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Thursday, 11/10/2011, 07:36 pm

Chael Sonnen Does Not Want To Wait For Anderson Silva

“As it played that through my head, I saw a lot of different outcomes, but not in a million years did I think (Anderson Silva going silent) would happen. That is not the heritage of a Brazilian fighter or a Brazilian man in general. Brazilians will fight. Brazilians will come forward with courage. If you challenge them, they will step forward. That’s not in his culture or his heritage to just sit there and get clowned in front of the world, but he did it. The fight’s going to happen for sure. I’ll be Anderson’s next fight. I don’t know that he’ll be mine. I’m not going to sit around and wait for him ,,, I don’t just need the title, I need to be the best fighter in the world. If there’s someone who can knock me off and beat me then I don’t deserve to be there. So god bless them and let that guy have his shot.”

Chael Sonnen told ESPN1100/98.9 FM in Las Vegas this week that he is not willing to wait for Anderson Silva to sign on the dotted line.

He is more than willing to fight the champ for a second time (obviously, but Silva is on the mend from an injury and still has not given any indication of when he will likely be ready to return to action and defend his title.

As many challengers have done in the past, Chael is willing to take a fight instead of wait for Anderson to recover and return to action. The smartest move he could make in my opinion…



68 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Does Not Want To Wait For Anderson Silva”

  1. Jc says:

    mma > bj penn .com

    • Rusk says:

      Idk the articles here are better but MMA share transcribes their videos, I’m not often able to actually watch videos (data plan/@work)so the transcriptions are a life saver, if they did that here I’d never visit another mma site again

    • Jon says:

      getting into a fit over someone’s opinion shows more of your own insecurities.

    • syche says:

      Ye what kind of loser sits and compares MMA news sites, MMA news is MMA news…JC bro you need a hobby man seriously LOLOLOL

    • Long-Strong says:

      yeah, i think so too. I think it would be wise for BJ to really strengthen the MMA journalism content on this site because it already gets decent hits as it is, why not take it a step further? Why half ass it? One thing I thought was maybe BJ is friendly with the Hawaiian mma fighters so maybe when Travis Browne, KJ Noons and Brad Tavaeres have fights; they can give this site an exclusive?

  2. stix says:

    LMAO at “if there’s someone who can knock me off and beat me”

    hey asshole, you’re 1-1 in your last two fights, and Demian Maia beat you a couple fights before that

    and Paulo Filho beat you a couple fights before that

    you’re 6-3 in your last 9

    4-1 in passing PED tests since you got on the TRT diet after Maia made short work of you though, so that’s a pretty good ratio

  3. calvin says:

    Sonnen munoz? that way sonnen will show why hes better than silvas wrestling partner shut up munoz and prove why hes the number 1 contender and not just do one match for a title shot

  4. Dominique Haynes says:

    Best move. He needs to wait until he healthy. If wants to be the best, fight the best at 100%.

  5. brandon thomas says:

    Hey bj do you believe sonnen has a chance ?

  6. Will War says:

    This guy yaps his pie hole like he didn’t lose to Anderson already…while Anderson wasn’t at full blast. You can’t call yourself the champ if you lose to the champ. He exposed his weakness and the true champ took advantage of it. No matter how much he downplays it…he LOST. He’s just mad that he lost to a Brazilian since he rips on the Brazilian culture like they’re primates. This guys is lower than rectal seepage. He doesn’t give respect, so he doesn’t deserve it.

    • Rusk says:

      Actually he’s said a few times that he loves Brazil he just rips on sliva wandy and machida

      • wayuk says:

        i don’t care what he says, the guy sucks! put munoz & he will GnP that asshole until he’s out, hope the ref will give munoz few more punches to land on sonnen’s face for remembrance

      • Xaninho says:

        No he made comments about Brazil and Brazilians that don’t show any love. comments like he was surprised there was internet in Brazil doesn’t seem like he thinks much of Brazil does it?

        He’s a loudmouth white trash loser.

        • Rusk says:

          You don’t pick up on sarcasm very well do you? You honestly think chael didn’t think they had internet in Brazil? Come on dude

  7. Shawn says:

    The UFC gave him what he ‘wanted’, now he can’t say crap. So now he’s making excuses not to fight Silva. Sounds like Mayweather ducking Pacquiao. He’s scared now. Cuz he talked crap a out Silva leavin d div if he loses, n if Silva wins, Sonnen leaves d UFC forever. Guess reality bitched slapped Sonnen in d face. Lol Oh, n bcuz this time, he can’t roid up.

  8. Brandon says:

    They should give him Demian Maia haha.
    Bitch gonna get taped again hahahahahaha

  9. all day says:

    I’ve never seen Silva uncomfortable and hesitant, Chael needs to continue yapping his mouth get Silva mad and continue trainning hard. For the first time Spider might have to change his style.

