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Tuesday, 08/28/2012, 10:36 am

Cesar Gracie Says Greg Jackson's Approach To MMA Won't Capture Imagination And Trust Of Fans | MMA NEWS

“Number one, let me say that I really don’t know Greg personally, so I don’t want to say anything against his character because I don’t have anything personal against him. But I look at things from the angle of fighting, and the guys I admired coming up were the Chuck Liddells of the world…the champs that fought anybody, and I see the people out of Greg Jackson’s and it’s a different approach. I don’t think that approach is going to capture the imagination and trust of the fans.

When I see people trying to get the decision by dancing around, and I see a lot of that with one particular camp, then yeah, I’m going to criticize it. I think this is another reflection of that. Don’t take this fight, who knows why, because strategically it might not be good for you.”

Famed coach and leader of the 209 crew, Cesar Gracie, recently sat down with Full Contact Fight and discussed his thoughts on Greg Jackson and his approach to Mixed Martial Arts.


18 Responses to “Cesar Gracie Says Greg Jackson's Approach To MMA Won't Capture Imagination And Trust Of Fans | MMA NEWS”

  1. jim says:

    anyone remember when Bj wanted to bring the “fighting” back to Ultimate Fighting?

  2. MrGrooveSSC says:

    This is one time I have to agree with Cesar. His fighters come out fighting and pushing the fights. It may not be the best game plan sometimes but that’s what fans want to see…fighters pushing and engaging in the fights.

  3. GET RID OF JONES (forever) says:

    Hey Cesar! Walking forward and taking hits is not a good way to fight either! Just ask Nick Diaz

  4. Badboykilla says:

    What Cesar Gracie said holds a lot of truth the fighters back in the day were warriors. Chuck, Randy,Vitor, wand, etc they fought anybody the champs of days past didn’t fight to squeak out a decision they fought for the finish. If the UFC or mma in general doesn’t watch out this sport will turn into boxing all over again. Champions not wanting to fight the best for fear of losing the title, the “limelight”, they should bring back the yellow card system for fight stalling. Winning is winning but jon fitch wins the vast majority of his fights and I don’t seeing the fight fans lining up to praise him. Stop the dancing and bring the fighting. That’s what you get paid to do.

  5. magoo says:

    Ahhh gonna try and capitalize on someone else’s misfortunes! Get out there Ceasar and win yourself some fans!…..lmao

    • Sasquatch says:

      You could be on to something magoo, but I can’t help but agree with him here… and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t particularly care much for the man.

  6. GetRidOFLayNPrayFighters(Forever) says:


  7. Xaninho says:

    He’s right. Greg Jackson is killing MMA, If he continues like this none of his fighters will be signed by the leading MMA organizations anymore.

  8. Dee says:

    I want to clear this up for a lot of people that do not know anything about fighting. Footwork is not running around in circles to avoid contact. Footwork is strategically placing yourself in position to land or defend a strike. Footwork is not running.
    The reason why fights go to decision is to protect the fighters from long grueling wars that can take a toll on the body-possibly cause death. The objective has always been to knock the other guy out. Judging simply decides who was more effective in trying to do so (knock the other guy out). It is not to judge how good someone looked or danced around.
    Fighters who had good footwork were: Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Roy Jones Jr., Sugar Ray Leonard, Hector Camacho, Oscar De La Hoya and the list can go on. There’s thousands of Different footwork. The Marvelous Marvin Hagler never back pedaled but still possessed wonderful footwork. He was able to be aggressive and counter fighters at the same time.

    What we see today from a lot of fighters isn’t footwork. It isn’t being smart. It’s simply running. These guys like Condit and a few others use the entire perimeter of the octagon to run and avoid fighting. Ask yourself how many power shots did he actually land? And before you mentioned the occasional pops he gave Diaz, let me remind you that a power shot requires for the foot to be planted. Not jumping in the air and running back out.

    Finally compare Condit’s “footwork” or Guida’s whatever you want to call it to Muhammad Ali’s. What do you get? You’ll see that Muhammad Ali stopped and made exchanges. You’ll see him countering fighters. You’ll see him hurting guys; thus, being the reason why he had a higher knock out percentage than Condit or Guida. No disrespect to them or anyone else, but the strategies that are coming out of Jackson’s camp isn’t fighting at all. It’s wooing simple minded judges who can’t tell the difference.

    P.S. Condit in many different occasions literally turned his back and ran from Diaz. That’s not srtategy. Jones did it once against Rampage. Guida is an idiot. I just want ya to know the difference.

    • Nick says:

      Conndit has a 96 percent finhing rate that was one fight and now everyone i like fuck rundint I’m a Diaz Bro fan but still you can’t be mad at a dude when he does that one time. Look at when Silva fought Miai he danced around alot that won’t be the defining moment of his carer and Conndints will be taking GSP’s head of

      • Dee says:

        I want you to read what I wrote before you draw your conclusions. I was addressing the issue of people saying that Condit and Guida used perfect footwork to win their highly contested fights. There’s nothing in that long statement that is damaging to Condit or Guida’s characters or reputations as fighters. I was explaining to uninformed people about what is footwork and why people like Cesar Gracie were complaining against Greg Jackson and others that use these styles to sway judges into making decisions. Also if you go back to the Silva and Maia fight you will see that Silva actually hurt Maia through out the fight, which wasn’t the case in the Condit and Diaz fight. I also would like to bring to your attention that Silva owned up to his actions regarding the fight and was very transparent to why he behaved the way he did, which isn’t the case with Greg Jackson or Condit.

  9. KIDD433 says:

    @DEE^Finally some knowledgeable output on here.

  10. JHerrr says:

    I agree with his statement but, Gil Melendez and Jake Shields have been pretty boring lately. He can’t really talk. Shields is on my top of boring fighters. He may have surpassed Jon Fitch with his laying strategy against Ed Herman.

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