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Thursday, 11/01/2012, 05:05 am

Chael Sonnen Dismisses Haters For Receiveing Second Straight Title Shot | UFC NEWS

“I keep hearing that I talked my way into a fight, and guys, it’s true. But the word that I used was ‘yes,'” he said on a recent MetroPCS video chat. “When the chance came and they said, ‘Do you want to fight?’ I said yes. Contrary to what it may look like on TV, [Jones is] pretty darn good, and there’s not a lot of guys who want to fight him. And contrary to what the oddsmakers may say, [I’m] pretty good, too, and there’s not a lot of guys who want to fight me.

“A lot of guys complain that I got the fight with Jon,” he continued. “But not one of those guys said, ‘Hey, I want to fight Jon.’ Not one of them. And a lot of those guys complain that Jon’s fighting me and we’re going to be the biggest fight in UFC history, and you’re stealing 2013 early. Guys, you didn’t call me out? You want to complain that I’m fighting him, but you didn’t want to fight me to get to him.”



10 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Dismisses Haters For Receiveing Second Straight Title Shot | UFC NEWS”

  1. TheTude says:

    They never considerd fighting chael because this is his first fight at LHW

  2. B-rad says:

    He makes a good point. How many people turned down that fight when Hendo got hurt? Machida, Shogun, Shad, and there was probably more that got the offer. I think Hendo should be fighting Bones when he’s healthy tho

  3. BF says:

    I understand the criticism, but honestly who else is available to fight Jones right now?
    -It should be viewed from all angles, Glove and Gus could use at least one win over a former 205 champ. If they go to fight Jones early and lose, they will likely not get another shot at Jones before he moves to HW. This isn’t fair to them, or us as fight fans. I want to see them fight Jones when they’re ready to give him a competitive fight and while I agree Gloveer has all the makings of a LHW destroyer, I would like to see him change the guard over by beating a former champ in an impressive fashion.(Head kicking Griffin wouldn’t suffice for me)
    -Of the fighters who have already lost to Jones; Shad, Machida, and Rua are the ones with the best chance to beat him in a rematch. Shad just lost to him. Machida has one win since his loss to Jones. Shogun is 2-1 since he lost the title, but with 2 finishes and a FOTY with Hendo, is probably the most marketable rematch.
    -Basically, there aren’t a lot of GOOD options for a Jones fight atm. If Jones is healthy and willing to fight, why make him wait? Why not have a PPV? Perhaps even salvage TUF in the process.
    -I’m not sure what these angry fans want Jones to do. Sit and wait for Hendo? Why should the Champ have to wait? Injuries change the landscape of availble fights.
    -Jones most likely could have said, “I want to wait for Hendo.” But, why does he HAVE to do that or why does the UFC HAVE to make him wait? The dude wants to fight, so let him. It’s his belt to lose, if he wants to “risk” it on Sonnen, let him.
    -I’m failing to see a negative here. Nobody else marketable, Hendo hurt, (AND he handled his injury in bullshit fashion I might add) Sonnen and Jones both willing.
    -Also, this is not the first time the UFC has made such a match. Couture v Sylvia. Randy coming off TKO loss to the champion in a lower weight class gets a title fight with a champ because…. NO OTHER GOOD OPTIONS.

  4. Dick Diaz says:

    THE TRUTH!!!

  5. Null says:

    Won’t be laying down the money for this one, going to stream it for free. So dismiss what he will, when the PPV doesn’t pull in 200k buys, maybe the UFC will start putting together decent match-ups.

  6. Rick Suttie says:

    It actually will be a big ppv hit

  7. bax says:

    Lol, this is going to sell several tickets dude. Ur like one of those people who says he’s a “fan” of a music group yet download all there shit for free lol. Show support, half assed fan

  8. tj says:

    Cheal with 8days notice said he would fight thats says alot considering alot. Of fighters pick there fights he’s a true fighter and i think he deserves it

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