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Tuesday, 05/15/2012, 07:01 am

Cesar Gracie Issues Official Statement On Nick Diaz No-Show

By Jamie McAllister
Cesar Gracie issues official statement on Nick Diaz no show.

Gracie details the facts behind the situation in a statement to

In early April I got the call from Junior asking what I thought of a Braulio Estima vs Nick Diaz matchup. I had heard of Braulio and knew he was a formidable jiu-jitsu practitioner. I was under the impression that Braulio competed in the close to 200lbs weight category. When I asked Junior he assured me that Braulio could weigh in as little as 175 lbs right before the match. I presented his information to Nick who accepted the matchup and seemed happy to go against the top BJJ player in the world at that weight. Nick started training for the match and I brought up several BJJ black belts to compliment his training. Looking through some of Estima’s youtube videos, it was soon discovered that he had in fact been planning on entering upon a career in mma. We wondered if the match with Diaz was a way to create a buzz around him and get him signed with a prominent organization. I called Junior who assured me Estima would not be fighting in mma and that he had spoken with him and been assured he had given up on the idea of ever fighting.

Junior reiterated, “Cesar I spoke with Braulio, the guy is in his 30′s, he has a family and doesn’t want to live that type of life at this stage in his life…etc” I repeated this info to Nick. A week or so later it was all over the Internet that Braulio had joined the “Blackzillians” and was training for an mma fight. We had been lied to. Furthermore it was evident that Nick’s sole condition that he not go against a wanna be mma guy was violated and this was in fact an attempt by Braulio to ignite an mma career. Nick was to have been accurately portrayed as a fighter returning to his BJJ roots. He had even agreed to give his entire purse to charity; St Jude’s Children’s Hospital for kids with cancer. If you know the story of Ralph Gracie’s son you would understand why this charity was chosen.

Nick arrives in Long Beach to the news that there will be no weigh ins that night. As a professional with over 30 fights this was the final straw. The disrespect and total lack of professionalism given him convinced him he was at a circus not a professional event. At 3:20 in the morning I received a text from Junior that Braulio would in fact make the 180lbs weight class at 10:00AM. With no other option available I said fine I’ll check with Nick in the morning. At 10:00AM Braulio did weigh in at 180lbs but by that time Nick had already left…. As a Brazilian I love Brazil but not all things Brazilian. In the last decade I have witnessed Brazilian cronies running the IBJJF and making it impossible for Americans to get a fair shake when competing against their Brazilian countrymen. These cronies have instituted rules to where if you miss weight by even half a pound you are disqualified and not refunded your entry fee. They gladly keep your money and treat you like crap in your country because they can. One of these cronies (Junior) decided to bend all the rules for Braulio Estima and treat Nick Diaz like crap. Sorry that didn’t work out here.


102 Responses to “Cesar Gracie Issues Official Statement On Nick Diaz No-Show”

  1. Lol says:

    For all you fags who decided to not be a fan before the facts were out and are deciding to come back fuck you hard and slow

  2. Mick says:

    good for nick he dont take no shit

  3. Bd says:

    It’s funny how braulio will come out w his Brazilian accent and talk like its proposterous lol .. What a sleeve

  4. banks says:

    Sooooooo……. reschedule?

  5. lionstrangler says:

    Funny how this story couldn’t have been put out when the uproar was at fever pitch. They had a few days to put their story together and came up with this B.S. It’s NEVER Nick’s fault,he didn’t get Dana’s message, he missed a flight, he had better things to do etc. There’s always one excuse or another. He is one of a very few group of fighters I would pay to watch but at some stage, he has to man up and take responsibility for something.

    • The Real Deal says:

      Listen here fuck head. I don’t even like Nick Diaz
      But you sir are scum

      • bertram2323 says:

        how is what he said in any way make the guy scum? hes right you know. whether or not this story is true, nick should have taken the high road and the professional road, not just walked away and left everybody hanging, waiting until the event was supposed to happen. I’m a big diaz fan, but at some point he needs to realize it is somewhat disrespectful to just blow off things when you said you’d do them. at the very least he could have made it public that morning…so you sir are a hater. grow up and stop bashing people on the internet

        • dude shut the fuck up says:

          And it isn’t disrespectful what Braulio did at all? He disrespected him back what do you expect?

