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Friday, 09/09/2011, 09:20 am

Cesar Gracie: Nick's Respect For Penn, Makes This Fight Harder

“[BJ Penn] is the better fighter of the two. Georges St. Pierre is the bigger fighter of the two. He can beat people by being bigger or whatever. But this is the better fighter of the two. He’s more technical. He’s got a better ground game. He’s got a better stand up game.”

“He wants to fight GSP. He wants to beat that guy up. But BJ Penn is a different story, I think he has more respect for BJ. He isn’t a juice head and he actually tries technique in a fight. Georges St. Pierre is the bigger fighter, but [Penn] is the better fighter.”

“I talked to Dana after he pulled the fight. I explained why it was a mistake to pull the fight. I understood. I was as mad at Nick as anybody. When I calmed down a little bit and looked at the situation, I said not only am I Nick’s trainer, manager…whatever, but I’m also a fan of the sport. And I’m thinking “why is Dana punishing the fans of the sport?” Punish Nick. Fine him a nice fat hefty fine. Do whatever you’re gonna do and punish him. All he did was miss a press conference. Seriously? Did one fan in this world even care? It did not make sense to me. I told them this afterwards.”

Check out the full interview below and listen to Cesar call the new booking between Penn and Diaz the real main event of the evening as he describes that now no one cares about the Condit fight, plus more.


149 Responses to “Cesar Gracie: Nick's Respect For Penn, Makes This Fight Harder”

  1. Michael says:

    It’s about time somebody stepped in and removed Dana White from his position. He treats the UFC like the Dana White clubhouse. Taking Nick out of this fight is ridiculous. Nobody cares about a press-conference. He is screwing the fans out of an excellent fight.

    • Brett says:

      I think Cesar has a point though. I’d much rather see Penn-Diaz then GSP-Condit. I’m not gonna lie, I’m bummed about not seeing Penn and Condit go at it cuz that’s an interesting match up but I think us fans are being treated with a great show. Hopefully Bj and Carlos win so they can fight each other for the title.

      • dustin says:

        you arnt the only one who feels this way. it blows my mind that they take Diaz out and then put him against penn. GSP was scared.. he asked them to do it.

        • Ryan says:

          Well if you asked me Diaz is the one who is scared to fight GSP, Diaz was already told that all the PR stuff was all part of the job. Diaz was well aware what would happen if he didnt show up. If he wanted to fight GSP so bad all he had to do was show up. So who is dodging who?

    • Brandon says:

      the reasons he was removed from the fight though is the way he “disappeared” snuck out of cesar’s back door and turned off his phone, would not answer dana’s calls, nates calls, or cesars calls. and nobody could find him..and it was the 2nd time it had happened.. now what would happen if they sold out an arena and poof..he pulled a disappearing act again, he said twice he was gonna be at the press conferences and both times didnt show up..the organization cant risk that happening on fight day..because then they are required to offer refunds on all the ticket sales and not just the presales.. its alot of money the org can lose as well as alot more disappointment to the fans. at least this way there is still a main event.

      • damian says:

        brandon your clueless

        • Al says:

          No, you’re clueless. It’s a job and he has a contract he signed. Nick was a no-show for a Strikeforce title fight in 2009, just days before it was supposed to happen. You know how much it costs the UFC to put on a show, how many fans watch the fights? Then take into account his past, and now two no-shows after telling you to your face he’d be there. AND on top of that UFC actually re-booked several flights for him to still try and make it. Instead, he disappears, doesn’t answer his phone, and his own manager didn’t know where he was. After all that, would you still feel comfortable keeping the fight?

          He signed a contract and the press conference is part of the contract. Everyone complains about Dana/Zuffa but doesn’t realize there’s a reason why UFC is at the top of MMA; because they don’t bullshit, they run a business and give the best fights, they don’t give in to fighter’s drama. If they don’t do the job, they don’t have a job.

        • robert says:

          AL i bet you were so excited for that press conference,dam you must have been dissapointed. for the record zuffa hasnt done as much for the sport as they have for themselves,look at the fighters and organizations they have put out of business.get real dude .

        • arrecife says:

          In response to robert:

          Zuffa has done a great deal for this sport.
          Zuffa made this sport both respectable and profitable. Because of Zuffa’s direct actions through lobbying and education mma is now sanctioned in many more states than was the case prior to their purchase of the UFC.
          Without UFC’s actions through education and lobbying many more states would still perceive mma as nothing more than human cockfighting. This means that I, like many others, can enjoy a live mma fight without having to travel to another state.
          Because Zuffa made the UFC so popular and profitable fighters like GSP and A.Silva have made thousands through fight salaries and endorsement deals. These guys wouldn’t be making nearly as much if Zuffa had not exponentially increased mma’s popularity.
          The fact that most casual fans cannot differentiate between mma and UFC “fighting” is enough to tell you that Zuffa has done a tremendous amount for the growth of this sport…

          Remember when mma was on free tv prior to Zuffa? Me neither.

        • rebel213 says:


        • Michael Moore says:

          The UFC is a bussiness. It’s the fighters job. If you didn’t show up to work for two days they’d fire you. Nick Diaz was given a golden oppurtinity and didn’t have the maturity to do his job.

      • bruts says:

        i think its really really pathetic that dana can cut people because the dont come to a “press confrence” gsp vs nick diaz would of been way better then gsp vs condit, nick doesnt get knocked or submitted, condit will get owned in the 2nd round and brandon YOU DONT NEED TO GO TO PRESS CONFERENCES TO BE IN A FIGHT, they arent mandatory… and anyways they hype up the fight when people dont show to press confrences, dana’s just bein a BITCH fuckin stupid bitch

        • Mark says:

          Hey Bruts,
          Press conferences ARE MANDATORY. They’re in the contract that Diaz signed. This isn’t a street fight. The UFC is a professional organization and this fight is business for them. If a fighter signs a contract, he’s expected to fulfill the obligations in it. Diaz acted like a 14-year old kid running away from home. He’s a professional fighter and needs to act like one.

