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Monday, 02/06/2012, 12:02 pm

Cesar Gracie Says Nick Diaz Clearly Beat Carlos Condit At UFC 143, Disgusted With Judges

“No I don’t obviously [think Condit won], he clearly won that fight. I’ve been there when Nicks lost fights and have told him you kind of let that one go… But this fight it was very clear. I was kind of shocked when I was in the cage, we were pretty much all in disbelief especially when the judges scores where read…

If you repeat that first round five times you’re still gonna lose because every judge had Nick losing that first round, so there was nothing we could have done…

In my opinion I don’t think the judges like Nick. He talks in the ring, Carlos was running in the ring and at one point Nick slapped him and told him to stop running. Nick thought it was going to be a dog fight…

I don’t know what the judges where looking at. They don’t like Nick in Vegas, they never award him a decision there except the BJ fight and we almost had to kill BJ to get that. I don’t think we can get a fair fight, I don’t think we can get fair judging in that state at all… I don’t know how they scored it that way I truly don’t.

… If Nick would have been knocked out by Carlos I would have felt better about it than I do right now”

Cesar Gracie just moments ago went on’s “The MMA Hour” to discuss his disgust for last weekend’s UFC 143 main event between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit.

The MMA world is still torn in half in regards to who actually won the fight but in the end, the judges, not the fans, coaches or fighters make the final call.

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0 Responses to “Cesar Gracie Says Nick Diaz Clearly Beat Carlos Condit At UFC 143, Disgusted With Judges”

  1. Kap says:

    Typical talk from the Diaz Camp. Him and Gracie need to open their eyes, not everyone is out to get you. Condit fought a smart, tactical, and effective fight. Your really going to be angry with your opponent for not playing to your strengths? Diaz you said you were ready to take your ass whooping, so be a man and take it. You lost. LIfe goes on. Quit blaming other people when things go wrong for you.

    • A..G 206 says:

      wrong faggot condit lost round 1 2 and 5 and even if he did win it should have been a split but that was wrong anyways and so are you. Suck my dick

      • Kap says:

        Condit took that fight 3 rounds to 2, I don’t know what you were watching but obviously something different. Yes, it was a close fight, but Condit landed more and didn’t play Diaz’s game, its that simple. Great argument you got there, and usually faggots want other men to suck their dick…..looks like you got more issues then how to call a fight.

        • Braxton says:

          also just throwing out some other facts the only catogory that condit out struck diaz in kicks and significant strikes but they counted leg kicks as some of those significant strikes but they obviously weren’t that significant cause diaz still pushed forward

        • Chris says:

          Terrible argument regarding significance. Just because you keep pushing forward does not mean the strikes are insignificant. Prime example= Roy Nelson.

        • Braxton says:

          your comment is insignificant just like those leg kicks. a significant strike will slow you down or bust you up and show significant damage…those leg kicks did neither. Roy Nelson might move forward but he takes significant damage and the giant bruises and cuts on his face shows it. there is definitely difference in the baby leg kicks condit through in comparison to the bombs werdum droped on nelson. Learn what a significant strike is before you start puttinh up trash examples

        • Chris says:

          The kicks threw Diaz off his rhythm so they were clearly significant. Learn to proofread your shit pal.

        • A rematch…Bullshit!!!!!! Condit won, and now if cry me river decides not to retire, he should have to climb the ladder in that bad ass division vs those bad as top 10 wrestlers like everyone else in the division does. He got lucky and got thrown straight to the top without proving himself.. Now he wants to throw a fit and retire as a excuse cause he knows theres no way he can handle the takedown of a Kos, Fitch, Diego, Elleburger, Rory or even pierce. To get back to the top.Theirs just no way. He’d rather retire and get the credit of the What If ‘s

      • LOL says:

        Dude… you call him a faggot then you want him to suck your dick? Wow man. Wow. I think you learned to talk trash from Mike Tyson.

      • PW says:

        Your obviously an idiot

      • Hitmanclark says:

        Typical Diaz fan. Classy as always.

      • The 704 says:

        No, YOU are wrong, FAGGOT. Read the judge’s scorecards and quit your bitchin.