      • lionstrangler says:

        Go take your meds little real life, you would piss your pants if I said boo…lol..oh, the retards on the interwebz…good times

    • Hostile hunter says:


    • jason says:

      taking a stand on something and not letting people walk all over you is what separates the leaders from the followers.
      maybe you’re okay with just going with the flow and putting up with everyone else’s BS, but some of us aren’t .
      a lesson needed to be learned and nick was willing to be the teacher. it was his responsibility to take a stand.
      if you don’t understand this, you never will. and that’s fine. not everyone can lead.

      • Balls McGee says:

        Just wtf is he leading? A group of retarded fans?

        • Killers says:

          It’s not necessarily about WHO you are leading, Balls McGee, as much as it’s about just not being a sheep and accepting everything that’s put in front of you.
          You don’t have to do everything that someone else tells you to do. You are your own person. Grow some balls and make a stand.

      • CALI says:

        So perfectly put !! couldn’t have said it better…

      • LowkickMMA says:

        Some people just don’t get it and never will.

        • T.Daddy says:

          He took a stand?? Having all ur fans think ur gonna fight and then ur a no show?? Yeah that’s a leader right there…lmao! U lames are just cryin tryin to defend a guy that acts like a a-hole and thinks he makes the rules… This guy is a joke.. hopefully nate don’t start pulling this BS

        • idiot says:

          i’m sure there’s some english in there some where, but i’m not sure i understand what you’re saying.
          the only BS that was taking place was from the promoters and the Braulio camp.
          who cares about the fans? you’re not the one getting in there. the man has to look out for his best interests and did. they didn’t want him donating his purse to charity, didn’t want to make weight, and wanted to change the rules and make a circus out of it. it would have been a mockery to the sport and i’m happy nick had the guts to just walk away from it.
          you would have preferred he just went against everything he believes in, just so you could watch it? that, my friend, makes you a douchebag, not a fan.

    • bigguns says:

      ya you are a clown dont blame diaz. trying to make a name off him and he said he wouldnt do that on agreement thats disrespectfull as a fighter get your fact you mother fck 209 stockten baby

  6. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Still A DIAZ fan but…sounds to me like he made a circus out of a side show. I understand now why he didn’t participate but someone should’ve told Nick again that this is for charity. All I can ask is…WWBJD? What Would BJ Do? Fight! and show why he feels he is the best in the world. I think Nick was a little scared and let his ego get in the way. I know that Ceasar is Diaz’s ohana but this guy will say and do anything for his meal ticket. Sometimes being a good person means looking past all the B.S. and wrong doings in life to make the best out of it, period. No excuses. WAR BJ WAR!!!

    • jkwo says:

      he did donate to the charity afterwards(his own money)

    • jTap says:

      It wasnt a charity event, he was putting HIS money to the charity that he was gonna win from the fight, hell if someone gon try to cheat n shit then he did the right thang by not fighting. Plus he gonna get more money elsewhere so St. Jude will get their charity.

  7. Drew says:

    Never been a ND fan. Plays the punk card way too much. Having said that…he was 100% in the right on this one.

    Hope he rides this positive wave for awhile.

  8. John Grady Cole says:

    I was there, took my 14 year old son (a Gracie student for past 2 years). The event was incredibly poorly run. There were no seats for 2/3s of the paid attendees. While the mats were “fenced off” the “cronies” and their wives/girl friends and families all breached the fences and then people from the crowd invaded the mats (many still wearing shoes).

    People in the stands whose view was blocked were throwing bottles, crowds were blocking fire lanes, no one enforced any kind of order. They were lucky not to have been shut down … or much worse.

  9. jamie says:

    I never criticized Nick Diaz once and i am glad Cesar released this. Diaz agreed to a BJJ superfight after originally wanting to enter the Gi competition provided it was against a BJJ competitor not someone looking to make a name for themselves in MMA. This is clearly what Estima had in mind, this could also have put his UFC contract into jeopardy and with all the weigh in messing around, he was right to feel like he was being used. As Cesar said, Nick is not blame free and he should have handled it better. It also says Nick paid the charity anyway out of his own pocket, that is commendable

  10. Diaz blows says:

    If you agree to a match against someone and it’s been hyped for that long, you need to commit to it. Nick knew that Braulio was about the same weight as he and so what if Braulio wants to be an MMA fighter. If Diaz was confident in his “professional” ability, he would have gone through with this, beat Braulio, and gone about his way. This is just another example of Cesar Gracie covering for his piece-of-crap poster boy.

