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Tuesday, 08/21/2012, 09:39 am


One teammate publically backing another to win a big title fight is probably to be expected, but nevertheless Chael Sonnen’s characteristically bombastic declaration that Dan Henderson will defeat UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 151 on September 1 has people talking.

Sonnen and “Hendo” have known each other a long time, both being signature members of the famed Team Quest since the 1990s. And “the American Gangster” – who last week announced his own move up to the light heavyweight division – believes his friend will blast his way to yet another big fight victory.

“I believe in Hendo – and so should you,” Sonnen said. “If you look at Jon Jones and think of a man who can beat him, you would think of someone with great KO power, the best chin in the sport because – with his reach – Jones is going to hit you, great wrestling and a relentlessly aggressive style. That man already exists – and his name is Dan Henderson.”

The two-time UFC middleweight title challenger went on to state the main event of UFC 151 is nothing less than a fight to determine the identity of the greatest light heavyweight of all time.

Sonnen said: “Here’s the thing people are missing about this fight at UFC 151. Yes, the UFC light heavyweight championship is on the line, but this is about more than who currently holds the UFC 205lbs gold.

“This fight on September 1 is a fight to determine who is the greatest ever light heavyweight. I give Jon Jones his due as a great fighter. He’s beaten some outstanding fighters already and looked impressive each time. He’s already accomplished so much in the sport – just not as much as Dan Henderson.

“Everyone talks about pound-for-pound champions and pound-for-pound achievements. But if you look at what pound-for-pound should mean – who has the ability to beat small fast guys, the ability to knockout big, strong guys, to move through the divisions with your skill-set and win – the only conclusion a rational person would make is Dan Henderson is the pound-for-pound greatest of all time.

“Dan beat the 170lbs champion in Carlos Newton, he’s won the PRIDE 183lbs title, the PRIDE 205lbs title, the STRIKEFORCE 205lbs title, and he’s won the two great tournaments in our sport, the UFC tournament back in the day and the PRIDE Grand Prix. All in all he’s beaten 11 world champions in his career. The man is the best of all time. That is who Jon Jones is facing.

“Jones is a talented kid but he’s taking on a man, and I’d bet on the man any day of the week.”



  1. Paul Harris says:

    Hell yeah!

  2. ya herd says:

    Its this simple if hendo dosent take him out before the 4th round jones wins this fight,by sub, hendo in my opinion is the hardest match up yet for JJ. HENDO brings it every fight if he can wrestle and roll with a rampage at the peak of his carrer he can wrestle and roll with jones the onlyy thing that worries me is JJ subs and that is hendos big weakness i really want hendo to win but if it becomes a wrestling match witch i think it will, then JJ HAS THIS FIGHT SADLY! HENDO should do randy couture style hold him agaainst the cage soft him up a little then jump of him and land the big bombs easyer said than done but thats the best way for him to win COME ON HENDO

  3. John M says:

    If Hendo wins their is no reason why he shouldn’t be know as one of the greatest fighters of all time!

  4. ya herd says:

    Its not if he wins, its how he wins, that could make him the best ever, even tho silva beat hendo, if hendo destroys JJ i would still consider him the best ever!

  5. ballsackface says:

    why does chael have make himself present in someone elses campaign jesus talk about bring himself in before hes even done his first fight at 205

  6. Holy crap, I just agreed with Chael Sonnen, lol. The world must be coming to an end

  7. Some Guy says:

    At first glance, i thought Sonnen looked a little like Matt Hughes. The fuck?

  8. GRT 3000 says:

    Chael morons across the nation (blankly) shake their head in approval.

  9. Bjj BB says:

    Hendo is not beating jbj, i bet this whole fucking web site on that!! Chael is a funny guy but not when its about some1 else fighting, its like hendo needs his best butt buddy to do the talking, chael needs to stay in his lane and STFU cause he is just getting into the lhw class without any wins there yet so he ‘s not that number1 guy to face the champ like he was in the mw class, he’s basicly a new comer talking shit to get to the top with better fighters then what he should get!

  10. crazyb0i says:

    the one time i where i agree with sonnen.

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