      • gts says:

        When you start your response off with “wrong faggot” you lose all credibility and make yourself look like a jackass. Second, all these idiots that say Nick won because “he kept pushing forward” need to learn the sport. Yes aggressiveness is important but just blindly pushing forward all fight is NOT going to win. Nick and his camp are bitter because Condit outsmarted them and stuck to a solid gameplan that played to his strengths and Nicks weaknesses. Thats not being a coward thats playing it smart. Diaz and his camp should have anticipated that a much more mobile fighter like Condit would want to stay on the outside but they made no attempt to counter this strategy and ended up losing the fight.

    • Braxton says:

      even if you score this fight differently in no way shape or form did either of these fighters take an ass whoopin and i personally think diaz took 1,2, and 5 but that’s my opinion. This is just that fight where people are going to score different and both men are going to think they won. what we need to do as fans is start trying to get the rematch set up for free on fox in june or july while gsp is still injured and the let the two men duke it out again and see who truley was the winner. either way go America!

  2. JamesGJJ says:

    You can say anything you want… nick won the 1st round for sure ! carlos gameplan didnt start to work til round 3,4,5 which in the 5th he got taken down…
    Nick Diaz best in the world !!

  3. thorgrim says:

    i love all the controversy here. but didnt they give liddell point every time for stalking his opponent down? so octagon control and aggression only earn points in certian fights then? how come everybody kept saying diaz was outstruck in the first two rounds. i completely saw the opposite.

  4. Frankie says:

    I also saw Condit taking it he had better strikes he was not running he was avoiding being trapped against the cage. he fought a good fight I want to watch it again but I gave the fight to Condit but I was rooting for Diaz

  5. DannyK says:

    I dont see how you can argue the Fightmetrix results…it clearly shows that condit landed more strikes than Diaz…and condit also had a higher thrown to land percentage….Condit fought a smart fight and did not play Diaz’s game….Im glad.

  6. Steve says:

    the irony of Cesar saying that BJ Penn is surrounded by ‘yes men’. HA, idk, this article is funny to me tho

  7. Hightower says:

    if a fight is won by walking forward and getting punched and kicked in the face, sure diaz won hands down.

  8. grundy says:

    Diaz won rounds 1 2 and 5, lets not complain just have them fight agian for memorial day.

  9. JamesGJJ says:

    And what happen to the dog fight carlos said it would be?
    If their is a rematch Nick will win because he didnt know carlos was gonna hit and run the whole time… and no one can say Carlos beat his ass so there is no need for a rematch, it was to close of a fight. Whats carlos gonna do in the rematch? he will be force to fight nick !

    • B.j. Searle says:

      Yeah give him 10 rounds to figure out a game plan. Shouldn’t he have figured it out in at least two? Shit talking doesn’t win fights fighting does, maybe all that time he spent dropping his hands and talking shit he should have thrown some punches. Might have won him the fight.

      • CONDITVSGSP says:


        Agree. He didn’t change his approach in the fight at all. People are pissed because Carlos didn’t “play his game”?

        According to Diaz, its not fair if the guy doesn’t sit on the fence and let him rip body shots all night.

        Diaz didn’t just lose the fight. He got out classed!!

  10. Chris S. says:

    First, they are crazy thinking Diaz won that fight. I went back and watched the fight a second time and I gave the first 4 rounds to Condit. The 2nd was close, but Condit’s more and harder strikes won it.

    Second, their assertion that Condit was running is wrong. How can you say he is running when he is putting out more punches and kicks than Diaz. If Diaz were stalking him and putting out more strikes then yes, Condit is running. This was a counter punchers game that won the fight. If the whole argument that Diaz won because he kept pushing the pace, then Roy Nelson won his fight too. I don’t put much points into walking forward constantly and getting beat at the same time.

    Condit won the fight, clearly!

    • B.j. Searle says:

      I agree. One of the best things we learn where I train is being able to keep fighting while moving backwards. Unfortunately not everyone can do it, and a lot of schools don’t teach it so you don’t see it much

  11. IknowMMA says:

    Diaz didnt took anything learn something about MMA ! 68 leg kicks against 8 for nick!
    Same situation that won Forrest G a title against Rampage! Noone said shit then! But ofcourse Diaz loves to wine… What about take it like a man and not a bitch!… Same for you stupid ass Diaz fans
    Ity little bitty leg kick? Fuck Diaz read a book!!
    What about the damage?
    Efective striking?
    Nick got highkicked twice in the head and front kicked 3 times in the face he didn’t do anything but a shitty ass takedown in the last round … Nick Diaz fans can suck it!
    He lost cause he didn’t stepped up!
    Condit clearly won that fight even Dana white thought so who are you to say otherwise?
    So STFU losers!