  10. P R O D I G Y says:

    Chael smashing Vitor or Munoz would be cool lets see it happen. But if anderson is ready to go superbowl weekend than get it on and silva better not bring out another injury excuse when he loses that fight saying he wasnt ready.

    • Ezyride says:

      Dana will never headline GSP and Anderson on the same card!

    • Chartmonster says:

      he’ll stall so he doesn’t have to fight Chael and lose his belt. Chael don’t care he’ll fight anyone anytime! I say let him fight Machida..rampage..munoz..Vitor it doesn’t matter! Anderson “the Duck” silva! Hopefully he can pull it together and actually give the fans something to cheer about!

  11. Rusk says:

    I love chael but I think it would be hilarious if sliva dropped him on the first punch or better yet mother fucking crane kick!

  12. martin baron says:

    you testosterone clown! shut yo fucking mouth! fucking hat all the fighters that ruin the fucking beuty of mma!

  13. Ezyride says:

    Chael.. You should call out WWE’s Golddust.. and go a couple of rounds with him.. That would be an interesting match

  14. Ippon says:

    When your the champ you call the shot until then respect the title douche.

  15. scoota says:

    Sonnen said the same thing after Silva tapped him out….. And to the sonnen pretender/nut hugger… You talk about the bj’s record… He’s won titles in 2 weight classes and has defended hid title more than once… How many titles has sonnen won? That’s what I thought

  16. wayuk says:

    i hope this a$$hole fights demian maia, or jake shields (hope he goes back to MW where he belongs)

  17. 3ric says:

    Great now Silva will be pulling a GSP and say his ovaries hurt or something so he doesnt have to fight.

  18. mike f says:

    I would love to see Sonnen beat Bisping

  19. mmahawk says:

    Way I see it, Sonnen wants Silva in he cage. No doubt about that. He keeps saying it, and while I am not a Sonnen fan, NO ONE has come as close to beating Anderson than Chael. That’s a fact.

    Another is that Sonnen LOST his fight against Silva. No one can dispute that. I want to see Sonnen/Silva 2…but I also don’t think you can reward a CHALLENGER with an immediate rematch, and I am glad they did not. The UFC, usually, makes a guy take 2 fights before getting another shot. Sonnen is half way there. He beat Stann, as I knew he would. No disrespect to Stann. Now, whether it’s Munoz or anyone, should Chael defeat that challenger, it should not be in dispute that Sonnen get his 2nd bite at the Apple.

    Now, being a Silva fan, and I have to say that so that I can show that I am trying to be unbiased, would I want to fight Sonnen on ANYTHING less than 100%? Umm…no. I think Silva respects Sonnen as an opponent enough NOT to make the mistake of not going in as close to 100% as possible. Some would say ducking….I’d say that’s just being a smart fighter. After the first fight, I don’t think there is anybody who want a shot at Sonnen if they’re not in the best shape possible, whether you’re the Champ, the best “p4p” in the world or not.

    Make Sonnen/Munoz and give the winner, most likely Sonnen (but you never know) the title shot.

    • mmaster says:

      im a silva fan too n i agree i think if anybody can beat silva its sonnen but i dont think he has the sub defense or the chin to do it…sonnen is a beast he just needs to stop talkin so much shit n he would have so many more followers

    • SaberTooth says:

      I call bullshit on this. Silva is a bitch and if you believe he is really hurt than you are naive at best. Silva KNOWS he is gonna get his ass beat and wants to try and bait Sonnen into another fight with someone else so that hopefully he’ll lose and Silva can extend his pathetic little title awhile longer. Ain’t happening, nobody in MW can beat Sonnen right now and Silva’s time is up. You respect piece of shit cowardice as being smart, you are one confused ese.

  20. Zack says:

    Such a bullshitter. He knows damn well he’s gunna wait

  21. brandon thomas says:

    This thing with sonnen he is pretty cocky but do you all remember when Silvia fought outside in the middle east trying to show off lost alot of respect for that dude that night.he’s still the champ let’s see you knock him out this time sonnen! You run your month alot and I kind of like it but you got to back it up this time especially. Bj you are my all time fav and always will be so whatever you decide to do god bless bro you are the best pound for pound hands down.

    • SaberTooth says:

      Yah Silva’s character was revealed in AbuDhabi that night. For him to have any fans after that fight, tells volumes about those fans. They have ZERO idea about mma and what makes a real fighter. Prior to that, I new the UFC and Dana were feeding him tomato cans to build him up because they needed a Brazilian champ to increase their take in an expansion into the Brazil market and Nog kept getting his ass beat so they needed Silva. But this piece of crap Silva is nothing but an arrogant, egocentric asshole looking to promote his pathetic ‘brand’ nationwide. All you dick sucking Andy fans need to wise up. You love a douchebag. Dumbass’

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