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Monday, 02/06/2012, 12:32 pm

Cesar Gracie Unsure Of Diaz Retirement, Open To A Condit Rematch

[Retirement] is something I haven’t talked to him about. I would hate to see that. He’s not just fighting his opponent he’s fighting judges, he’s fighting judges that do not like him… They aren’t going to score anything for Nick. The whole judging system is so flawed; these guys have no one they answer to… It’s like a position of total power and they are making decisions that are ruining the sport, it’s ridiculous and no one is going to get them out of there…

I can understand Nicks frustration, I mean sure we can have a rematch. Is it going to be in Vegas with the same judges? We have no way to win (if it is).

I’m going to have a sit down [with Nick] and talk to him at some point [about retiring] but I don’t even know what to tell him. After the fight an actual official from Nevada State said you know Cesar you should have Nick box because in boxing, a guy with his name, they will still rob you, but he is going to walk out with millions and millions of dollars, but here in the UFC you get robbed and you won’t make the money.

[Nick] said after the fight, he said ‘People don’t understand, I’d rather live in a trailer, my friends are poor.’ Money is not the end all for Nick. The guy truly has principles if he doesn’t want to do something he is not going to do it. He says, ‘Look I was poor before and I was happy.’”

On a possible rematch and the rumor that Condit’s camp is not interested…

“Of course they aren’t interested in a rematch because they lost the first one. These are the guys that didn’t take the fight with Koscheck because they wanted to wait for GSP but gave Nick a hard time for wanting to wait for GSP.

Literally I’m trying to clear my head from what just happened. I hesitate to say it but I would be on board for [a rematch]. Probably, I probably would be on board for something like that. I am so disgusted I probably would be on board for that.”

Again on’s “The MMA Hour” Nick Diaz coach Cesar Gracie says that he has not talked to Nick about retiring or staying with the sport. He does however plan on it.

Additionally, he states that he is open for a rematch, but with the future of Nick in limbo, it is unknown as to whether or not he can even put it together a second fight with Carlos Condit..


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0 Responses to “Cesar Gracie Unsure Of Diaz Retirement, Open To A Condit Rematch”

  1. Joey says:

    Wow Nick is acting like a giant baby, the fight was scored fine and Nick is just pissy because the judges didnt fall for his Im beating the crap out of you with slappy punches and making it look good. Be disrespectfull like he was during the fight, I would have kicked him straight in the balls for acting like such a douchebag. He could not catch Condit and now everyone knows how to beat little Nicky, he should retire.

    • Jameson says:

      Agreed. Condit stuck to a gameplan and executed it perfectly. I gave condit the first, third, and fourth round. Diaz with the second and possibly the fifth if u score his takedown heavily. But Caesar gracie and his camp is literally the definition of “the king of all excuses”

    • you should have your own bullshit analist show too,since you are so intelligent about fighting lmfao. you are either blind or stupid if you couldnt see this was a setup by zuffa,i guess you dont think zuffa has a monopoly either? do you not realize they have fucked many fighters over including Tito,randy couture, and wanderlie dropped to middle weight to fight for belt and zuffa sd hell no and he got robbed in germany, a couple fights before dana tweeted how bad do the ref sux?

      • Conditwon says:

        So you think the UFC fixed this fight for Diaz to lose? Think about that for a second. Did you even pay attention to the pre-fight hype they spent millions on… To hype the Diaz vs GSP fight! Condit messed that up for the UFC BIG time! They would have gained MILLIONS more on the Diaz vs GSP fight.

        What you are trying to say is crazy, at least for this fight.

        • ryan says:

          how could it not be GSP is 10 months away
          have a dodgy decision give a rematch sell more tix cause peeps want a rematche then when all done winner fights GSP all bank bro all bank

    • Rafi Bomb says:

      Picture being in a fight, be it a school/street fight or a sanctioned fight. You land more shots that matter, you chase the guy down the whole time, you have the guy’s back. You lose. How fucking pissed would you be? Get off your couch.

