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Tuesday, 03/20/2012, 09:04 am

Cesar Gracie Thinks Nate Diaz Should Fight For UFC Title

“I guess it’s going to be a good fight. Nate Diaz is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC and Jim Miller is a good obstacle to overcome. He has good Wrestling skills and heavy hands, he’s strong. We’re not underestimating him, but I guess Nate is better than him both on the stand-up and on the ground. I guess he deserves [the title shot] in case he gets this win. He defeated Cerrone, who was one of the firsts of the line and had a good performance against Gomi and now is fighting another contender. Cerrone is still a top guy, so if Nate can beat up these guys he deserves to be the next challenger”.

In a recent interview with, Cesar Gracie voices his opinion on the place of his student, Nate Diaz, in the UFC’s lightweight division.

Initially promised a title shot should he get past Jim Miller in the UFC on FOX 3 main event, the Nate vs. Miller winner was passed up in favor of a rematch between Edgar and Henderson.

Should the UFC have stuck to their initial promise of a title shot for Nate or was Edgar vs. Henderson the right move?

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48 Responses to “Cesar Gracie Thinks Nate Diaz Should Fight For UFC Title”

  1. Fuck a rematch! says:

    Give him the title shot already! He deseves it!

  2. Jake says:

    Winner of Nate/miller should get pettis winner gets a title shot since edgar got the rematch

  3. Bla DeBla says:

    Nate Diaz has paid his dues in the UFC & should never have been behind Henderson for a title shot .

    Henderson hasn’t even finished any of the fighters who he has beat in the UFC has he & even if he did , those fighters all paid their dues & have fought many top quality guys in the UFC already & shouldn’t have been given a rookie like Henderson they have no knowledge of while he has their whole careers to study .

    Its politics man .

    Its Tokenism .

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      I think Diaz should get the shot if he beats Miller. You’re correct. He’s been around a while and paid his dues, but I think transitioning to welterweight then coming back to lightweight dropped him down the ladder. Obviously Gomi is a tough fighter, and Diaz won in impressive fashion. However, I don’t think that was enough to catapult him to the top. He needed that win over Cerrone to solidify his status. Now, I think Miller and Diaz are #3 and #4 in the division, and the winner should get the shot.

    • johnyfz450 says:

      Bla DeBla ………. how can you say henderson is a rookie and they didnt have any tape to study of him he was in wec and was smashing people over there and was the champ overe there before pettis beat him maybe you need to watch some tapes and get your facts straight henderson is a beast period

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Who did he smash where ?

        Some 2’nd division fighters in some 2’nd division promotion … theres only so many hours in a day I cant be expected to know every detail about every unknown Mickey Mouse fighter in every Mickey Mouse promotion … but I do know this … Pettis was the Champion there , not Henderson … why was that ?

        Who has Henderson stopped in the UFC ?

        Henderson like Anderson Silva & Jon Jones is a manufactured “Superstar” Media Hyped , Political Token .

        Paper Champs .

        • mean170 says:

          “Henderson like Anderson Silva & Jon Jones is a manufactured “Superstar” Media Hyped , Political Token.”

          Oh really, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones are just hype?? Shogun, Machida, Henderson, Forrest, Franklin, Rampage, Okami, Vitor. Yeah all of those guys aren’t great fighters.

          Who are the real champs then??

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Those werent fights , it was performance art , or in lay mans terms fixed fights .

          Whos the real fighters & whos the real champs wont ever be known until such time there are rival world governing MMA bodies that are open & transparent in their workings .

          Until then MMA is a cash cow for Gangsters & their politician palls who allow them to operate .

          Welcome to the real world .

      • lex walker says:

        +1 and pettis only won the fight b/c of the head kick

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Tokenism? No that’s false. Marketability maybe…. Nate isn’t as likable or marketable as Bendo. But he’s growing on me.

      Bendo has beaten a lot of the recent contender 155er’s and he beat Clay who beat Pettis (WEC Champ) before that in order to get his shot. Nate is on a 2 fight win streak and Bendo is on a 4 fight win streak including his win over Frankie. If you look at Nate’s record you will see something very telling. He isn’t very consistent. It isn’t tokenism it’s consistency.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        LoL @ Marketability like that makes everything ok .

        So who are they marketing him toward ?, 80% + of the US is white so that tells me that they are marketing him toward Africa & the American Ghettos .

