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Tuesday, 10/25/2011, 07:20 am

Cesar Gracie Wants Title Shot For Diaz If He Walks Through Penn

“There’s no question about it that I will ask for [a fight with GSP] if Nick has a tremendous performance and he can finish BJ, I would ask for that. But the biggest thing is if the fans want it. If the fans all ask for that, Dana [White] is a smart guy. He knows the sport is about the fans. So who knows?”

We are down to just five-days before the UFC 137 main event between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz takes place and yesterday Cesar Gracie was hitting the media circuit already campaigning for Nick’s next title shot.

As he tells it to’s Ariel Helwani, if Nick can do what really no other man has done in MMA history and take out BJ Penn with ease, they expect to leap frog over a waiting Carlos Condit.

The winner of this fight is the true number one contender in many MMA fighters, coaches and analysts minds, but the UFC doesn’t seem to keen on making that happen at the moment. I guess this Saturday, if either athlete impresses the brass, Condit may sit on the backburner, but who really knows…


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36 Responses to “Cesar Gracie Wants Title Shot For Diaz If He Walks Through Penn”

  1. Marcus says:

    Didn’t Frankie Edgar knock BJ out in like 45 seconds?

  2. Joseph Ghassan says:

    Cesar Gracie is screwing Diaz. He is pushing him to the fall.

    I feel bad for Diaz.

    BJ by TKO round 1.

  3. fueled by hate says:

    Marcus dont be a dumbass! BJ has never been finished. He was stoped by GSP cuz he didnt want too take anymore ass beating but thats about it.

  4. JB Spencer says:

    Hes never been ko’d or tapped, but matt hughs (dky i cant spell that) tko’d him in ther second fight, when he put himself near the top of that short list of fighters who hv wins over bj

  5. Nick says:

    I still don’t think that Condit deserved the title shot. He needed one more fight in my opinion.

  6. Pat Gribs says:

    well, GSP and Hughes stopped him. It took time though, and penn is still very hard to finish, and seemingly impossible to KO.

  7. Ethan says:

    No nut hugging here, i love both fighters, and i hope to see a hell of a fight.

    Matt Hughes won by TKO because he had BJ in a crucifix that he couldn’t get out of as he was burned out from the triangle armbar he was trying to finish in the first round.. he wasn’t hurt, or knocked out or anything, he just couldn’t defend himself because his hands were being held to the mat….. BJ has never been knocked down due to punches… He’s also never taken a direct punch that I can think of… probably the orthodox style that keeps him to the outside that enables that…

    Diaz is very different, lots of combos but he stands right in front and uses the range… he’s been hit solid by Takanori Gomi, KJ Noons(only person to ko Jorge Gurgels iron chin), and Paul Daley…. Diaz has got a monster chin but he’s shown he can survive…

    I don’t know who will win, but Diaz has a habit if he does get hit he’ll give up his back, because frankly he’s not worried that he can get choked out by any of the opponents he’s faced thus far… BJ’s most effective submision has been his RNC since he’s got four arms when he’s on your back… still…. I want to see Diaz face GSP and BJ face Condit…

    Goodluck and stay healthy to both these guys

    • Justin says:

      I seem to remember in BJ’s book and after the fight on back then that he tore some cartilage in his ribs and that made him real weak when he came out in the third round against Hughes and then Hughes was able to get the crucifix on him.

      I think people give Nick Diaz too much credit. All of the guys he beat in Strikeforce really weren’t UFC Caliber. The Paul Daley fight was fun to watch and surprised me a bit but he got wobbly a few times, if that happens with Penn he will get finished.

  8. Chris says:

    I want to see BJ beat GSP. 2nd choice: i want to see Diaz beat GSP. Couldnt care less about seeing GSP vs Condit.

  9. Carlos Condit says:

    What about me?! =*(

  10. johnny7 says:

    And I use to think Ed Soares had the biggest mouth.

  11. Serge says:

    Condit needs to fight the winner of Bj/Diaz, that way there’ll be a #1 contender with no doubt.

  12. Ainokea says:

    Someone should shut Cesar’s mouth. I’m tired of hearing him talk crap.

  13. Ninjaman says:

    Ethically, Condit should still remain the #1 contender. He was given the opportunity and did all that was asked of him. If he does not get the shot and it is given to someone else then the UFC truly should be unionized. It’s not about the fans but taking care of the fighters who put on great perfomances for the fans. RESPECT!!!

    • MMA-ster says:

      ugh fawwwk – did u just say union?! shit no man…that would make this sport boring ass, red tape bullshit. Fitch would be fighting every event with a union. It needs to be professional and as fair as possible, but it also needs to have some freedom to shoot from the hip where needed. Do you really want some bureaucratic lawyer type faggot lobbying for their fighters, EVERY event? Fans would get the fights they wanted once a year at best.

  14. James says:

    I think Cesar has a big mouth he should let his fighter do the talking..

  15. The natural says:

    The whole ceasar camp needs two shut the hell up and start winning fights. There team is being dismantled one by one. Every single guy in this camp has a big fucking mouth. Why don’t they relize there all washed up. Can’t wait for bj to drop this fool and for the ugliest Mexican alive talks himself more then anybody else in sport to be dismantled by a nobody or at least in UFC. But I’m sure that won’t even shut them the he’ll up..

    • Ethan says:

      w t f… start winning fights??? I don’t know whose gonna wint his fight, I can see BJ taking it… but you are one ignorant moron… Nate has always been Nate, he’s never been anything than what you see now… Nicks won 10 straight, Jake won 14 straight i believe, lost his last 2 against strong competition, not nobodies, and tell me actually think Gilbert Melendez vs Frankie Edgar isn’t going to be one hell of a match. Ceasars got one hell of a fight team…. The only one that doesn’t put on amazing fights to watch is Jake, the other 3 are always the best fights of the night… gtfo with that disrespect

  16. Tyler Kartler says:

    This is Gracie’s last little puppet to do something great within the next couple years… so he’s been running his mouth while he can have to spotlight on him. Too bad BJ will ruin his little dreams he comes up with.

  17. Anthony says:

    Lost to Matt Hughes by TKO (Punches) at UFC 63.

    And yes, his brother threw in the towel because of lay and pray…. Idiot.

  18. Brave Reply says:

    that he had separated a rib in the previous round.

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