        • Mike says:

          Yeah, I know, if I want to breach my contract that I signed, my boss should totally be cool with that. If I promise my boss I’ll go somewhere, and I don’t go, not my fault. If I don’t return his calls when he’s looking for me, he’s better still be giving me that pay raise I’ve been asking for.

          Being responsible, psh.

        • Nick says:

          Diaz is a pussy TG he cant use boxing as an excuse anymore , I think he realized that GSP aint Paul Daley or KJ Noons and he pussed out!!! Hes been bitching about money for a long time, they finally were willing to pay and he flaked not once but three times!!! His daddy Ceaser can talk about GSP all he wants being the bigger fighter than BJ but the fact is “the better fighter ” is a big 0 for 2 against GSP as is Koscheck and the list goes on!!! Dana and the UFC are on the hook for millions should Diaz decide that he wants to stay home and hit the pizzle some more so get off it !!! This is for all the dumb asses who either cant get over Bj being 0-2 which btw his corner threw in the towel and Diaz bein the dumbest motherfucker in MMA!!!

        • Nick says:

          And Btw ceaser its time to stop hating on everyone whos jitsu and technique ispassing you by like 10th planet, I know it sucks but it cant be 1992 forever too bad so sad!!!

        • Artemis Entreri says:

          Good observations.

        • arrecife says:

          Confucius once said that masturbation leads to hostility and poor logic.

        • stupid bruts says:

          fucking moron

      • Kay says:

        They actually arent required to give any refunds, ticketmaster never gives refunds unless the entire event is cancelled and it states in the fine print that the fight card is always subject to change.

    • Al Callander says:

      Who does nick think he is? All he’s done in his last 10 or so fights is beat a bunch of bums who couldn’t make it in the ufc.he will get destroyed by Penn and it would be worse if he fought gsp. He actually thinks Penn is better that gsp…..hey Nick whatch the fight between them then open your mouth. The ONLY talent you and your brother have is your ability to beek off at the gums. Ant mma fan would know that and remember your only as good as the guys you’ve beat, and they are nobodys, take a look at them and look at who they beat.

      • chris says:

        I like how everyone is going Nick is a stupid dick for leaving , i say so what you miss a press conference, he has never , ever, everrrrrrrrrr missed a fight. so what i don’t go and address questions from the same people that dog me as soon as a lose once. Reporters are not fans, they keep the guys that deserve it out of the halls of fame in other sports. I can’t get your vote because i never did an interview with you. How messed up is that. Let the fans decide in a poll if he should fight or not and blam you have your decision made by us who pay 55 bucks to see fights that Dana doesn’t put together.

    • Dana White says:

      Do you really think Dana makes all the decisions without others input?

      You dummy.

    • Xaninho says:

      It’s not about the press-conference, it’s about being a reliable fighter. If Dana White let’s this whole “Not showing up situation” with Nick Diaz go, then what message does that send to the rest? “You can promise me everything and break all you promises, fuck me over but you can still fight for the belt”?

      In certain environments the same shit Diaz just pulled can get you killed….

    • Jay says:

      I care, Diaz is a deadbeat, not to mention his resume is weak… GSP would eat em…
      Thats the only unfortunate thing about the whole situation…. We wont get to see Diaz get beat like the punk ass kid he is…

      This MAY be the first time EVER Ive wanted to see BJ Win a fight…

    • kevin says:

      Michael, why don’t you fuck yourself in the ass then swallow your own load! You are a fukin idiot and a retarded douche fuk!

    • ariel high-wani says:

      all you gay diaz dick riders can get bent… this thing was so black and white (and yellow up nicks back) i cant beleive you posers are even wasting time here trying to make a case

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Look in the mirror dude if anyone is a poser it is you. Nick diaz is more of a REAL FIGHTER than most of the lay n prayer, stallers in the UFC. whe the last time you saw Nick Diaz come out and try beat someone at their weakest point? NEVER, He will go toe to toe with anyone anywhere anytime. You can haver your coward Greg jackson game plan point fighters like GSP who would rather run away like a pussy today so they can stall way on another day. no fighters in the UFC or MMa com eto fight like Diaz and BJ penn.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      There’s not one MMA fighter out there that doesn’t think GSP is JUICING. Come one GSP fights what every 11 months or so and knowing when he will be tested makes it that much easier plus most likey GSP is using HGH which no athletic commision is curently testing for it because its very expensive. Maor league baseball has billions and billions of dollars and have been around since the 1800’s and they just this year strated testing for HGH. I’m sure only the fighers that make HUGe amounts of money like GSP are able to afford HGH but there is absolutly no doubt in my mind he is a steroid abuser. Anyone that has half brain can tell which fighters are using and which are not. That one fighter (polish experiement) said what 85% are juicing and if anyone would know it would be him. i think its more like 95% but thats just my opinion. BJ and Diaz are 2 of the very few that arn’t juicing i think thats fairly obvious.

    • Read That And Remember says:

      What? Seriously someone will replace dana. Damn my dream is now true…. seriously i don’t think this will happen since dana get 9% of the revenus, fertitta brothers 44% and a prince in abu dhabi get the rest of the revenus.