        You trying to tell me that Gheto USA & Third World Africa are a more profitable market than White America ?

        Wake up idiot , its politics & nothing else .

        Buts lets play a round of “Lets Pretend” & pretend that you are right & that it is solely “Marketing”

        How the hell can it be classified as a championship if certain fighters are discriminated against because they dont fit a cultural or racial profile to suit those who want to market something towards some group of people ?

        How the hell is that fair ?

        Who gives a fuck if a fighter is likeable or not , all that should matter is how good he is inside the cage not how popular he is in the slums of Kenya or where ever .

        Fixed fights , fixed rankings , political tokens within a closed organization presenting iself as a world governing body when its only a promotions company .

        It fuckin stinks to high heavens .

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Bla Debla,

          I think you have lost your mind. Bendo earned his belt fair and square and if he meets Nate he’s gonna put him to sleep you little bridge dweller.

          Tokenism is not real in the UFC. If you want to use an argument to say that Dana is protecting some fighters you can say there might be a conspiracy against Brazilian fighters in regards to the 135 weight class in regards to Renan Barao. But then again he isn’t white and hasn’t gotten his title shot has he? Can’t call this tokenism.

          Your world view is so backwards and strange. Did someone cryogenically freeze you in the 60s? DID YOU KNOW THAT WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT? You might not want to believe it but white people had to vote him into office!!!!!! The demographic for Bendo is so much larger than you are willing to admit.

          Please read some more on Ben Henderson (Fanbase in the USA and South Korea) and you will find that he is a likable guy just like JDS (fanbase in Brazil, rags to riches story) which makes both of them very MARKETABLE. Brock Lesnar (brought in the WWE crowd, MMA fanatics hate him) was very marketable because he was polarizing but he lost his belt to Cain (1st generation Mexican American) also very marketable person but, he earned his title and lost it too. None of these fighters were gifted a title shot but are very marketable.

          What do you think of Chael Sonnen (Polarizing, gifted a title shot?) he is on a 2 fight win streak does he deserve a title shot? Is this Tokenism?

          Wannabee thugs like Nate and Nick are not cool and will never be cool. Therefore they aren’t marketable, a marketable person is someone you can trust with your ‘brand” being the UFC.

          Stop listening to Glen Beck and get some help because there isn’t big conspiracy here. There is politics involved but these fighters earned their title shots but Dana would rather keep those of which make him the most money because the UFC is a multi-billion dollar industry. NO TOKENISM.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          No tokenism but its just all a co incidence that the company is marketing certain titles towards ethnic minority’s ?

          Ok I get it .

          Cant say I’m dumb enough to buy it but I get that you possibly believe wat yer saying .

          As for yer black President , I know it wasnt skillful political agendas that got him in & his economic policy’s have plunged the world into a financial crisis .

          America also elected Arnold Swarenfuckface & Ronald Regan because of their media image ..

          Tokenism isnt a new thing .

          Nor is slavery , oppression , poverty , injustice etc etc etc .

          the only new thing is your own realizations when you are exposed to the reality of the situation .

          You are the new face of an age old joke .

          Divide + Conquer so that the rich get richer & the poor stay poor & the Status Quo remains King .

          Ever see a hamster on a wheel or a goofy dog chasing its own tail ?

          Now go look in the mirror & tell me honestly what you see .

          I can only lead a horse to water , I cant make it drink .

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Sorry I thought you lived in the USA. I thought you said you lived in the mid west or somewhere when we were talking about hunting or something.

          I would say that they are making the most out of a situation and opening up to new markets.The other day I saw a UFC billboard of Cain Valasquez in a poorer area of town where Latinos possibly live. You could also call this exploitation if your cynical. Obviously it was put up before he got KTFO by JDS. MMA still has a bad stigma attached look at those Bieber photos. They are fucking gory, if someone is bleeding like that someone should call 911. I can’t even get my pansy friends to watch because they think its barbaric. Hopefully more free events will open their eyes.

          You could use chic tokenism as an example for the my president coming into office. My mother was actually stopped after he was elected and someone congratulated to her. Like someone owed the current black community! People over here are fucking retarded and apologize for everything including slavery that got abolished here in 1865. Every nation has had slavery at some point. Including women and children. They have all been slaves and they still are today. Black people enslave themselves. How do they think black people got over here in the first place? You want to help the black community give a brotha a job. His chic tokenism is wearing thin over here and his economic policies suck because he is a timid leader who doesn’t own a history/economics book and is too ideological.

