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Monday, 03/05/2012, 10:36 am

Chael Sonnen | Alves Is A Boob For Getting Tapped In The Third

“There is nobody else more surprised that (Alves) tapped out, more than Martin Kapmann. I think Martin will tell you himself, he didn’t have that choke. You have to be a real boob to get caught at the end of the fight like that.”

While on the FUEL TV post UFC on FX 2 show, Chael Sonnen was very critical of Thiago Alves and his lapse of judgment last weekend when competing in the main event on FX against Martin Kampmann.

If anyone knows what it’s like to get submitted after dominating the majority of a fight it’s Chael Sonnen and even though we are just featuring this portion of his quote he did share his personal insight on getting tapped last minute.

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64 Responses to “Chael Sonnen | Alves Is A Boob For Getting Tapped In The Third”

  1. james says:

    dude you got put in a fucking triangle in the 5th round of championship fight with 1 minute left on the clock. fucking scrub.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Pretty sure thats part of the joke my friend

    • NysOwn says:

      I’m glad i’m not the only one who got. If you watched the video of him saying it he is clearly being sarcastic, even Jay Glazer and Stephan Bonner poked fun at him after this statement was made.

  3. Dave says:

    Chael sonnen is the boob…

  4. Abe says:

    Lol what a hypocritical statement to make. This faggot got tapped out by a fatigued exhausted Anderson Silva.

  5. guamy says:

    some people just dont get his humor lol.

  6. guamy says:

    this guys cant even make fun of him self without everybody wanting to through thier 2 cents in lol.

  7. Bobastrazi says:

    If you don’t get it go get your high school diploma

  8. TRUTH says:

    I can’t believe people missed the part where this was a joke. I’m glad irony is dead and replaced with people just saying faggot. USA!

  9. guamy says:

    EBAY>— Canadian Military Edition Rifle. $100 never been used and only dropped twice excellent buy. limited time only.

  10. jpeech says:

    Haha good to see Chael with a sense of humor about getting choked out at the last round. Man I hope he kills Silva

  11. baldy says:

    how can you not get it…im as far from being a phael sonnen fan as you can get…and i got it.
    its called self deprecating humor… ( its when your the butt of your own joke)
    fwi…the champ knocks sonnen out early in the second…take it to the bank.

  12. bbjr says:

    hahaha self depreciating humor, what kind of a conservative whack job are you. Self depreciating implies that when you make a joke about another person the intent is to be cruel or malicious. Humor does not need to carry any of these qualities. He’s just joking around being a troll while simultaneously giving himself a hard time. Chael Sonnen is self Appreciating

    • G says:

      “SELF” Depreciating is a malicious joke about another person?

      What about SELF don’t you understand? Dumbass.

    • baldy says:

      Self-deprecating humor relies on the observation of something negative about the person delivering the commentary… phael said…”You have to be a real boob to get caught at the end of the fight like that.” you see the joke is the same thing happened to him. basically he called himself a boob. that would self deprecating humor….stop trying to sound intelligent and start trying to be intelligent.

    • kid_Wolfman says:

      Self deprecating humor is when you make yourself the butt of the joke. That’s why it’s called SELF deprecating.

  13. Jpeech says:

    Ya well everyone thought he was going to get KOed last time too but he got choked out lol hopefully he has been doing some sub defense. Anderson isnt stuffing all the takedowns from Chael and when he gets him down he will keep him there and smash his FACE……hopefully lol

  14. Josh says:

    I like Boobs….

  15. CanILive says:

    wow 3 pages of comments…. Chael just trolled the shit out of you fuckers

  16. Thom says:

    lol chael sonnen is such a troll

  17. Nick says:

    Some people don’t understand how ironic he is being. People who don’t like Chael Sonnen also hate comedy. I thought it was hilarious.

  18. jonesy says:

    he is totally joking,,,he is poking fuk at himself…they mirror eachother really…and actually anderson did not have that triangke good..i havwe watched it 100 times and just at the time cheal tapped his head slipped out..that why cheal tryd to keep fighting cuz his head slipped out…but cheal panict and tapped right away…if cheal suckt it up for 1 sec longer he would have slipped out…so im sure he is joking with alves ..if he is serious he is complteley crazy

    • Nate says:

      Hehehe poking fuk?

    • Funny You Say This says:

      because when it actually happened, I thought the same thing that the triangle wasn’t even tight. So why did Chael tap? And when Anderson did the triangle, Chael was sitting straight up like a dumbass, almost asking for it! This is when I thought this fight was fixed because how can a professional beat on another fighter for 23 minutes and then allow a weak triangle like that to happen? Very suspect. Yeah, and I watched it numerous of times also. Oh well…

  19. GRT 3000 says:

    He’s trolling boys – just wants to keep the chit chat up. fuck em’

  20. Popp24 says:

    People obviously don’t get the concept of sarcasm. Why is this even a story; he was poking fun at himself.