      Fertitta brothers can’t do it, the prince i don’t think so, dana is there and i don’t think he will be replaced. Never forget it’s lorenzo and dana who drive this business following a code of making more money. Always more so yea you buy shitty games, shitty stuff they put out frequently just to make more money. The fights are no different, if GSP would lose his belt he would sell less PPV since he is not champ anymore. So there you have it…. Nick was on the line without knowing it, dana wanted to protect his poster boy and make the big $ so first thing Nick did, dana jumped. The proof is he just put him on the event under the main event witb BJ. Toc Toc… if dana was mad he would have cut Diaz. This is a $ game bro… not a sport! The old good time of Gracie UFC is over. Not it’s owned by promoters and what promoters do? They make fucking money as much as they can twisting the wowel until no more water drop… in this case it’s not water, it’s money!

      GSP is close to a retire…. i live in Montreal 20mins from Tristar and i am here frequently. They should change GSPs nickname “TheRush” for “GonnaScorePoints” (gsp). He just want his $ + the % on the PPV and get back home for 6 months.

      Now we are in the era of truth. People are waking the fuck up at a speed never seen before so what do you see on the web? People saying GSP is a borring fighter… 10000s of post on Google for these keywords. He can’t continue on this way soon he will be booooooed… for real!

      Anyway UFC is not a sport…. when you watch it and see some mixed martial arts like BJJ, Boxing, Wrestling, etc, enjoy when you see it as for this moment it’s a pure mixed martial arts because in fact what you watch is months of preparation strategy to NOT GO where the other opponent fighter is the better. The UFC was created to find out who is the best style… now it’s who have the best strategy and who can follow the strategy when fighting in the octagone. For now it’s GSP who is verry smart…. but for the fans these kind of strategy are borring and are only working to gain fans at the beginning of the process.

      I hope someone will read this and will learn few things… no body told me anything of this… i am just awakened in these days of awakening. The truth is there and lots of people can see it.

      • TunisianMan says:

        Thanks, I totally agree with you.
        Dana said it himself, GSP is the biggest PPV seller in the UFC (yes far more than Brock ). That’s why he’s protecting him.
        But, you know what, when Rory Mcdonalds will become a big star, Dana will get rid of GSP with a big pleasure. Because Dana hates GSP as much as any other fan of this sport

  2. ace vasquez says:

    haha Gsp is a juice head…FUCKIN CHEATER!!!

  3. raven2k12 says:

    Great interview! GSP is definitely not a better fighter, but uses his size to win.

      • chad says:

        proven false? are you insane? it was on national television! he was caught red handed…what more proof do you need? let me guess…you’re under 25 and just started watching mma less than 5 years ago, right? typical gsp nut hugging noob.
        he’s a cheater and he obviously was trying to duck nick, like he’s been ducking anderson all this time.
        cesar is spot on and has every right to be upset. the UFC is obviously catering to georges’ desire to fight who he perceives as the easier opponent. now nick is stuck fighting against a guy he actually likes, rather than beating gsp’s lame ass. he’s been asking for that fight forever and it’s a fight georges never wanted…so i guess georges gets what he wants, for now. maybe after carlos and bj win, nick will finally get his crack at gsp. and bj can fight condit for the title. then we can finally weed out all these bandwagon jumpers and get back to mma… instead of the ultimate dry-humping, point-fighting championships.

        • Mike says:

          GSP ducking Diaz? The guy who has an average UFC record? The guy who has, in past experiences, had trouble with wrestlers, which is GSP’s forte? The guy who snuck out the back door, and hid from Dana, Georges, and even his own manager?

          Do you see the flaw in your logic yet?

        • James says:

          nick theeazz will get owned by bj. whether he likes him or not.

        • Voicein the desert says:

          Yes. We all saw Nurse apply a small amount of Vaseline on GSP’s upper back and then the fight official towel it off.

          Question: Why doesn’t anybody mention Anderson Silva taking the Vaseline from his face and rubbing it all over his body right in front of the cameras? Does that not seem absolutely deliberate?

          Note: he did it again vs Akiyama…

      • keola says:

        yeah WTF?!! Dude u should just stop watching MMA altogether and get into politics. They love turning a blind eye to corruption and conspiracy.

        • zack says:

          when did anderson ever fight akiyama retard. pretty sure vaseline doesnt make you punch someone in thier jaw harder or more accurate?

      • jason N says:

        Not sure it was proven false

        • cam says:

          NSAC investigated and found no such thing. i guess every nerd on the internet is smarter than the officials who investigate this stuff for a living.

    • henry Kobasky says:

      GSP doesn’t rely on his size to win. He looked small compared to Thiago Alves, but he repeatedly took him down…with ease. GSP is freakishly stong to the point that guys who are known for their strength (like Alves and Hughes), look anemic by comparison. Best takedowns in MMA…most athletic…strongest…most intelligent game plans. Remember what Fitch did to BJ in the 3rd round? Did he do that to GSP? No, St. Pierre tossed Fitch around like an 8 year old girl. To say that GSP is not the better fighter is ridiculous.

  4. Amandeep says:

    He’s changed his tune…

  5. Chris says:

    If GSP finishes Condit, I will eat a 10 gallon hat.

    • damian says:

      i will blow you and im not gay.

      • You better start suckin and the other guy better start eating bc gsp is going to whoop up on Condit, just bc of inexperience. I like Carlos’s style and it’s possible he could land a good shot. Diaz would’ve been a better fight for gsp just bc of skills and nick’s toughness.. Dude can take some punishment. Gsp will manhandle Condit.. end of story.

        • Jmad says:

          Inexperienced? I don’t know if you can call Condit that.

        • Mike says:

          Carlos Condit: 32 fights. 27 wins. 26 finishes.

          Georges St. Pierre: 24 fights. 22 wins. 13 finishes.

          Condit is so inexperienced .