  12. gil says:

    in my opinion condit didnt look like a guy who has finished 13 of his opponents, the look on his face the entire fight looked like he seen a ghost, wide eyed , anxious scared look! aggression need to be applied on these score card same goes for frightened running across the ring

    • B.j. Searle says:

      It’s a title fight dude. Not “Just another fight” have you ever competed in anything before? It’s like a BJJ tournament, everything is fine till you get to matches where you’re fighting for a medal then everything changes. Your stomach eats your heart, and your brain doesn’t work the same…. yeah…. kinda like you’ve just seen a ghost

  13. Jb says:

    Lmao Diaz best in the world,? You jack ass and AG your a fucking moron. And this is why there are mma fans and UFC fans. Those who understand the sport and those who think they do. Diaz did nothing to adjust other than play slap hands with no power in them

  14. You can argue that the judges cards were wonky, fair point. But regardless of how the rounds were divided up Diaz clearly lost the fight. I walk forward all the time in sparring but I also get hit a lot and lose a lot of rounds – just walking forward and acting mad doesn’t equal a win.

    Its a sport, not a street fight – go watch felony fights if you aren’t interested in the sport of MMA.

  15. kevin9999 says:

    Chris S. you are correct. You must understand that the little kids on here don’t truly understand foot work and boxing. Carlos did not want to stay against the fence like penn did. Penn was stupid in that fight and didn’t listen to his corner men. Carlos is smart and listens.

  16. Jj says:

    I could careless who won… But quite crying for a decision! Finish the fight or accept your fate w/ the judges.
    I would not want to see a rematch…

  17. magoo says:

    sniff sniff………. “you need a hug Cesar”…..lmao what a knob!

  18. Lizzardking says:

    Gracie BJJ rule #1 never admit defeat, only admit that if the fight lasted longer or given more rounds we would have won. If Nick was the best fighter in the world he would have adjusted his game on the fly which didn’t happen. Ive said this a few times over the weekend that this was a MMA competition and not a street brawl, and Carlos brought his tool box and Nick only brought a hammer. I don’t understand how people think he deserves an automatic rematch, look at the judges cards this was not a close fight. Nick talked his way into this title shot, lost a ud and not a close decision 49-46, 49-46, 48-47. If he wants another shot let him fight his way back to it like every other fighter. He needs to grow up, stop acting like a child that didn’t get his way, rethink his game plan and have a solution if the fight doesn’t happen the way he wants/expects. One dimensional fighters never last and if you think that GSP would have had a different game plan than Condit you need to watch his fight against Kos.

  19. Jason says:

    too many people dont know HOW a fight gets scored. you cant score 5 rounds as one fight. you have to do it round by round. if i was too look at the fight as a whole id say condit outstruck diaz, stuck to his gameplan, and overall looked more effective throughout the whole fight. that being said it has to be scored round by round. in that case diaz landed the more significant shots in rounds 1 and 2. condit outstruck him with non-effective leg kicks. but diaz landed significant punches to the body and face. in rounds 3 and 4 condit picked it up and really started to get comfortable and land good shots and escape diaz’s pressure. therefore the fight was tied 2-2 after 4 rounds. round 5 was a close one but once diaz secured the takedown and then took his back that was easily the most dominant position either fighter had taken the whole fight and the closest either came to finishing the fight which in my opinion gave him the 5th round. on that logic diaz should have gotten 1,2, and 5 and hence the decision. i can see if one of the 1st 2 rounds went to condit but def not both of them. the judges scoring the fight had to be on crack giving 1,2,4,5 to condit and 3 to diaz doesnt even make sense.diaz got spanked in round 3 and 4 so i jsut dont see what the judges were watching. as a fan of both fighters i had it 3-2 diaz

  20. your mom says:

    Nick won rounds 1,2 and 5. Carlos might have landed more strikes in the first and second but they were weak strikes. I like Carlos but I still think he lost but that is how it goes and we can’t change it unless they get judges that can see and know what the fuck they are doing.

