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Wednesday, 05/01/2013, 10:15 am

Chael Sonnen Calls Out Wanderlei Silva: Wants Revenge For “Dirt Bag” Move

“Wanderlei pulled a real dirt bag move on me one time. We’re in a van together, he mutters something at me, but I can’t understand what he’s saying for the life of me. Truly, I couldn’t understand him. He then puts this video on the Internet, with subtitles, because he knows I can’t understand him — I don’t even know if that’s really what he said or not — and it looks as though I’m conceding to him.”

“I’m not going anywhere until me and Wanderlei Silva straighten this thing out once and for all,” Sonnen said. “If you’re a fighter, [what Silva did in the van] doesn’t fly, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a van or not. You must respond, and I’m ready to respond to him.”

Three-time UFC title challenger, Chael Sonnen, took to the stage at “UFC Tonight” on FUEL TV to try to pick his next opponent and the man he called out was Wanderlei Silva.

The two have a documented history of talk back and forth and it stems from the video inserted below:


0 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Calls Out Wanderlei Silva: Wants Revenge For “Dirt Bag” Move”

  1. Ddddddd says:

    Put that shit on pay per view and give Sylva some well deserved cash. Good fight too

  2. Drew says:

    Should be a good fight I actually might give to silva but sonnen will of course take him down but if silva can get back to his feet then it can be a good fight

  3. Pee pee says:

    I’d put my money on wanderlei. Yes chael will take him down but wanderlei is very underrated on his back. I think he will land on chaels chin eventually with a knee or heavy right that’ll put him down. Maby after they’ll blow each others boners n squeeze each others ballsacks while mike Goldberg and Bruce buffer finger pop eachothers assholes

  4. Silva says:

    Awesome! Silva will tko sonnen in the first 30sec can’t wait to see sonnen in the featus position getting destroyed again hahahha

  5. 757 says:

    Ok, first Sonnen is trying to pay check hunt. His time is up and he is grasping at a payday. Second Wand will blast his ass on the feet. Third if Sonnen takes him down Wand is a black belt and everyone knows that Chael can’t stop a submission. Last who care what Sonnen wants or says…..over and done. Stick a fork in him.

  6. Rick says:

    Sadly Sonnen probably wins a decision on takedowns if this fight happens. I do like how people argue that Sonnen has only been really beaten by Jones and Silva I believe Jeremy Horn submitted him 3 times, Forrest Griffin once and Babalu made him squeal with a heelhook. Chael is this eras Ken Shamrock.

  7. punchkick says:

    wand got this. chael has become a novelty fighter. money money money

  8. 757 says:

    Not to mention Damian Mia choked him out in an embarrassing fashion……Please send this clown packing

  9. SlipSlap says:

    And once more Sonnen mouths off in an attempt to make himself sound relevant.

    Retire Sonnen, you wont be missed as a fighter, so make a name as a TV presenter.

  10. GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

    I think its OBVIOUS REAL fans are tired as hell of Sonnen and his WWE bullsh’t and his ROID ABUSE and showing up to first A Silva title fight with enough ROIDS in his system to jump over the damn moon. How can Dana white respect a fighter like Sonnen who had the testosterone level of 17 men (16.9) or 3400. Go have you test levels checked and I bet you aren’t over 400. Saying Sonnen had the testosterone level of 17 men is based on the INSANELY high 6 to 1 ratio or 750 which less than .01 of the population has. All you have to do to see what the REAL Chael Sonnen looks like and his TRUE LEVEL is go back and watch Damian Maia fight and look at the difference in bhis physique which was when he really started to hit the ROIDS hard. Not to mention the man is a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON of FRAUD. Anyone else would have done 5-7 years but Dana and Fertitas stepped in with their weight and MILLIONS and they gace him a slap on hand. Sonnen is a cheat and a scumbag of a person in REAL LIFE

    Also I saw that video years ago and Wandy spoke very clear English and he told Sonnen to his face that basically if he keeps talking shit about brazillians he was going to get his teeth knocked down his throat. Sonnen sat there shaking to scared to say anything and then he started acting like he was wandys best buddy. Wandy would kill Sonnen in a street fight

  11. KIDD433 says:

    I saw the video too.Its loud and clear,Wandy punked Chael and Chael didnt have sheet to say about it…Wandy would KO that Jack ass,Not a fight id card to see.Alot of better match ups for Wandy at 205

  12. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Why is he saying he couldn’t understand him? I saw that vid too, Wandy was speaking english and it was perfectly understandable. Sonnen was just too chicken to say anything.

