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Tuesday, 10/18/2011, 07:50 pm

Cesar Gracie Hoping UFC Grants Diaz Two More Rounds To Fight Penn, Issues Direct Challenge To BJ

“If they can’t fight five rounds against each other, how are they going to fight five rounds against GSP? Dana is good with it. We’ve agreed to it. If BJ agrees to it, we’ll make it happen. These guys have to prove they are ready. These guys are fighters. BJ has always said he’s a warrior. … The old school days of MMA, back when it was NHB, they fought forever. Don’t be scared, homie. Let’s make it five rounds (He proclaimed to BJ).”

Nick Diaz coach, Cesar Gracie, revealed to that he is lobbying to get two additional rounds added to the Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn main event scheduled for UFC 137.

I speak for myself in this, but one has to wonder his motives behind such a challenge. Does he think his athlete can’t get the job done in 15 minutes, or is he seeking 10 more minutes of punishment for Nick?

It’s an interesting proposition nonetheless.

Stay tuned to BJPENN.COM to see if this challenge is accepted by Penn and the UFC.

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73 Responses to “Cesar Gracie Hoping UFC Grants Diaz Two More Rounds To Fight Penn, Issues Direct Challenge To BJ”

  1. LOL says:

    WAR BJ (If it doesn’t go 5 rounds LOL)

  2. Fortyb4five says:

    lol shut up Ceasar go challenge Frank Shamrock again LOL

  3. CALI says:

    Umm, I wonder what Cesar is getting at here ? I doubt this fight will even go past the 2nd round.

  4. steve says:

    remember when they were going to make all main events 5 rounds title or not. what happened to that?

  5. edd says:

    bj can do well in 3 rounds. anything after that its questionable since we don’t know about his strength and conditioning. ce-sar knows that bj is dangerous and he thinks the only way diaz can win is through a 5 rd decision.

    hope bj wins.

    • Jacojitsu says:

      When has Nick Diaz ever tried to make a fight go the distance? He goes out to finish whether or not he knows if he is outclassed in stand up or on the ground

    • laynpray says:

      now you just sound stupid. diaz has finished 18 fights withing the first 2 rounds and has only won by decision 4 times. both of these guys are finishers and should be an epic fight. but if you think diaz can only win by decison you are talking out of your ass

    • Dino says:

      Cesar knows Nick is gonna get lose in a 3 rounder…. If he wanted a 5 rounder it should’ve been done when contracts were signed, so both fighters would train for a 5 rounder…. Cesar shouldn’t make request when his fighter can’t show up for the press conferences…. C’mon Man……..

      • learntoread says:

        @ Dino:

        FYI, the only non-title fights which Zuffa are making 5 rounds are: the Main Events.

        When Diaz & Penn signed their contracts for this fight it was NOT the main event. Now that it is, Cesar has a valid point, being that the non-title Main Event at Zuffa’s very next event (UFC 138: Leben vs. Munoz) will be a 5 rounder. Got it?

        • Dino says:

          learntoread, I understand your point, but turning this into a 5 rounder with 10 days notice is crazy….

  6. Lil Joe says:

    BJ would be crazy to accept a 5 round fight with only 2 weeks remaining. He is not the 5 round fighter at 170 lbs as he is at 155 lbs.

  7. Cesar.. Is he related to Ed Sore-ass bc both needs to STFU!

  8. Dick Paradise says:

    smart move for Diaz, his cardio is unmatched so going longer only works in his favour. Bj will be less likely to go for a knockout if he’s worried about punching himself out if he has more rounds to go.

    I’d say leave it as is, it should have been 5 rounds from the get go but its not and they already signed on the dotted line. Its bad business to try and go and change a contract to suit your needs after the fact.

  9. jason says:

    BJs stamina has and will always be in question. I feel that they are trying to devise a plan to tire bj or try to go the distance with him. Never hurts to try

  10. BJ Penn is G.O.A.T says:

    wtf, cesar gracie is such a dick, he annoys dana white to make the fight a five round fight, well bj will except anyways, plus he has to finsh nick by the second.

  11. Lino says:

    Waaaaaaaarrr BJ !!!!!!

  12. CALI127 says:

    Make it happen that shit would be good

  13. JayDee says:

    Might not like Gracie’s tactics, but making this a 5 round fight will only better prepare both fighters to go the distance (if need be) against some one like GSP who is used to going 5 rounds. If the fight doesn’t go all 5 rounds, then so be it. Win win situation for either fighter. Should bring out the best in both fighters! Let them scrap!

  14. anonymous says:

    BJ was drinking alcohol this past weekend, partying on the big island of hawaii, I hope this does not affect your conditioning in any way!!!!!!! Im not joking either.