    • trey says:

      i agree.condit did wat he WANTED to do. Nick didnt. end of story. and how do the judges not like diaz? wat was he on a 11,12 fight win streak? so wat r they talkin bout judges not liking him he hasnt lost in years to even be able to say that. fight metrics: condit landed more strikes. and ANYONE who lands the most kicks in ufc history for one fight should not loose the fight lol. plain and simple

  2. This ceasar Gracie is the worst coach in mma history.. It’s his fault nick lost. He depends on nick to rush guys and finish them and make him look good. But when then finally fight a guy with cardio and skills ceasar has no counter game plan.. The dude sucks at coaching. He claims he’s a bjj coach,but he’s scared for guys like gsp to take nick down. Saying shit like no one wants to see gsp do takedowns anymore. As a bjj coach isn’t that what you want for a guy to take your guy down so he could submit him with what supposedly you taught him..

    • Walter White says:

      Cesar Gracie sucks and you can click my link to see why!

    • trey says:

      agreed. nick had the same game plan he does in every fight and he didnt adjust wen it wasnt working. the funniest thing is, he was goin for takedowns at the end. well if u won like u sed u did why were u goin for takedowns? wen u always say ur gonna stand and bang. he knows he lost, hes frustrated and i get that.but.if condit wuda backpeddled the whole time and not Landed i wuda been pissed, but he was landing, i gues ppl think he was suppose to lean on the cage get beat up like everyone else. this is a sport and ppl have gameplans and its their job to execute and go in and do what it takes to win

  3. baldy says:

    wasnt he gonna box because he wanted more money? now he doesnt want money?
    *sigh* wants money…doesnt money, wants to box, doesnt want to box, wants to fight, doesnt want to fight… typical hood rat…it not my fault, everyone’s out to get me, me me me ….love watchin this dude fight…but he can go ahead and shut up now…

  4. johnny says:

    obviously none of you people fight or compete at all.
    nothing cesar is saying is untrue. i’ve trained with him for a couple of years and he runs a tight ship. he’s a great guy.

    as for nick, i totally feel for him. it was a close fight and i have no problem with carlos winning…just the manner in which he won. it was ridiculous. i would have preferred if he knocked nick out. but to just run away the whole time…this guy’s a killer too, he just didn’t show up to fight saturday night.

    this whole situation sucks for both guys. they’re both way better than either showed. they promised a war and we got a scared, safe points-fight. total waste of the $60 ppv price. cesar’s just telling it like it is.

    • Calvin says:

      well if u trained with gracie then you know what nick likes to do back you up against the cage and pound away and now its a crime cuz condit circled away but noticed when diaz backed up or stood still condit came in till diaz started coming forward and he would circle away so had diaz went back condit would have chased

  5. G says:

    LOL Caesar Gracie just said “We can’t win” if there are the same judges in the rematch. He knows that Diaz can’t finish Condit. (I personally think that Diaz could beat Condit if there weren’t time limits, but that’s not how the UFC works.)

  6. Donovan Magyer says:

    (Here is something about Cesar Gracie that irritates the shit out of me. C,t win them all Nick

  7. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    Nick did the same thing to BJ… BJ thought it was going to be a in your face fight, but Diaz pushed him on the fence to tire him out. Diaz thought it was going to be a dog fight, but Condit counter-struck and back peddled while kicking the shit out of is legs… when will these professional fighters learn that they are fighting somebody who wants to win at all costs? Don’t believe a thing your opponent says. Ever.

  8. IknowMMA says:

    First @ Johnny? I we fight or compete has nothing to do with Diaz losing or that Cesar is talking out of his ass and shitting all over us with that bull!
    “the judges don’t like him”
    Come on dude grow up! They are impartial they only score the fights and Diaz was a big favorite coming into this fight so STFU!
    They have made awful decisions before but not Saturday night and Cesar is trying to take advantage of that! The fact he lost an UNANIMOUS DECISION is enough for Condit to not want a rematch! Nick didn’t win that fight I was surprise to see him think he did. Get over it!
    @ Robert Grooms… You are just an IDIOT!
    Dont you think Zuffa would benefit more of a Diaz vs GSP event?! You moron I rest my case.

