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Wednesday, 07/18/2012, 10:03 am

Chael Sonnen Fires Back At Rampage Jackson | UFC NEWS

“Rampage has one fight left in the UFC and he isn’t fighting me. I give you that answer because I am sitting here wearing my fancy suit, with an ear piece on and I have been branded an analyst on the number one UFC show on TV today. But if you had asked me outside, in my kingdom and I was wearing my sponsor’s shirt, I would have told him that he should stick to violating female reporters. He should stick to making box office disasters and driving the wrong way on the freeway ramped up on Mountain Dew, because he’s not on my level. But, you didn’t ask me outside, you asked me inside. So let’s keep this professional, I don’t want to get that message out there.”

Chael Sonnen takes to UFC Tonight to respond to Rampage Jacksons insults.

Is this the start of a new MMA rivalry!


82 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Fires Back At Rampage Jackson | UFC NEWS”

  1. Joonya says:

    “Stick to driving the wrong way on the freeway Ramped up on Mountain Dew” Rampage is one of my favorite fighters but Chael got him there. These 2 could hype a fight with trash talk better than anybody. The trash talk would upstage the fight itself.

    • B-rad says:

      yeah that was a good zinger! I would LOVE to see this matchup.. I hope Quinton resolves this BS with Zuffa and they resign him, but i doubt that will happen.. This would be an awsome striker vs grappler matchup.. But Quintion comes from a wrestling background too but i think Chael would take it..

  2. Azusa says:

    Chael would destroy Rampage!! Make it happen Dana!!

  3. Lyer says:

    That’ll be a good “last” fight for Rampage! Set it up!!! lol

  4. Analyser says:

    Lol, I can always rely on Chael.

  5. gene drake says:

    Yea Dana we want to see that fight. Make it happen! Got my vote!

  6. Yeas says:

    Rampage couldn’t hear him, his championship belt was stuck in his ears.

    (if you miss the reference:

  7. Pijan says:

    The trash talk for the fight would be epic, but we all know what kind of opponent Rampage wants, if Rampage fought Sonnen, he’d be talking shit after he lost about how he doesn’t like fighting wrestlers and that’s the reason he’s leaving the UFC in the first place. And the shit talking hype would be awesome, but it wouldn’t be hard to over shadow what would probably be a lackluster fight. Let’s steer clear from this fight, nobody wins from this one. It won’t get Chael closer to a title, Rampage won’t be fighting a ‘fighter’, and the fans would be disappointed as hell.

  8. Jay Maulit says:

    they should just just get in the octagon and have a debate. I would pay for that!!!

  9. Marcus Owens says:

    Chael sonnen has 27 wins in 40 fights….Rampage has 32 out of 42….

  10. A says:

    Rampage is a former champ, chael is a talker. The end.

  11. Shawn says:

    Chael needs someone new to poke fun off to keep his stock relatively appealing. lol But as much of a Rampage fan I have always been, the way Jackson has been fighting as of late (especially against wrestlers), I would have to give it to Sonnen. But one more fight? What the hell. It would bring in viewers for sure. They just have to keep the trash talking going, as only Sonnen and Jackson can dish it.

  12. Will says:

    All this coming from a convicted felon. Rampage has held the Championship belt. Chael has held the fake belt…the 2nd place belt. Rampage has reached the pinnacle. He has been crowned champion. Chael…has been submitted by the champ while he was juiced…and stomped by the champ when he had to follow the rules. No credibility whatsoever. Rampage = Champ. Chael = Chump.

    • Pizza says:

      Rampage used TRT for his last fight and lost.

      • West says:

        so did your boy Chael

        • So what's the conclusion to all of this? says:

          No conclusion whatsoever, you beanheads! Y’all think you guys can top each other, but in the end, y’all are fricken stupid! In fact, we all are! You, me, her, him..everybody! Dumbshits. If you respond to this, you stupid. If you don’t, you’ll wish you did and….you stupid. Everybody’s a loser.

    • chael followed the rules yes, but silva didnt. greasing, holding shorts and illegal knees. that loss has an asterisk next to it.

      • Alex says:

        You just won the arguement aha also the UFC is a completely different thing now compared to when rampage held the title.. In my opinion, having won a belt is still a huge deal obviously but is not the same as winning or even contending for it today. The skill level of everyone, and the WRESTLING of today is too high calibre. I love you rampage but if you’re really getting mad at a guy for talking shit just remember this.. 1) it’s a fight- talking shit is supposed to happen 2) everything you have ever said about rashad.. OR how many doors lost their lives to you being a crybaby on TUF 3) even after chirping so much with rashad that fight was arguably the worst one I’ve ever seen, sonnen at least still has exciting fights and 4) you chirped jones- he made you look like a child. Don’t be a hypocrite because people don’t forget!