        • Has he ever fought anybody like Gsp? He has 5 fights in the UFC, and don’t get me wrong he beat some good up and comer and lost to Kampmann. I hope Condit wins this fight, but it going to be tough..this is the big show boys!

        • Mike says:

          I’m just saying he’s anything from inexperienced, and has the tools to beat GSP. My money, however, is on GSP, don’t get me wrong. This is going to be much more competitive fight than Diaz vs GSP, and Condit has earned a shot. He wasn’t Nick who fought subpar competition for the last few years. If Condit knocks out GSP…oh yes, life would be grand 😀

        • Oh a dumbass in our midst! 5 UFC fights is what I was referring too FOOL! Relax Mikey..

        • Mike says:

          Uh, UFC fights aren’t all that matter, you realize that right? And chill out friend, I’m just poking some huge holes in your nonexistent logic. You calling Condit inexperienced just shows that you have very little knowledge on the guy. And don’t give me the “I meant UFC experience” thing. As I said, UFC fights aren’t all that matter. And despite a split decision loss, he’s been on a tear recently.

          And you calling me a dumbass is funny when you think Diaz is a bigger challenge than Condit. Also getting angry when I didn’t insult you, just disagreed with you.

          So yeah, grow up, and do some research friend. Peace.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          Jesus Chart…thats just too much.

        • Whatcha u talkin about mang? What’s too much? Condit is an awesome up n comer, but 4-1 in the UFC .. He’s got potential.. That’s all I’m saying. You think Condit is going to beat GSP? I like Condit don’t think he’s ready for the greaster tho..

        • Mike.. Not angry at anything. Inexperience in the UFC .. The big leagues.. Not wec..Pancrase..ROTR.. or whatever. That’s all I’m saying got me? Peace out. Btw I like Carlos he’s a badass!

        • JARIS AKA ANGERFIST says:

          You don’t make sense and are wrong again.. WEC or any league is just as good as the UFC..

          UFC has used media to market.. Don’t think all the people Condit has fought were no ones.. He has beaten legit people..

          I think he will knock GSP out or SUBMIT him.. like Diaz..

    • Tom Ryan says:

      Have no worries, GSP can’t even finish a 10 gallon hat.

  6. dave says:

    nick signed up for this and signed a contract which probabbly includes media stops. Even burger king would fire him for 2 no call no shows. Diaz diddnt stand a chance reguardless. I hope BJ knocks his fucking teeth in. He’s always bitchin about making no money nd then he skips out on his biggest pay day yet. He deserves what he gets.

    • Miles says:

      The press conferences and public appearances are part of what you are contractually obligated to do when you sign with the UFC. It’s right there in black and white. I’m no fan of Dana White but this was about sending a message that you can’t honor the parts of the contract you like (fighting, getting paid) and skip the ones you don’t give a fkk about. Coker had to put up with Diaz’s crap because Strikeforce didn’t have many stars. The UFC doesn’t have that problem. Methinks homie was just scared, like he was of Mayhem, but I think he might be more scared now. War BJ.

      • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

        Good point! I hear a lot of ppl saying how press conference aren’t a “big deal” to attend, then if its truly not a “big deal” then, just “freaken” show up then, geez! The main thing that I’ve analyzed w/ the whole incident is that Diaz basically got everything he wanted: A title shot w/o even fighting anyone in the UFC to earn that chance, an opportunity to fight the best in the division, & getting paid an insurmountable amount of money! And still he couldn’t just suck it up this once and do what he promised! I get it, that being at these things probably seem annoying to him, but the reason he’s getting paid so much is that, these promotions are what help draw even more ppl to want to see this fight, so in conclusion: the more attention this gets, the more potential viewers, the more money he’ll get….its the circle of life of MMA shows dammit!! LOL

  7. Big Cheese says:

    It’s funny how fans trade up as soon as they get something they want. Before the announcement everyone was talking shit about Nick and now everyone is on his nuts. No loyal fans among you. Some but hardly.
    que tienes homie

  8. Jp says:

    I agree with Dave. Not only no call no shows, but strait telling the president of the UFC “Oh I lost my passport, ill for sure be there tomorrow”. Who else lies to the president of the company 2 days in a row and doesnt get punished???

    I really do hope BJ knocks hi F’n teeth in. All you guys saying GSP is a easier fight, well I guess its your opinion. I see you never let truth get in the way of a good story.

    Either way, WAR BJ, hope he KTFO of Diaz and then bish slaps Ceaser who happens to change his tune more then a worn out trumpet.

  9. chardt says:

    They do a LOT of steroid testing. If GSP was guilty of it, he would have been caught. I agree BJ is a better fighter though. Did you see the GSP vs Penn2? Bj lost and didn’t have a mark on him, GSP was busted up.

    And as for Dana, if a guy drops off radar, doesn’t return calls, doesn’t show up for MULTIPLE commitments…do you really want to bet a multi-million dollar fight that he’s going to show up? Dana was right to pull him.

    Just my .02

    A lot of people don’t like Dana, but he’s pretty no-bullshit. You always know where you stand with him.

    • Cricardi says:

      BJ didn’t have a mark on him after Georges because BJ has incredible skin. He doesn’t cut. He was beaten senseless and doesn’t remember the last two rounds. Georges on the other hand, bleeds quite easily.