  9. slacker says:

    That guy is one duplicitous sociopath – and full of venom. He is just dragging Nick down into his darkness and Nick is a willing participant.

  10. ted says:


  11. Jessed2011 says:

    I like knockouts and submissions as much as the next guy, however I also understand that fighting isnt just about hitting the other person, it is about making the other person miss. Every top level fighter in the world today has been a top flight competitor in one or more styles that make up their base (ie; wrestling, muai thai, jits, etc.). No elite athlete has ever excelled in their sport without finishing an opponent. Name one boxer, wrestler, jits practitioner, kickboxer, etc. that is a world champion or highly ranked that has never finished an opponent? There isnt one. But at the same time, those athletes have also gone the distance with an opponent and either won or lost by decision. The goal of EVERY fighter in mma is to finish their opponent, while taking as little punishment as possible. GSP seems to be the person that critics hammer on the most, because he “Doesnt finish fights……He lay n prays…..He wins by points” Are you serious? take a look at some of his opponents. Dan Hardy…..He had him in a kimura and even told his corner that he could have broken his arm. BJ Penn……..He made him quit (In my book that is better than a finish, because you not only broke his body and his will but you broke his spirit)! Josh Koscheck……He broke his orbital bone and put him on the shelf for quite a while. True, none of these opponents were finished, but it sure as hell wasnt for lack of effort on the part of GSP. He clearly beat his opponents, but could not finish. It is as much a testament to his opponent’s will and warrior spirit. On the other hand look at Anderson Silva and Nick (or is it Prick? I forget) Diaz. Nick complains that Condit ran from him the whole night, and won by points. Ok, but BJ Penn stood right in front of you the whole time, but you couldnt finish him. Anderson Silva clearly outclassed Damian Maia, but didnt finish him. My point is this…….. In any combat sport, the odds of the fight going to a decision are greatly increased, and the odds of it being stopped are severely diminished when 2 fighters of equal caliber are matched against each other. Bottom line….If you like the pure competition and like knowing that anything can happen once the cage door closes, then PPV is for you. If all you want to see is finishes, UFC has a great line of Ultimate Knockouts/Ultimate Submissions dvds for your entertainment dollar.

  12. Jessed2011 says:

    Nick and his camp need to just shut their yip yaps. Diaz had a job to do and he failed as well. All that triathlon training, should have helped you chase him down if he was “running” the whole time. He had a gameplan that was superior to Nick’s. Put on your big boy pants and deal with it. YOU LOST!!!! Just be man, and admit it. Dont be scared homie! Isnt that what you like to say?

  13. slacker says:

    There is something here amongst all the complaints about Condit fighting a tactical fight that is so obvious, yet we have all accepted it, and don’t see the contradiction. People are saying Condit didn’t fight, that he was being backed up and that he ran or circled out of attacks constantly, without throwing any punches. Now think about it: If Condit should have to strike – punch his way forward to engage and get away from an attack, Nick should have to punch his way in! That’s logical right? But no. He “walks” his opponents down, not “strikes” his opponents, as he backs them against the fence. He sticks his arm straight out, keeps his left cocked and ready, and “walks” forward – no strikes!!! Do you see the contradiction clearly now and why all this whining and criticism about Carlos not striking his way out of every single “walk down” is hypocritical and unfounded?! Let the same logic and rule apply to Diaz then! Walking your opponent backward with your arm straight out is not dictating or setting a “pace”! It’s a tactic, just the same as what Carlos did to stay on the outside and keep from getting pinned against the fence! Only Condit did it better!!! And that’s why he won!!! He was the better tactician!!!

    • your so right if condit did wat everbody wanted him to do he would have lost but he did wat nobody else could do solve the riddle when fighting nick the prick diaz and now everyboby knows how to bit nick and im positev that nicks next fight who ever it is they will do the same thing move n move and he cant hit you nick is a crybaby

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