      • Xaninho says:

        There’s an asterisk next to your day of birth, you sore loser.

        The greasing can be cancelled out against Sonnen’s TRT PED’s, the shortgrabbing came from both sides and the knee was perfectly legal.

        • Anonymous says:

          okay… how are you supposed to grab those tight ass shorts that Anderson Silva wears? Think about it.. Also, this fight Sonnen was clean. He got busted 2 years ago for PED’s. 2 years is long enough to where it’s not even relevant anymore. So, greasing wasn’t cancelled out by anything. I agree about the knee though. It was legal. You haven’t heard Sonnen complain about it. Only his team and coaches.


  13. Rampage sucks says:

    Well lets see rampage is not on sonnens level at all. rampage will lose then start crying about chael humping him for 3 or 5 rounds. And yes chael will hump him better than a prison bitch get it from bubba and there will be nothing page could do about it.

  14. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Rampage isnt even a level below chael. Chael will eat him alive that nigger should stick to eating KFC.

  15. mmahawk says:

    As a Sliva fan, I might be asked to turn in my card…but GO Chael. Waaampage is brave calling dudes out knowing his last fight against Glover Texiera is his last. But if Quittin’ “Waaampage” Jackson has any guts after his talk he’ll sign a new 3 fight deal and put his ass in the cage with Sonnen.

    Amazing how someone you dislike more than someone else changes your perceptions.

  16. ganjaneer says:

    Rampage walks around 250….and used to be known for his wrestling defence, sorta like chuck, old school sprawl and brawl, its quite obvious w chaels 320 shots on anderson in 1st fight weren’t to powerful, and honestly I don’t think chael has the size to hold rampage down, and he sure couldn’t do the zombie I don’t care when I shoot in style he used against silva, rampage would throw him around, stuff his takedowns, and dent chaels head…that’s a pretty simple match up for my head to analize….rampage has a chin, ko power, solid grappling, and gynormous size at 205, wtf does chael do to him coming up from 185? Rampag ain’t squeezing into 185, sorry, and dolce has been sucking rampages ass for years now, he would ditch chael immediately and chael would be back to trt hulking in hopes of holding rampage down for 15 min so he’s got more material to use in hyping fights he shouldn’t be in…fucking politics and mma, worst thing about mma..

  17. Zack says:

    Rampage would woop that ass

  18. DirkDiggler says:

    Get Em Chael

  19. chris says:

    Owned. Sonnen backs up what he says a lot more then rampage. Some of you babies act like chael decided to rip him for no reason, when rampage opened his mouth he got what he deserved. All you pussies with the oh he’s a criminal need to.grow.the Fuck.up. I’m sure all of you are saints and never even got detention in school. It is really funny though Il admit

  20. gaser says:

    Rampage would get smoked..

  21. Anthony says:

    Sonnen is a ASS CLOWN Rampage would rock his cocky no talent ass. He should be a hype man since talking trash is all he’s good at. Hey Sonnen don’t get caught up in the Mic cord you might have to tap.

  22. stan871 says:

    Rampage is doing everything he can to get out of the UFC, he whines and complains non stop about this and that, at least Chael,(win or lose) will fight whoever they put in front of him. He might not be the greatest UFC fighter, but he will fight and him and Rampage are close to the same age (by 1 fucking year). Despite what everyone thinks, i dont think that fight will happen, and if it does Chael will smother the air out of Rampage all 3 rounds, he might have a punchers chance but i havent seen his punchers chance in quite a while.

  23. Nuitari X says:

    Rampage from Pride days vs. the best Chael Sonnen: Rampage slams chael on his head then knocks him the fuck out. End of story. Who cares what would happen now the man has two bum knees and they both need trt. Rampage is a former champ. Chael never will be. PERIOD.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      You are making Bob’O unproud of the filth coming out of your mouth. Don’t you care about the kids on here?? What a Hypocrite. DON’T EVER PREACH ON HERE AGAIN BITCH…

      • Bob'O says:

        Shut it worm, I make suggestions, not laws. I am proud of occupying your mind though. 😉

        Yeah but Chael would smash Rampage. ~Bob’O

        • WrestlingRules says:

          No you make threats…its called being a thug. You have low standards if you are proud of this…lmao.