    • nick is a retard says:

      Nick, you’re retarded

    • Findog23 says:

      penn won round 3 against GSP in the 1st fight. just bc you have top position doesn’t mean shit when all you are trying to do is hump the gym. bj had mission control and was landing strikes. he won the round. 2nd fight well gsp felt he needed to cheat and we all know the rest of the story. somehow you can get caught and nothing happen. amazing how much you can get away with when you are dana’s gay lover

  10. mike f says:

    Sounds like they were already preparing excuses for when gsp beat diaz

  11. reyed says:

    Dude its nicks fucking prob. This is his job. He’s not an amateur, he is a professional fighter, and he’s done a press conference 100 times before. Why not now? Yea not going way the fuck to Canada,that’s understandable, but u wont go to Vegas? That’s nicks back yard basically. I’ve still yet to hear a legit excuse as to why he didn’t go. And u know Dana wasn’t going to put up with it, nor should he.

    I was a huge fun up until that point. I think alot of people were.

    • damian says:

      they hired nick cuz hes a good fighter not a good interview…do you not know this? dana just wanted to take back the leverage nick had when he was going to go box.

    • CBW says:

      That’s right and should be able to say FY and not show up to the dog and pony show for uncle Dana. We are fighters, not PR reps. Get it straight G. Make weight, weigh in, show up and throw down. That’s what it’s about. Not sitting around answering stupid questions about the business side of the UFC and how did your training camp go. We want to fight, now tell you about our training camp went. The answers are the same every time. I can’t believe how lame some fans are. You expect way too much from us fighters. Lets us do what we came to do and that’s fight and entertain, not go to press confrencses and parade around like little girls!

      • reyed says:

        It makes perfect sense and I’m with that. But its part of the job is what I’m saying, especially the stature of the fight!. Every professional athlete has to do it. He knew it was coming. You know ur next big fight is going to have it. I don’t even watch the boring ass press conference’s, but they need to be done.

      • Sarah says:

        your argument would be valid if he didnt sign a contract saying he would be there…….

      • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

        Look as meaningless as these press conferences really are, I don’t recall any other organizations that are getting as big as the UFC going by the business scheme as just weigh in, show up, and fight! I really believe the sport is getting as big as it is and growing to such a powerhouse is due to the fact of “exposure”! If MMA really wants to be as big as Boxing, NBA, NFL, & etc. it has to keep up w/ all the media structures that allow MMA to be taken seriously and legitimized! And I’m sorry to say this, but “playing the game” is what some fans or potential fans prefer. But in all due respect I agree being at press conferences probably sucks, but it all needs to be done if ur trying to promote an event!

      • Justa Thought says:

        Hey fans, lets shell out all the money to generate the revenues for the UFC and it’s Fighters. Oh… that’s right, we already do that. Thanx for showing your appreciation CBW. Anyone else here go to work for a company and just do whatever you feel like as long as you show up? Without PR and communicating with the fans the UFC would not be where it is today, and if you choose not to do those appearances it simply costs you money if no one knows you or wants to see you fight. It takes a lot more that two guys fighting to keep any organization afloat.

  12. Josh says:

    So now they are just gonna take a chance that he doesnt show up for the co main event? I think theres something more to this switching the fights around than just Nick not showing up for the press conferences! Either way Smash him BJ!!!

  13. CBW says:

    Brandon..Who cares…It’s a press confrence. The fans are getting ripped off again because Dana White and his ego. I think Dana can’t stand the fact Nick will be representing the UFC as the Champ when he beats GSP. That’s the cold hard facts B!

  14. You Never Were To Begin With... says:

    If you say you were a BIG FAN of Nick Diaz,but no longer are, YOU WERE NEVER A BIG FAN TO BEGIN WITH. I’m a HUGE fan of BJ, but if he did the same thing, I WOULD STILL BE A HUGE FAN. I’m still a fan of Nick because of his fighting style, and that hasn’t changed. But, I will be on BJ’s side of the Octagon for this fight and appreciate watching two professionals show their skills.

  15. Sarah says:

    bottom line is he signed a contract which states he is going to do press conferences even if he didnt sign a contract he verbally said when he missed the Toronto one he would be there it would be one thing instead of disapearing turning off your phone and saying you missed your flights so they intern spend more money when he know good and well he wasnt going to show up and it isnt like this was his first time doing something disrespectful to the sport and I care about the press conferences watch every one pre and post and to me the worst thing is after all this he didnt say he was sorry or say hey I have this problem with speaking publicly he acted like a spoiled child talking about money and a beauty pagent I was looking forward to Penn vs Condit now I just hope Bj smashes his face in =)

    • CBW says:


    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      The matter of fact is, that this really has never happened in a UFC main event! But u know what, its true that we all don’t truly know what was written on that contract and what Nick signed! But lets look pass the fact that this is an organization that promotes MMA, and see it as a business job structure! Okay, when the President/Boss on record says to show up to something that you’re suppose to and you’re the employee, guess what I think you need to show up to your “job”!

  16. Heanai says:

    Who’s pulling Cesars hair?

  17. Khaos says:

    This fight is going to be a stand up fight im guessing, Diaz is considerably taller then BJ..and it will be interesting to see how BJ gets in the inside to land shots.. both are black belts but BJ has the better ground… I wouldnt be surprised if BJ get the old rear naked choke on Diaz..
    This fight is going to be awesome…shame its only 3 rounds!

  18. exit8 says:

    true that, the power of the fans. everyone is talking about penn/diaz not about gsp/condit.