  21. Oj says:

    I’m also of the opinion that Diaz took rounds 1,2 and 5. 1 and 2 were close in terms of punches but I gave them to Diaz cos he controlled the centre and aggression by pushing forward. Rounds 3 and 4 were clearly condit’s cos despite Diaz pushing forward, Condit clearly outstruck him. Enough for a 10-8 round? No. Round 5 was close striking wise with Condit getting a couple of signif strikes. Nick also landed a couple of kicks too but with the closeness of the round, I think the TD and backmount sealed it for Nick.

    Unless its round by round, fightmetric giving the striking advanmtage to Condit really shouldn’t hold much cos of how little output Diaz put out in ther 3rd and 4th. That would skewer any such stats.

    The best thing is a rematch, especially as GSP is out till Nov at least.

  22. John says:

    Diaz did push forward in the fight but he didn’t land that many power punches, Condit on the other hand I think he did his fight he work in angles he actually connect almost every punch that he throw, Condit even got him with elbows flying knees and kicks Diaz said that those kicks weren’t hard but he got kick a lot, and you know you can push forward the whole fight but if you don’t connect you don’t get points, I’m a Diaz fan he is one of the best fighters out there. But this one def was Condit fight hands down.

  23. gts says:

    “Nick thought it was going to be a dogfight”
    And neither Diaz or anyone from his camp was able to adjust their strategy when it didn’t happen? Come on now these are supposed to be professionals. How could no one from the entire camp suspect that maybe, just maybe, the much more mobile and kick heavy Condit would want to stay out of a close quarters brawl with Diaz (who’s known for his great boxing). Look at the champions at all weight classes and you’ll see smart champions from smart camps. The thing that separates the good from the great is the ability to fight smart and exploit the weaknesses of your opponent, and Diaz proved he does not have this ability. No disrespect to Diaz as he is a legend in the sport, but that brawler strategy against GSP would have been a humiliating failure.

  24. Jervin says:

    sore loser…..

  25. drew says:

    condit won that fight
    gameplans are smart
    walking someone down the whole fight, (WHICH HE DIDNT DO) is ballsy but this isnt the caveman times anymore, yes its a fight but the best like ali and mayweather and manny are bset at hitting and not being hit. Carolos is an assassin he picks people a part and if he can get the kill then he can,but over trying to knockout a guy like diaz isnt to smart because their figthing his fight. I like diaz a lot im bummed that he “Retired” but condit won that fight, and if they fought again i dont see how it would be different, but a rematch woud be nice becuase i feel like diaz would actually use a gameplan

  26. david says:

    cesar gracie needs to pull his head out of his ass really, hes his fucking manager and whatever of course hes going to whine and beg for a rematch when his fighters loses a close decision. carlos won quit whining when things dont go your way diaz and gracie and stfu seriously

  27. Archer says:

    Boo fucking hoo…he lost. Accept it and move on

  28. learntoread says:

    Cesar is simply voicing what a large portion of the MMA world are feeling about the fight (it was weird, non exciting), how it went down (Condit’s dance), and the wonky judge scores (controversial).

    Sure Condit had the momentum during the last half of the fight (which I think has clouded many fans perception), but that in no way means he won the first two rounds, and the 5th was a toss up. Clearly it was a close fight, clearly those judges cards looked wonky, and there really should be a rematch while we wait for GSP to settle the score.

  29. Archer says:

    Diaz nut huggers are a bunch of whiny bitches. Condit won that fight in every way

  30. Lizzardking says:

    Let me see if i can clear up 1 of the Diaz fans arguments. I agree that Nick was being aggressive by moving forward. Carlos was the aggressor because he threw and landed more strikes. Its a simple mistake to confuse the 2 words and i understand that Nick doesn’t know the difference since he chose to leave school early. For the rest of you, shame on you to argue something w/out knowing the difference, since you do have a computer and internet access to look it up.

  31. Phil says:

    There’s a difference between running and being elusive. Carlos moved around very effectively and took Nick out of his game. You could say it was running if Carlos was just avoiding damage and not being offensive at all. But the fact is that Carlos threw and landed more strikes. Nick is a tough guy and a good fighter, but he’s just being a whiny bitch right now.

  32. donkeyballs says:

    well close fight.. my opinion Condit played it for the judges (smart) while Diaz came to fight (exciting).. Winner goes to Condit for strategy but my winner goes to Diaz for trying to fight. Retire Diaz cause fighting in MMA doesnt always result in a fight. Would like to see how he does in boxing..