  11. tkdragon says:

    Good for you nicktaken no shit and fighting for the kids keep up the great job

  12. Daryl says:

    DAMN!!!!!!! How hard do you think it is for ceaser to keep coming up with these excuses and not use the same one twice??? I wonder if he keeps copies of his statements and re-reads them before coming up with his new excuse. News flash…..WE ARE TIRED OF THE BULLSHIT. Just get out there and fight and quit ACTING like he deserves the best and does no wrong. Get out there and do what you do and quit being a tittie baby.

  13. Xaninho says:

    He was right this time.

  14. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    Good for Nick?? This was for charity you classless ass clown! Since when does Dick Diaz care about professionalism?? What a joke! And before you idiots say the same stupid line about ” I bet you won’t say that to his face” find his punk ass and give him my number 271-224-4259

    • banks says:

      Did u even read the article? nick donated what his fight purse would have been out of his pocket… Ps he may act like a clown before and during the fight be he always shows respect after all the people that hate on him barely know anything of him besides whats in headlines.. its easy to hate not so easy to undertsand

    • Cesar Gracie says:

      Nick still paid the charity the equivalent of what his purse would have been out of his own pocket.

  15. Unbelieveable tekkers says:

    Just get it on in the cage n let’s see how good estima’s ground game is when he us getting punched in the face

  16. T.Daddy says:

    Of course its always somebody elses fault with this guy…. Professionalism???? What about all the unprofessional shit Diaz has done?? What goes around comes around…lmao.. what a waste of talent…

    • Pooti tang says:


    • banks says:

      Waste of talent? dude was poor as shit living in motels wit his mom and bro and now hes living nice suoporting his fam and donating ti charity and is also ranked as on of the top 5 ww in the world but ya if u had his talent im sure you would be a way better person haha.. anyone can judge but few will actually make an attempt to undertsand

      • T.Daddy says:

        What am I not understanding?? He don’t show up to fight when he’s supposed to.. he’s a disrespectful fighter.. look how he acted after the bj fight… And ur talking about charity.. he didn’t care that much or he still wuda fought… Stop makin this guy out like he’s a angel… And u act like u know him or something.. how the fuck you know he grew up poor??? He could be makin that shit up… GTFOH!

  17. josh krosscheck says:

    Isn’t the whole idea of martial arts, especially jiu-jitsu, is that size doesn’t matter even if you’re the smaller guy? smh

  18. kyle says:

    nick diaz didnt want to go and get his ass whooped by a dude who was about to come into mma? does that even make sense? he should be happy that the dude was training in mma instead od strictly bjj bc he woulda had it arm taken off. I have always been a fan of Nick but a real fighter woulda gone in there and done his job win or lose for the charity… its pretty scummy just to not show up and leave everyone there hanging.. Wasted people money and time. He thinks he can just do whatever he wants and get away with it. HES NOT EVEN A CHAMPION and hes the most arrogant fighter out there…. I love his style of fighting but I am no longer a fan and when I see him fight next i hope he gets raped… put him against rory m. and see what happens. Imma just have to support his brother Nate for now on

    • banks says:

      Lmao ur clearly a fairweather to begin with so i wana say first off eat a fat D.. and second nick was clearly being set up for braulio to build his name off they had nick cut to 180 the night before then let braulio come in at 185 the day of and u think thats fair? and on top nick donated the amount his fight purse would have been to the charity out of his pocket and ur gona sit here and say ur were a fan but now ur not haha i would have madd respect for nickif he jus went in a fought anayay but to hold it against him when he was wronged is jus dumb. Clown

  19. Mike Diaz says:

    No sweat off Nicks brow! Keep pushing the pace on these suckers Nick and Nate, make them all run! Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!

  20. repairman jack says:

    what difference does it make if he wants to be an mma fighter loads of guys in adcc are mma fighters he agreed to compete against the man in a bjj match not mma so who cares if estima wants to go pro mma , this sounds like a cop out , estima made weight on the morning of the match nick acted very unprofessional here , if you agree to fight a man and he makes the weight you fight regardless of your opponents future combat ambitions

  21. + says:

    Would have been nice for Nick to at least stay and be more formal about not doing the match. Maybe he could have shown up and released a statement in the morning before departing? Not saying he was wrong for not accepting but he could have handled declining a little better. Regardless, kudos to him giving the money out of pocket to the children’s hospital. Always given a bad persona by the media but I think his heart is in the right place.