          I don’t know Rampage could knock Sonnen’s ass out too! :-}

        • Bob'O says:

          Threats? Now I understand your problem brah, you’re delusional. Your new name is Delusional FNG Wrestling Dude. what do you think, you like? Just for you! eNJOY! Sorry, no fortune cookie for you though brah. 😉 ~Bob’O

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Haha Bob’O you’re the best!!..I KNEW I would get you off your game….lol Have a Great Evening!!

      • Nuitari X says:

        Yeah man, just like the article prior to this about rampage telling chael to fuck off. It said fuck in the article plain as day. Apparently doesn’t give a FUCK about the kids either, and yes you are very delusional so EFF OFF.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Hey Son-in-law of the year. I’m cool with your filthy mouth. I ALWAYS knew you are a weasel and a hypocrite. Just be true to yourself.

        • Nuitari X says:

          The TRUTH is you don’t know a damn thing about me except what I make you think you know. I can’t stand ignorant people like you. You talk so much you HAVE to be full of shit. It’s a universal law.

        • WrestlingRules=====)Nuitari X says:

          Gay Lovers.

        • Nuitari X=======)Wrestlingrules says:

          Gay Lovers

        • Nuitari X says:

          LOL, I’ll admit that’s funny.

        • Nuitari X says:

          You were correct when you made my =========) bigger.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Your the one that said bad shit about your in-laws. That makes you a slimeball weasel in my book. So did you lie?? Good, you LOST bitch..Go pray to your in-laws that they forgive you for being a weasel…

  24. poop says:

    they r both cheating loud mouths so who cares xD

  25. WrestlingRules says:

    HaHaHaHa… Mountain Dew on the freeway, was that after Forrest Gump beat his ass??? Sonnen PURE classic verbal beatdown. Rampage ain’t gotta chance!!! LMAO!!!

  26. Nick says:

    I’m a huge fan of both guys, but I’d have to side with Chael on this one. He just has that fire that burns the shit out of anyone when he talks to them. Lol.

  27. AlphaRooster says:

    I won’t say Chael is great or bad fighter, but no one out shit-talks him. Don’t know why anyone would start a war of words with him. he’s relentless. WWE should call Chael, i’d think he’d be a god there.

  28. maurice says:

    rampage might have been looking lackluster in his last few outings, but thinking chael could hang with page is just silly. rampage has some of the best takedown defense of all time, and chael would be much smaller and weaker. rampage would beat the fuck outta chael. if chael abuses his trt to the max he might be able to fuck with page. i dont wanna see this fight. no one gives a damn bout chael. chael is butt hurt cus he knows he’ll retire without ever holding a strap.

  29. Nick says:

    Haha they both lost to Forest

  30. stonerman says:

    hahaha, chael just owned rampage. Would like to see how rampage would respond to that.

  31. Michael hamlin says:

    Rampage sucks and always sucked one truck pony!!

  32. Dick Diaz says:

    yeah buddy… CHAEL coming through with the truth! lol

  33. Bjj BB says:

    An in shape rampage would fuck up chael anyday!!

  34. 559Kid says:

    Rampage should just goto boxing ya? I mean there he wont have to worry about getting taken down and getting his ass handed to him.

  35. The real car smasher says:

    Sonnen hasnt done anything for the UFC besides beating trashcans ad talking shit.

    Sonnen sucks

  36. Xaninho says:

    This is almost too perfect…It’s like a storyline from the WWE. Sonnen thinking about moving up, Rampage about to fight his last fight on his contract.

    I see this fight happening in the near future…

  37. maurice says:

    chael has name power, but not the skills or size to get a rampage matchup. and sum dude was talkin about rampage not havin good takedown d cus of his fight against bader. rampage has had multiple lackluster fights, but in the bader fight he was done after a round and a half. im actually suprised by how many ppl r chossing that talentlist bastard over RAMPAGE. really? rampage can still compete with the elite at lhw. chael cant compete with the mw elite, how the fuck can he compete with lhw elite. this guy called out jones…..really chael? loser

  38. k-dogg says:

    well a fight between these would be pointless but f pride rampage fout sonnen this is how it would go chael goes in with his weak ass takedown page stuffs it no problem gives a uppercut that damn near knocks chael out chael gets scared tries for another takedown page again stuffs it no problem picks him up slams his cocky ass arona style that knocks the fuck out and page gives him a few more fuck you punches like in the liddell or wanderlei fight end of story

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