is gunning for GSP. Cause he knows he can beat him. Once he beats GSP and he proves it to himself, he will be satisfied. (similar senarios: Mir/Lesner, Silva/Sonnen…)

  14. Bobby O says:

    BJ has an easier fight with Edgar, not GSP. I think if BJ lands an uppercut and stuns Edgar he can submit Edgar while he is trying to recover. Gray missed two opportunities to get on Edgar and sink in a choke while Edgar was recovering, that’s the only way I see BJ beating Edgar. Edgar just has the best plan for BJ and can actually carry it out. As far as fighting GSP again, if it will get BJ back to LW, then let it happen, but no matter how the fight goes down, I see GSP winning by UD.

  15. Ainofea says:

    I have to say the St Pierre is a great athelete but is a very uninteresting fighter to watch he fights to not loose doesnt take chances and cheats with grease when he thinks he will loose I am glad he got hurt I am not wanting to see another 25 min fight with nothing happens or he cheats to win again, Bj Penn deserves another shot at him just because of the grease the last time.

  16. Is henry.. says:

    dick now?

  17. If the Chaelmonster say so then it must be so! Bj will get it done within 15 minutes and even Chael knows that.. Chael and I got Bj for the win bitchess!

  18. drew says:

    sorry people but i saw gsp love on the news feeds and i had to say this…i am highly suspicious that gsp uses PED’s following reasons: He only trains in canada. He is canada’s golden boy and wil do anything to protect him. He only trains there because the PED regulations/testing is completely different then here. He knows when to use them, proper time to not use them.
    GSP is a point fighter
    Win over Serra: He was kneeing him in the ribs lol…all before it was a takedown there was no standing
    Win over Hughes: armbar…no risk in that from an older slower less powerful opponent that couldnt KO gsp now.
    CHEATING OVER BJ: “Finished BJ because BJ quit (that really hurts you guys doesn’t it)”…THIS GUY IS A COMPLETE IDIOT, DUMB, ATTENTION SEEKING MOFO
    watch the fight anthoney…open your eyes and watch your so called amazing gsp…life his head up in the air and extend his upper half body…and bjs legs went right down to his spandax
    This is to anthoney personally: champions have integrity, gsp does not…this is why…he got away with cheating againest BJ PENN…so you know what your boy gsp does…he takes water in his mouth then sprays it in the the air…u know what that does you idiot…it lubraicates his body 2X…sweat + water= 2x more lubriate
    GSP IS SCARED ARE TOUGH GUYS like KOS….your boy GSP CLOSED/broke kos’s orbital….and at the end of the 3rd round…so gsp had 10 MINTUES TO FINISH KOS…he pointed him todeath…your a complete ignorant attention seeker.

    • JD says:

      Canada is not a corrupted country. Some rare rules are different but you can’t use PEDs. When you have no argument,simply shut your trap and face the truth.

      FYI -> im american

    • JD says:

      And who cares if GSP didn’t finish Kos? Was shields able to finish GSP while he couldn’t see with one eye for 15 minutes? Nah.

      Georges doesn’t need to go for the finish, he has his belt. He knows he can win with points so why would he take useless risks.

      • Chris says:

        Many would claim that allowing your opponent to stick around when you could easily put them away is more dangerous. Hard to lose if the fight is already over.

    • Donnybrook says:

      You have no idea what your talking about… GSP doesn’t just train in Canada (he trains all over the world) and PED’s are NOT allowed to be used there and GSP broke Koschecks orbital in the first round with the first jab (according to Kos). Until you get your FACTS straight shut your wang hole.

  19. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    One could argue that point fighting in a UFC match is more risky than trying to KO your opponent or submit him. But, really though he should finish his opponents when he can, or maybe he likes to wail on his opponents. I don’t know GSP personally so this is all subjective.

  20. GSP is truly a point fighter. He is also the current and reigning champ. I think he is boring and takes NO real chances… but you know what, he sticks to the plan and get’s the W. Hate it or love it he keeps on winning. BJ win or LOSE comes to fight! he doesn’t come in to get points or stay ahead…he wants a DEFINITIVE WIN! He’s a warrior and GSP is an Athlete. I am impressed with GSP as an athlete and champ, but and this is a REAL BIG BUT! I would rather pay to see BJ fight and win or lose in exciting fashion…than pay for a long 5 round snooze fest…..My pregnant Girlfriend only knows about MMA because she goes with me to watch the fights….she does NOT know much….but she knows this, whenever we are going to watch GSP fight, it’s going to be boring and GSP will win…even she is NOT impressed by this guy. I for ONE am extremely excited to see the BJ vs. DIAZ fight…and I don’t care who wins…anyone of those two want to finish GSP and have the heart and skill to win or lose on any given day! See you at the fights.

  21. Creature says:

    Its funny how people fail to realize that the grease was all wiped off before the fight even started lol. GSP won because hes the bigger and more efficient fighter plain and simple. BJ beat Fitch in round 1 and half of round 2 by doing exactly what Fitch does to every oppoenent and thats out grappling them. then he got tired and taken over in the 2nd half of the fight. Even BJ himself said he thought he lost to Fitch. Im a BJ fan but trying to say im not just because im not biased towards him is retarded. BJ is at WW again because he just wants big money fights now not just because he wants GSP. Saying GSP is on steroids because he is bigger than some body builders is ignorant as hell, do you realize he trains almost 7 days a week? and more than 4 hours a day? body builders dont do that dumbass. I guess Melvin Guillard and Anthony Johnson, and Urijah all do steroids because there huge in there division lol u make me laugh. HAHAHA sweat and water lubricant do you realize EVERY fighter does that? between rounds the cornermen put water on them and that moxes with there sweat.. BJ is to small for WW, he needs to go back down to LW he has a better chance there. Some of the excuses some of you haters come up with just disgraces this site and the sport stfu

    • brandon says:

      creature is exactly right, i nice to see that someone on this sight that has some sense

    • Me says:

      Creature, if you were a real BJ fan, you, like true fans, would know that BJ isn’t afraid to take risks. He’ll fight a specialized fighter at what their best at. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s because he’s Hawaiian. That’s how he is. That’s why he is BJ Penn.

      • Creature says:

        I never said he was afraid to take risks??? idk where your even coming from on this to be honest.. i am a BJ fan, just stating that hes too small for WW and should go back down, and tear some shit up at LW so the division would have yet another top level guy.

  22. mmaislandjunkie says:

    good point chael now go fight vitor.

  23. nathan says:

    bj will beat nick ko!!!

  24. Sam says:

    Chael Sonnen is good at 3 things. Taking roids, chatting shit and sucking dick! Mugtop is trying to turn the UFC into some sort of pantomine. Cringed so hard when he ws talking to Silva after he beat Stann. Shut up cock sucker!

  25. Jpeech says:

    So Vitor can get destroyed by Chael? honestly he will get taken down held there and punished. Vitor is overrated as shit its crazy….

  26. Creature you are stupid.You think you can just wipe Vaseline off and it comes off.Vaseline get into the paws of your skin.Its washed off not wiped off with a dry towel dumbass.Do it yourself if you don’t believe me.Put some vaseline on your skin.Rub it in then wipe with a dry towel.I bet the area where you applied the vaseline and wiped is still greasy 10-15 mins after you have wiped.Epic Fail

  27. Xaninho says:

    I do agree the winner should get the title shot. But seriously..99 out of a hundred times “Sonnen”, and “Truth” are two words that don’t belong in the same sentence.

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