  22. parker says:

    Like it or not Diaz had a obligation to go out there And compete but he’d rather bitch and moan like he always does

  23. Jujitsu Player says:

    Bull shit excuses in my opinion. He should have sucked it up and took the fight. I very much doubt Braulio is preparing a big run in MMA given his age. Even if he does have an MMA fight he’s not ever going to get to the level or compete against Diaz. Once again Diaz has disappointed a number of fans.

  24. Karnage916 says:

    Your right banks not so easy to understand the Diaz bros. talk like they’re slow in the head!

  25. Karnage916 says:

    And as far as the guy wanting to make a jump to mma who cares and after the whole diaz shields and miller drama I would have thought Nick Diaz liked the circus he creates.

  26. mike says:

    Ceasar Gracie is a snake. Him giving the honest truth about anything is like telling a baby not to cry. He would have a hard time convincing me the sky is blue or that the grass is green. He is trying to put the blame on everyone else (including Braulio) except Nick.

  27. MJ says:

    Like I said yesterday, Diaz is ALWAYS the victim, even if he wins, someone victimized him, didn’t pay enough, whatever. All you huggers are even more pathetic than Nick. “Nick left”, WTF, don’t you control your fighter, are you his manager or his bitch?

  28. Ma mama said mma says:

    Very valid reasons knew he had his reasons not for completing nick isn’t someone who pussys out he fights plain and simple all those people who said they were no longer a fan please stay this way mma doesn’t need retarded fence sitters

  29. Fuck You says:

    I’ll be a fan of the Diaz brothers no matter what! They’re down and would never do something shady, so i didn’t even doubt nick for a second! War Diaz!!!

  30. Dethrone G. says:

    Only thing that gets me about this….Is, whats is to Cesar Gracie or Nick Diaz if Braulio wants to do MMA?? I mean, its still a jiu jitsu match no matter what. Whatever Braulio does after the match is his business. That part doesnt make any sense to me.

  31. banks says:

    Lol is not really about braulio doing mma its more about nick being set up to make braulio look good.. which is wut cesar is saying certain brazilians do

    • Dethrone G. says:

      I dont know dude. Even if thats the case, the match up coulda been with anybody. They coulda said that about any guy doing the event. Especially that there was a huge possibilty Nick coulda beat this guy. Everything else I can maybe understand. This was the only thing that was kinda weird to me.

      • Considering everything.... says:

        I think the point is that this was an unfair set up. Brulio didn’t even cut the entirety of the weight promised and wasn’t as depleted as he should have been…giving him yet another unfair advantage. I don’t blame Diaz for being a little more than frustrated at these things trickling out the way they did. That sounds disrespectful to say the least, and that was the perspective Diaz was coming from. He did not want to go into a fight against a larger less experienced opponent and be *used* as a stepping stone in an unfair bout. Who can blame him? Fighters work their asses off by hard work and cutting weight, not by sleight of hand and cutting corners. It doesn’t matter that Nick could’ve beat him. What matters here is principles…and I’m a little shocked that Junior would do this, but then again…I don’t know him and maybe JDS felt he was not manipulating the system. From Diaz and Gracie’s standpoint it seems like they felt he was though. End of story. I’d have walked out too rather than be taken advantage of.

        • &; says:

          Junior is not JDS for the record. Junior is a sleezeball promoter trying to make a buck.

        • Semtex says:

          LOL at thinking the promoter was actually Junior Dos Santos, ahahhaha..hilarious!!!

          On a side note – why the hell was Nick so against fighting a future MMA guy, even when promised the 175 limit (before Braulio making 180)? I am the biggest Nick Diaz fan, but his always present ridiculous conditions in order to do this and that (even things so simple as just show up at a press conference) are getting on my nerves. So what if the guy taps you and uses this to make a better living for himself? Are you accepting the match knowing you are gonna get tapped? The whole thing was Nick didn’t want any in MMA to be able to say they tapped him and look more badass than him. Which correlates well with the fact that Nick actually thinks he has never lost a fight in his career

        • Al says:

          IM THE BIGGEST DIAZ FAN! Lol.. Seriously though lmmfao at jds comment, I agree nick shouldn’t have taken the fight with all the shadyness around it. And people say what’s the big deal if he wins he should get recognized and I would agree if it was anyone in his weight class who was a true bjj master, but not one who is already naturally 20-25 lbs heavier and then wants to weigh in heavy too!!