          Kenedy also secured his presidency with female voters because of his media image. The television makes everything in to a beauty/popularity contest.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Look man you are living in dream land .

          Theres a whole world of talented fighters & they do not need tokenism to make it to the top .

          Tokenism is the far extreme of racism they are different sides of the same coin , you are either on the side of justice or yer happy with Racism/Tokenism .

          Do you even read the thread before you reply , you are contradicting yerself .

          I have no doubt Cain Valesquez would be a top 10 fighter in a legitimate World Governing Body but because of your wonderful marketing & the use of political tokens Ethnic minority’s would consider this a failure !

          Top 10 in the whole entire world a fuckin failure !!!???

          A top 10 fighter can beat anyone on the night & in reality a Champion only stayy on top of the mountain before he is knocked off & has to climb back up again …. there is no superman , no Anderson Silva , No Jon Jones , No Mike Tyson , No Aryan Super Race … its all bullshit politics & no matter how its dressed up its all bullshit .

          As for free events ? Wheres their fuckin fathers ?

          Why werent they sent to a gym as a kid to toughen up & quit being pansys ?

          Or arent there any State issued Fathers in the Land Of The Free ?

          Ehehehe .

          You are a brainwashed slave , ovned by your government .

          Perhaps you are a teen & too young to realize the importance of rebellion & opposition ?

          You are being feminized into a slave society .

          Different day , new face , old joke .

          Fighting is a raw & pure natural thing , prize fighting is just about he most noble thing a man can do .

          Its not about business & marketing , its about heart , soul & pride .

          Latinos fight without seeing pictures of Cain Valesquez .

          Wake up man .

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I never said that fighters needed tokenism. You said that Bendo got to where he is by tokenism. I was agreeing with you that there are cases of tokenism in the political system but as far as the UFC there are only a few cases. You can’t claim tokenism when Chael gets a title shot after 2 victories. It’s not so black and white in fact its gray and I’ve changed my mind. Bisping and Hardy are probably good examples of Tokenism because they sell tickets in Europe. Hardy especially is an example of Tokenism when it comes to nationality. But, Tokenism in this case isn’t because of racism but because they represent a small group in the UK and they sell tickets.

          You should think of each fighter as their own team or NFL Franchise. What’s wrong with marketing a fighter and building a brand like GSP? Without marketing they wouldn’t become household names and PPVs would be in the crapper. Who is tempted to watch an unknown fighter?

          Idk why I debate with you. I have to decipher half of the shit your spewing. You make my fucking head hurt with your double talk.

          Kid’s these days aren’t obligated to go to gyms and they don’t compete with each other. Everyone is a winner in the states.

          “Or arent there any State issued Fathers in the Land Of The Free ?”

          That’s pretty funny for a bridge dwelling troll.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Ok I am going to clarify a few things for you .

          Firstly there is no debate , there is only life & death .

          It is up to you how you chose to cope with those 2 solutions .

          I am not here to convince you I am here because I am here , I am simply conversing & expressing myself “sans” an agenda .

          So heres how it is ….

          The UFC , like the WWE is a fantastic Promotions company .

          I really enjoy the quality of the fights in the UFC & really appreciate the quality of Joe Rogans Jiu Jitsu commentary , I think him & Goldberg are excellent at their job .

          Cant say I like his personality or that he shouldn’t be shot or stabbed but his Jiu Jitsu commentary is pretty excellent when he is concentrating on his job .

          However once the illusion of a World Championship starts to affect certain elements of society & politicians piggyback on that weak egotism to reduce the quality of life for all in society I stand up & say “NO MAS !”

          The fights are good entertainment but nothing more .

          Jon Jones is as real as Kurt Angle .

          Nothing more & nothing less .

          Best in the UFC ?

          I have only their word for that & I suspect them to be liars .

          Best in the World ?

          Most definitely not .

          That is the reality of life & death .

          MMA is in its infancy , it is a cash cow for Gangsters & Politicians .

          Perhaps in 20 years MMA will have its World Governing Body & there will be none of this bullshit marketing & Hype , fighters will stand alone as men of honor , pride & Courage fighting for their hopes & dreams , not for another contract to perform in scripted fights .