    • Lizzardking says:

      49-46, 49-46,48-47, unanimous decision is not a close fight, sry try again.

    • Walter White says:

      this weekend just showed what would happen to him if he went into boxing. boxing is more than just being able to throw punches. he has no slips and cutting off abilities whatsoever. he save himself from a trip to the hospital by continuing MMA…

      • Lizzardking says:

        I think it also shows exactly what GSP’s game plan would have been. The out come of that fight would have been the same, Nick chasing another faster fighter w/ better footwork around the cage eating punchs and leg kicks. Or did you all not see GSP v KOS?

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          GSP would have wrestled him.

        • Lizzardking says:

          Do you not realize that GSP also works w/ Greg Jackson on game planning? W/ his karate background and foot work he would/ will do the same thing Carlos did to Nick. GSP is smart enough not to go to the ground w/ Nick. Look at his game plans/ fights he has had w/ other ground specialists Kos and 2 fights w/ Matt Serra. He stands and strikes from the outside.

      • donkeyballs says:

        in boxing kicks arent allowed.. thats what Condit had that boxers wouldnt.. the game plan originated from Cerrone Vs Diaz fight. i really wish the Condit Penn fight happened. Thats on my wish list if BJ decided to return.

  33. Ajax says:

    sigh… once again Cesar Gracie hasn’t failed to make MMA headlines while not being a fighter… stop living your dreams through your students… you had one MMA fight and got knock the FUCK out…

  34. wipeout says:

    Condit promise to “dished out”. Condit promised knees and elbows… At round 3 Condit turned his back and ran for few times… Imagine BJ turning his back and RUN, or Fedor, or Hendo…!!!!! I do not want to see Condit back in the octagon like that as this is embarrassing for the sport. How can you be a fan of that…(dish out my ass Carlos and think next time you open your mouth)

    • Lizzardking says:

      LMAO, he dished out more strikes and landed more. Looks like his mental game is more then you can handle too. Did you forget that there is 2 fighters in the cage and the 1 that is more effective at fighting his game wins. Classic fighting rules, its never a good idea to fight your opponents game.

    • Xaninho says:

      During the build-up for the BJ Penn-Nick Diaz fight, Diaz also said he would just scrap and fight. And did he? NO! He resorted to grinding on BJ to wear him down and even needed to hold the cage a few times to do so.

      Condit just gave him a taste of his own medicine and now Diaz is butthurt.

  35. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. Are you kidding me? They are gonna blame a state now? LOL! so if Carlos beats him in another State it’s gonna be, “bah the Judges over there also don’t like Nick”? Gosh! you guys lost, accept it .[-

  36. Jay says:

    Condit won the fight with a strike and bike style, I guess he can feel good cuz he has the belt but he ran the whole fight leg kicks won the fight for him Nick actually landed more with the hands carlos kicked and then ran away, did not look like carlos actually looked scared to exchange at all, but hey if he could leave vegas feeling like the warrior he claims to be then good for him and congrats on the win! Truth is though he kicked and then ran for 25 mins and got the win, that was not even close to the dog fight he promised.

    • squid says:

      agreed. reminds me alot like how jones talked all this shit how he was gonna standup and strike with brandon vera and he took him down within the first minute of the first round. i liked carlos condit bfore this fight, but now im just disappointed really.

  37. TeaCP says:

    Wow there are way too many gay sex references in this thread for what we’re talking about, but I’ll keep it to topic. Diaz thinking that he clearly won this fight is about as legitimate as Chael thinking he beat Silva for the title. Walking someone down and then doing no damage because the other fighter cut angles and had great footwork is like a wrestler getting stuffed on every take down. I don’t see that as octagon control when you are not controlling where the fight is taking place. Then when you’ve got Condit landing counter strikes and combos with every limb of his body, that actually does score points. This wasn’t a blow out by any means, but a CLEAR victory for Condit. And the way that Nick disrespected Carlos and made a fool of himself after the fight……no rematch.