  19. Chris says:

    Winner of this one surely gets a title shot… Great opp for BJ,
    Butt I think the UFC will have an even more marketable match for GSP if Nick comes out on top

  20. big daddy john says:

    i really dont wanna see nick vs bj… would rather see penn vs condit…

  21. zack says:

    this is gay. why would they pull nick from the main event just to put him in the co main event. them boys from the jackson camp are bitches. i guess one loss is better than two tho. cant have condit and gsp loosin on the same night. its gunna be a hump fest for gsp like always. and bj gunna f*** diaz up if he come with the right mind state. always gotta change the fights around cuz fighters ‘hurt their pinky finger” or didnt show up to a gay ass canadian press conference. dana white might be gay

  22. JOHN D says:

    THIS IS THE BEST THING DANA WHITE HAS EVER DONE!!! he thought about it and was like wow… this makes COMPLETE sense. let me put the average fighter who I cut once before already from the UFC against the ultimate test in BJ, and a dude who actually deserves a title shot, against the champ. this will sting the vagina of all the nick diaz dick riders, but oh well, at least they will now see how pathetic their favorite fighter is!

  23. jarrod says:

    the problem is when you sign a contract you must do what it states. diaz got paid to show up and he didnt show, he got promo checks cut to him and he didnt come through on his part, ppl bad mouthing dana cause he pulled him are nuts, its a business guy, you cant promote you cant get the big pay day simple as that. Then you say Penn is a better fight then GSP i dont see that seeing as Penn lost to GSP, now i dont know what circle you guys come from but my rules are your only as good as your last fight. If Penn fight he beats up the ghetto golden boy in Diaz, if Penn doesnt want to show then he is just a stat for Nick.

    • CBW says:


  24. Dosan says:

    Fuck! I really wanted to see GSP vs Diaz!@#$%^&

  25. CALI says:


  26. jj says:

    Most of you clowns are beyond retarded!! Sitting there talkin shit on gap believe me he ain’t scared of nick he signed the contract and showed up more than we can say for nick. It don’t matter away he would threw nick around anyway via of his raids..Bitch please. With all his success he has been tested numerous times and is clean overtime. Hate burst your bubble but bhai isn’t better than gap either that’s bj is 0-2 against him. All you days are mad via he embarrassed him by makin him quit on the stool which is worse than anything. So bhai needed an excuse cus he looked like a bitch for all the shit talkin and it went o hearing nationally televised and was found not guilty notice bj still has 2 losses to GSP. So wake and smell bjs ball sweat and stop makin excuses like him and brush up on ur mms knowledge yards!!!!

  27. travis says:

    Dana i right to take away the title shot. Nick broke contract and then did a vanishing act. Dana is a real dud if nick would of ben straihjt up with him i bet he would still have the fight.

    But nick wants to be a diva. So take the slap inthe face to dana then add in all th bs and trouble diaz has caused and been in in the past. Damn rigjt thers mor to it dana is sending the message to the nick diaz camp that his bs isnt going to fly. Diaz needs to grow up and wise up and realise no one owes him a thing

  28. CBW says:

    I like this fight…This is going to be a great fight but BJ better come correct or he will lose.Say what you will about Nick Diaz, he’s no joke and will put it on BJ if he overlooks him. That’s the bottom line, press confrence, contracts aside, BJ should have beat Spanky Edgar and didn’t get it done!

  29. George Bush says:

    is anyone here tired of Cesar Gracie? this guy talks so much shit. you can stop talking shit about Georges calling him a juice head and what-not. it hasn’t been proven. you keep criticizing the way Georges fights and how he doesn’t finish. but his opponents didn’t finish him either. and you’re going to talk shit with your one and only knock-out loss in MMA? yeah… that must’ve been real fighting right?

  30. Daniel says:

    I find it pretty hysterical the people who wanna blame Dana White and Greg Jackson, like they sabotaged Diaz’s trips to the press conferences. Also, everyone riding Diaz’s dick about not going to press conferences because it interfered with his training…UH DID IT NOT INTERFERE WITH GSP’s TRAINING??? To me it seems like the games of someone who is scared, who finally saw what he TALKED his way into and decided to back pedal. If you ask me Nick was already getting special treatment, walks in and fights GSP without one UFC fight to date?

    All the anti-GSPers really crack me up, why do yall hate on the best in the game? You say it was proven he greased up, uh don’t they check that before the fight? Didn’t we catch ANderson Silva greasing up against Okami? I guess if it’s someone you like it’s okay but if it’s not someone you like, you are going to beat it into the ground. And as far as the ‘roid issue goes? I think there are people that should be tested for ‘roids (Brock), but there are NFL and NBA athletes with the same body style as GSP and no one is calling for them to be tested.

    BTW wasn’t Cesar just saying the other day he totally agreed with Dana pulling Nick from the fight? Now he’s saying he shouldn’t have? Sounds like someone’s camp is scared to face BJ…

    One more thing, everyone that calls GSP’s style lay and pray, you would think these BJJ blackbelts would know a way to defend that, sweep them, turn position, SOMETHING to reverse it, but they can’t. Is it maybe because there is a little more than what you all call “lay and pray”…ahhhh you internet trolls really crack me up

    • steve blunt says:

      Dude got to say one thing! Diaz got a shot after what? Did you say not one UFC fight to date? I think you should take your own foot and shove it in your mouth idiot…..Nick Diaz fought in the UFC before Strikeforce….shows how much you know about MMA. Maybe you can go look at your GSP calendar and masturbate some more. Cause your a fucking douche bag dumb ass trying to talk smack on someone you know nothing about.

      • Daniel says:

        Oh so you wanna bring in when he was FIRED? Oh and Dana said he wouldn’t work with him. You are just a hater, you had no claim for anything I said other than my little slip. Sorry I didn’t count him getting destroyed twice as anything positive in MMA.

        Quit the name calling, and just use facts to prove me wrong, but I know how hard that must be for a troll….

    • slacker says:

      I agree with you all the way. Gracie is also just trying to rally his guys and be opportunistic, promoting the “superiority” of Gracie guys, since he knows B.J. also likes people at that gym. Also, the quickest and easiest way to create a common bond is to find a common enemy – which is GSP. It’s pathetic but a lot of people will be happy to gobble up that simple-minded crap. He is also obviously still bitter about the Shield’s loss.