          GSP is a brilliant martial artist .

          But he is only a martial artist .

          He is only a champion within an organization that sells make believe .

          Are all fights scripted ?

          Maybe & maybe not but some definitely are .

          Jones V Machedia was scripted .

          Lidell V Vernon White definitely was .

          Hughes V Newton ?… very likely .

          Those are just 3 from the top of my head that stand out as complete bullshit fights but high quality “Performance Art” that are an insult to any man of any experiences intelligence , if they are being presented as reality .

          I kno you would like to hammer this down into an Us V Them scenario or a You V Me deal so that you can comfort yerself & pretend that I am Satan & you are a defender of all that is good & all that is right but the reality of the situation is that I am Satan & I am taking a big devilish steaming piss all over your parade & theres fuck all you can do about it .

    • jc says:

      henderson destroyed bocheck
      ran through jim miller who was on a 7 fight win streak
      beat clay guida who was on a 4 fight win streak
      and now has beat the champ
      and before he lost to pettis in a close entertaining fight he won 10 in a row

      nate on the other hand has gone 2-2 in his last 4 he beat a good opponent in cerrone but gomi is nowhere near top tier. and before that who could forget the humiliating loss to rory mcdonald and he loss to stun gun before that. nate needs a couple wins before we talk title contention.

      besides cerrone what top flight lw or any top flight fighter has nate beaten? ill wait for your reply

      • JJ says:

        well look at who he beat on tuf
        maynard for one he beat easily in my eyes

        • jc says:

          look how he won tuf. manvil the anvill was putting a beatdown on him in the first round and freakishly injured his shoulder in the 2nd.

          maynard also avenged that loss ftr

    • Shawn says:

      He may have been around for a while and paid his dues, but he hasn’t really been consistent has he. In his last 4 fights, he’s 2-2. And before that, he’s been inconsistent in wins and losses. He hasn’t really gone on more than a 2 fight win streak. Guys like Guida, and Guillard go on a 4 or 5 fight win streak, then lose and are brought back down the bottom of the ladder and have to make their way back up again. It’s not just about paying your dues. It’s also about solidifying your position as a number one contender. In Hederson’s last 10 fights, he’s only lost once (to Pettis, and by decision at that). After that loss he’s gone a 3 fight win streak. And even though they came by way of decision, he completely dominated Bocek, Miller and Guida. As well as Edgar to win the title.

      My take, given that Pettis’ last 7 fights only has one loss, with a 2 fight win streak in the UFC. Plus, he was pretty much robbed of his unification title match against Edgar, they should just give him the next title shot. Not to mention, I think a lot of people want to see a rematch between him and Henderson. The winner of Diaz vs Miller, should face the winner of Guida vs Maynard for the #1 contender spot. To face the winner of Pettis vs Henderson/Edgar (which no doubt will be Henderson, IMO). Logistically and popularly, this would be the ideal scenario. All the top guys in the division get an equal chance to vie for the title. And they are all good match ups.

  4. Jake says:

    Nate only has 2 wins in a row and got his ass best at 170 buy rory ! You have to stack up a few wins with top guys not one win against gomi who’s been fighting like shit in the UFC!

    • Joe Bidden says:

      Since when does losses at other weight divisions matter at all?

      As for having to work your way up…Brock Lesnar. One UFC win, got a title shot. Just saying.

      Nate deserves a shot after the rematch. Assuming he wins, obviously.

      • Shawn says:

        That’s because Lesnar already had popularity on his side. Many mainstream UFC fans are bleed overs from WWE. A Couture vs Lesnar match was huge. Big money for the UFC. You have to remember, UFC is still first and foremost a business that wants to make money. Not to mention, there really wasn’t anyone in the HW division of the UFC at the time, that would have made it worth while to put on a show. And as you would have it, Lesnar goes on a 4 fight win streak. Defending the title twice. So I would hardly call that a bad decision. The LW division is stacked, you can’t be as flexible with it as the UFC was back then with the HW division. It’s different now, with Overeem, Dos Santos, and Mir. With Hunt, Carwin, Valazquez, Mitrione, Nelson and Bigfoot coming up in the ranks.

        Making match ups are all cut and dry. There are different factors that come into play. That’s how the UFC has lasted so long, and has become synonymous with MMA.