  38. BJC says:


    Is this Nick.? Because you would think it was.You spell and sound as illiterate as Nick Diaz

  39. the original steve says:

    i wish cesar gracie would shut the fuck up for once. it wasn’t clear at all for either fighter. it was one of the closest fights ive seen. i could’ve saw it go either way. i would like to see a rematch though

  40. Sean says:

    Sorry tools. If you think Diaz won you are just a Diaz fan. If you know condit won you are a MMA fan and know what you are looking for. Acting like a street thug and walking forward into punches and kicks doesn’t mean you win, it means you make a great moving punching bad

  41. GreenTeaBagger says:

    So Condit should have lost because he had a better game plan? Because he chose to use his strengths instead of standing and trading with Diaz?

    Condit must be REALLY good to get that many leg kicks in while he is running away. Speaking of running away…..has Gracie locked the back door yet; don’t want a Diaz to run out of it…

  42. GreenTeaBagger says:

    Besides Gracie, if the Judges didn’t like Diaz he wouldn’t have won any of the rounds.

  43. Philippe says:

    lol baby kicks…. Nick’s leg just magically swelled up right? Face busted up more than Condit? Condit striked more than Diaz, landed more leg kicks then Diaz, and effectively executed his game plan. Whereas Diaz kept walking forward and talking and ALSO did effectively land strikes but did not adapt at all in a 5 round fight. Condit clearly won that decision and I scored it rounds 2,3,4, and maybe 5 but the 3 rounds for sure. The only thing Diaz should take out of this fight is that he has a big hole that he needs to work on and how to adapt throughout the fight if his walking forward and talking smack isnt working or just retire because this a big eye opener for the rest of the WW division. I actually am a fan of both Diaz and Condit but the way UFC decided to completely overlook Condit and made it all about Diaz needing to get rid of Condit and fight GSP in the promos, UFC deserved this. Notice how DW and GSP looked unhappy? it wasn’t just cause Condit won but also because they saw a lot of $$$ gone.

  44. slacker says:

    Gracie is in conscious denial of the loss and is a sore loser who seethes with envy toward Greg Jackson. But he chooses his words carefully to hide it. He is a fraud. How can you trust a guy who says he agrees with Dana’s decision to pull Nick from a fight for his no – show for GSP, and then 24 hours later pulls a 180 degree reversal like a complete sociopath? Diaz should leave his camp if he wants to grow as a fighter and a human being.

  45. Kali130 says:

    I’m not a Nick Diaz fan. I actually thought Nick would get killed by Condit, however, Condit proved me wrong. He literally ran for five rounds. I clearly saw him duck his head and run to the other side of the ring several times. As for as landing more strikes that’s ridiculous. He landed more leg kicks and that’s about it. Diaz blocked Condit’s kicks and made an attempt to win the fight. Condit’s best round was round four, but he did absolutely nothing to win the fight. This was worse than Floyd Mayweather running around the ring. Diaz wasn’t hurt at any point in the fight. This was a championship fight, which means you have to convincingly make an attempt to take the belt not win on points. Also what people do not know about compute box numbers is that any strike landed on any part of the body is counted, so even if a strike hit Diaz’s shoulder it would be considered a body punch. If a punch grazed his face it would have been counted as a punch to the face. To win on compute box numbers all you have to do is throw more strikes rather hard or soft. If a punch is thrown with the back arm it would be considered a power shot regardless of how hard you threw the punch. This was a good strategy if you’re into those kind of things, but I’m not. There’s a difference between being elusive and running, and what I saw Saturday was running. Elusive is Anderson Silva, Pernell Whitaker, at times Floyd Mayweather, James Toney, Roy Jones Jr. Muhammad Ali, Yuroikis Gamboa, Bernard Hopkins. That wasn’t being elusive. It was stay away from this guy because I’m going to get killed. As a student of the game and a fight fan I am disgusted with Saturday night’s performance.

    • Shawn says:

      Diaz didn’t do any better either. He spent more time trying to lure Condit to a punching match, than actually trying to knock his head off. He should have been more aggressive like he was in his Penn fight. He was slow to pull the trigger too. And when he did throw punches, not many of them connected. Tell me, being a student of the game, would you stand there and trade with Diaz, knowing THAT’s exactly what he wants you to do. That that is how he beats down ALL his opponents. Or would you fight a smart game and not fall into that trap, and avoid being pinned up against the cage for him to wail on you. I thought so. In a sense, Diaz was fighting for points as well. The only time he actually did something significant, was the last round when he tried to get a submission. And if you know Diaz from way back when, he only goes for the submission when he thinks he might lose the fight. I had Diaz taking 1 and 5. Carlos did enough to take 2, 3, and 4.