  13. GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

    Because as USUAL EVERYTHING that comes out of Sonnen’s mouth is a BULLSH’T lie. Sonnen’s whole life has been a lie. Sonnen is one of those people that lie so much that they just start believing their own lies are true. Sonnen has taken so much legitimacy out of UFC/MMA its almost criminal. I use to tell people reason I like MMA so much is its so real and these fighters have to earn their way to top and now I feel like an idiot for having told so many people that over years. UFC is not real (thanks mostly to Dana and Sonnen) and now GSP for picking and choosing his fights and REFUSING the fight Hendricks. Even if he finally does fight Hendricks its obvious why he didn’t think he was ready to fight him and needed his usual 6-12 months to come up with FULL PROOF gameplan to take a dump. GSP knew Hendricks was far to dangerous to fight him last year. Now GSP will keep dragging his feet for another 6-8 months before he actually agrees to fight him and by that time he knows the Ellenberger/ ROIDY MacDonald fight will be done and he can have one of his usual drop out of a fight a week out like he did against Condit a few years ago then he can watch his boy ROIDY or Ellenberger fight Hendricks and he sits back with his belt and then doesn’t fight for another year or two. Jon Jones fought more in a 2 year stretch than GSP did in 5-6 years. Hendricks beat more top 10 fighters in a year than GSP did in 5 years. ALL those years of PED abuse has certainly taken its toll on GSP. I mean everyone talks about him like he’s older than Hendo even though he is only 31. Never has there been a champ that is so fragile and or who looks so beat up after his fights. I think its quite ironic that GSP will be finishing his career here in next year where he will always be remembered for fighting so many countless LIGHTWEIGHTS like Sherk, Serra x2, Penn x 2, Menjavar yet he NEVER EVER had the b’alls to step up and fight any 185 lbsers even though that 185 lbs is 15 lbs less than he walks around at. Sorry that’s not what I consider being one of the P4P greats. No Hendo, Penn, A Silva, Fedor, Nick Diaz those are examples of what everyone I know considers to be P4P greats who were NEVER afraid to step up and fight much much larger opponents

    • brandon says:

      You’re an idiot. That is one of the stupidest comments ive ever heard. Its obvious that you’re just another bitter bj and nick diaz pissed because gsp embarrased your hero. There is nothing worse than a figher that talks as much shit as bj did then quits between rnds and comes up with ten different excuses why he lost. Its true bj did fight above his weightclass on occasion, but he got murdered most of the times he did. Sorry, but all of your theories and opinions are just rantings of jealous idiot.

      • squid says:

        actually there’s a lot more things in life that are way worse than a fighter talking shit and getting his ass beat… like poverty, AIDS and genocide. get a grip man. you’re exaggerating way too much. yes, it’s obvious i’m a bj fan and you’re clearly not. it’s also obvious that bj did not quit. his corner quit for him. they were the ones who threw in the towel because, yes, bj would’ve been finished anyway. he got his ass beat. i’ll admit that. but he still took it and he beat matt hughes in his prime when he was dominating the division. let’s see georges move up and try to take the belt from silva. not gonna happen and you know it because georges don’t have the fighter’s mentality like a manny pacquiao, a bj penn, an anderson silva, a fedor emelianenko, a nick diaz, a dan henderson and i’ll even say it, a chael sonnen. and georges did grease. but, of course, only canadians deny that

    • squid says:

      This is true. There’s a famous quote by Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda) that brings, not only Chael Sonnen, but Dana White and the whole UFC marketing machine to mind. It goes like this, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Btw, BJ Penn has bigger balls than GSP.

  14. KIDD433 says:

    Ha ha,+ 1

  15. MajorTom says:

    Ha. I’d watch this fight. I love Silva. He got me hooked on MMA. I would give him a punchers chance, but Silva can be taken down and he can be held there. I don’t like his chances.

  16. 757 says:

    Sonnen should not be permitted to grace the cage with anyone who has done as much as Wand for the sport. He should have made his last dollar. He sucked the UFC dry and should now have to go once and for all for gosh sakes….please leave Chael

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