  5. Jake says:

    I somewhat agree with Jenkins he did beat both gomi and cowboy in impressive fashion but he needs to win this fight impressively also because Henderson took out miller! Dana also said he thinks pettis might be next for a title shot so it would make sence for the winner to fight pettis! For #1 contender.

  6. david says:

    nate diaz has earned it more than pettis, fuck pettis, he loses to guida and then beats jeremy stephens and joe lauzon and somehow that earns him a title shot? fuck him

    • nlovan says:

      a split to stephens too… i agree but plus i think a diaz vs pettis fight would be awesome! winner of that should be next…if nate can get past miller that is

    • Shawn says:

      Well taking your mindset. Pettis is 6-1 in his last 7 fights. Nate is 4-3 in his. With each finishing 4. However, Pettis has a better win streak record. Not to mention Pettis got robbed of his unification bout against Edgar. Had Edgar not been injured, Pettis wouldn’t have had to take another fight, and Edgar wouldn’t have faced Maynard.

  7. mac4719 says:

    If Nate wins then yeah give him a shot the only problem is he struggles with big wrestlers and Bendo is a 170er really.
    The problem with the LW division is its stacked with guys all clawing at the title like Maynard, Miller, Guida who all have only lost recently to Frankie or Bendo after putting together at least 4-5 wins so Pettis should wait and fight at least 1 more fight against someone other than Nate,Miller,Maynard or Guida who all have fights booked maybe Guillard who until his losses to Miller and Lauzon was in contention.
    To add to this he only got put up there in contention against Bendo because he’s beat him before thats doesnt always work Ryo Chonan beat Anderson Silva outside the ufc and didnt get a title shot at him when they both wer in the ufc.

  8. the original steve says:

    and i think cesar gracie should shut up and let his fighters talk

  9. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    @Blah Debla are you kidding me dude? Nate deserved a shot before Ben?? Are you forgetting Ben destroyed Guida a guy your boyfriend couldn’t touch! That’s why he hasn’t gotten a title shot! Fir all you Diaz jock riders, There’s a reason neither Diaz brother have EVER held a title that matters, its because they’re nothing but pot smoking paper gangstas from the sphincter of America!

  10. Magoo says:

    I agree with ceasar for once,if Nate beats Miller he deserves a title shot,he damn well earned it!

  11. Donovan says:

    Didn’t Nate get thrown around by a 12 year old recently? Yeah…he deserves a title shot…PPPSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  12. GIL says:

    i like henderson and pettis but how the fuuuuuuuu do thes wec newbies come in and are almost immediate title shots when you had guys like jim miller and nate diaz and joe lauzon payin dues for years just to get to contender status

  13. Nick says:

    The only time I’ll ever agree with Cesar. Edgar had to whine his way to a rematch.

  14. rob says:

    anthony pettis vs nate diaz for number one contendership?

  15. Fuck You says:

    “Titles in other organizations don’t account for shit?” You sound like an idiot!

  16. true mma says:

    Cesar your a fucking idiot. You and nate already said that you guys wouldn’t fight Edgar. What if Edgar beats Ben. Then what? Nate already got his ass kicked at 170

  17. Namor says:

    Nate deserves the next shot if he beats Miller. If miller wins then it should be his for his own rematch and him not being 100% when he fought Ben. Pettis should have to get a couple more names under his win column first. Give him loser of diaz/miller or 2 bad he couldn’t fight Barboza.

  18. Namor says:

    Fyi… Ben “SMOOTH” Henderson beats them all! #smoothnation!!!

  19. true mma says:

    Title shot, how if nate won’t even fight Edgar and we know he won’t fight Gilbert. Plus we already know how nate does with wrestlers.

  20. bluntman says:

    if he wins give him anthony pettis for a tittle shot

  21. Rusco says:

    Nate is way better than Nick. I just wonder if he puffs the magic dragon like brother Nick. I doubt it since he can actually you know interview properly and not be like umm… and oh… and oh look a rabbit.

    I say after Miller and one more top oppenant he should be good for a title shot. He should take on either Edgar or Maynard.

  22. sykoMMA says:

    Nate is a warrior, but Bendo would rip him apart, but thats because Bendo would rip through everyone in the division

  23. Mr.Rusk says:

    50 pounds of stupid in a 10 pound bag

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