  46. Gareth Hobbs says:

    I was not impressed with Nick’s game plan. He fought as a boxer, not as a Jiu Jitsu black belt.

    Rousimar Palhares would not have made this mistake.

    Know your strengths.

  47. Gareth Hobbs says:

    I was not impressed with Nick’s game plan. He fought as a boxer, not as a Jiu Jitsu black belt. Rousimar Palhares would not have made this mistake. Know your strengths.

  48. What is everyone crying about ….. what condit did was the same Shit diaz did to Penn…..everyone wanted Penn to not cry and take it like a man well now its diaz turn to take it like a man….I had no doubts as to who won I knew condit was gonna take the decision around the middle of the 4th round

  49. drake the predator s says:

    The people who say leg kicks are not significant must have never been kicked in the legs by someone who knows how to throw them. I want to see Nick say that his shit didn’t hurt the next day. One properly landed kick will make your legs go numb

  50. Kingron84 says:

    Gracie can cry alll he wants there are 2 main things going for Condit,fiirst the judges gave him the win but secondly as long as the boss thought you won, who gives a shit what Diaz fans, Gracie fans or anyone else thinks. In the en Dana thought he won and that isall that matters.

  51. mma is my religion says:

    BJ Penn already wants to kick gracie’s ass and if he keeps this up Carlos is going to want to whoop that ass too.

  52. Donnybrook says:

    Of course he does… no wonder Nicks so fked up with an arse hole like that coaching him

  53. 16v149 says:

    bj so what you think .The trend now, is hit and run, Condiot, Edgar

    Like Bonnar stated a W keeps you on the payroll. A toe to

    toe lost, get you cut. UFC BORING

  54. B-Wes says:

    Actually wanted this fight for Diaz, but after watching it, I have to give it to Condit. Diaz just looked flustered through the later rounds. Condit had the better striking in my opinion, more technical and great boxing. I’m not a fan of point fighting or the hit and run tactic but it was up to Diaz to change his stradegy and look for another way to win the fight, which he didn’t do until the final two minutes. I got the first two for Diaz and the last three for Condit. Close fight, but in the end I think Condit was the better fighter. Wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch, maybe Diaz will have the ability to adjust.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      how do u give condit the 5th if diaz got the only td and mounted his back? smh

      • B-Wes says:

        Condit was beating him up until that takedown and did a good job defending the submission attempt(s) when he was down and once again held Diaz to NO offense, even on the ground. Close round, got to give it to Condit.

        • Lizzardking says:

          Totally agree, a takedown does not negate all the strikes if you don’t do anything w/ it. And I don’t want to here IF there was more time he would have had the sub. that is a stupid argument. IF’s don’t win points or fights.

  55. UnitedChurchofPenn says:

    This is HI-larious!

    First of all, you can walk forward all day, if you can’t hit the guy, you CAN’T win.

    That’s the first issue, the second issue, Nick came to “Fight Exciting” what the F*ck does that even mean?

    Here’s an idea…. Diaz has ONLY ever been effective when he pushes someone or backs them up into the fence, and uses his hand speed to do damage/stop fights.

    WHY…WHY… would Condit fall in to the SAME trap so many others have?

    That’s not excting it’s stupid. So many fighters believe they can strike with Diaz, and they’re wrong and it costs them each time.

    Condit did the opposite, rather than attack on the way in, Diaz tried to “WALK” Condit into the fence, and use the SAME tactic he’s used in his last 5 fights.

    Go back and watch them. It worked until he ran into someone who wasn’t going to be forced into a corner.

    If this fight happens again, same result, I’d bet on it, and I’m not a betting man.

    I’d personally rather see Diaz vs St. Pierre but respect to Condit for making it happen.