  31. MTRAN83 says:

    everyone needs to stop talking like a corprate lawyers as if nick’s contract has something to do with their interest in the sport. half of u speculate and talk out of ur ass because u read a book or the infamous ” my friends a lawyer”. The fans got robbed of seeing someone actually challenge GSP, whether or not Diaz would have lost. Guarantee though he would have made GSP work for a win. Condit is an explosive and well versed fighter but i really don’t think he’s on Diaz’s level. Diaz has been in the sport a long time for all the real fans ot there of the sport they should know that. BJ Penn vs Diaz is and interesting fight all the same. But Condit is gonna get the big time treatment from GSP . I hope the confident, head together Diaz show’s up so everyone can actually see what this man can do. I have a feeling he’ll surprise suprise all u UFC bandwagon, flag flyers.

  32. kingsley says:

    i agree with dana white’s decision, but i do find it annoying that just because he doesnt like a fighter he wont give them the same oppurtunities, like he does to his “favorites”. he’s given tito ortiz several chances and still gives him main-event or co main-event fights. he’s running a business. he needs to treat his fighters fair.

    • Daniel says:

      You mean when Tito was opening the show against Ryan Bader…yeah that’s co-main event…or when Tito was fed on the midcard to Machida…yeah that’s special treatment. Diaz did this own his own accord, KNOWING Dana already doesn’t like him….he brought this on himself.

  33. kingsley says:

    GSP isnt a juice head either. just really dedicated.

  34. kingsley says:

    Dana hates diaz anyways. left the ufc and won the pride belt for a few hours. gomi vs diaz was an awesome fight. made the UFC look like they lost someone good, and then diaz fails a piss test for weed.

  35. steven horgan says:


  36. Ahbustae86 says:

    I agree with Cesar that BJ is more technical than GSP, but a fight is a fight. Strength, size and speed come into play. You need to use what you have in a fight. BJ vs GSP at 155 would be a different story. GSP wouldn’t have his size and strength. Just like BJ and Edgar at 170. Edgar wouldn’t have speed. You need to use what you have as an advatage.

  37. steven horgan says:


  38. fightmom671 says:

    The situation is unfortunate, however, the UFC is a business. In any profession, there are parts of the job you may not like, but you do it anyway or change careers. Why should Nick be excluded from Press Conferences and be treated differently from any other fighter?

    I am a Nick Diaz fan and also looked forward to the fight. The biggest disappointment was how he kept dodging Dana. I think the circumstances would have been different if he was upfront with Dana with whatever issues he has. Anyway, nuff said, just my humble opinion.

  39. OakCliffTopdog says:

    @ Steve H I’m with you bro. Although I understand the loss the Ufc could have taken if Diaz didn’t show up fight week. I doubt that would’ve happened. Dana overreacted a little bit due to his overblown ego. Besides we’re talking about a press conference a press conference. I mean a press conference! Nick should go Iverson on DW like that come fight week…War Penn!

  40. steven horgan says:


  41. henry Kobasky says:

    When I said that other fighters “look anemic” by comparison, I was not referring to their size. I meant that, by comparison to GSP, their strength levels seemed anemic. GSP is not bigger than Fitch, and he was certainly the smaller fighter in the Alves fight. Bigger does not necessarily mean stronger. I guess my point is that there should be some acknowledgement of his freakish strength. I’ve seen footage of the guy doing chin-ups with 90lbs. hanging from his waist. That is serious strength for a guy weighing less than 185lbs. Having said that, his strength is just one component of his unparalleled take-down ability. As is the case with Sonnen (the 2nd best take-down artist in MMA), timing and technique are critical.

  42. Robert Mendoza says:

    Dana is dumb. Switch the fights back to how it was. This makes no sense. It should be champ against champ. Thats what everyone wants to see. Champ against Champ.

  43. Dirk Digler says:

    All you cheese dicks showing BJ disrespect on his own site can suck juice. Whats the matter? GSPs site so lame you want to hang with The Penn Nation. Hele on.

  44. DaRuckuz808 says:

    Nick shouldnt of left it in the judges (dana white) hands.whether dana made the right call or not Nick is the one who put himself in this position.I like Nick but cmon.nobody to blame here but Nick.

  45. R Bedford says:

    Nick should be put on the shelf and forgotton. Even if he did get to fight GSP he would get handled. Saying he wouldn’t is delusional. Both him and his brother represent themselves as thugs. Unprofessional children. If you can’t get it through your thick head that you are responsible to do certain things to fullfill your obligations for work you are an idiot. He squandered one of the greatest opportunities of his live. I have no sympathy for him.

    • slacker says:

      Wow. Cesar Gracie is a serious sociopath. What a slithery snake. One minute calling Dana and saying he agreed with him, and the next minute trying to scapegoat him as the “killjoy of the fans”?!? Yeah, a lot of people have principles Cesar Gracie. Don’t try to put Nick’s broken promise on Dana. As for “punishing the fans”, it’s called repercussions. He didn’t miss one, but two press conferences. The only reason why you even have a chance to drag Dana through the mud is because he was gracious enough to keep Diaz on the card, so now you are trying to pass it off like, what was the big deal? You ungrateful shape-shifter! You should be thanking him repeatedly for even keeping you guys on the card!

