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Thursday, 08/02/2012, 10:55 am

Cesar Gracie Wants The UFC To Ignore Nick's NSAC Suspension And Let Him Fight | UFC NEWS

“They always change the rules on Nick. There’s some collusion to it all. Tyson Griffin tested positive for marijuana. It never came out but the UFC knew about it and he didn’t get a suspension. Diego Sanchez only got a suspension in California for three months. Nevada only has jurisdiction in Nevada so technically you should be able to fight anywhere else because the rules are different in each commission. Nick could fight in Texas tomorrow. Other commissions do not respect the NSAC’s decisions. Vitor Belfort fought Dan Henderson at the [second to] last PRIDE show in Nevada, tested positive for steroids, got a [nine month] suspension and said, ‘I don’t care, I’m not suspended outside of Nevada’ and went to [England] and fought. You know what, no one cared about it, the UFC didn’t care about it when they signed him and he didn’t get any other retribution for it. There have been many examples of this. We want to sort out this whole situation with Nick and get him a fight oversees like other fighters have been afforded that chance. Dana has said in the past the NSAC is the worst commission so we want him to put his money where his mouth is and free Nick Diaz.”

Popular MMA coach and leader of the “209 crew” Cesar Gracie tells Mauro Ranallo’s MMA Show that he would like the UFC to allow his star pupil, Nick Diaz, to fight over seas while he serves out his suspension handed down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The UFC obviously cannot do this, but I’m sure MMA fans would not be opposed to it, or would you?


27 Responses to “Cesar Gracie Wants The UFC To Ignore Nick's NSAC Suspension And Let Him Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. BettyBoop says:

    I have to agree with Gracie. Until the UFC shows that the vegas betting line isnt running the show, well then they might grow to the level of other professional sports. Just look what vegas did with boxing.

    Diaz is the only fighter who has the skills to match Spider. Size might hurt a little but he has fought bigger guys before. The two best strikers in MMA no doubt, ok maybe throw Bones in there, but he is really sloppy so he cant be put in their category yet.

    To all the TUF nut huggers who think that a wrestler who has no striking skills makes a better fight for Spider, well get real. There is a big difference between warriors like Spider, Diaz, Penn and point humpers like GSP, Weenyman, and Fitch.

    • DARTHVADER says:

      So a guy with 6 finishes and 3 decisions is a point humper? Your not making your sense here at all.

    • newanderthal says:

      First, he has to show up to a fight. He hid from GSP and even ran out the back door to avoid the fight.
      Second, he has to get a license, something he can’t do because he can’t stop smoking weed long enough to piss clean.
      Third, he has to actually do something in the MW division to EARN a title shot.

      Then he’ll get knocked out because his dirty boxing won’t do much against Silva. He’ll ignore those strikes and knock Diaz out.

      But first Diaz has to close his mouth and show up to some fights.

  2. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I don’t see why Dana and the UFC would honor NSAC’s decision in the first place. There are 49 other markets in the United States alone. Not to mention the countless countries around the globe that would love to host a UFC event with Diaz as a headliner. So what’s the deal? Are they adhering to NSAC’s ruling to prove a point? Dana is all over the place with the decisions he makes, so this will not change the nature of hypocrisy. Go ahead. Lose millions upon millions of dollars that a Diaz headliner would earn, not to mention further alienate the fans. We want to see the best fights possible, and Diaz always delivers.

  3. Bob'O says:

    Of course Diaz should be allowed to fight outside of Nevada. I thought that this entire time. ~Bob’O

  4. Ryan says:

    Nick is in his prime right now, it’s a shame there letting time pass him by. Everyone knows he’s a pot head, but he’s also an un real fighter. Nick is a true fighter, he just loves to fight, he would fight jones if you let him. Not saying he would win, just saying let the man do what he loves to do FIGHT! Love him o hate him, everyone loves o see a fight with a Diaz brother in it.

  5. Yo says:

    Ceasar we just wanna know……where da weed at?

  6. Bd says:

    Free nick diaz !!!

  7. A.James says:

    If Anderson Silva accepts Diaz’ challenge they’ll speed things up and let him fight.

  8. Damnu says:

    Couldnt agree more! Let him fight

  9. Drew says:

    Free Nick Diaz!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Emancipation says:

    Silva vs. Diaz = a$$e$ in $eats!!

  11. Xaninho says:

    NSAC hands out TRT exemptions like it’s a free candy voucher, and a guy who smokes a blunt gets a long suspension. Where’s the logic in that?

    UFC should let him fight abroad during his suspension.

  12. Brahma says:

    We should create a group named “free Nick Diaz” on facebook and then we attacked Dana’s twitter with a lot of tweets like “free Nick Diaz” or we want “Diaz vs Silva fight”. Good idea or not?

  13. Matt says:

    The NSAC is so corrupt and has their hands in so many pockets and money pits that it’s unwise to go against them if you are someone like, say, the UFC who runs a large part of their business being governed by the NSAC.

    Great idea, but unfortunately, not a wise move.

  14. War Diaz Brothers says:

    Silva is a great fighter and MIGHT win but Nick is a warrior and will go to fight no doubt about it! #Respect

  15. johnyfz450 says:

    if its true that he can fight in other places hook up the fans and nick by getting him in the ring

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