  32. banks says:

    Still think nick shoulda went in and put on a show but i understand where hes comin from cuz idowutiwant

    • Shawn says:

      That’s what real committed fighters would do. Diaz has become a Diva. Coming from Ceasar, who knows how much is true, or how much is embellished. But taking a exert from his explanation, “Nick arrives in Long Beach to the news that there will be no weigh ins that night. As a professional with over 30 fights this was the final straw. The disrespect and total lack of professionalism given him convinced him he was at a circus not a professional event.” That’s pretty ironic and hypocritical, since he’s done the very same “disrespect and total lack of professionalism” in the UFC. Twice. He should take social and professionalism lessons from his brother.

  33. Drew says:

    Doesn’t sound at all like a good excuse. Why does he care if Braulio wants to compete in MMA?? He doesn’t want Braulio building a name off his success?? That’s a horrible reason to not compete in a bjj match. MMA fighters compete in grappling tournaments all the time. I think there’s more to it.

  34. Shawn says:

    Full explanation from Ceasar Gracie:

  35. spades says:

    Nick did what he does best. Runs. He knew he was out classed and never had a shot at winning so he ran home.

    Can someone please tell me what Nick has ever done to be considered one of the great fighters of our time. NOTHING.

    He has beaten some wash ups who couldn’t hold their own in the UFC. Comes to the UFC and does nothing. He manages to get a decision win over B.J. Penn, big deal. That would impress me if Penn was the same fighter who kicked the crap out of 90% of the lightweight division but he’s not.

    This bum is a never has been and is nothing impressive to watch. He can spend another night crying into his pillow knowing he is just not good enough. But instead of staying there like a man and fighting he runs away.

    If he had half a set of balls he would at lest donate out of pocket the money to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital for kids with cancer and earn a little respect as a person.

    • spades says:

      Nick did pay St Jude’s Children’s Hospital for kids with cancer, the amount, That I give him respect for.

    • stevo the great says:

      If you read the OFFICIAL STATEMENT here:

      You can clearly see the last line says ” It should be noted that Nick paid to St Jude’s Children’s Hospitable the sum of what would have been his entire purse.”

      Yeah okay….keep talking internet jab when you don’t know…..just like every other Diaz hater. You think you know but you don’t and just like every other one spout off at the mouth degrading character and making assumptions just like a bigot. All these people like yourself who hate in a childish ignorant manor are really the fools. You don’t even fight…..who are you to judge someone that does. Baffoons……

      • Spades says:

        FYI you don’t have to fight to see what’s happening.
        But if you need validation yes I do.

        • Artstunna says:

          Even if you fight you still irrelevant, when you accomplish 1% Of what Nick has done than maybe you opinion will count, and before you reply whit some stupid comments, I most le you know am a former golden gloves champion and I have respect for any MMA fighter I enjoy the sport and I don’t judge people for their mistakes I admire their accomplishments,and on top of that he can kick you ass blindfold so shut up

        • Jared says:

          Dude, just accept that your own logic got used against you when he said he did, indeed, fight. That makes him capable of giving an intelligent opinion, by your standards, and makes you look like an assuming a**hole. I personally do not care if you were a Golden Gloves champion, you seem to just be one of those defensive Diaz nut huggers.

          P.S. – Either you have the worst grammar and spelling that I have seen thus far in my life, or you must not have been a very good boxer, because you appear to have taken too many shots to the head if you can’t read what you type and see the obvious mistakes. Take your pig latin elsewhere, troll.

        • Lol says:

          Ok paper tiger.

          Well Diaz is 27-8. 35 total fights so by that math 1% would be 1/35 of a fight or if you are looking at wins it would be 1/27 of a fight. So by the math just showing up is accomplishing the 1%. So can I talk now master I made my 1%.

          Sorry if math is hard for you. Do you need me to continue making you look stupid. Although your typing (and i assume reading) abilities do that for you.

        • McCombski says:

          Ok Mr. Golden Gove Champ we will see how well that helps you when im on ur top of you G&P or when you tap or go to sleep or i break your arm… Ok you might be able to beat me in a boxing match ( Might is the key word there ) but i dont just box so come at me bra !. and if you where a real fighter you wouldent have to brag about how you are supposedly a golden glove champ and how you can beat someones ass on the internet! Get off Diaz balls and your couch and go **** yourself.