  56. mmafan says:

    people saw the fight as a running game for condit. everyone should learn from the past, this game is a growing mental game, not getting cornered by your opponent and try to execute your game plan is always the best plan. back then when royce grab and hug his opponent, all you people saw was someone hugging his opponent trying to save his life from being punch or kicked. people booed royce coz his opponents dont know how to adjust their game from the ground, but then everyone realized this was an effective plan and everyone was using it. using your game plan makes a good fight. its not always a slugfest this is not a browl in the park, its mixed martial arts. you try to learn what to do when a certain circumstances occur you try to adopt to it. if condit is running you say, why does not diaz try to out wrestle him and bring him to the ground where condit can’t run. you need to adjust to your opponents game plan and adjust it to have yourself on the advantage. there are other options diaz can do to have condit cornered, but diaz didn’t adjust, he just tried to boxed(which is ufc is not a boxing match). diaz lost coz he didn’t adjust to condits game plan.

  57. mma is my religion says:

    I think condit is still running.

  58. Ruben says:

    Cesar gracie is a chump

  59. Jus lost a little respect for Nick Diaz

  60. Shawn says:

    I wanted to see a “dog fight”. But neither fighter was willing to pull the trigger. IMO, they both played it safe. Condit played a smart game and did the “stick and jab, then move” play. Diaz did his usual “reel him into a swing fest and counter with a bunch of punches” style. But that only works if his opponent gets drawn into a slug fest. Sure Diaz pressed Condit, by walking him down. But he really didn’t do anything significant. He did his usual jabs and body shots, but nothing major, and not enough. He had Condit up against the cage a number of times, but didn’t do much when he did. There were a couple of times where he threw a barrage of punches to the body, but he let Condit maneuver away from him. Condit did throw more strikes that landed. Diaz was thrown off his game plan. What he should have done was pull the trigger and let his hands fly when he got Carlos up against the cage. There are only two reasons why he didn’t want to do that. 1. He doesn’t feel comfortable being the aggressor (in the true sense, and not trying to just frustrate your opponent) especially when he hasn’t worn down his opponent. Or 2. He was apprehensive to stand and bang with Condit. And he did mention that Condit is one of those guys that will knock your teeth out. And that he wanted to leave the cage with his teeth intact. This is what happens when both fighters mostly fight the counter game. It was a close fight, but in the end (after watching it 3 times), I still had Condit winning by decision. As much as I like Carlos, I really wanted Diaz to pull this off. He just didn’t do as much to get the decision. He should have done more punching and kicking, instead of mocking Condit. It didn’t work this time for him for this opponent.

    What disappointed me the most, is his remark at the end. He’s done with MMA, because he lost a fight? C’mon. Even IF he was suppose to be ahead on the score cards, there have been plenty of bad judges decisions, but you don’t see these guys say they are sick of it and quit. Even if he didn’t mean it, and it was said in frustration…c’mon homie, your suppose to be a professional. Take your licks and get back on the horse man. I’m pretty sure no one else would have “baby cried”.

    • dustin says:

      whoever wrote this blog is clearly a moron if you think carlos condit won that fight. He spent the whole 25 minutes running like a bitch. You can’t win a fight running away

  61. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I can’t wait till UFC Japan that way we can put this fight as far away from recent memory as possible. We can watch fights like Rampage vs Bader and Frankie vs Bendo. Both will be exciting but will most likely end in decision. I won’t be mad because at least they will try to finish one another.

  62. guamy says:

    it takes 2 to fight. in a dog fight you dont see one dog chasing another one, no they both come to fight, kill or be killed. another warrior ruined by greg jackson tactics.

  63. Jessed2011 says:

    Why would Condit want to have a rematch before fighting GSP? That is a lose lose situation for him. If he wins, so what? He beat an opponent he has already beaten. If he loses, he loses his title shot in which he has earned. The best scenerio is to let him and GSP for the title. Nick needs to take a fight before then, to set up another #1 contender fight in which he would get the loser of the title fight. If condit loses, Nick gets his rematch, if GSP loses, Nick gets a much anticipated fight. My suggestion to Nick is to have a better gameplan if he plans to succeed. Apparently his last gameplan was called Jerry Springer…….Thats when you stand on a stage and decide to talk while someone else tries to punch your fucking head off!!!!

  64. 10 dan says:

    It is disgusting when a fighter misses press conferences, speaks incoherently, says he wants to retire, and go on rants about f’ ing someones mother, yet his coach doesn’t care about his well being. Unfortunately, this guy won’t have a champion to make more money with his training brand anytime soon. Try lobbying for Nate to get a title shot, Nick has had enough when you can understand what he saying.

  65. Ainokea says:

    Don’t Be Sad Homie

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