  46. louie says:

    diaz is gonna get tooled by the greatest in the sport

  47. Taylon says:

    You have to understand …… If dana lets nick not go to interview and other shit ….. then every other fighter will just try to pull shit like nick does …. also nick likes to do things his way …. that shit dont fly in the ufc he should know dana runs a tight shift

  48. Cheecho says:

    Ahhhhhh fuck Nick. Walkin around like badass of the century. I think he’s too fuckin stupid to represent himself at a press conference. All I’ve seen is this fucker cry and whine about a GSP fight, and when he finally gets it, he fucks it up for himself and his fans. I hope Penn murders him and really shows everyone just how padded his record is.

    Dana is totally justified in his actions; in addition to doing his best to put together the fights that fans want to see, he also has obligations to the UFC as a business. You can’t pin down millions of dollars on a major UFC event and then have its possible outcome rest on Nick’s decision to show up or not. Who does he think he is? Fuck em’, kick his ass Penn and lets move on.

  49. Goxi says:

    Guys, Dana White is 100% right here. You know what blow would be for the ufc, if Nick get some crazy idea at fight night. We are talking here about millions of fans, full house live and hundreds of thousands PPVs. UFC>Nick Diaz or any other fighter.

    And Dana White must be strict imo, cause otherwise it would be anarchy in UFC.

    And Condit is much better opponent for GSP and for us. Nick would be taken down, controled and beaten for 3-5 rounds…

    • slacker says:

      100%! I agree. Tell me Gracie would be cool with one of his fighters missing two training sessions in a row, with no phone calls? Now multiply the importance of that to this scenario. Gracie already was quoted as saying this no-show was related to Diaz having social anxiety problems. If that is true, stick to the point and get him some help so the guy can have a brighter future for himself.

  50. Joey G says:

    Anybody that is actually defending Diaz in this situation has probably never held down a job in their life and live in their parents basement.

    Do you guys not realize that the press conference is part of the contractual obligation that you sign as a fighter? especially in a high profile championship fight and the fact of the matter is Diaz missed not 1 BUT 2 press conferences and not only missed them but, he was nowhere to be found when Dana and his manager tried getting a hold of him. It would be like any one of us missing 2 days of work, what do you think would happen if we did that? We would come into work on the 3rd day with a pink slip taped to our office door!!!.that’s what would happen.

    Do you really think that GSP wanted to be at those press conferences? Probably not, but, that’s the price that you have to pay when you are a champion and Diaz doesn’t seem to want to “play the game” as Dana puts it.

    Diaz has absolutely nobody to blame here but himself. He had the opportunity of a lifetime and he Fucked it up with his own stupidity.

  51. steven horgan says:


  52. Shawn says:

    How can Cesar Gracie say that GSP is a juice head and imply that he doesn’t use technique when he fights. This is a load of crap to say the least. GSP is one of the most technical fighters in the world in both his stand-up and his ground game. He is just upset that Diaz lost his title shot. BOO HOO! His social anxiety issues are an excuse. I have anxiety issues myself, but if I had a UFC title shot, I would have been on that plane and gotten my a** to the press conference because that is my job, and I would be professional about it. ENOUGH SAID!!!!!

  53. Nick says:

    What happened to “I agree with your decision 100%”? Am I the only one who heard Dana say that’s what Cesar told him on the phonecall? Seriously? Fuck Diaz. It has nothing to do with the press conference itself, it’s the lack of respect that Nick shows that got the fight pulled. He’s extremely lucky he didn’t get cut from the UFC. One thing I’ll agree on, is GSP/Condit is much more exciting of a fight, and I can’t wait for Nick to get his mouth shit. His little badboy gangster attitude doesn’t belong in a sport of professionals. Gtfo.

  54. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Why would some fitch lover faggot named Tom even attempt to come on BJ’s website and spew his garbage. 99.9% of all MMA fans could careless if Fitch ever set foot back in the cage again. UFC brass even hates Fitch boring ass lay n pray where he uses his 203 lbs to lay on 170 lb fighters. Fitch is afraid to fight at his natural weight class of LHW because he already tried that and was KO’d. Only reason fitch ever wins is he uses the bullshit wrestler friendly rules that were written up by a wrestler (jeff Blatnick) which are clearly designed to give wrestlers the advantage in stalling out the clock while humping a leg or FITCHING. Fitch wouldn’t even be ranked in top 20 if UFC brought back Prixde rules and or if the athletic commissions implemant same day weigh ins which if they did Fitch would retire. No way Fitch would ever have the balls to fight at LHW and he knows he would lose at 185. Fitch’s days are numbered in the UFC because the UFC brass wants him gone as well as most fans do. UFC wants to enertain paying fans and they knolws damn well fans won’t and don’t pay to see Fitch’s leghumping bullshit. UFC is suppose be about fighting not leghumping stalling as lay n pray. mark my words fitch will be gone after his next loss UFC has made it clear just look up Dana’s interview with Dave Meltzer sb nation. Fitch was put on notice by Dana unless he somehow gaisn some fan support and or steps up his game and starts fighting he will be released. look it up yourself if you don’t belive me there fitch lover tom SB/Nation Dana/Fitch/ Meltzer.

  55. rr says:

    Holy shot BJ has quite an active website. There are more comments here than I’ve see on espn.

  56. Ja ruler says:

    Sorry but if u miss a press conference in other sports it isn’t game over. The game goes on. What happened was bullshit. Nick would of showed up on fight day and we all would have seen a good fight regardless of the outcome. Nicks always shows up to fight. If anything, all we might have missed was another 5 rounds of I can hold u down. Not really the thing legacies are made of. Gsp would not have finished nick. If nick didn’t show up for the fight, all this shit talk would be justified. I think Gsp should have asked for the fight just to prove that he believes he’s better. If someone was shit talking u, wouldn’t u be itching to fuck that person up……I guess that’s not Gsp style. Points aren’t awarded in the streets. Scrap or go home u bitches.

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