    • Umm, he did, dude. He donated 100 grand. ANd you need to do some checking up on the people he has beat. Typical keyboard warrior ( yeah, as am I , but I am not on here talking crap about a guy I dont know )

  36. maurice says:

    i understand now. makes sense to me. too many things was stacked up in estima favor. BUT, i believe diaz should have competed with estima and could have done great. oh well, on to another

  37. M says:

    He made thr right move. If you can’t create an even platform for competition than it’s not worth the risk. Imagine Diaz gets injured by a larger competitor….what would critics have to say then?

    Diaz followed through on his donation and the only thing thtoo suffered was his reputation. I think he can live with that.

  38. Bullshit says:

    Just another typical it’s not my fault story from Nick Diaz. Cry me a river, The match was for charity, win or lose doesn’t matter there was something more important at stake. Just shows what a selfish piece of trash he is.

    • UFC : Ultimate Fighter Corporation says:

      You mentioned it was for charity. Yes it was, and Nick did pay his supposed full purse out of pocket to St Jude’s Hospital. Maybe the fight didn’t happen, but the money did go to the charity.

      • NHBGrappler69 says:

        As far as we know, Nick has not yet paid from his pocket to the charity. He is planning on doing so, but until we hear proof or see a cancelled check, many fans won’t believe it.

  39. Trisha says:

    What a shame! Nick deserves better than that. Ceaser Gracie is right, some Brazilians are using BJJ to take advantage, but there will be an end to this behaviour. There is a lot of envy in this business.

  40. C'mon guys :/ says:

    True. I agree. “I aint no bitch, I’ll fight whoever” and “Dont be scared homie”. Look guys, these excuses or complaints should have been presented before the event, or whatever was most obvious. Not be a total no show, then days later have a novel of excuses. This is Nick Diaz. Mr. “I taunt my opponents during a fight”. The kid from the mean streets of Stockton. The dude that got up in Jason Parillo’s face after UFC 136, and swung at Bj during the weigh in. Called out GSP and saying he was scared not hurt C’mon, how can such a loud ass, tuff guy, have so many complaints and allow so many bizzare situations?

  41. C'mon guys :/ says:

    Bizarre* my bad.

  42. Artstunna says:

    Let’s see we got people in mma selling Steroids some are using and some get arrested for fraud, the newest is a Guy from England arrested for heroine and cocaine, so for all of you hateres talking shit about Nick Diaz. Just because for wherever reason he didn’t show up for the match, no matter what Nick Diaz is a great exiting mma fighter love or hate the Guy, I will gladly paid to see Nick fight anytime,am a amm fan and I don’t care for media frenzy, I care about what they do inside the Cage,

  43. eric says:

    If he was really doing this for charity, then what does it matter what the other guy’s motivation is.. I mean, I get the promotional beef, but … Do it anyway, make that money for the charity, and talk trash after its done.

  44. Pancho says:

    He still gave the money to charity so stfu and get off his balls

  45. Romario gomez says:

    I dont know it all weird !!! I was there when braulio was being interviewed after the event was over. He was saying his part of the story. Seems it was his (braulio) problem not cutting weight and blaming it on the promoter. Im not defending nick but both nick and braulio should have asked for the information in writting.

  46. omgaghost says:

    I was going to clean my room, but then I got high

  47. NHBGrappler69 says:

    The entire situation is now making Gracie look bad. These excuses are just another layer on top of a history of being a drama queen. WHO CARES if he wanted to get into NMA? Roger, Jacare, Estima, etc etc…all top flight BJJ practitioners have crossed into MMA. It doesn’t change the fact that they are the BEST in sport BJJ (not you Nick). If you want to compete and have it go to charity, then just do so. These “unprofessional” circumstances didn’t seem to turn away any of the OTHER practitioners who put it on the line. Nick, I was a HUGE fan prior to the last few instances. At this point, after the loss of the title match to GSP due to your own actions, the whining about that, the loss to Condit and the whining about that, retirement, then this charade with a simple BJJ match…… you are simple just a cry baby. Period. Your persona has been shown to be fake. I will be happy if you simply go away and allow your brother to take the spotlight now.

  48. Mwill says:

    Do any of you Nick Diaz fans have jobs? Do you use the same attitude in your job that Nick does in his job? Get promoted lately? And for the Nick Diaz business owner fans out there, how many employees do you have that don’t show up and when they do, they blame everything and everyone why they did not get their work done and that it was not their fault? How’s business going? You guys remind me of the followers in the movie Fight Club!

  49. Chowder says:

    why would it matter if estima was going to start a career in mma? I get that nick was upset about the weigh in but the mma thing…

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