  15. Donnybrook says:

    I say go 5 rounds… all contender fights are going to be 5 rounder’s anyways, may as well start with this one. I’ve got nothing but faith that BJ can take Nick whether it be in 1 or 5 rounds… so all you people that doubt B’s cardio and are getting pissed at Nicks camp for the challenge need to have some faith that BJ’s going to boot fu<k Diaz back to Strikeforce.

    • BJ > Diaz says:

      No this fight has to stay at 3 Rds because that is how BJ’s camp has trained for this fight. The contract was signed a long time ago and you cant’t prepare for another 2 Rds in less than 2 weeks. Nick always has great cardio from doing triathlons and shit so they want it to go longer knowing BJ won’t be prepared for 5 Rds. Cesar Gracie is a goof for putting this out in the media and BJ should tell him to go fuck himself. This stupid challenge is beneficial to Diaz only, should have had it in the contract from day 1 if thats what the UFC wanted but its too late now.

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      I agree, I think regardless if it’s a 3 or 5 rounder, BJ will get his hand raised that night! If you look closely at Nick Diaz’s fight record, he’s only gone pass 3 rounds once! Of course Ceasar Gracie wants the advantage for his fighter. I think whatever plan he’ll try to devise for Nick won’t even go accordingly, once BJ just shows him up in every aspect of the fight, upping the rounds shouldn’t matter! BJ’s skill & determination is all that is needed to be victorious!

  16. anonymous says:

    its the truth, why would i make something like this up, my friend was drinking with him at a party. i think he had a couple heinekens

  17. P R O D I G Y says:

    lmao @ forty i forgot abt that pathetic attempt of a fight against frank shamrock. dude walked in one punch got destroyed. it was like some kung pao shit.

  18. Robert G. says:

    I don’t know what everyone’s worried about. BJ said himself, he’s on a mission to become welterweight champ again and he probably took the same approach in his training. C’mon guys, this wouldn’t be the first time he’s going 5 haha. Probably won’t last that long anyway…

    • learntoread says:

      Good point.

      Both these men are champions and have had more than a dozen (5 round) title fights between the two of them. It would be nothing new to either man.

      Being that Zuffa are making all non-title Main Events 5 rounders starting next month, then why the heck not start it here at UFC 137 (being that Penn & Diaz have been bumped up to the Main Event and all the title implications involved).

      Not sure why Penn’s fans are wining so much about the challenge…it’s quite valid after what’s unfolded with this fight card today.

  19. SC says:

    It would not be fair for BJ to make this a five round fight under such short notice. He has only been training for three rounds for this fight. Plus, he has nothing to gain since Dana is not promising BJ a title fight with GSP if he wins. Nick was training for a five round fight with GSP before he got demoted to a co-main event with BJ.

  20. dwayne says:

    shut up ceaser, bjs gonna smash diaz in less then 3 rounds we wont need the other two…clown i hope u read this

  21. Mike Diaz says:

    Alright now. Since it got put out there, one way or another, we got to deal with this so called challenge. BJ, you don’t have to respond to this hot air in my book, period. Not one member of PENN NATION is expecting you to fight for points, nor do you. You can pop this out to five or leave it be, critics will always find something to critique. I for one, am not awaiting a reply, I am waiting for your walk in music, and for buffers announcement! PENN NATION!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Chavez0712 says:

    Somebody Doesn’t Have FAITH IN THEIR FIGHTER. WHO IS SCARED HOMIE??? Either way i think this fight isn’t going the distance. I got BJ in a second round T.K.O.

    • ACEPAYNE says:

      Really whenbis the last time u seen Diaz get tko..stupid and I’m not talking about stupid ass cuts either ….Diaz by tko in the 3rd..DIAZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mike Hunt says:

    Looks like Gracie and the Diaz gang are gonn try and grind out a decision

  24. Zach says:

    keep it 3 rounds. theres no need for 2 more.

  25. Bob lou says:


    Diaz will just keep BJ at bay for 3 rounds and try to make something happen in 4 or 5 thinking BJ is tired. This is a cheap shot to PENN by Diaz’s camp. DIAZ is behind this too.

    BJ Finish Diaz to show 5 rounds wouldn’t have mattered.

  26. toenail says:

    the only reason they started to make all main events five rounds is because these top priority fights were going to the judges.. anyone who says bj shouldnt accept the five round fight is obviously afraid bj is gonna gas out.. if your gonna claim that its not gonna go passed two rounds then who cares if its a 5rd fight.. just make it five rounds so we can have a legit win instead of another lame ass decision.. damn, its like rocket science to some of these people

    • learntoread says:


      I guess some fans have forgotten about the 3 round fight VS.. Jon Fitch where it turned into a lame ass Draw (judges). There most likely would have been a clear winner in that Main Event if it had been a 5 round non-title fight. Just sayin’, perspective.

