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Wednesday, 02/06/2013, 10:25 am

Chael Sonnen Blasts UFC Rankings | UFC NEWS

UFC Tonight analysts Ariel Helwani, Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian gave their take on the newly official UFC Fighter Rankings. The analysts had some serious issues with the first set of rankings, what do you think?


9 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Blasts UFC Rankings | UFC NEWS”

  1. Big J says:

    A little awkward to watch, but funny…

  2. koaboy says:

    How do you not love Chael? Forget him being a fighter. Than man is hilarious!

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    pfft – hold em’ accountable – coming from the most illegitimate contender in LHW history; not showing up on any list and yet magically going for a title shot. what a douche.

    • Gouldx87 says:

      I agree that Chael doesnt deserve the shot but can you really hold him responsible for saying yes. They presented him with the chance to fight for the title which fighter with half a brain wouldnt say sure ill get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the slim chance i might take home a belt.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        you’re right. the UFC is responsible for that b/s. I’m just saying this guy has allot to say abt accountability and who should be where on what list, and yet he’s fighting for the title based on that strength alone…the ability to run his mouth. If the UFC is looking for a strong PR guy they should hire him as JUST that; giving him the 24/7 talking stick while at the same time trying to convince the public that he deserves a shot is just stupid.

      • Big J says:

        I can tell you what fighters wouldn’t, Shogun, Machida, they both said no, remember? This is the whole reason why they offered it to Chael….

        • GRT 3000 says:

          do think maybe it’s b/c they are professional fighters who recently lost to Jones and now want to ensure they have the proper time to train and strategize? or is it b/c they are a bunch of bitches and Chael is some kind of deserving hero? Chael is going to get shit stomped by Jones and everyone knows it including him (no matter how much time he has to prepare). He craves the spotlight and took his opportunity (great), but it never worked out. Now that it’s in the past the fight should go to a legitimate contender who fought his ass off to get there. That’s the kind of professionalism that needs to be rewarded & the high level competition that REAL MMA fans deserve to see.

  4. Nuitari X says:

    LOL, You mad Chael?

  5. FIGHT FAN says:

    Chael is always entertaining.

    Watch Chael Sonnen deliver all of his piss your pants gems at Chael Sonnen :one hour of epicness on youtube – bloody hilarious

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