  21. mike says:

    He was being sarcastic taking the piss out of himself jesus people chill !!!!

  22. Jeremiah says:

    I don’t always get submitted, but when I do, it’s in the final round of a championship fight. – Chael Sonnen

  23. Dick Paradise says:

    he’s just trolling MMA

  24. Jason says:

    Yeah, Chael should be the last person making a comment like that, but he is right. Why in the world, in a fight you are dominating, would you go in head first, and leave your neck for someone as good as Kampman to take advantage of, same goes for Chael. All that crap Chael was talking before the Silva fight, any kind of defeat would have been embarrassing. I dont think Sonnen will have the same performance against Anderson this time around, I’m predicting a first or second round KO.

  25. Cjrrrrr says:

    Definetly sarcasm lol Sonnen seems to have come to the terms that he’s gonna get ko’d early this time, he’s toned the trash talk down a notch, he’s far from stupid tho considering he’s a middle of the pack fighter with champion type media exposure

  26. b_lum says:

    Chael is the ultimate troll. He gets pleasure out of making you morons angry on the daily. Everyone saying “NO Chael IS A BOOB, HE GOT TAPPED IN THE 5THdaily ROUND!!!!!!111!!” needs to jump off a cliff.

  27. b_lum says:

    Remove the random daily at the end.. auto correct is a bitch

  28. Xaninho says:

    First time Sonnen says something funny.

    And yeah Alves was fucking stupid to try a take down. I was expecting him to keep punching, but instead he changed level and went for a take down. He will beat himself up for that mistake.

  29. Coffee409 says:

    You guys are the REAL boobs… If you had watched the coverage you would know that Chael said it with his tongue firmly in his cheek, and as much self humiliating as to say he completely understood what Alvez was feeling right then…..

    Get off the Chael nuts, people…. Let em swing, let em swing, let em swing….

  30. dante080 says:

    The diff is Alves is a striker, who was outstriking his opponent, then chose to wrestle. Chael was a wrestler who was out wrestling silva. If your gonna get hit, get hit on your best pitch. Not your worst

  31. Jb says:

    Hes in directly making fun of himself genius’s

  32. joshuah says:

    Every1 keeps saying Alves was winning the striking?! He found his range in the 3rd but how does that negate Alves being outstruck in the 1st 2 rounds?

    Alves got hurt by strikes Martin never did.

    I love both these guys, glad no1 got hurt

    P.s. chael (like always) was making a joke … comedic SATIRE even.

  33. Dick Diaz says:

    surprisingly… not the first time i’ve heard someone calling someone else a boob…

  34. Cody says:

    Im sorry but did Chael Sonnen get tapped at the last of the last round against Anderson Silva?

  35. b says:

    Are u serious? Frail sonnen said that, wow … If I had any shread of respect left for sonnen, It’s sure gone now…lol..wat a dummy.

  36. cheesehandler says:

    wow, and thats coming from the guy who tapped out in the 5th round with seconds to go and might i had it was a sure win. sonnen is garbage, all you marks buy into the hype and watch, come june he’ll get kicked in the face too.

  37. Tony T W says:

    anyone who thinks this rousey woman would win, needs to report to a hospital immediately and have your head checked. actually first google image bryan carraway and then google image rousey. if you still honestly believe that girl would win. go straight to the ER. its extremely sad that this woman thinks she can win and even goes as far to say of course i can beat him. omg. please please please please UFC let this shit happen. for all mankind please mr carraway put this stupid little girl in her place. for all mankind break her fucking jaw. i would love to do it myself but i dont think anyone would like it. and if this girl thinks she can beat carraway she probably would even think about fighting me. little does she know i would kick her fucking ass. and make her look stupid. and i know at least 20 or 30 other random dudes that would aswel. carraway please, show this woman what she wants. equality. go to her gym and spar with her and lay her out. thats exactly wat i would do. next day after she runs her mouth. drive to her gym or fly there watever. go in and say lets go in the ring right now. leave 15 minutes later laughing. as i listen to snoop dogg. bitches aint shit but hos and tricks. hollerrrrrr

  38. jonsey says:

    josh barnett is possible cuz ufc will never sign him…he has been caught with steroids 3 r 4 times and it never his fault…but josh wouild killlll fedor at this point in his carreer,,however josh does have history in bog fights (cro cop) of faking injury and crying giveup

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