      If BJ is to win this fight in the 1st or 2nd, (like numerous people are predicting here), then why bitch & moan at Cesar for making a valid (under these new circumstances) challenge here?

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Most of the same guys griping about this request for a 5 rounder were pissing and moaning about the 3 round draw between Penn and Fitch. Seriously, bitches are gonna bitch no matter what. Really, it just shows they lack faith in Penn’s ability, which is disgraceful

  27. BJPennrules says:

    Caesar Gracie you are a fucking idiot!, who the hell cares about making this a 5 round fight!…if your boy cant beat BJ in 3 what makes you think diaz can beat him in 5??

  28. luls says:

    add 2 rounds, it wont matter because its ending in the 1st or 2nd..lmao.. He just wants to tire b.j out which is gay.. Its suppose to be a fight right? Not ring around the rosy. Why play these little gay games again? Oh well, bj got this no matter what.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      When have you ever seen Nick Diaz play “ring around the rosy”? Really? 3 or 5 rounds, they’ll both scrap the whole time. I understand you’re an Penn fan, but don’t start spitting out dumb ass assumptions.

  29. Surfari says:

    I say we do one 25 min round!

  30. steven horgan says:

    it should be diaz making this challenge, not that piece of shit…you can tell he is scared and looking for any advantage to keep the fight longer…anyway bj should throw his terms and say ill do a 5 rounder if im guaranted a title shot on winning other wise it doesent make sence to fight for 5 rounds its not the main event..cesar bj is never scared homie

  31. Jacob G says:

    Cesar Gracie is not GOD and should STFU. Seems like some kind of psychological jab at BJ Penn. Penn has been training for a 3 round fight the past month. Why wouldn’t you mention this last month?

  32. toenail says:

    wow.. ignorant asses, making it a five rounder just keeps a decision from happening, we are fans that just want to see a real winner and it not go to the judges… damn, mma has some stupid ass fans

  33. Random Person says:

    Obviously trying to get an edge any way possible. The thing is this: They are trying to make BJ accept the challenge to try and make him feel as if he was a puss for not accepting. They throw in a bit of logic saying that they need to be ready for a 5 rounder. Sure, but these two are pros and they know this already. SO that is a moot point. It only shows that they are afraid of Penn and want to have more time to try and NOT engage to take this to the later rounds.

    Or is it a ploy to try to get Penn to come out guns blazing to try and finish in the first round or two, so he wil be tired by the third… either way its all a mind game or an attempt at a mind game. Its pretty desperate sounding when you try to consider the “logic” of it.

    They both know what a 5 round fight is. They are champs and pros, weak excuse cesar.

    Dont be scared, homie…

  34. Mike says:

    Cesar stop trying to give your fighter an edge…..It’s not a title fight so its 3 rounds. BJ is trained and ready for 3 rounds. Nick is the ‘homie’ who’s scared if he’s already thinking his only shot is to use him cardio in the extra rounds to win the fight….

  35. Andrew says:

    I can’t believe these comments. Come on guys, 1st we are fans of MMA then we are fans of fighters. It’s really hard to have it the other way around. So that being said who would want a war stopped in the 3rd when there could be two more rounds waiting? Most think this wont go 3 and I agree, but if it does and it’s close…. I want 4 & 5 for sure.

  36. josh says:

    Nick wins in either the three round fight or five round. Only difference he prolly gets the stoppage easier if its 5 rounds. Nick is going to push a pace on BJ that BJ cant handle.

    WAR DIAZ!!!

  37. Brian B says:

    Don’t be biased author.

  38. Heath says:

    Let them fight till someone cant fight anymore.. This one aint going to the judges..
    There aint gonna be no one stalling it out..

  39. Isaiah D says:

    Bj do what you feel is best for you. If it is a five round match. that winner should get the title shot if he so chooses, Beating either bjpenn or diaz in a five round fight gets a shot over beating the stun gun in a three round fight..

  40. Beard Fasade, dammit says:

    Once again, great un-biased journalism, Pedro. Way to go.

  41. erica says:

    “Don’t be scared Homie?” That statement should have been said to you Nick…when you pussed out of the GSP fight!!!!

  42. Everybody knows that Cesar had nuthin to do w the fight being 5 rounds right? Dana decided that months ago about all main event fights will go 5 rounds. FYI..

  43. lee boi says:

    Nick wants this to be a boring fight. lol make it one round make em brawl it out and finish it in that round. bj by submission 2nd round. tell me what good BJJ fighter has Diaz ever beat! not one person on Penns level.

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